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68 /100 1300 RAILROAD ST
“Killer spot in downtown Paso with a great’biance and pretty solid beer selection, 20 taps and a bunch of bottles. You’ll get ticks but nothing super rare. They have flights for aforementioned ticking. Huge outdoor space, great burgers and lobster rolls and the like.“
nickd717 53 days ago
64 /100 1346 RAILROAD STREET
“Nice outdoor space. Good view. Chill bros running the bar. Fun area. Beer is ok. About 10 taps and all are in the neighborhood of average.“
nickd717 53 days ago
70 /100 1346 RAILROAD STREET
“This place is quite big. They have two buildings and then a big outdoor courtyard/patio area in between. I ended up going in to the northernmost building and took a seat at the bar. The feel of the place very much fits in to the sort of cowboy/western feel that Paso has in general. Exposed wood everywhere, kind of meant to look like a barn, I suppose. They had 8-10 beers on draft during my visit. I opted to do a flight (they do sets of 5) of some different styles. The pale ale was quite bad (very buttery), but everything else was just okay. The kind of beers that you wouldn't dump out, but wouldn't make a point to seek out a second time. Service was friendly and they had plenty of TVs with the Sunday NFL games on for your viewing pleasure. Not terribly crowded, but doing a decent business on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Main issue here is parking since the place is kind of on a side street and their lot has room for about six cars. I was able to find something up the street, but you may have to loop around a time or two to find something.“
brokensail 218 days ago
80 /100 3005-A LIMESTONE WAY
“Visited July 2019. Large tasting room and patio area out front. Located in the Tin City industrial park and pretty much next door to Barrelhouse Brewing. They have a large variety of ciders on draft that you can do tasters or full pours of, also have cider to go. A variety of just plain apple ciders as well as some different fruited versions. The quality also kind of spreads from good to not so good, but with the number of offerings you can probably find something you like. Good service and a cool place to hang out. Obviously it can get very hot here, so keep that in mind when planning your visit. They also have some patio games like cornhole outside. Cool place and would definitely stop in during my next trip to Paso.“
brokensail 269 days ago
80 /100 3340 RAMADA DR, STE C
“Have been here a few times. Most recent visit was in July 2019. Just a minute or so down the road from Barrelhouse and Tin City in a little business park. Plenty of parking available. Large L-shaped bar with some barrel high tops around the inside of the main space. There is also a little second room here. They've gone with a polynesian/Tiki style decor that kind of fits their theme. You order beers and food at the bar. These guys make a pretty wide variety of styles here and also have some good guest taps from other California/central coast breweries. I've never eaten here, but the beers are generally pretty decent. Flights available as are full pours and beer to go in growlers. Definitely worth a stop when you're in Paso.“
brokensail 269 days ago
70 /100 525 PINE STREET
“Have visited this place a number of times over the years on trips up and down 101, usually to try to visit whichever brewery was operating out of the back. This rating is for the bar/venue itself. I've never eaten here or seen a show, just grabbed a beer or two. They have a nice patio area out front, but it always seems to be 100 degrees when I visit, so I don't sit out there. Tap list is generally good, though not amazing. Most recent visits have been largely focused on Paso/other Central Coast breweries like Firestone, Barrelhouse, Central Coast, Silva, etc. Service and pricing are decent. Might as well stop in if you're visiting Silva Brewing.“
brokensail 279 days ago
80 /100 525 PINE ST, STE B
“Have visited here a few times, most recently in August 2019. Small bar/tasting room in the back of Pour House, I guess you would say. Was excited to come here and try the beers since I was always a big fan of Chuck Silva's beers at Green Flash back in the day. Unfortunately, the beers here are nowhere near as good as those old Green Flash beers. They brew a wide variety of styles and generally nothing is bad, but nothing really outstanding either. It can get quite hot in here in the warmer months (which is a lot of the year in Paso). Tasters, full pours, growlers, and bottles all available. Definitely worth a stop when you're in town.“
brokensail 279 days ago
96 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Finally got to visit this classic place. Gigantic operation with room for hundreds in the various different sections of the place. We visited after Covid reopening, so you can order by QR core and they bring out the beers. Very large taplist with 3 oz pours available for between $1.75 and $3.75, which is very damn reasonable for the quality of the beers. We sampled 10 and were impressed with pretty much everything. Top-notch service rounds the experience it. World-class place.“
mcberko 332 days ago
