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80 /100 42705 8TH ST W
“Finally made it. They have recently expanded their hours because this is now the third time I’ve tried to visit.

Pretty cool brewery. Large warehouse space with a big tasting room area and a bar that is rather small, almost to the point of being funny given the scale of the rest of the place. A stage for live music set up also on my Friday evening visit.

Something like a dozen taps on when I stopped by. They do flights of five for something like $7-8, though they say that special beers may be extra. I got a couple flights and overall, the beer quality was alright but there were definitely some duds, particularly their strong Belgian-ish beers.

But, the service was friendly, the place itself is worth a visit. Hopefully they’ve got air conditioning, though...“
brokensail 2631 days ago
80 /100 42705 8TH ST W
“This place is actually pretty cool. The ambiance is great - lots of space, barrel tables, a nice bar, and the brewing area is literally right there in front of you. The head brewer was pouring hop pellets into containers at the bar when I was there. A lot of variety in their beers as well. Whatever the token system that t0rin0 mentions is gone now - they have build your own taster flights - four 4 oz pours for $6. Staff is friendly, if a little preoccupied. Beer is all over the place, which the head brewer fully admits to - they brew what they want, not what they think YOU might want. I kind of like that, actually. I would frequent this place if I lived here. Unless I killed myself first because I lived in Palmcaster.“
bytemesis 3367 days ago
92 /100 42705 8TH ST W
“Great place. Partially owned by R. Lee Ermy (Full Metal Jacket et al.). full range of regular brews along with seasonal offerings. Occasional food from local catering establishments. Overall, a great place to hang out and have a couple beers.“
lozo130 3471 days ago
70 /100 42705 8TH ST W
“Visited Feb 16, 2013 on my way back from SF Beer Week.

Last stop of the night after an interesting drive down 99 and over the mountains on 58. This place isnt in the most active part of town but it was still pretty busy. The place was pretty loud and it was surprisingly dark; difficult for someone like me to write notes... but then I may not be their target customer. Two bartenders and someone serving food on the patio.

They do full glasses of course but to get samples you must buy the 5 tokens so to try all 12 or 13 beers you’ll end up with a couple extra. Not neccessarily a bad thing since I’ll stop in again when I finally get to Kern. Prices were decent too, $5 for the 5 tokens.

The beers ranged from hoppy to strong Belgian and from bad to pretty good. All over the place really. I think the maibock was my favorite.

As mentioned before I’ll stop in at least one more time since I have yet to make it to Kern River Brewing or anywhere in that region. Aside from that if I have some other business around that area I might stop back in to see what’s new but this isnt a major destination for me.“
t0rin0 3487 days ago
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