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80 /100 599 LINCOLN BLVD
“Have visited a couple times on visits to Slice since it's right next door and their pizza is pretty good. Kind of your typical family pizza joint here. Plenty of dining space but also a decent little bar where you can have a beer and order from the full menu. The pizza is pretty much your typical American pan pizza. It's well done and tasty. Just don't think you're going to get someone trying to bring traditional Neapolitan pizza to Sacramento. They also have a pretty solid draft list and some cans/bottles. You can usually find a Slice beer or two on, but they also get stuff from Sante, Cellarmaker, Humble Sea, Alvarado, and a variety of Sacramento area breweries. They also do tasters here, so it's actually not a completely horrendous place for ticks. Service has always been good when I have visited, even though it can sometimes be pretty darn crowded, particularly before the COVID-19 pandemic. I wouldn't come all the way out here just for OTP, but in combination with Slice, it's a worthy stop.“
brokensail 81 days ago
86 /100 665 6TH STREET
“Have visited a handful of times since they opened a few years back. A small tasting room right next door to Old Town Pizza in the downtown Lincoln area. They have a little patio space as well as a handful of bar seats and a couple other tables for patrons to hang out. Kind of an industrial feel to the tasting room. The brewery from the man behind the original Moonraker hype. These guys make mostly hoppy stuff, but they'll also mix in some lagers/light beers, stouts, and sour beers. The beer quality here is generally excellent, which is the main reason I've been willing to drive out of the way to come here several times. The service has always been good when I've gone, even when the tasting room is pretty full. No food on offer by Slice themselves, but I believe you can bring in a pizza from next door or other food. Lincoln is kind of in the middle of nowhere for most people, but this place is definitely worth a stop if you're in the Sacramento area.“
brokensail 81 days ago
76 /100 600 WISE RD
“Rustic setting, long gravel drive takes you back to the place. Patio abuts the goat pens, and the titular goats are waiting for handouts. Big patio, smaller inside and small bar. Service was fast and friendly. Flights are priced per taster. Selection scope was narrow, but all of the beers were solid. Food truck there on a Sunday.“
stevoj 1205 days ago
74 /100 3030 BARRETT PARK LANE
“Lovely little place out in the middle of wine country. Brand new. Inerior is bright and open, L shaped bar and tables. Big patio, plus areas to sit outside around the pond. Some hops grown on sight. Solid beer lineup. Crowlers coming in a few weeks. Friendly staff. Food truck on site. Cider and mead too. Right down the road from Goathouse, so make it a twofer.“
stevoj 1205 days ago
68 /100 3030 BARRETT PARK LANE
“Just down the road from Goathouse. Brand new building. Outside patio and spacious interior. They had one food truck but we did not eat. Somewhat busy crowd. Very good service. Selection was small. Supposed to have more soon. The one beer I had was just OK. They also have cider and mead, but I did not try. Would have been nice to take a bottle of mead home, however. No bottles offered yet.“
MaBeer1972 1563 days ago
76 /100 600 WISE RD
“The draw for me was to see the goats. All very cute and friendly. Nice location. Airy barn with nice patio. Service was excellent, despite being so busy. They had one food truck, but we did not eat. Beers were underwhelming and forgettable, however.“
MaBeer1972 1563 days ago
64 /100 600 WISE RD
“Man...hard to rate this place. Depends how much you weigh ambiance versus the beer quality I guess. The first is awesome. They have goats that will stand on the fence to snuggle with you (or steal your carrots) and a donkey. The repurposed barn is great. Service was friendly. But the beer kinda sucked. We had 12 of 13 on tap (all but the BA stout they wouldn't pour in a 5 oz) and I'd really only want maybe two of them again...but I totally would go back.“
slowrunner77 1694 days ago
48 /100 600 WISE RD
“Ambiance is nice. In a rural area but enjoyable. Service was fine. Appeared to be the owners serving on a busy day. Selection was fine. 8 beers, all ales, a couple tiny IPA’s. Value was $18 for 8 samples, which is a bit high. Overall the beer was almost decent. 2 had off flavors, the rest were mediocre at best. Not worth the trip IMO.“
theOptimator 2780 days ago
74 /100 600 WISE RD
“Located in a barn in rural Lincoln, this brewpub has a decent range of 6 beers served from a small room. There are also some outdoor tables, great when the weather permits. A friendly dog, a pair of geese and some ducks roam the premises. The owners are very friendly and helpful, creating a fun place to drink beer and picnic with the family.“
marcus 3226 days ago
62 /100 600 WISE RD
“This place just opened a couple months ago. It’s in a barn out in the country. Beautiful area. They currently have six beers on tap. You can get a $10 flight of all six, $6 sampler of four or a growler to-go. I’m not sure why they don’t/can’t do regular pints. It’s family friendly with lots of space for kids to run around. They are still working on the place: hops will be grown on-site, goat cheese to come, bocce ball maybe? Bring a picnic and enjoy some beer and nice atmosphere. I’m looking forward to visiting again.“
Fatehunter 3250 days ago
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