66 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Huge place, sat at the visistors center, not much ambiance to speak of, but an excellent selection of FW brews, service is competent. Don't miss when passing through.“
tomer 1021 days ago
92 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Bit outside town really nice place.“
elbenco 1061 days ago
74 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“Paso Robles is beautiful and this has outdoor seating so this gets high scores on the intangibles but the beer was pretty disappointing. Far from bad, but not particularly interesting. Best thing here was a nitro stout they brewed for St. Patrick's Day - thought the sours were rather one-dimensional and the IPAs a bit watery.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1156 days ago
94 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Visited on a beautiful spring day and sat outside in the taproom. Waitstaff was top notch - came by at just the right times, had opinions on the beer - quite good. The beer itself - it's FW. I was hoping for crazy rare vintages of their barrel aged stuff. They had four taps of those but nothing crazy rare for someone who lives in CA. The sour selection was superb though. Tasters available of everything. Everything was good to spectacular. Picked up a couple of bottles I've never seen before to take home. FW is superb. They do some amazing stuff and their brewery / taproom is a great place to taste some of their more experimental stuff along with their old classics. The mothership is a bit off the beaten path, but it's well worth the visit if you're ever anywhere near the Central Coast area. Worth going out of your way for. Even my fiancee loved this place and these beer bars are something she does to humor me.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1158 days ago
92 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Great food. Beautiful place. Great selection plus opportunity to take home super rare bottles. A must stop.“
coachd 1403 days ago
78 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Wow, a huge complex. Big restaurant and bar area. Don't have time for a tour today, maybe next time. Good beer and service. The calamari was pretty bad, I hope the rest of the meal is better. Edit: The salmon was great.“
Sledutah 1503 days ago
86 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Visited after RateBeer Best 2017. Huge brewery, the brewery store was closed so I only got to check out the taproom/restaurant. Pretty spacious bar and table seating. Very friendly and attentive service. Pretty good selection of beers on draft including some taproom only beers and their limited sours/reserve releases. Flights available in sets of four and reasonably priced. All the new beers I tried were top notch as expected. Food was all fantastic and really well done especially for a brewery. Since the brewery store was closed, they had bottles/cans available to go, pretty much all of their barrel aged bottles and several sours. Plus their year round and seasonals. There’s not a whole lot to do in Paso Robles but this is well worth a visit if you’re passing through or want to make the pilgrimage.“
GenDV138 1830 days ago
68 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“Decent sized taproom in a small business park. Beautiful outdoor patio. Friendly service but somewhat slow with one bartender even though it wasn’t busy. Good selection of beers although it was mostly hoppy stuff on my visit. Worth a stop if you have time before hitting up Firestone Walker.“
GenDV138 1830 days ago
86 /100 525 PINE ST, STE B
“Stopped by with SamGamgee after a run down to Firestone. New spot behind the Pour House (tap room), and you can enter either through there (Pine Street), or through the other side (6th Street). Not sure about food, looked like you could bring your own in. Lot of stainless steel everywhere, and a nice board that showed the 10 beers on tap along with wrap around shelving stacked with crowlers, growlers, and other stuff for sale. I liked the pouring sizes, 5oz and 10 oz only, which give you the flexibility of sampling many of their brews. Sampled about 4 between the three of us, all good. Service was excellent, and there was a constant flow of customers in and out. Great addition to the Central Coast.“
larryLSB 1865 days ago
72 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“This place is like a GD campus. It’s enormous, with the golf-carts whipping around, an entire block’s-worth of kegs towering over one sector. The bottle-shop area didn’t have much in the way of special stuff and was no more reasonably priced (maybe even higher on vintage stuff) than I can find here in PDX. Didn’t stop for lunch but grabbed a growler fill of the special pub-only beer. Not an overwhelming experience, but really the most reliably amazing brewer of beers I can think of.“
Alphadelic 2263 days ago
68 /100 5800 ADELAIDA RD
“Damn that’s a beautiful place. Decent cider too, I like it a lot. The wine is also top stuff. Tried a few ciders, a few wines liked the lot. Bought a mix of bottles and went on my merry way. Definitely worth a stop if you’re winding your way out to Tablas Creek or wherever.“
Alphadelic 2263 days ago
