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100 /100 14A S. SCHOOL ST
“Not really a bar. It’s better than that. More like a tap house with wine tasting. Best on tap beer place in valley. Most of the beer isn’t the everyday beer from the breweries, it’s the new/experimental/hard to find beer. Owner goes way out of his way to bring in great beer. If someone in your group doesn’t want beer, they have great Lodi wine to drink/sample. Service is outstanding. Very knowledgeable of both the beer and the wine. No food for sale but you can bring it in from the restaurants that are just a few steps from the establishment.“
Driveby 1501 days ago
70 /100 20 W TURNER
“Average Mini mart. Except for the Awesome Import Door! Nice to see somebody who appriciates beers that are not just about the hops.“
King_Rob76 1549 days ago
74 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“Nice old building downtown, a big bar on one side with tanks in the middle, restaurants on the other side. The beer was decent, nothing special but not bad. Good prices.“
Sledutah 1613 days ago
80 /100
Tap House Pizza (Restaurant)
“Nice place in a strip mall. They have a small bar and a few tables and booths. 12 taps, 1 cider and a small cooler with beers to go or drink there. Prices are decent, they offer 4 - 6oz Pours for $13. Friendly service and good food.“
Sledutah 1614 days ago
72 /100 203 S SCHOOL ST.
“Ambience resembles Lodi Beer venue, but a bit more rustic - sort of a French/Tuscan/Antique American vibe. Super service. The one house beer available was quite nice. Their house reds seem superb. Margarhita pizza was excellent. Gets a bit crowded at lunch time. Recommended, but it’s not a beer tick joint.“
bhensonb 1786 days ago
70 /100
Tap House Pizza (Restaurant)
“Little neighborhood pizza joint in a small shopping center. They’ve got a dozen or so taps as well as a good selection of bottles (apparently available for take-away and on-premise, but the person I asked seemed unsure). They do tasting flights of four for $12, which is kind of pricey, but they are just a restaurant/bar, so whatever.

Beer list was pretty decent. They do feature some local-ish beers as well as stuff from all over California. I found a handful of things to try and the beers all seemed to be in good shape.

Pizza here is pretty solid, but some of their preset pizzas are kind of unappealing, so I’d go with making your own or choosing one of the more typical choices.“
brokensail 1921 days ago
72 /100 203 S SCHOOL ST.
“Almost walked by this place, but on their patio, they had "Winery, Bakery, Brewery" on the facade, so I decided I’d see what that was about.

There are a ton of vineyards and wine places in Lodi, and these guys are a part of that, but they buy grapes from other vineyards to make the wines they sell. So, this place is sort of more of a cafe than anything, but they sell a lot of wine and they had maybe a dozen beer taps on. Their production facility is a couple blocks away, but wasn’t open to the public at the time of my visit...the brewing operation is apparently quite new and small scale.

Only one house beer on during my visit, but lots of other beers available. I got a pour of their saison, which was good but more in line with a typical Belgian blonde/pale ale.

Anyway, a cool little spot and I’ll probably be back whenever I’m in the area. Hopefully with some more house beers on. Also, their bread here is quite good.“
brokensail 1921 days ago
74 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“I haven’t been to Lodi since I was in my early teens for a soccer tournament. My girlfriend just moved to the Stockton area for a job, so while visiting her we stopped here to try out the closest brewery to her new place.

Has a very classic feel in terms of the decor. Brass, dark stained wood, lots of natural light...big beautiful bar. Solid ambiance for sure. Kind of a funny dichotomy between the servers and the patrons, the former almost exclusively being attractive 20 or 30-something year old women and the latter being obese middle aged men...not that this is a unique dynamic in the service industry.

Anyway, they do a sampler here and it’s pretty dirt cheap. They also had a barleywine flight (regular and two barrel aged versions) for like $6-7 for a small snifter pour of each. So, good deal. Unfortunately, beer is just average, but I didn’t really think any were terrible, other than maybe the Rye barrel Barleywine.

In summary, a cool place and good service with cheap drinks.“
brokensail 1921 days ago
60 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“I was raised in Lodi and visit friends and family often. I’ve been here over 20X over the years as it’s the only place downtown to have 20+ people. The food menu is limited IMO, the consistency goes up & down like a yo-yo, the service is usually good but I’ve had a few bad experiences, and the beer is awful. The best beer is the Porter. The Moke Red is ok, the IPA is horrible. The downtown area of Lodi is beautiful with many other restaurants and bars, but what it needs is a 30 tap place with good solid food.“
NorCalScott 2443 days ago
66 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“I stopped in early on New Years Eve on my way back from Sacramento down 99. I pulled into town right at opening time (11am) and was the only customer there for the first 20 minutes or so. The one server was taking chairs down from the counter and getting ready for the day while I worked through my sampler. The place has an interesting set up where the brewery is right in the middle of the room and the restaurant surrounds it. Everything about the place is old timey from the building to the dark wooden furniture to the street that it’s on.

The beer wasnt very good sadly but I was excited to try their eisbock. Not entirely sure that it’s even a lager since the bartender told me that the work eis means one in German (in case you don’t know, eis means ice and they are pronounced the same way). I don’t think I’d go out of my way to stop here but the town is cool if you’ve never been. More of a curiosity than anything else.“
t0rin0 2649 days ago
60 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“A beautiful brewpub, art nouveau parisian meets 1910s NY, with metal girdles, very classy, nice upscale menu, but for the beers, most of them were subpar.“
Lubiere 4041 days ago
74 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“I made a quick stop here while traveling south. Located downtown and the place is very cool and old fashion looking. It used to be an old drug store. They have some good beers here. Worth a stop.“
mrhoppy 4131 days ago
76 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“Well things have vastly improved in some ways since DYCSoccer17 was there. The decor is huge interior with lots of wood and stone and an old metal stamped ceiling. Looking pretty spiffy. Cajun burger with garlic fries was excellent. Number of selections may be down. Sampler ran to 8 beers. Service was tops. It’s very family friendly. Beers were above average for a local brewpub. Miles ahead of most BJs.“
bhensonb 4250 days ago
60 /100 105 S. SCHOOL STREET
“Visited Noon 3/3/07. Located in a rather large cavernous downtown building, the architecture and interior design is somewhat reminiscent of a German beer hall. The middle of the restaurant is interrupted by mash tuns and fermenters. The decor looks very old and authentic, but the bartender states that almost none of the decorations other than the ceilings are original. Restrooms were clean. Bar is on the left, which is polished and well-kept. A few TVs surround the bar area, Approximately 10 beers were on draft. 3 seasonals. I had a few 10 ounce servings, and it seemed like they were using frosty glasses for a few of their offerings and room temps for other offerings. The beer was mediocre. The bartender was nice and attentive, but it wasn’t overly busy either. He saw I was rating and poured me a few samples of other beers without me asking. I had the Island Burger, which was ok. The bread seemed kind of stale and the fries were definitely frozen ones which had some freezer taste to them. The menu was ok and typical. All in all, this place is pretty vanilla.“
DYCSoccer17 4984 days ago
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