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78 /100 290 FIGUEROA ST.
“September 2020 - COVID time. Outdoor seating. Excellent food truck. No wine. 24 beers on tap. Food was good. Beer also. No reservations. $5 voucher added to beer purchase -“
bhensonb 25 days ago
76 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“A big modern looking place occupied mainly by families with a small noisy beergarden in the back. very good selection, nice place.“
tomer 450 days ago
88 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Big place. Crowded. Really good beers“
elbenco 490 days ago
66 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“Visited on 4/16/19. Former brewpub converted to a sports themed bar with around 65 taps. There are some nice choices but no flights, as mentioned before. There is an outside terrace, and wifi is also available. A huge place with a nice food menu, but I found it pricey, targeting tourists visiting the Steinbeck scenery.“
trapped 528 days ago
88 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Stopped here for dinner on a Sunday drive on the way back through Big Sur. Good food (excellent housemade chips) and the beer was superb. Had a couple of IPAs where the hops sang (one was infused with strawberries which were as delicious as if they were fresh off the vine), an awesome boozy sour and a very well done milk stout, all brewed in-house. Only regret is that I left around 15 taps untasted. I clearly need to take a backup liver with me.“
WestCoastHawkeye 754 days ago
56 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“No samplers, though 50 cents ½ fl. oz tasters - too little to rate. Boasts 75 taps, but quite a few are sold out and a lot are main stream. The printed menu is outdated. It is a sports bar with a bit of beer. USD 7.5 pints. There is better places in town.“
Ungstrup 1155 days ago
84 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Quite a big place, modern interior, high ceilings. 20 taps, one guest beer rest of them Alvarado. Flights available. Quality of beer was very good, some nice IPAs. Food was very good. Well worth visiting.“
Iznogud 1162 days ago
68 /100 898 LIGHTHOUSE AVE
“Ugly lookin from the outside, but ya don’t care when lookin at the beers. Big selection. Wouldn’t trust the age on hoppy stuff if not clearly dated.“
slowrunner77 1271 days ago
70 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“70ish guest taps and 1 or 2 house beers in a big bar setting. Great coastal Monterey location, and the big brick building is awesome. Loses a touch of it’s charm inside but still a cool place. A bit busy and loud as it’s in the touristy foot traffic area. Guest taps were solid but nothing crazy. A little too many big breweries with more off the wall local regional type stuff needed.“
slowrunner77 1271 days ago
78 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“13 house, 7 guest taps, and 20 bottled brews. Decent beers, excellent food but a little pricey like everything else in Monterey.“
IrishBoy 1291 days ago
“Some decent beers here. They do barrel aging. Happy hour has $4 beers and good prices on around 8 items including wings, calamari, fried pickles and fries. Indoor, bar and outdoor seating is available.“
MattH 1310 days ago
30 /100 500 DEL MONTE AVE
“I go here to buy Red Bulls before going to the gym. Just a standard liqour store.“
MattH 1310 days ago
50 /100
Trader Joes - Monterey (Grocery Store)
“The usual Stone, Green Flash, Lagunitas, and a few others always available. At times they have Modern Times. Value is always great.“
MattH 1310 days ago