90 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Only did the visitor center and the tour, but it was great. Beautiful brewery with a nice bar to try some samples at before and after the tour. Service was great, friendly and knowledgeable, I think all were cicerone beer server certified. Selection was awesome, the core stuff plus some stuff I didn’t even know Firestone made. A very cool brewery making great barrel aged beers, as well as some superb regular stuff.“
jbruner 2354 days ago
80 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“This is more of a family friendly, bring your dog, let the kids run around with shit in their pants while we get sloshed on some unique beers kind of place. Curly Wolf Vanilla Maple Stout was on tap last I went, perfect. Surprisingly successful for a brewery this new.“
CryptLiquor 2404 days ago
82 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“I went to gain weight using food and beer. Sorry, no tour. I was successfull in my goal but wait, there was more. Friendly service, above average food, and a good tap selection.Velvet Merlin on tap? Yes fucking please. Oh, there’s a sweet view of the freeway, too. No but seriously, Paso is beautiful, but this freeway view was stellar.“
CryptLiquor 2404 days ago
90 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“Great place. Feels like a winery. Nice beer, good staff and great flight prices. Outdoor scenic seating and big open indoor seating.“
reggiedunlop 2499 days ago
78 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Did not have time to do a brewery tour, unfortunately. A nice place with nice ambiance, very american! Located right next to the Freeway. The food was good, the beer is Firestone Walker, which I had wanted to dry for a while already. Food was not cheap, the beer flights are quite cheap. Overall recommended.“
SinH4 2520 days ago
88 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“fantastic place to visit. visitor center and restaurant have different tap lists, so you "have" to hit both :) selections galore...barreled, hoppy, dark and light.“
slowrunner77 2569 days ago
68 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“Really cool tasting room atmosphere, large out door area. Mostly street parking (feels kind of residential for Paso). A good place to hang out. No food when I was there. Very friendly. Beers ranged from mediocre to good. Will stop by again. Fun atmosphere.“
BMan1113VR 2593 days ago
72 /100 525 PINE STREET
“New Pour House on Pine Street. Stopped by during a conference. Friendly people. Most regulars are wine industry people looking for an afterwork beer. Full of regulars. Local beers fill the taps (probably 20 or so of them). Good atmosphere, front patio. Street parking. Stop by if you are staying in town and are tired of wineries. If you are only driving through, go to FW.“
BMan1113VR 2593 days ago
80 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“At a conference in Pacific Grove with a day off, so we headed down there on a Wednesday after booking a tour over e-mail 2 weeks out (probably not necessary, as there were only 2 others on the tour). Tour was fun, cool history with some samples during it. Our tour guide gave us a few more samples in the tasting room too, which was really cool and appreciated. Had lunch across the street in their tap room. A little disappointed that the barrel aged beers (4 of them) were available at the tasting room but not across the street in their restaurant. Food was very good. They also had bottles for sale (Stickee Monkee, Velvet Merkin and 17). Would certainly stop by if driving past on the 101!“
Bacterial 2775 days ago
74 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Went on a tour and had lunch at the brewpub. Tour was pretty good, a few samples and some neat stories (Current head brewer breaking in when FW bought the brewery from the bank, was then hired due to the dedication to the beer, still in tanks, that the FW crew saw in him) Great selection in the brewery taproom after the tour. Some vintage stuff as well as their more well distributed offerings. Lots of beer for takeaway, both growlers and bottles. Prices seemed rather high. Food at the taproom was good, though pricey (I think...thanks Jeff!). I had the daily special pizza. Overall, I’d return again for the beers in the brewery, but would probably scroll past lunch there.“
CLevar 2779 days ago
78 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“Visited on a Friday evening in August as they had a band playing in their outdoor garden. The place has a huge brewing facility and really well done aesthetics overall. The outdoor area is nice as there is a stage on the back of an old truck and lots of grass areas to site or a number of tables and chairs. Water feature is also nice and lots of room for kids to run around and play. The bar area is fairly large and they had around 10 beers on tap with 3-4 being limited release stuff. The beer itself is ok, nothing stellar but nothing was horrible. The bar itself was nice as you could order beer inside or outside as they have windows that open and allow for full use of the bar area. They had a food truck when we were there but they also were cool with bringing in takeout food or just a picnic on the grass. Definitely worth a trip if you are headed to Firestone and have little ones along with you that want to do something besides watch dad tick beers.“
thome50 2815 days ago
62 /100 5800 ADELAIDA RD
“Visited July 26, 2014.

