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84 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“medium size place with a patio; 20 taps and lots of bottles, free wifi; friendly service, excellent beer, flights and samples available, right next to subway station, definitely worth a visit“
thorongil2 670 days ago
78 /100
Kings Row Gastropub (Restaurant)
“Nice bar, with an industrial decor. The bartenders were friendly and efficient, but a little rushed, even at an off-peak time. The beer list is short, but respectable, and focuses heavily on locals. Prices seem average for the area, which is to say - high. This is a fun bar, and the cocktails and sangria seemed to be a hit with my group, too.“
GTAEgeek 1084 days ago
70 /100
Der Wolfskopf (Restaurant)
“Open bar area, and lots of Bavarian decor. The bartenders are friendly, but there's no table service, so all orders, even food, have to go through the bar. 20 taps, but four of them were kicked, with no replacements. Standard German options, some more obscure imports, and a couple local beers. The food is fantastic! Great brats, good sauerkraut, and good schnitzel. The prices are high, for me, but pretty average for the area. Overall, this is a fun place for some authentic German food and beer.“
GTAEgeek 1084 days ago
82 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Have been here a few times. Great pub in the beautiful center of Pasadena with a strong craft beer focus. Last time I was there, they has an event from Stones with a lot of specialities. Great place!“
Schlenkerla 1562 days ago
76 /100 1770 E COLORADO BLVD
“Une version moins charmante que l’original. Les prix sont assez exagérés dans certains cas et la bouffe rarement mémorable. Ceci dit, la liste est étoffé mais ne vous faites pas trop d’espoir, la mise à jour n’a peut-être pas été fait depuis quelques jours.“
Marheb 1812 days ago
72 /100 37 N. CATALINA AVE
“Un dive avec un cachet qui détonne de l’environnement plus cossu de Pasadena. La sélection est bourrée de trucs locaux et de Miller light. Ma grottle de baseball.“
Marheb 1834 days ago
80 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“Rien de différent des autres Slater’s 50/50. Bonne sélection équilibrée qui peut contenir des raretés. Reste que si vous voulez un Burger déstabilisant combiné à un grand choix de fûts, Slater’s le fait.“
Marheb 1950 days ago
82 /100 465 S ARROYO PKWY
“Un des plus étoffés en Californie, plusieurs européennes en plus des locales. De plus, le bar adjacent 110 & Bellevue, doit détenir la palme des meilleurs bars d’épicerie.“
Marheb 1950 days ago
86 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Un pub style Anglais qui fait assez authentique. La sélection de bières européennes est tout simplement incomparable dans ce coin de la Californie. Quelques généralités s’infiltrent mais on y trouve son compte assez facilement. Le staff est majoritairement connaisseur et la cuisine à la hauteur des attentes pour ce genre de pub. Un incontournable à Pasadena.“
Marheb 1950 days ago
88 /100 885 S ARROYO PKWY
“Stumbled on this one and went back. Was hoping for things that do not hit Texas and looked appealing and was not disappointed. Found some things I knew I liked and some I took chances on. No idea what they sold ten or fifteen years ago, but miles beyond what I found in L.A. back them.“
fly 1953 days ago
74 /100 3730 E FOOTHILL BLVD
“My first visit to one of these stores. Fantastic selection of interesting US beers and glasses. Very different from a UK off-license. Not much more to say.“
JohnRMurdoch 1984 days ago
72 /100 3751 E FOOTHILL BLVD
“My first visit to a Whole Foods Market in the USA. Amazing selection of interesting beers for a supermarket. Wish they were like this in the UK. Not much more to say.“
JohnRMurdoch 1984 days ago
80 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“Imagine a Yard House with much much much better food, better beer selection, cleaner beer lines, and just as much apathy from the staff.“
DYCSoccer17 2019 days ago
82 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Located in Old Pasadena, this is a little hole in the wall of a place with super creeky floors and probably lots of stories from the past. The setup is rather weird, and it takes a minute to get bearings. Really small bar in the back, but there was an eclectic taplist with some very interesting beers (Old Guardian 2012 on tap, Logsdon Stout). Bartender was really friendly and helpful. Bathrooms were disgusting, and because of this, I didn’t bother trying the food. Prices were a bit steep, but not overwhelming. A fair experience.“
DYCSoccer17 2019 days ago
