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66 /100 4700 EL CAMINO REAL
“True to all Bevmos, almost everything is in 4packs or large format bottles, so when I stop in for a rate, I never buy anything. This store has a particularly good selection of beers I want to try, but I’m not interested in buying such large volumes.“
wetherel 267 days ago
58 /100 1031 N. SAN ANTONIO ROAD
“Great barbecue. Good tater tots. Beer: meh. 7 taps with large micro like fat tire. Right next door to More Beer.“
wetherel 267 days ago
100 /100
More Beer! (More Flavor) (Homebrew Shop)
“The closest, and best, home brew shop to my house. Great selection of hops, grains, and yeast. Great prices. They also have green coffee for roasting, and wine making supplies. Often they have beer on tap for tasting. Super knowledgeable and helpful. Always smell awesome outside, because the are next to a barbecue place.“
wetherel 267 days ago
“It’s interesting how Andronicos and Whole Foods have merged to be essentially the same store. The beer selection is mediocre, all highly available, Exactly like Safeway: some great beers like Chimay, and Stone, and some Bud. They accept Safeway club card, which tells you who the beer buyer is. Great food, and chocolate. Not worth visiting for beer.“
wetherel 392 days ago
52 /100 800 EL CAMINO REAL
“Whole Foods used to be great, until about a year ago, they deemphasized craft beer. They still have lots of good beer, but mostly in 4 packs or large bottles, which aren’t the best for rating. I visited this Los Altos store today hoping they would be an exception, but they are the the same.“
wetherel 527 days ago
72 /100 1031 N. SAN ANTONIO ROAD
“Have been here a few times. Every now and then they get some really good stuff (Goose BCS, Fremont BBA Dark Star), but nothing you can't find anywhere else. BBQ is solid though.“
WestCoastHawkeye 895 days ago
56 /100 4700 EL CAMINO REAL
“Eh, pretty mediocre selection unless you're looking for OK things cheap.“
WestCoastHawkeye 895 days ago
64 /100 800 EL CAMINO REAL
“Meh. It's a Bay Area whole foods. Beer is by the butchers counter. I feel like Whole Foods has lost its fastball a bit in terms of having really cutting-edge beer selection. There is some Russian River stuff here though if you're hunting for it, but you can find Russian River at so many better places nowadays.“
WestCoastHawkeye 933 days ago
72 /100
Honcho (Bar)
235 1ST ST
“Newish bar in Los Altos. Very small, long bar seats a dozen, three tables and one (!) More outside. Modern decor. Two dozen people would pack this place. About two thirds of the way there on Friday evening. Super friendly service. Tap list, while not extensive, is well coated with a local focus. Interesting glassware. Not worth traveling for, but a nice stop if you find yourself in Los Altos.“
bytemesis 1564 days ago
66 /100 4700 EL CAMINO REAL
“Newest Silicon Valley BevMo - made a quick stop for the place whore tick of course. New construction, which is nice. Its a bit on the smallish side overall, but the space devoted to beer is average or better. Selection is BevMo typical. They have AleSmith and things like Abyss on the shelves. Otherwise like all other BevMos“
bytemesis 2127 days ago
58 /100
Draeger’s - Los Altos (Grocery Store)
“Realized this was in the DB after stopping at the nearby Safeway and checking the "beer nearby" feature. Definitely on the upscale end of grocery stores. They have a pretty extensive wine selection actually, including some pricey bottles behind glass. Beer selection is unfortunately nothing to get excited about. Maybe 50 unique craft bottles, nothing super rare but there is some decent stuff. All in all I thought the Safeway up the street had a better selection, but that is not in the DB, and damned if I am going to be the one to add it.“
bytemesis 2136 days ago
“Funny, I have been here many times, never realized it was in the database. This is a pretty nice upscale grocery store. Bobby hit the high notes for the most part. The beer selection is nothing special; somewhere between Safeway and Whole Foods I guess, but if you are already here, its worth a look.“
bytemesis 2354 days ago
54 /100 1031 N. SAN ANTONIO ROAD
“Been here many times. Never thought of it as much of a beer place, but its now in the database, so here goes. Fairly large indoor seating, order at the counter and pick up your own food kind of place. Half dozen taps, some bottles, things you can get pretty much everywhere these days. Food is solid. Kind of comfort food bbq. Don’t go here for beer, but its nice you can have a decent one if you are here.“
bytemesis 2654 days ago
“Visited May 14, 2014.