I really hate giving low scores to great places but there really isn’t much in the way of cider here, mostly wine.

I suspect that this shouldn’t be in the database much longer, but we’ll see what happens. They have a new brewery/taproom down the way in Atascadero where they will start making a lot more cider starting with this harvest season. It remains to be seen though if they’ll keep some production here too. Would be cool if they did since it’s a beautiful place.

Once you get off the freeway you end up driving about 7 miles inland through the hills. This place is at the top of one of the ridges looking out over the valley. Because the address is right on the street your GPS might put the place in the middle of the vineyard, so look for a gate on the right side of the road about 100 yards early. The windy 5 mile drive up Adelaida Rd is very scenic. Every farm has a sign on it advertising local produce; mostly nuts but also some olives, grapes, and some honey. Naturally there are about a half a dozen wineries on this stretch. I also spotted the drunk bus ("Uncorked wine tours") on my way back down the hill. What I also spotted that I probably should have stopped at was a place about a mile from Lone Madrone called Find Distillery which is part of the Villicana Winery. They have a tasting room but I scrolled on by. Apparently they’re going to be making whiskey at some point so someone should stop in there at some point to see if they sell the pre-distilled beer-type whatever it’s called which would probably count as a tick. At the moment it looks like they only make brandy. As I learned at Bristol on my next stop a lot of these wineries are experimenting with making brandy out of their wine. Hmm.

So enough about the area. On to the cidery. it’s in a great spot on top of the hill. These guys do mostly wine but they have a line of ciders as well. The tasting is $10 for the wines and three out of five were zins. I guess this area is big on zinfandel. Of the ciders they have about three in the bottle for sale to go but the only one you can actually try there is the classic. The bottles are mostly around $9-$10 but a couple of them (Blackbeerd and Blackbart) are closer to $20. Service was very friendly and they directed me to Atascadero to try the ciders. The place is dog friendly too.

One last note: this year will be the first year that they actually use grapes grown on the estate.“
t0rin0 2852 days ago
78 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“The brewing tasting room is quite nice with more selection than across at the tap room. No real service, just a very busy bartender and small samples. This is where you get the good stuff.“
Ferris 3036 days ago
78 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“This is a stunning brewery/pub with a great outdoor space. Huge bar and seating, but only their beer on tap and only 9ish at that. Small new and friendly with decent beer. Worth popping in if you are down the road.“
Ferris 3036 days ago
78 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“Not too far from Firestone and not too far off the freeway. It was kind of difficult to find this place at night since there are zero street lights once you turn off of the main road parallel to the highway. Smallish parking lot but a huge brewery facility. It was dark, so I couldn’t get the full effect of some of the outdoor scenery, but what I could see was really nice. Plenty of seats open at the bar and they had seven beers available (normally 8 taps). Very friendly service, too. The beers were decent on average with a couple being fairly enjoyable. Hard to see these guys competing too much with Firestone a few minutes away, but really a nice place.“
brokensail 3074 days ago
62 /100 1108 PINE ST
“Almost didn’t stop here because I thought they didn’t brew. But did a quick check of t0rin0’s rating and saw that it’s basically the same as SLO Brew, and I was on my way to Paso Robles Brewing Comapny (who funny enough, doesn’t brew anymore). Stopped in just in case they had any house beers I hadn’t tried. Just ordered a flight. Beers were okay--nothing great, nothing terrible. Service was friendly enough. Seems like most people didn’t really care about the house beers. For better or worse, the vibe was not quite the party atmosphere of SLO Brew the last time I stopped there.“
brokensail 3092 days ago
80 /100 5800 ADELAIDA RD
“Came here to try/buy the Bristols ciders, but also did some wine tasting. The ciders and wines are both pretty decent to good. The women working the bar were very friendly and more than happy to answer questions, chat, and maybe even offer a slightly heavy pour. The tasting costs $10, but if you buy two bottles of wine they waive that fee. But of course, they are also $30-$50 bottles. Ended up just buying the ciders they weren’t pouring that day. The place itself is beautiful. Small tasting room, but lots of grapevines on the property, some apple trees visible, and a nice view of the valley below. This took a bit more of a drive to get to than expected, but it was quite nice.“
brokensail 3092 days ago
66 /100 2135 THEATRE DR
“Pretty typical BevMo here. Your usual selection of Belgian and German imports rotting on the shelves. A healthy amount of Firestone and the other BevMo standby’s and Central Coast staples. Service was quite friendly, prices are typical of BevMo.“
brokensail 3092 days ago
68 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“The place looks great; however, it’ feels more like a restaurant with the beer as an after thought. The beer was excellent as I’m accustomed to from FW. Our server was okay, but not too knowledgable. Good variety of beer styles, and the wine list looked good as well. The food was crazy overpriced and not very good. I’d only go back to scoop up some take home beers or to grab a pint.“
mverity 3102 days ago
90 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“The Taproom was special. There is a sign on the wall that states: "We are living beer." The Taproom is across the street the brewery and their tasting room. It was Sunday and they had the NFL games running in the bar area. Overhead the bar was a track with beer bottles moving in a circle. This is definetly "Industrial chic". The kitchen is open to the dinning area. It has the feeling of inside a brewery. Beers are excellent.“
Foxbush 3126 days ago
78 /100 3055 LIMESTONE WAY
“While researching the breweries in California we discovered this gem in Paso Robles. The small brewery is located in a business park. They do a good job of making you feel you are in a special place. The bar had large windows that opened to the yard with grass and a rock setting with flowing water. Picnic tables and chairs were available in the grassy area. There was music at 3 PM on Sunday. Ginna was our bartender. The beers were good to average, and I purchased a Bomber for the road of the IPA.“
Foxbush 3127 days ago
84 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Nice Brewery/taproom/restaurant located just off the 101 freeway. The place is very cool with a good selection of FW brews ( you can also have some vintages). Service was very helpful and knowledge. The food was good with some pairings beer/food very interesting. Worth 2 hours drive!! Ask for some Barrel works project beer!!“
iacopino_IpA 3144 days ago
88 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Great place with excellent beer - obviously! The food was awesome - can highly recommend their fish’n’chips - the staff highly attentive and the general atmosphere very nice.“
Ktwse 3215 days ago
88 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Excellent service, ambiance and selection of FW on tap. Had the chance to try both 12 and 13 of the Double DBA. Beer is very fresh and properly served. Nice design of the bar!“
kryon 3229 days ago
60 /100 1108 PINE ST
“Really confused as to how this has not been added to the database. Visited a while back when there were multiple Downtown locations (Santa Barbara was already closed but SLO was still called Downtown). As of 14 hours ago these guys were still open so I’ll add it and review it.