86 /100
Der Wolfskopf (Restaurant)
“Pretty cool ambiance of having an upscale German beer hall in the heart of Pasadena. You definitely feel a little removed which is nice and they have a great selection of beers from all around. Their food is awesome and makes you feel you truly are in Germany, or at least that's what I felt“
AndrewAriz 2083 days ago
84 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“Modern interieur, lots of screens which show various sports. Very nice and efficient service. Had a Sculpin and a Green Flash IPA from tap. Seriously, 100+ taps at a burger restaurant? Awesome. Also, I saw a Speedway Stout for 7$ on the taplist. Sounds crazy cheap for a European. The hot burger I ordered was seriously hot. Fairly priced, I had expected quite higher prices.“
SinH4 2131 days ago
82 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Nice classic pub interieur, small outdoor "beer garden" Fast and nice service, great taplist - mostly Californian locals and Belgians. I focused on Californian locals. Value is definitely okay (don’t know too much about what is customary in this area). Definitely recommendable!“
SinH4 2131 days ago
70 /100 1785 WASHINGTON BLVD
“Decent beer selection. Nice store. Good liquor too.“
daknole 2157 days ago
72 /100 1260 LINCOLN AVE, STE 100
“pretty cool place with decent beer. didn’t have food - don’t know that they served food. one timer but I’d go back.“
slowrunner77 2158 days ago
70 /100 93 E GREEN ST
Date. . . . . . . . . . ..1.3.15
Type. . . . . . . . . . ..Gourmet Hot Dogs Restaurant
Location. . . . . . . .Downtown Pasadena
Prices. . . . . . . . . ..Normal, Slightly Pricey
Tap Selection. . . .14 Diverse, Local Craft
Bottle Selection. .10-20 Random
Full Bar. . . . . . . . .Yes?
Samplers. . . . . . ..No
Full Pours. . . . . . .Yes
Beer Level. . . . . ..Good
Food Level. . . . ...Very Good
Staff. . . . . . . . . . ..Friendly, Absent
Growlers. . . . . . ...No
Noise Level. . . . ..Lively
Décor. . . . . . . . . ..All Wood, Low Rafters
Good for Kids. . ..Yes
Parking. . . . . . . ...Paid Parking Garages
Cash Only. . . . . ..No
Recommended. ..Sure
Comments: Fun alternative in downtown Pasadena, somewhat hidden behind a corner. Large space with large outdoor patio. Full bar I believe with a fairly impressive tap list including Three Weavers, Anthem Cider, Tap It, The Dudes, Monkish, Bravery, Ninkasi, Dr Jekyll’s (?), Wolf Creek, Goose Island, Boulevard, Great Divide, and Stone. Beer served in shaker pints. Hot dogs here are crazy, like the bulgogi glazed dog with kimchi and fried egg on top. I thought the flavors were a bit rich, but still super fun to try and unique to say the least. “
GT 2292 days ago
80 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“Nice store in downtown, nice selection of stone, had woot 2.0 on tap, growlers and samples available. Good prices, lots of mercy and bottles to go“
devman171 2337 days ago
76 /100 465 S ARROYO PKWY
“solid regional craft beer selection in the coolers, also a shelf of bombers, solid“
devman171 2357 days ago
80 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Tuesday happy hour, 6$ hoegaarden! But seriously 60+ taps, 4oz pours of any. Local Cali and Belgians mostly. Looks like good events here. Dark inside, nice outside“
devman171 2358 days ago
74 /100 300 S RAYMOND AVE
“visited for lunch. only a few spots in the lot for the ale house but we got one. a good mix of taps, and we sat at the bar so service was not an issue. only problem is no samples. highlight was oude tart with cherries“
devman171 2358 days ago
86 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“lunch visit, lots of taps, 4 set flights at a set 10$ price. pretty varies mostly local selection. highlights for me were Port Hop-15 and Belching Peanut butter stout. deconstructed guac was really good, huge burgers!“
devman171 2358 days ago
74 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“like all the other Stone stores, so if you are a fan, these are an oasis. good brews on tap, great prices on growler fills, and merchandise if you need it.“
slowrunner77 2368 days ago
52 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“had some pretty cool, eclectic beers here. slow service even though they weren’t busy. nothing special cept the beers...and the prices reflected that. prefer the LB in Sierra Madre easily.“
slowrunner77 2368 days ago
64 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Not bad. The bar area has an odd smell, perhaps of lye. The outdoors is adequate. The beer list is very good, though perhaps a little less big into Western beers as it might be. Sane volume. Friendly staff. Strong wifi. Passable. Don’t get the rating here at all though....“