84 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Located on a main drag in downtown Monterey, this restaurant/ brewery is a very attractive structure. There is a long bar facing about 20 taps of Alvarado Street beers and a few guest beers. There are a lot of tables, indoors and outdoors. A modern kitchen and adjacent brewery can be viewed from the restaurant. Good music, friendly staff and lots of good beer.“
marcus 1325 days ago
78 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Cool place. Good if a little overpriced food menu. LOOOOONG bar with lots of seating in a narrow configurement with a nice garden out back with more seats. We sat at the bar and had a couple dishes and flights ( $2-3 per taster of fair to high quality brews). Well known for their hoppy stuff, and it was all enjoyed. 2nd time, mid afternoon - must always be a zoo on weekends. Ordering from the bar is a bit of a chore if you’re not seated there.“
slowrunner77 1383 days ago
74 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“Great range of beers, service was a bit poor but the venue is nice.“
StevieT 1417 days ago
76 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“What, you don’t brew your own beer!! Then change the name. The did have plaenty on nice beers though. It’s a nice modern clean place. Patty, Kara, Andy and I stopped in on our way to Carmel by the Sea where our hotel was. I got acouple good new ones to try. They were good. Monterey was a crowed place! A Jazz fest was going on. No place by the other bars I wanted to try so I came here.“
Ron 1489 days ago
92 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“After a scenic drive along highway 1 from Morro Bay we were ready for lunch when we arrived Monterey. Great beers and food? This is the place to go in Monterey. My family were all satisfied by the food and service was nice too. I ordered a "Loco Moco" which is ground chuck burger patty, bacon fried rice, avocado, ABS beer gravy and fried egg. Nice! All beers available as 5 oz tasters for $2. I tried Table Beer, Mai Tai PA, Levi PA, Tell me when to Gose, Tell me when to Bloody Peach, Boysen Back in Town and Mine Sweeper IPA. All very good! Some interesting bottles in the fridge as well, from Sainte Adairius Rustic Ales and Bruery Terreux. The brewpub also has a large patio. A must visit in Monterey. (Visited with my family July 15th 2016)“
Bryne 1526 days ago
“Nice brewpub to stop by, near Alvarado street. They pour decent seasonal beers and staff is very friendly. Had a good time there...“
HenriH 1527 days ago
64 /100
Trader Joes - Monterey (Grocery Store)
“Yep, trader joes. On the walk back to my car, so worth a quick tick-whore stop. Selection pretty TJ-standard, although they did have the new Modern Times IPA, which is good.“
bytemesis 1563 days ago
“A walk from Alvarado, in the Portola Hotel complex. Quite busy on a Tuesday, with outdoor seating as well as a bar area inside. Service was prompt and good. Beers available as flights of 5 for $7.50. Did not try the food, but the beers were mostly so-so.“
bytemesis 1563 days ago
84 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Tuesday evening stop. Busy, but not full despite some sort of street fair out front. I parked on the street 4ish blocks away. Service was solid from seating to taking orders; friendly and efficient. All beers available as 5 oz tasters, which makes it nice to build your own flight. They have flight boards that hold 4 taster glasses, FYI. I ordered a burger and it was pretty standard fare, as were the garlic fries. The beers, on the other hand, ranged from good to excellent. Really hitting on all beer cylinders here.“
bytemesis 1563 days ago
84 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“I don’t make it down to the Monterey Bay area that much, but the better half and I were down to visit the aquarium and just spend a day in the area. I convinced her to stop here for lunch.