Stopped in late on my way up 101 to see the family. Easy to find, right off the main drag across from a park. Plenty of parking available on the street. Service was friendly but they were busy so I got my flight (of house beers, didnt need any Stella or Bud Light) and a burger with a side of some black bean soup. I enjoyed the food and the conversation with some locals but the beer was pretty meh. I still havent figured out after all these years who is making the beers for the Downtown locations. I’ve heard rumors of it being Firestone but the beers are way too crappy to be Firestone. Anyway, next time I head up (in the next couple of months) I’ll be sure to stop in again to get some answers.

Paso Robles Brewing / Pour House are just down the street by about 3 blocks. Check it out.“
t0rin0 3231 days ago
66 /100 525 PINE STREET
“I swear I closed this place, why is it still open? Firestone bought the property and uses it for offices now. The Pour House is now operating out of Paso Robles Brewing Company down the street.“
t0rin0 3271 days ago
80 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“nice place, good size restaurant and bar section. industrial look, with some warmth added by lights. paintings, enough daylight from windows has latio, though it was closed for brewers event. tad noisy by it closeness to the 101. staff has been good when I’ve been here, busy both times due to events, still got to everyone, and were properly staffed for the amount of people here. solid selection. dont really say more. just“
OldGrowth 3274 days ago
80 /100 1400 RAMADA DR
“Great place! Went or lunch and they had a decent menu with very good food. Of course they only have their own beers but that's fine since they are all great, can't go wrong with any of them. They even had some beers that you can only get there - like the Unfiltered DBA which I had and was excellent. Took the brewery tour afterwards too (need to reserve in advance). Cute little tasting room right across the street from the restaurant too. Well worth the stop!“
csaso 3301 days ago
72 /100 2135 THEATRE DR
“Visited March 23, 2013. Didnt even know it was here. Leaving Barrelhouse Brewing and heading up 46 towards Cambria I decided to stop in at the Target to get a new ticking notebook. While driving through the shopping center I spotted this.

Beer selection is slightly larger than other Bevmos, 3 full aisles. Lots of St Bernardus, Rochefort, and Chimay available so there’s that. Plenty of the local beers as well and once Barrelhouse Brewing starts bottling I’m sure you’ll see that here as well (as they’re only a mile away). Aside from that they have the usual cheese selection.

The one thing I did notice was that they created an area for what I assume are the Friday tastings. It’s a pen of sorts. A 3 foot plastic walled off area with a small counter in the middle. Neat concept I suppose. Not sure if that has something to do with licensing or what.

Ended up with a root beer sampler pack and then back on the road to Cambria.“
t0rin0 3342 days ago
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