TylerGreenDC 2376 days ago
66 /100 300 S RAYMOND AVE
“Super list. Heavy on California beers, and secondarily Western beers, which is wonderful. Over-weighted toward PAs, IPAs and DIPAs, which is A-OK by me. Less good: Goofy ordering system that eschews table service and unnecessarily re-invents the wheel. Makes it difficult to taste beers before ordering or to talk with the barkeeps about what’s on offer. As just about everyone else here has noted: This is a total unforced error. Unnecessarily loud inside. Good food. Reasonable prices. Better than it will score here due to service issues.“
TylerGreenDC 2378 days ago
84 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“Stopped in while they were having a vertical epic event for LA Beer Week. First, they staff was ridiculously friendly, nice, and helpful. So nice I was worried I was in the wrong place. Had a few 4oz pours that were really inexpensive (also a shock). Maybe my one experience at Stone World Bistros put me off and made me reluctant to even visit this place, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t downright great on all accounts. Bottles were cool and included some special treats. No food, but you can bring stuff in. If I didn’t have work to do, I would have stayed most of the night.“
Prufrockstar 2400 days ago
62 /100 300 S RAYMOND AVE
“Tap selection was nice. Prices better than Lucky Baldwin’s on brews they had in common. The setup doesn’t jive with me, though, and I was happy to get the hell out. I mean, the gothic church theme feels pretentious (even if it’s tongue in cheek, the initial impression isn’t positive), and I can’t help but feel sketchy paying women in school girl outfits to serve me alcohol.“
Prufrockstar 2400 days ago
82 /100 465 S ARROYO PKWY
“Mega Whole Foods with a bar. WTF. Also, wish my whole foods had a bar. Bottle selection seems pretty reasonable (despite a few really old IPAs on the shelves). Bar was great, with awesome prices. Ambiance was Whole Foods, but better because, you know, it has a bar.“
Prufrockstar 2400 days ago
72 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Visited on a Monday. LA Beer Week so a lot of Stone stuff on draft. Wide selection, and the bartender/servers were all very friendly. Bottle list isn’t even remotely up to date. Prices seem ridiculously high on most draft beers, vaguely reasonable on others, pretty decent for bottles. Patio seating was nice.“
Prufrockstar 2400 days ago
88 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“Great spot right off the freeway. Great tap list, food was superb. Tons of TVs. Service was spot on!“
daknole 2489 days ago
78 /100 1770 E COLORADO BLVD
“Took the walk from CalTech to check it out. Smaller and quieter than the original, same theme and same density of taplist. Didnt try the food, but my service was fine and friendly at least.“
bytemesis 2496 days ago
74 /100 330 E COLORADO BLVD
“Certainly an antiseptic place with lots of huge tvs, briluce Springsteen songs on sound. Beer list is huge, but lots of filler, and you have to wonder how they keep the most interesting beers in good shape. Server was attentive, beers were fine. There are more authentic places in town.“
rejtable 2526 days ago
84 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“Nice spot. Big and loud with lots of tvs, not an intimate spot, but not meant to be. Server was knowledgeable and friendly, tons of taps with many interesting options, buyer was a beast but good. Would come back again for sure.“
rejtable 2526 days ago
78 /100 300 S RAYMOND AVE
“Cool spot. Maybe 20 beer on tap, decent variety. Service is odd in ieddering first at a cash like a takeout and then finding a seat, but it works. Would return for sure.“
rejtable 2527 days ago
88 /100 17 S RAYMOND AVE
“Great spot! Tons of beer on tap with a great range of geography and style. Nice bar area and patio is sweet. staff great. Didn’t eat but food looked good.“
rejtable 2528 days ago
76 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“Pretty cool spot. Clothes, stone stuff, bottles and maybe 15 lines of stone beers to try and fill growlers. 4oz tasters are pretty cheap. Staff seemed cool and the patio is nice.“
rejtable 2528 days ago
76 /100 3751 E FOOTHILL BLVD
“Great store! Lots of regional and national craft six pack, and a whole grocery aisle wall of bigger bottles.“
rejtable 2528 days ago
74 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“Overall great spot to grab a beer if in pasadena. Great choice of Stone brews to taste.“
DedicatedToFun 2559 days ago
70 /100 37 N. CATALINA AVE
“Visited March 30, 2014.