We ordered the full set of the house beers including a bottle of their newly released cherry sour beer. Really thought the beers were excellent overall. Wasn’t sure what to expect on that front. Also a decent guest tap selection.

I got a burger (patty melt) which was nicely done and enjoyable. Her sandwich had some problems, an obviously very burnt bun and the chicken being incredibly dry...the second attempt on their part was better but still left something to be desired. Service was kind of haphazard as well.

Overall, this was really a pleasant surprise. I’d certainly come back for the beers, and probably a meal too.“
brokensail 1690 days ago
90 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“I’ll leave my initial review from 2014 below as it represented my views on the place based on my first visit. Now, after coming here at least 15 times over the past year and a half I feel compelled to increase the score I initially gave this place. This increase is based on the great service from the bartenders, the ever changing menu, which always provides interesting and flavorful food, and most of all the fact that this place just simply makes great beer from IPAs to sours to stouts to experimental beers. The only place I’ve been where the combo of food and beer together is as good as this place is the Beachwood Breweries in Seal Beach and Long Beach. In addition, this place also makes some very good cocktails. My only critique is that the some of the servers here don’t know too much about the beer. Therefore, I would always suggest sitting at the bar if you can. Cool place in downtown Monterey. Too nice inside to be a brewpub, so I guess you could call it a brewery with a restaurant attached, or vice versa. Anyway it is a beautiful venue. People having drinks at the bar were also very nice. Service here was good. A few patrons told me the bartender serving me was the assistant brewer. Selection was pretty good as they had nine house beers as well as some good beers from other places on tap. Bottle selection was alright. For food I tried their poutine and a frisee, watermelon, and salami salad of which I am going to try to replicate. The food is a little pricey, but the items I had were good. Their happy hour offers great prices on beers. House drafts cost $4. Their regular (not happy hour) prices are the standard $6 to $7. A flight of 4 cost $8, and normally I like to pay a dollar per sample, but these samples are pretty big and they come in mini brandy snifters which gave me a better sense of the aroma and flavor of the beer than I get in the standard sample glasses. As for the beer, I liked it and they do have an up to date tap list on their website.“
MattH 1721 days ago
“Visited on a trip back from The Big Sur. 14 beers on tap, 5 house styles and seasonal/ barrel aged ales. Taster flights available - any 5x 4oz samples for $7.50. Fairly easy to find in the pedestrianised zone. Beers were decent. Free popcorn is a nice touch.“
mR_fr0g 1724 days ago
84 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Stopped into this brew pub on the way back from a drive to the big sur. Really nice atmosphere inside, lots of space to sit at tables or the bar. Really friendly place both staff and regulars. They have 8 of their own beers on tap and 10 guest beers. All available in 5oz sample sizes for $2. They have a selection of snacks/sandwiches and mains on the menu, we didn’t try any but they looked good. The beer quailty was really good, some really drinkable beers on offer. I would definitely come back if I lived nearby.“
mR_fr0g 1724 days ago
86 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Awesome, upscale brewpub. Twenty taps, nine of them house taps. Guest taps include SARA, lost Abby, Stone. Flight available at a reasonable price. Beers were terrific! One of the better brewpubs I’ve been too.“
BVery 1798 days ago
“Pretty damn solid spot. 11 house beers on, flights available. Great food. Lots of TVs and NFL Sunday Ticket. Seasonal beers were quite good.“
BVery 1798 days ago
74 /100 898 LIGHTHOUSE AVE
“This place has a huge number of bottles. There is a possibility that some of them are rather old. But for the most part we are not talking pale blondy beers. We are talking about heavy beers. Tho that may reflect my focus. Gotta like this place.“
bhensonb 1946 days ago
80 /100 653 CANNERY ROW
“Rather pubby. Good service. Owner often on premises. Food? Check the menus on home page. This is the English Ales Brewery hot spot. 8 English Ale brews.“
bhensonb 1957 days ago
82 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Decor is modern; steel and wood. Beer is good. Food is very good. Grilled fish tacos! Servivice was very good on a busy evening.Popular place. A bit crowded when the gang’s all there.“
bhensonb 1959 days ago
76 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Busy spot right downtown. About 8-10 of their own beers, all of which I tried were probably some of the best ’brew house’ beers I have had in a long while. Also have some guest taps and a mostly Belgian bottle list. Sat at the bar and service was friendly and had some good grilled fish tacos and shishito peppers.“
wchesser 2007 days ago
82 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“A really nice addition to the Monterey-Carmel beer scene, which quite frankly had been virtually non-existent. The place really has a "wow" factor when you walk in with tall ceilings, brewing equipment in view, an attractive bar, cool decor and flat screen TVs for your viewing enjoyment. Excellent selection of beer when you consider 8-9 house brews and another similar number of Guest taps. I wasn’t expecting much from their house brews and I very pleasantly surprised by the quality. Had 4 of their brews in a sampler, which included their minisweeper and minesweeper IPAs, the outstanding Citraveza and their saison. Really impressive. With the newly branded Mucky Duck (now Bull and Boar) across the street, Peter B’s brewpub down the street at the hotel, and Cannery Row Brewing a short distance away, Monterey is now a burgeoning beer destination.“
ElGaucho 2104 days ago
84 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“This is becoming my new beer place to go in Monterey as they not only have their own beers (which are actually very good) but guest taps. Nice selection of food, not the typical pub fare. Prices are average for Monterey, but take advantage of happy hour when they discount their own beer. The brewer here is fairly creative and things outside the box. The restaurant itself is well appointed as expected on the main downtown tourist drag. Staff is attentive and knowledgable about beer. Nice addition to Monterey.“
larryLSB 2116 days ago
26 /100 500 DEL MONTE AVE
“If this place is a "beer store" I need to start rating every single gas station market with beer. If you want to buy beer this place has it. Lots of BMC and Mexican brands with a wall cooler of California’s largest craft brewers’ beers. Three different sixers of a local brewery too. Quite similar to any other little market in California.“
Fatehunter 2184 days ago
82 /100 426 ALVARADO ST
“Visited October 10, 2014.

