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76 /100 40233 ENTERPRISE DR
“Like other people we discovered that this was the only craft beer place anywhere near to Yosemite, so decided to give it a try. The place is quite large and is divided into two areas - a bar and a restaurant. Service was decent. Selection was not huge but I liked everything that I tried, particularly the Pecan Brown. Food was really good, I had the beef ribs and my wife had the fish tacos. Food was a bit pricey but not outrageous. Worth a visit!“
UKBeerGeek 1082 days ago
64 /100 40233 ENTERPRISE DR
“Location, location, location! Generally this is a standard American brewpub. But ideally located at the the southern edge of Yosemite helps. With about 5 of their own beers on tap, none great, none awful, and a standard American pub menu, I’d call it average. But pile on great service, and if overpriced) array of guest taps and bottles, then this is your beer geek respite when in town. Brewery #755.“
Braudog 1520 days ago
80 /100 40233 ENTERPRISE DR
“After visiting Yosemite National Park we drove south to Fresno. I knew that there were no craft beer near our hotel in Fresno, so we did a stop in Oakhurst, just south of Yosemite. The brewpub was well attended and there were no vacant tables. Seems to be a popular restaurant among locals. No outdoor seating. I sat at the bar and tried their four beers. Three half pints and a small taster for free. Nice service, the staff really wanted me to try all their beers! About 20 bottles in the fridge and 8 revolving craft guest taps. A must stop just south of Yosemite National Park. (Visited July 6th 2016)“
Bryne 1535 days ago
72 /100 40233 ENTERPRISE DR
“Visited July 19, 2014.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Yosemite. This isn’t exactly in the park but I took highway 41 up from Fresno and into the foothills. Really nice area. I need to get back up and do some hiking when I have some time. This is a little building on the edge of the shopping center right at the corner of 42 and 49. It’s a brewpub so they do serve good food but I had just stuffed myself full of BBQ at Westwoods in Fresno so I only tried the beer here. On the subject of beer, it’s brewed in house on a small 5ish bbl system which is done up right in terms of not being large plastic buckets fermented in a fridge. That said however, the beers still tasted like green apples. Hmm. Not sure how they managed that. The only one that didn’t taste like apple was the passion fruit Honey Badger wheat beer of which I got a glass and a slice of orange (lol). If I hadn’t been sweating driving all the way up the side of the mountain I might have just tried the flight and left but the heat coupled with the fact that they don’t actually charge for the tasters prompted me to buy a pint. It was pretty good actually; the passion fruit that is, not the rest. $5 + tip for a pint and a 6 ticks, not bad.

Speaking of prices, lets talk about growlers for a minute. They have two kinds of growlers available: the 1L swing top glass ones and the 2L steel ones. Fine. But the prices are garbage. Even if they had a beer I liked I would not pay those prices to get a new growler. $37 for the first fill (including the price of the container)... that’s THIRTY SEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS for a growler of beer. And I thought Pizza Port and Beachwood were bad. Now the refills are only $12 for a half gallon of beer, which is what they should be in my opinion, but that makes $25 for an empty container. Garbage, straight garbage. At least they had some funny tap handles and the logo for the Honey Badger was comical. But yeah, $25 for an empty growler my ass.“
t0rin0 2290 days ago
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