A large fancy grocery store in a high end strip mall in Los Altos. This is right off Foothill Expressway. There isn’t much to say about the beer selection other than it’s large and there a couple interesting beers. Nothing too exciting but they have Unibroue, Sierra Nevada (still had Bigfoot in May, awesome), Brother Theolonius, Lagunitas Day Time IPA, and some fun German beers. On one side of the aisle are a ton of six and twelve packs with a few singles beyond that. On the other side are singles of imports (mostly 500ml German beers and a few Belgian 750s). At least most of the beer is refrigerated.“
t0rin0 2656 days ago
88 /100
More Beer! (More Flavor) (Homebrew Shop)
“ The owner and the staff are great and ready to help out and answer questions. I have never had a problem with them being out of something and have been there several times. Sometimes i go in just to pick up items for recipes I am making and I have been there with no recipe just an idea of what I wanted to brew and they helped come up with a recipe that turned out great. I am new to homebrewing and they have helped out a lot. I agree with another poster that the store does look sorta like a barn, but who cares the quality of the product is good, they know what they are talking about, and they have just as much time for someone who is brewing their 1st, 6th, 20th or XXX batch of beer. “
toml219 3034 days ago
78 /100 800 EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited June 9, 2013.

On El Camino right across the street from Artisan Wine Depot. Beer selection isn’t bad at all. All the California staples like Green Flash, Speakeasy, Ballast Point, and Lost Abbey but also some Italian and Japanese imports and some Deschutes. Park here, check out the beer selection, and then go across the street and check out Artisan as well. They also have a section for Sake and for Kombucha if you’re interested. Bumped in to the "beer specialist" and he was friendly and made a couple of suggestions.“
t0rin0 3140 days ago
72 /100 800 EL CAMINO REAL
“Not quite as good as the Cupertino store IMO, but still a decent place to find good beer. Selection varies, but there are usually a ton of 99’s and 100’s on the shelves.“
bytemesis 3393 days ago
“Great Store. A few decent beers.“
mrhoppy 4157 days ago
72 /100
More Beer! (More Flavor) (Homebrew Shop)
“Ok, so they changed the name of this store from Fermentation Frenzy to More Flavor, that is, from an awesome name to just about the most boring name anyone could ever think of. Good job, guys. I dock you 2 overall points for that. This is a decent homebrew shop. As for ambiance, well, it’s a homebrew shop. Take that how you will. The selection of malts is very nice and they have some great kits if you’re into that kind of thing, including a Pliny the Elder clone kit produced by Vinnie C. himself. The selection of equipment also covers pretty much everything you’ll probably want. The one thing they’re lacking on at times is hops. I know there’s a hop shortage, but damn it, there are times when my first 3 choices are all out of stock. All the "sexy" hops that brewers brag about using are unlikely to be found here. You want something like Simcoe or Nelson Sauvin? Not a chance. But you can have all the Glacier, Willamette, and Vanguard you want. Staff is usually very helpful and laid back, although occasionally you’ll get someone who can be a bit d-baggy. Overall though, great place to live 2 miles from!“
nickd717 4367 days ago
74 /100 800 EL CAMINO REAL
“This place is pretty solid for a Whole Foods, even if it still hasn’t come near the NYC location that had Melange #3 ON TAP. Ramon, the beer buyer, is a good guy who is into the local BA scene. Very knowledgeable and helpful as far as beer goes, and he has definitely improved the beer selection here. They now sell many bottles in singles and have been getting more and more fairly rare stuff in. Prices are good and they sometimes have great sales. Firestone 13 for $20, Black Xantus for $8, fairly fresh Pliny for under $4. Awesome. Other than the beer aisle, this is your typical yuppie haven like every other Whole Foods, but if you’re from around the area, this should definitely be on your short list of beer stops.“
nickd717 4420 days ago
80 /100 800 EL CAMINO REAL
“Great place to find good beer and food. You can buy singles.“
mrhoppy 4580 days ago
74 /100
More Beer! (More Flavor) (Homebrew Shop)
“ Place used to be called Fermentation Frenzy, but has been called More Flavor/More Beer for the year that I have been using it as my primary homebrew shop. Not huge, but good service and has everything that you will need.“
bennylava 4643 days ago
92 /100
More Beer! (More Flavor) (Homebrew Shop)
“Great bunch of people, helpful and informative.“
PurringEngine 5924 days ago
88 /100
More Beer! (More Flavor) (Homebrew Shop)
“This is where I buy most of my stuff. The guys are always very helpful and pretty knowledgeable. You can set up an order via their website, and tell them when you want to come get it, and voila, it’ll be ready! My experiences with them are so good, I am reluctant to go elsewhere, even though there are closer stores to me.“
Uriel 5941 days ago
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