This is difficult to find, even with a GPS and knowing the street address. The address is on Catalina but it’s in the alley and the front of the building is actually on Colorado. There is a parking lot right behind it and if you can find a spot in there, take it. If not, the next street north on Catalina (the one way street) has plenty of parking available. I wasn’t expecting much from this place by the completely barren brick wall without windows and the sandwich board by the door that didn’t say much beyond the fact that they have 21 taps. Inside you step down into the main dining room / bar area and there is a balcony area that wraps around the room with some more seating available. There is a small stage on the one side with a large projection screen showing whatever game they have on at the moment. The bar is a nice wooden set up with several dozen taps (2 nitro but they were Guinness and Speckled Hen) and about as many TV screens. It’s kind of ridiculous really. I counted five large screens above the bar, two right above the taps, four more off to the left of the bar, and another one to the right. Between them all there were two channels one, both college basketball games. Oh, and they have a couple of pool tables.

Basically what you have here is a large and clean dive bar, at least on a Sunday afternoon. There were about a dozen people in the place (myself included) and most were regulars. Not much conversation to be had but you can find a decent beer to drink if you just want to watch the game. Mission, Bootleggers, Noble, Angel City, Stone, Bear Republic, Anchor, and North Coast were all present in addition to some macros like New Castle and Guinness. I didn’t notice until I heard the bartender talking to another customer but there is a large white board on one side of the room with the full tap list. I also didn’t notice until that point that they serve food here. It’s the American style dish where the burgers are gigantic and feeds two normal to slightly large sized people. They also have a large jar of pickled eggs. I always think of Moe’s Tavern when I see a jar like that.

Prices are reasonable, service was friendly, the atmosphere is kind of divey, and parking/selections somewhat limited. Over all I’d say that if you’re in Pasadena you can probably do better for both beer selection and just location, but it’s not too bad. “
t0rin0 2576 days ago
90 /100 61 N RAYMOND AVE
“Very extensive draft list with many SoCal selections. Nice ambience. Pretty busy on a nice Saturday afternoon.“
Iphonephan 2585 days ago
82 /100 220 S RAYMOND AVE, STE 103
“Nice draft list but only one hard to find offering. Knowledgeable staff. Friendly vibe.“
Iphonephan 2585 days ago
76 /100 53 E UNION ST
“Visited March 8, 2014.

This is just a few yards from Raymond so it’s right on the walking path if you’re doing a pub crawl around Old Town. Inside you’ll find that "sophisticated" feel. The bar is all wooden and nice and they have a ton of whiskey to choose from. It reminds me of a less dumpy Daily Pint.

They seem to rotate the tap list quickly. When I was there a week ago they had some beers by Noble (of which I had a pint), a Sierra Nevada Pils, the Citra Pale from El Segundo, and some others that are not currently on the tap list. Right now they have bourbon Black from Allagash, Beachwood Melrose, and some less exciting choices like Avery White Rascal and New Belgium Blue Paddle. The service was good and the prices were high, though during happy hour it’s not bad (my pint was $5). I’d hate to see what this looks like when it’s packed but I’ll make sure to stop in again soon.“
t0rin0 2591 days ago
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