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74 /100 701 N DEL NORTE BLVD, STE 310
“Great Saisons and other mixed fermentation beers. Good hazy IPAs and stouts. Fairly easy on-off from the 101. They don't serve food though you can bring in (but the only food nearby iirc is a Subway :-( )“
sbauer 983 days ago
82 /100 701 N DEL NORTE BLVD, STE 310
“A real surprise. Quality beer in the middle of Oxnard! Go check it out.“
ResinousGuide26 1112 days ago
84 /100 701 N DEL NORTE BLVD, STE 310
“Business park tasting room and brewery just a bit off of 101. Small bar at which to order along with a number of high tops. Air conditioned, so that’s a plus. I think they also had some more seating in the brewhouse area, but I didn’t really go in there.

Unfortunately, no flights here, so just be aware of that. So, can get a bit expensive and also intoxicating if you want to try a number of beers. They do a lot of farmhouse/saison, sour, and hoppy beers here. So you probably won’t run into any brewpub brown ales here. Thank you. Beer quality is really good and the people are friendly. Seems like probably a primarily local/central coast hangout, at least on a Sunday afternoon.

Beers are really solid and that’s the most important thing, right? Definitely recommend a stop here.“
brokensail 2223 days ago
82 /100 630 TOWN CENTER DR
Date. . . . . . . . . . ...6.26.2015
Type. . . . . . . . . . ..Grocery Store
Location. . . . . . . ..Oxnard shopping mall area
Prices. . . . . . . . . ..Normal to High
Tap Selection. . . .15+ local craft @ Bar Rincon inside
Bottle Selection. .400+
Full Bar. . . . . . . . .No
Samplers. . . . . . ..Possibly at Bar Rincon
Full Pours. . . . . . .Yes at Bar Rincon
Beer Level. . . . . ..Very Good
Food Level. . . . ...Very Good
Staff. . . . . . . . . . ..Friendly
Growlers. . . . . . ..Possibly
Noise Level. . . . ..Quiet
Décor. . . . . . . . . ..Open bright space, cold
Kid Friendly. . . . .Yes
Dog Friendly. . . ..No
Parking. . . . . . . ...Private Lot
Cash Only. . . . . ..No
Recommended. ..Yes
Comments: Brand new, state of the art, mega sized WF with an entire restaurant and bar inside. Beer selection is similar to other WFs: slightly overpriced, but nearly everything is refridgerated the the selection is gigantic including difficult to find ciders and foreign beers along with fresh cases of your favorite local offerings. Food inside is extensive with pizza, sandwiches, sushi, hot and cold buffet, etc. Everything tasted superb. The bar inside called Bar Rincon has its own craft tap selection that included Modern Times, Port, Ballast Point, and Pizza Port. Really impressive. Someone did their beer homework. “
GT 2610 days ago
68 /100 461 W ESPLANADE DR
“Ehhh... average corporate regional watering hole. Made for the masses. The beer is refreshing and does the job but nothing blew me away.“
soul11man 4072 days ago
76 /100 461 W ESPLANADE DR
“pretty cool spot. good overall but with some minor issues. Waiters don’t know much about beer so no biggie for me but everyone else who had questions was left hangin’. Lot’s of T.V.’s and a huge menu. Nothing to drive way out of the way for but if there is 1 near you give it a try.“
BarrelRoller 4715 days ago
68 /100 461 W ESPLANADE DR
“Bj’s has great food and decent, but not great beer. At least i got to try 9 new beers and get 9 ratings! Second visit! After another visit I had to up my ante! Great food and service and usually a new beer! 8/16/12 Since they no longer brew specials on the premises I am chaning the rating“
IrishBoy 5935 days ago
74 /100 461 W ESPLANADE DR
“I didn’t know BJ’s could be so cool after visiting the one in La Mesa, but they really are. Much more selection. 6-packs? who Knew, too bad I’m not local.“
fordest 5957 days ago
74 /100 461 W ESPLANADE DR
“Another great BJ’s. And this one sells 6 packs of their beer, too cool.“
BigBastard 6261 days ago
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