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80 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Large store on the corner. Some parking in the lot but it can be a challenge at busy times. Pretty solid selection of beers, most non-refrigerated but some in coolers along the wall. Organized by country of origin for the most part. I was able to find a beer on my wants, as well as a new country tick. Prices seem a bit high to me. The tasting bar was indeed a nice touch, but it was doing a wine thing when I was there. Glad to hear that there are beer events as well. Recommended.“
bytemesis 2356 days ago
66 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Regular liquor store with little ambiance but with pretty good Belgian and Craft selection. Great - no, and somewhat expensive for the good stuff, but worth a visit if in the area.“
Gerbeer 2884 days ago
84 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“location is on a busy corner next to the highway, smallish parking lot. Big cooler of locals and belgians, great selection of bombers for out of towners. Got some anchorage, midnight sun, knee deep, hotd.“
devman171 2891 days ago
86 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Huge selection. Knowledgeably staff - most of the time. Cool little tasting bar with regular beer events. Easy parking. This place is A+ except for one thing that drives me carayzee - so many great beers and not enough refrigeration, If I’m buying a barleywine, whatever but if I’m buying a pale ale it better be cold. Still one of the best.“
liamla 3150 days ago
82 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“My home away from home when I’m in Los Angeles. The store is cozy with a friendly, warm atmosphere. The employees are fantastic. Harley is one of the nicest, smartest guys I’ve met. The selection is impressive with plenty of hard to find bottles and hidden gems. the beer tastings are top notch; an unbeatable value. I really enjoy and miss this store.“
Chuckaduck 3337 days ago
84 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Cool shop. The guys in here were really nice and eager to help. The selection is ok, well tended and up to date with some good rare beers but not a lot. Decent american and belgian sections but just not over the top great. I’ll definitely be back if I’m in the neighborhood. Prices are decent and some east coast stuff that is hard to find out here.“
dukeredhair 3606 days ago
88 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“One of the most diverse beer selections I have ever seen. I spent over hour in here and still am sure I missed some awesome beer. I just wish I had more room in my bags so I could have bought more. Prices were reasonable and staff was very helpful.“
SHIG 3659 days ago
90 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Next to Holiday Wine and Beverages 4 Less, this place is easily one of the best beer stores in LA. Vast selection of craft and imports. Kind service. Can’t ask for much more.“
nbutler11 3971 days ago
96 /100
Circus Liquor (Beer Store)
“the landmark is also the new hip beer store we are always expandind our fine beer selection weekly as well of all our spirits“
ahawara 3978 days ago
96 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Visited last week. Great selection of beers. After walking around for a few minutes I was assisted by Mike, who’s responsible for the beer section. We had a nice talk and he made some good recommendations. Very good selection, top notch service, reasonable prices. Great store!“
Pallieter85 4014 days ago
96 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“This place is quite far from where I live but on a trip to the valley, I planned a visit on the way back. I’m so glad I did. The selection of beer is amazing! The have everything organized beautifully. It seems like they have everything separated by country and then by brewery, which is the way I prefer it. But they also have some stuff by style. Service was excellent. I was there around midday so I had the whole store to myself most of the time. The guy who was there working let me roam the isles until I decided on what I was taking home, but did tell me that if I needed anything to let him know. Great place with tons to choose from and a must stop if you’re in the area.“
albertq17 4016 days ago
74 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Very respectable import and domestic craft selections. Prices on the imports were higher than I’ve seen elsewhere, but it’s not in the cheapest location real-estate wise, so that’s understandable to an extent. Definitely worth stopping if you’re nearby.“
ekoerper 4039 days ago
86 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“When I lived here I worked at Universal Studio and this was right next to there. i would stop here always to get my beer, whiskey, and cigar needs. I miss that kind of one stop shopping here in NY that is 3 stops. Anyways there was a guy there named Scotland who knew a shitload about whiskey and beer my two favorite topics. they had lots of good beer indeed. I remember first beer i bought here was Victory Storm King.“
Jow 4094 days ago
74 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“You just can’t leave all of those great beers in an unrefrigerated fluorescent lit room!!! I do appreciate the depth and breadth of the selection and the thoroughness of the offerings but when I see Alpine IPA’s sitting on a shelf it makes me not want to buy stuff here. Love the tastings that they do and the staff is very cool.“
gd4evr 4129 days ago
90 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Great selection, as good as any beer store I’ve seen in the states. Nice staff, gave me 15% discount. Lots of belgians and good domestic selection. Great place.“
bhops 4278 days ago
