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78 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“14 of their own beers on tap - 7 regular, 7 seasonal. They do flights of either the regulars or the seasonals, or you can go ala carte (I did the seasonals). Nothing really blew me away but there were a couple of unusual styles there - even an eisbock which was very well done. I thought their IPAs were better than their sours, for what that's worth (I usually go the other way). Big merch area with a mix of glasses, beer to go, shirts - basically tons of brewery swag. Best of their beers I had was actually their Russian imperial stout I got to go. But these guys really run a pro operation - good beer, professional setup. Oh, and the food. This is some of the best food I've had at a brewery. Maybe the best. Rotating very well-done and eclectic menu. Even the wife agreed that the food was top notch. Would happily repeat.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1065 days ago
48 /100 6201 MINARET RD
“Confused as to why this place is on here. They have some Mammoth Brewing bombers and the standard macros and nothing else. Bombers are at least cheap.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1066 days ago
88 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Après June Lake Brewing, Mammoth Brewing fût une autre très bonne surprise à 2 jours d'interval. Là encore on se trouve dans un chouette petit "village" de montagne au cadre idyllique. Pour le coup le lieu est bien plus vaste avec des fermenteurs situés à l'extérieur, et une toute petite salle de brassage situé au 1er étage. Belle terrasse à l'extérieur. L'endroit fait également davantage restaurant, avec tous les classiques du genre que l'on trouve dans le coin, mais là c'est vraiment de la qualité, c'est très bien préparé. Idem pour les bières qui sont très variées et très réussies (à 2 exceptions près comme la 365 IPA et la Ginger Beer), notamment avec de chouettes expérimentations (la Cherry Sour et l'Immortal), une souche de levure maison, une excellente West Coast IPA, etc... Une valeur sûre !“
AssKicker 1092 days ago
80 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“I think location may have changed from listing here. Big place on corner in heart of town. Beer garden out front packed. Eater serves food and it’s decent pricey though. Quite a bit of their beer available and can get flight for a reasonable $9. Beers I had were ok but fun spot.“
Jow 1885 days ago
80 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“was there before the lunch crowd, and before food service started, but really enjoyed a flight of better-than-expected seasonals. Highest brewery in the lower 48. I like the vibe, and the indoor and outdoor seating. A little high on flight prices for smaller than usual pours, but otherwise a great place I’d like to visit more often.“
slowrunner77 2609 days ago
66 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Although this is not a classical brewpub, but a tasting room by the brewery, it’s still very good place to go. Tasting room itself looks & feels like small bar - it’s a pity they don’t serve food. Beer is good: 7 regulars + 4 seasonals.“
Sokolov 2740 days ago
64 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Ser egentlig fint ud og starter rigtig godt på parkeringspladsen, men derfra går det nedaf. Ikke særlig god betjening og meget forvirret personale. Som om de blev overrasket over der rent faktisk kom folk for at smage deres øl.“
Defreni 2984 days ago
80 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Tasting room is in a small industrial area, but still a short walk from some restaurants and shops in town. Not aplace you’d hang around all evening, but good to have so e tasters, buy some of their beer and move on. I was pleasantly surprised with their double pale ale and their porter.“
jvdijk99 3275 days ago
82 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Visited the brewery because my brother recently moved here. We went here for a tasting and they had a great selection. Yes it’s just a tasting room, but it was fun, the staff was friendly and they had lots of beer and root beer on tap. They really do make world class beers!! Also visited for the Mammoth Bluesapalooza which was really fun, great venue and music! the tasting day was amazing, they brought in tons of breweries for tasting it was really fun!“
thetmaxx 3640 days ago
72 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“The tasting room was in a factory shed. It was nice equipped. It was not possible to sit. The staff was freindly and knew a lot. Also a shop for the beers and other things from the brewery. The beers where served in samples.“
Ober 3737 days ago
80 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Typical industrial park tasting room, but they don’t brew in the building. The people there were really nice and friendly. The regular lineup was free to try, which is not typical. A fairly large variety of mammoth beers. None of the beers where life changing, but the price was right and the people were good.“
