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“Update Jan 2022. They now have a tasting room upstairs, 16 taps of interesting beers and a fridge full of expensive but impressive cans. I spent 50 Bucks on three flights of four 5oz pours; all new rates though! Visited on 5th May 2016 and again on 19th March 2019. Friendly but strange place, more home brew and keg beer orientated at first glance, then you walk in fully and you realise they have some serious bottled and canned beers in the fridges and on their shelves. High end beers with prices to match. I came away with six beers, many, many more cried out to me, but I just could not afford the prices, even if the beers were both rare and interesting. On my second visit I bought 11 new beers and they do a Military Veterans discount of 10%, so it' was cheaper than my first visit.“
BlackHaddock 2083 days ago
64 /100 23932 ALISO CREEK RD
“Visited on 16th May 2015. Smallest of the three Whole Foods markets I have been too. High quality food, but expensive, like the other outlets. One half wall of beer, decent selection but obviously not as large as at the bigger stores. I do like Whole Foods but their prices just seem over the top.“
BlackHaddock 2440 days ago
78 /100 28011 GREENFIELD DR
“Visited on 11th May 2015 for the first time, been back a few times since, today 8th Dec 2017 being the latest. Still love the selection of beers and my original review still stands. Large store where I was left to wander around and take my time: no one asked if I wanted help, but I am sure if I had needed any I could have received some. Plenty of choice with US breweries in alphabetical order, the imports bunched by country. A most of spirits and wine also, with the wine taking up the majority of the floor space, the beers to the right on entering. Not cheap, but I found plenty of breweries new to me. Mostly Californian brewed beers, but a few other states too. I would love to visit a larger store within this chain and to see what they offer in other states than California. The website beer list is huge, I might test that out on my next trip the US.“
BlackHaddock 2444 days ago
“Thought the place was pricey but this is the closest store to my brewing buddies. We bought their most expensive beer kit only to go home and discover that the kit came with liquid yeast that was not in the bag. You would think that when customers are dropping $130 in beer, kits, and equipment that you would think to tell them that the entire kit is not in the bag. Or, at least some remorse when one of us had to drive back to get it. I prefer Hydrobrew and Ballest Point down here in San Diego, but I brew with friends in Orange County.“
TKBrewer 4617 days ago
“This is primarily a keg store and home brew shop. The keg selection is neck and neck with Hi Times. They get some great random kegs like Pliny the Elder & Younger. Reasonable bottle selection but not real consistent. A little higher prices than Hi Times on the more common selections. The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful.“
stoad 4772 days ago
“Dropped by today on the way to Orange County. A very nice fun store with ~120 bottles, and ~120 kegs, lots of tap handles, and good homebrew supplies. The homebrew supplies seem overpriced, maybe 30% more than Oceanside. Similar bottle selection to other San Diego stores, lots of Belgians, some Alesmith, some Stone. no BMC. I like it.“
wetherel 5174 days ago
“You have three functions here: homebrew shop, bottle beer shop and, kegs galore! Jeff, the owner, might have 200 or so kegs in stock, from Alaskan to Brasserie des Rocs, Alesmith to Firestone to the house made O’Shea’s Chocolate Porter. Some select bottles are also available at room temperature.“
DenverLogan 5230 days ago
92 /100 28011 GREENFIELD DR
“BevMo seems to have a fairly decent selection of craft brews and world beers. They also offer beer tastings every Friday afternoon at most stores. Some locations do have larger beer selections than others. (They also have a huge selection of wine, with wine tastings on Saturdays.) The staff is well traind and quite knowlegeable, with some employees that specialize in beer, wine and spirits. You can ask all kinds of bar related questions... they always seem to find the right answers. Pretty good for a mini-warehouse style store. Food is limited to a good selection of bar snacks, cheeses and several types of caviar. Great selection of barware and accessories. [The Laguna Niguel store that has been open for over a year is not listed on RateBeer’s list but is listed on the website.]“
ZaRue 5770 days ago
70 /100 28011 GREENFIELD DR
“Newish location in Laguna Niguel on Greenfield road, at the 73 and 5 freeways. Decent selection of local micros on the shelf. Cooler selection is less than I"ve seen at other BevMo’s, but decent. A good beer shop, but nothing amazing. Worth a visit, but don’t go out of your way for it.“
JasonG 5859 days ago
“A homebrew shop with a decent selection of some hard to find brews. A few rare finds (including cuve de tomme and supposedly Utopia), but some of the prices were rediculously high. A nice selection of homebrewing stuff, including some hard to find hops and some nice burner/brewpot systems. Worth a stop, but don’t go too far out of your way for it.“
JasonG 6050 days ago
“For a homebrew place, pretty good. I didn't see the good selection. You can pass on this place if you're looking for beers.“
Eyedrinkale 6512 days ago
“Small homebrew shop that is really a one stop spot. Anything for the homebrewer and home draft system you could want. Jeff,Marcelo and co. really know how to take care of their customers. They have a small but nicely picked selection of beers and a huge selection of kegs available for purchase.“
herbjones 6583 days ago
“This is a homebrew supply shop w/ a small, but sometimes very nice selection of micros. I've found Westy 12 and vintage Alemsmith Grand Cru there. The staff is very helpful. The key point that I've found about this place is that you'll frequently find a gem or two...“
JohnC 6583 days ago
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