86 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Can’t say anything bad about this place. Great selection with Alesmith, Lost Abbey, and Port Brewing to name a few. After filling up a case full of singles I got a 10% discount which saved me $18 overall. The guy behind the counter (the owner perhaps) was super friendly and very helpful. Gotta stop back here before I leave CA!“
glennmastrange 4365 days ago
90 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Best beer store in Valley hands down! Alpine, Mikeller, Brewdog, Port, list goes on and on. I can’t go in there and spend less than $100. Go on Saturdays for the beer tastings, they are fun and a good value.“
berad54 4393 days ago
76 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Average size store. Made the drive from Agoura Hills expecting a great store and was a little disapointed. They did have a nice selection of imports and local brews but they were missing a lot of other regional brews I thought were going to be there. No Alesmith Summer Yulesmith or Pliney the Elder but they did have Winter Yulesmith which was wierd. I picked up RR Temptation, Anderson Valley 20th Anniv, Roots Organic Woody IPA, and Alesmith X. They did have GI BCS which I thought was pretty crazy. I thought Wade’s Wines was the better store. Just was not worth the drive for me.“
msante79 4807 days ago
88 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“This Vendome is in Toluca Lake, North Hollywood, which is about seven to eight miles from Koreatown - in traffic, about 35 minutes of driving in either direction. I guess this is where all the northern L.A. guys and gals get their brews! It blows anything else away if you’re like me just a tad northwest of downtown. BevMo in Hollywood isn’t better than this store and this Vendome location actually has its own convenient and free parking lot. LOTS of quality selection. Its own bar-like tasting area. Glassware. Cigars. And so on. It’s worth the drive. This Vendome location would even be a good competitor in San Diego county. (But I’m still looking for another Pizza Port Bottle Shop...)“
steview 4833 days ago
94 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“I stumbled in here not during my first two years living here, but on my way through town going to San Fran two weeks ago. HOLY. LORD. Between Lone Hill and this place, you have your domestic and European bases totes covered. This place does work on things like t Smisje, Westmalle, Fantome, but also things like Cascade. First place I saw the 750s of CdT. Fair prices, especially for the location.“
ajm 4842 days ago
82 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Huge selection, probably one of the best i have seen in LA Tons of belgians and other euro brews - always something new to buy that I havent had. Also a good selection of west coast beers and allagash beers. People are there to help if you need it - parking is easy out front - one of the best beer stores in Los Angeles“
m4rest88 5056 days ago
92 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Great selection, pricey....due to location. Update: Scott helped w/ a hard to find.“
teamugly 5113 days ago
78 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Very nice bottle shop, large selection. Nothing to write home about. Had a good selection of imports, found some Struise and a few others I rarely see. overall quite good, but not worth the 65 mile trip.“
Hophead22 5140 days ago
92 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Wow, by far my favorite bottle shop ever. Think of any great beer other than the Westvelterns, and they have it. They have Milkker (7 different ones), De Dolle, Struise, Hair of the Dog, Cantillon, Rochefort, Full Alesmith, every Lost Abbey, Pizza Oirtm Ballast Point, Green Flash, every J.W. Lees, Ola Dubh, Nogne (8 different ones), Stone, amazing German and Scottish beers that I have never seen, Rodenbach and a great sour collection, Kuhnhenn, Russain River, EKU, Ølfabrikken, 3 Fonteinen, the list goes on. They have tons of Mead as well, and litterally, every style of Sake on ratebeer (trust me I have a bottle of every style). The Sake and Mead is very expensive, but the beers are reasonable. I picked up a 1998 Koshu, Cantillion Iris 2004 (haven’t had an unblended before), De Dolle Stille Nacht, a Kellerbier (which they had 6 different types of), and Struise Pannepøt. Great place, will return, could have easily bought over 200 bottles if I had the budget or the car to get all of those home.“
BMan1113VR 5257 days ago
90 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“This is the Vendome in Toluca Lake. I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years since anyone has rated this place. This place is BY FAR my favorite place to buy beer in LA. Selection is INCREDIBLE, their beer guy, Scotland, does a great job stocking a huge variety. In the last few months, they have added at least 100 new beers. Great American micros, rare Belgians, obscure English and Scottish Ales. This place has stuff you won’t find ANYWHERE else in LA!!“
Stickel 5285 days ago
80 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Out of the way for me, but always great when I’m able to stop by. Lots of California micro’s, sometimes multiple years of say, Bigfoot or other favorites. Great staff.“
BigBastard 6270 days ago
80 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Nice selection but a little on the expensive side! Alesmith, Stone and other Californian micros! I also got Sam Adams Utopia at $119.99 (the last bottle) which made my day!“
Jeppe 6644 days ago
86 /100 10600 RIVERSIDE DR
“Great store with friendly staff. A big selection of Californian micros, which was good for me, and a good looking range of German, Belgian and UK beers which is probably more exciting for local drinkers?? I bought some Stone, Alesmith, Ballast Point amongst others, and it was well worth the drive out from where I was staying, near Silver Lake.“
DanielBrown 6712 days ago
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