JohnnyJ 3755 days ago
92 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“What’s not to like. A brewery in an industrial park is supposed to be like this. Ambiance is relative. The place looked like a brewery. What were you expecting? The guys serving the beer were great. They took the time to talk although it was not crowded when I stopped in. There was the usual t-shirts and such. They had 10 beers to sample, something for everyone. This is a must when in town“
keepersj12 4118 days ago
76 /100
Angel’s (Restaurant)
“This place was recommended by several locals and I thank them. The prices were far lower than some of the tourist trap places we checked out. It was a pub with pub fare and decent beers. A few Firestone Walker selections on tap along with a few other micros. A few nice bottled beers available too. The food was decent and reasonable. Good place to meet the local population.“
keepersj12 4118 days ago
58 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“Visited the restaurant/brewpub/discotheque one Saturday night after riding down the mountain for a short weekend trip. 8:55pm, ordered a Mammoth IPA 365. Five minutes later, somebody turns off all the lights, turns on all the neon lights, and naked girls start jumping on the speakers as DJ Hypnotiq goes wild with disco music. Brewing? Craft beer? Doesn’t have much to do with the club scene. It’s really confusing. However, on a more recent trip, we visited the MBC tasting room- which was a nice, somewhat cozy place to grab a few souvenirs and taste a couple of their brews for a few minutes. I’ll definitely be returning to the tasting room whenever I have a chance to go back.“
DeadGirl 4541 days ago
70 /100 6080 MINARET RD
“Stopped by one Saturday night after riding down the mountain for a short two-day weekend. We have plans to visit Mammoth again and I’m sure this will be our first stop. Decent beer selection with relaxed people, albeit crowded. There are couches, games, tv’s, and did I mention good beer? After hours of tearing up ice and powder, this is the place to go to celebrate the weekend. Not to a confused discotheque a short distance away that seems to call themselves a brewpub.“
DeadGirl 4541 days ago
58 /100
Angel’s (Restaurant)
“This is a nice old fashioned looking restaurant with a bar. I went in the afternoon, and it was emptied, I was told by the locals the place is packed at night. The service I had was great, that was most certainly due to it being empty at the time. The selection was a bit alright! They had Firestone Walker Pale 31 and a few pedestrian tap offerings, but a decent bottle list broken into styles. Some swillish imports, but also some decent CA crafts and National crafts. The food was decent, not mind blowing, and priced accordingly. The final check was decent and overall, it seems like a fun place to go while you are up in Mammoth.“
LtDan 4636 days ago
80 /100 94 BERNER ST.
“The MBC tasting room is much like other CA tasting rooms, something out of an industrial parkway and takes up one unit. Because they don’t brew at the unit, there was no smell of spent grain! It looked more like a little gift shop than anything. All decked out with apparel, bottles for sale, and all the State Fair ribbons they won. Katie and the other nice lady took all visitors through a 10 beer flight, and were sweet as can be. The owner and the brewer were on hand to chat it up. There was a beer for everyone on tap, so I’d say the selection was good. The flight was free, and the bottles for sale were decently prices, especially in a tourist trap town. Overall, this is a must visit if you come up to the mountains. The Charleywine and Doppelbock rock the house.“
LtDan 4636 days ago
88 /100 6080 MINARET RD
“Visited Sept 09,great selection of U.S and German on draught and good variety of bottle Belgium and U.S.A worthwile visit if touring the area.“
bigleigh 4740 days ago
64 /100 6201 MINARET RD
“Small mom and pop store. They have the typical macros, but also have a nice, but small, selection of micros. Can get Mammoth Brewing bottles here. It won’t blow you away, but it is very convenient if you are staying in the Village at Mammoth Mountain and you want good beer to take back to your room.“
trokini 5082 days ago
80 /100 6080 MINARET RD
“Really great bar. I normally will not go anywhere else in Mammoth. Beer selection is surprisingly large and varied. Carries the local stuff, plus a good selection of micros and euros. Very mellow and friendly atmosphere. No techno dance nights or hip-hop fiestas. Tables, chairs, couches, barstools, pool table, and TVs with sports and ski videos. Everything you need after a day on the hill.“
trokini 6279 days ago
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