Not sure why this only has one place rating so far. It’s actually a pretty nice place. The beer is decent, the food is good, and it’s in a beautiful area. Sitting at the bar you can see the brewery through the windows. It seems to be a 10ish barrel system with some larger fermenters. They have 6-8 house taps going along with another dozen guest taps and a couple dozen bottles. I spotted Orval front and center along with some other Belgian bottles. Actually, most of the bottles are Belgian. Dupont, Kasteel, Kwak, Lindemans (Cuvee Rene luckily), Timmermans, Rochefort, Westmalle, and a few others along with some Bruery and Lost Abbey. The guest tap list included some IPAs, a proper hefe (Weihenstephaner), the new Anchor Zymaster beer, and what looked like a promising Midnight Sun IPA called Pleasure Town IPA.

The house beers apparently normally include several IPAs but due to the most recent heat wave those all sold out. I was pleasantly surprised by the amber ale. I was expecting the usual chalky crap but its very dank. I’m told that it has Amarillo in it. The hint of onion would confirm that. The tripel has locally grown honey in it and is very floral. Kind of nice if not a bit too sweet. They also have real pint glasses here. No crappy tumblers, but rather a glass that holds an honest pint with room for head. They of course have taster glasses (smaller globes) and they have a tulip of sorts. Pretty sure it’s the same shape as the St Feullien glass.

The food was decent to high end. They have a smaller menu at lunch. I went with the special which was a "carnitas burger". I assumed that meant pork mixed into the patty but as it turns out it’s basically the ingredients of a taco on top of a burger. So you get your regular patty and on top of that is some shredded pork, guacamole, tomato, and onion. Pretty good I have to say, but I will complain here about the burger being over cooked. Not dry but I made it a point to ask for it medium rare. The server even agreed that burgers should be medium rare but it was brown all the way through. Hmm. Other than that it tasted good. They have a chicken sandwich with an "IPA Harissa sauce" on it. I was tempted to try it but the server talked me into the burger. He did however bring me a little side of it.

The service was good and the guy answered all my questions about the beer. The prices however are a bit high end. $12 for a full sampler of 6 beers plus $14 for a burger. After tax and tip it was a $30 meal.“
t0rin0 2206 days ago
60 /100
Trader Joes - Monterey (Grocery Store)
“Visited October 10, 2014.

This is one of several Trader Joes locations in Monterey. I actually came across one on hwy 68 earlier but since the beer selection is really not very inspiring at either location I didn’t feel the need to add it. They have the usual stuff: house beers, Chimay, Firestone, Full Sail, Corona, and Sierra Nevada. They had a couple of Lindemans fruit lambics too. I took a look at the born on dates for the Union Jack and noticed that it was only 2-3 weeks old so that’s good, but it’s sitting on top of the shelf, under the light, and not refrigerated. Meh.“
t0rin0 2206 days ago
66 /100 800 DEL MONTE CENTER
“Visited October 10, 2014.

This is one of the weaker selections at a Whole Foods that I’ve been to. Also, the parking lot sucks. I hate malls and terrible drivers and poorly designed streets are among the top reasons. Getting in is easy, but getting back out is a real challenge. It’s easy to find though, so there’s that.

