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78 /100 2446 ALAMO PINTADO, STE C
“Visited April 5, 2014.

This is tucked away in the quiet little mountain town of Los Olivos. It’s actually a bit of a shortcut when driving 101 since it’s more direct to go this way from Santa Barbara up to San Luis Obispo. It’s also a very scenic mountain drive and there are tons of wineries up there along with an Indian casino. The entire town of Los Olivos can’t be much more than half a square mile and about 1000 people. The Fess Parker winery hotel is right around the corner (walking distance) from Figueroa Mountain.

So it’s not clear if they actually brew anything here or not but they do have quite the lineup on tap. What I mean by that is that they have a dozen Figueroa Mountain beers on tap. None of them are exclusive to this location however. I had a glass of the Lizards Mouth Double IPA that I had had a few months earlier at the Bistro’s Double IPA fest during SF Beer Week. Pretty good but it’s no Pliny. The service was very friendly and offered some suggestions. He also told me about the various tap rooms that they’ve already opened. There was an interesting character sitting next to me at the bar who offered me some of his pizza that he brought in. They don’t serve food but there are several food vendors in town that will bring the food by for you (hate to even call it delivery since they’re walking a block to deliver it). Now, I wouldn’t make this particular venue a destination for beer but it’s a nice area that I’ll have to explore more. Also, if I keep driving this route it’s an easy stop to see what new beers they’ve released.“
t0rin0 3065 days ago
90 /100 2860 GRAND AVE
“Great service, cute little room, always tasting fun beers and wine, knowledgable staff, laid back atmosphere, great beer club, and excellent selection with frequent turnover. A beer enthusiast has the best opportunity to find something world-class, rare, or sought after (or any combination of those) here more than any other place in Santa Barbara County.“
DocJitsu 3504 days ago
90 /100 2860 GRAND AVE
“Stayed for 3 nights at the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa and this great little wine/beer store is attached. All beers are at the back of the store on custom racking and shelving; none are refrigerated but the store was very cool, guess it has to be for the wines (?). Nice selection of SoCal, PNW, East Coast, Belgium, English & German ales. Some stand outs were the Lips of Faith range, Lost Abbey, Port Brewing, Left Coast, Allagash & Shipyard. There really is a lot of great selection, and of this week (1st week Feb) the store now has 100 different ales/lagers for sale....and no BMC!!! Pricing was extremely reasonable. $2 to $4 cheaper than the store further up the road, and similar stores down in Santa Barbara. Staff was very helpful, friendly & knew his beers. Wish I’d known this place was here before buying most of my beers down in Santa Barbara; would have saved myself at least 25%!!“
Torontoblue 3893 days ago
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