The beer is split into 3 sections. On one end there are some imports, in the middle is a bunch of six packs, and at the other end are some domestic singles. About half the beer is from California brewers: Firestone, Bruery, AleSmith, Stone, Ballast Point, Lagunitas, Drakes, Green Flash, Anderson Valley, Lost Abbey, Napa Smith, Coronado. The imports included most of the common stuff (good stuff) like St Bernardus, Rochefort, and Straffe Hendrick. There was a random cider that had elderflower in it. Curious but not desperate enough for a tick to spend money on something that will taste like pickled peppers. Over all not a bad selection just a small selection.“
t0rin0 2206 days ago
68 /100 2000 PRESCOTT AVE
“LIke GIJOE said, this is a sandwich place and the most rated and highest rated sandwich place in Monterey on Yelp. Sandwich I had was huge and good. Not a huge beer selection, but a unique one with beers from countries you do not see most places. I got a lager from Montenegro and a Ptolomavy. I was not expecting that when I came in. The owner is very nice.“
MattH 2316 days ago
60 /100 800 DEL MONTE CENTER
“Smaller selection compared to other Whole Foods. Nothing really stood out to me. Unlike other places all of the beer is refrigerated.“
MattH 2318 days ago
66 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“Despite the name of this establishment not a house beer to be found. This is pretty much a typical big barn craft establishment complete with 73 taps, another 30 odd bottle choices and a typical menu. Pricing ok but for locals perhaps a little on the high side? Service attentive. For some reason the tap list didn’t blow me away but good to see a few offerings from The Bruery, amongst others.“
Stew41 2352 days ago
70 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“Visited on 29/04/14 around 5pm. Place was starting to pick up trade during our hour here but we were plagued with a rather annoying bunch of grown ups watching padded rounders on the idiot box. Didn’t count the taps - didn’t feel quite like 70 but for someone from England I think there were about 6 or 7 new ticks, pretty slim pickings, could really do with some local micros to boost the line up, just tried and trusted CA and national players. I settled down with a Bruery - Red Poppy, a tad ovepriced at $11 for a 12oz pour I felt!!! There were no beers listed as ’Cannery Row xx’ on my visit. A tasting flight was available but our server told me it wasnt designed for someone like me - who knew a bit about beer ! Decent enough bar I guess, good range of styles etc, we had the burger and the pulled pork sliders during happy hour (3 till 6) which were tasty but on the whole a little pricey for beer and as I said before, a fairly generic taplist you’d find anywhere. I didn’t notice any house beers listed as ’Cannery Row xxx’ on my visit and that was the first thing I looked for.“
Theydon_Bois 2369 days ago
“Solid BP a few blocks up from Fishermans Wharf visited on Tues 29/04/14 around 10pm. Not too easy to find, but we popped into the nearby hotel and they directed us. We sat outside (payed little attention to the internals but I think there was a roof, walls, floor etc), where we sat with a table containg an open fire in the middle - nice touch, kept my wife happy compared to the usual BP humdrum! Live sports (Bball) on show from a big screen facing the oustide patio, and a lively enough crowd for last knockings Tuesday. 8 house beers available, 5 standards and 3 seasonals, also a BA offering on the menu but of all the beers they were out of - yup you guessed it! I really enjoyed the beers here. Nothing world class but no duds, all 3.3 - 3.7 rates for me. 5x4oz taster at a very reasonable $6.50 - no limits either, choose all 3 seasonals + the BA if you wish. Decent venue and a nice aesthetic feel outside that pleased the missus who also bagged a cocktail!“
Theydon_Bois 2370 days ago
50 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“Quite a generic place but with a decent selection. Their connisseur’s choice stuff is overpriced, as is the food. Meh.“
Alphadelic 2403 days ago
94 /100 898 LIGHTHOUSE AVE
“Easily one of the better places to shop beer in the city of Monterey. It’s close to all the local attractions and everyone behind the counter knows what they’re talking about. Huge beer selection, and the staff can point you in any direction you wish to help you make the selection for your beer!“
that_Guy 2617 days ago
62 /100 800 DEL MONTE CENTER
“A nice grocery store located more or less next to our hotel for the night. Got some nice sandwiches, fruit and water for our drive through Big Sur, and a couple of nice beers for our cooler. Could definitely have bought quite a few more unrated ones, and there were plenty of nice beers we had already sampled. It’s just a few hundred yards off the highway, so it’s pretty convenient to stop here if going past Monterey.“
yngwie 2621 days ago
64 /100 95 PRESCOTT AVE
“I had an Allagash on tap and it was horrible. Dirty lines, wrong beer, I don’t know what the problem was. I had a headache later. Food was OK just make sure your beer is from a bottle.“
mrhoppy 2649 days ago
64 /100 800 DEL MONTE CENTER
“This store didn’t have as many beers as their other stores. It is a smaller store.“
mrhoppy 2649 days ago
“Stopped in on my way back from SF Beer Week. This was a bit of a detour off of my 101 route but it’s been years since I’ve been in Monterey. I had to ask directions from some random people to find the place as its hidden in the back of a shopping center.

The bar is very nicely done and clean. The bartender gave me 2 flights of 4 samples and since there were only 7 house beers he filled the last one with a rootbeer. I wasn’t impressed with any of the beers but the Porter was the best. The guy pouring the beer was very nice, not overly knowledgeable about the beer but I get the feeling that that isn’t really the point of this place. The others at the bar were drinking Bud Light and whiskey.

The crowd was a bit thin as it was a Thursday night but it seemed like more of a sports bar. I didn’t eat but I did get out for less than $10 after tip for my 8 samples. Parking was also free at that time but I had to park in the structure, so be prepared to pay if you visit the place on a weekend.“
t0rin0 2663 days ago