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“A little better than a typical BevMo. A nice selection of locals. Mostly large format bottles and cans and 4 packs. Singles start at 19.2oz, unless they are Belgian. Almost bought a 22oz spicy pepper beer from the shelf, but..“
wetherel 20 days ago
76 /100 309 LAKEVILLE ST
“Wow. A nice hidden gem liquor store. 100’s of bottle. More than half in single cans. Full selection of Russian river beers. Very nice.“
wetherel 20 days ago
82 /100
The Block Petaluma (Beer Store)
“Technically this is a brewery: two rock brewing. 30taps, but not all are running. 3 from the brewery, and a dozen from other local breweries. Large space. Easy parking. I like the location. Definitely a cool place to visit if you are in the area.“
wetherel 20 days ago
64 /100
Petaluma Market (Grocery Store)
“Pretty nice place to get north Bay Area beers. Whole Foods vibe through and through. Same variety and larger format selection.“
wetherel 20 days ago
68 /100 621 E WASHINGTON ST
“Typical 2022 Whole Foods. Quite a few nice Belgian beers. Nice local beer selection. About 6 fridge doors. Everything in large format, no singles, so hard for tickets.“
wetherel 20 days ago
84 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“The mothership, where the undercover shutdown incident happened. Nice patio with scattered tables and plenty of shade. Attentive efficient staff despite a large crowd. You know the beers, and there were a ton of them. Good stop.“
Travlr 163 days ago
76 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Finally got to visit their original location. Post-Covid times, so their patio is even larger, with an enormous amount of seating. You order via QR code; flights of any 4 available for $9.50, or you can order single tasters for $2-3. Good selection of beers, and I enjoyed several on our flight. Extremely friendly and helpful service that adds an exclamation point to the experience. If you're passing by, this is worth a stop.“
mcberko 468 days ago
82 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“This place is huge, with several different seating and bar areas that you can tell have just been added on as they went, as it has a very DIY vibe to it, and a little rough around the edges as you might expect from the brand. Service is great, friendly and knowledgeable and actually fairly on top of it considering how busy this place gets. Beer list is impressive, with a bunch of stuff you can only get there as they test out new recipes, all fairly solid. It has a lot of history and it shows, so definitely worth a stop.“
jbruner 942 days ago
82 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“OG - big place attracting all types. Still very cheap, including take aways.“
jonno 1065 days ago
90 /100 1333 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Great beers, super friendly people. Really a cool stop and better than Lagunitas.“
jonno 1065 days ago
78 /100 1333 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Nice to see the barrels in the back when you come in. Pleasant unpretentious place with an easy vibe. Good selection of their own beers, flight available and also cans to go. Nice place to spend Sunday afternoon.“
tomer 1142 days ago
80 /100 1333 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“The newest HenHouse tasting room, and also apparently where the host their barrel aging program! Stopped in on the way up to Santa Rosa, and I am glad I did. The place itself is smallish and not crowded. Local crowd. Good service. Flights available. Located on the sight of the old Petaluma Hills Brewing company taproom. Good and interesting variety of beers on tap. I did a flight of four and all were interesting. I ended up buying a four pack and a bottle to go, which is not super common for me.“
bytemesis 1347 days ago
80 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Definitely worth a visit. Nice little beer garden / pub tucked away on the brewery grounds. Tours an option. All of their flagships, plus some specials. I was lucky enough to get some collaboration brews with Moonlight for the Sonoma fire victims and with Anchor for SF Beer Week. Nice little menu, and one of the best turkey clubs I've had in quite some time. Laid back and friendly, not corporate at all. Pints, 10oz pours and 5 oz flights provide some nice options.“
stevoj 1694 days ago
74 /100 621 E WASHINGTON ST
“Just like most Whole Foods Markets, this store has a pretty good selection of beers at decent prices. Food is a bit more expensive at WFM than other chains but is of a higher quality. Worth a visit for sure.“
UKBeerGeek 1837 days ago
78 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“We really liked this pub / beer garden, it has a really relaxed atmosphere. They seem to have live music on most days and there was a band playing when we visited. Service was good. Selection was impressive in terms of size, with a good few seasonals and specials but a few of the beers the that I tried were a bit average. The Unfiltered Little Sumpin' and the Cafe con Leche Stout being the best by far. We had a burger each and they were rather good. Prices were good. Definitely worth a visit!“
UKBeerGeek 1840 days ago
76 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Visited here while on vacation in early August 2017 It was too early in the morning for the taproom (overheard somebody say they do not want to take business away from the local eateries lunch business) so we just visited the "Schwag" store, Had plenty of Lagunitas merchandise and s few bombers for sale, The staff was friendly and talkative, Took a walk around the outside seating areas (two large ones) and looked like a fun place, Saw the tap list, all the regulars were represented as well as a few surprises, Will definitely stop by for a round or two when they are open some time,“
PorterPounder 1880 days ago
“Awesome space/location! Solid 30 beers on tap + full bar and wine. Bocce ball court river front view are nice touches.“
hmarshall 2079 days ago
84 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Made a quick stop on our way back from Santa Rosa. Visited the bar area and the gift shop. A bit tricky to find a parking spot, otherwise great.“
AXL72 2125 days ago
84 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Visited on the afternoon of Wednesday 03/02/16. Located alongside the large brewing plant the Lagunitas taproom is largely an outdoor beer garden with a medium sized bar that offers sheltered indoor drinking. Large benches in the open is the order of the day with friendly and efficient table service. Plentiful supplies of free monkey nuts offered. Solid beer list ... getting on for 20 different taps with all the regulars and a good 7 or 8 new ticks for me in the form of one offs and seasonals. Tasters available, prices on all pours were very fair. There seemed to be a stage that regularly hosts live music. Hot food available but we didn’t partake. We also visited the shop on the way out ... plenty of beer on offer, largely the core range, but a few rarer/seasonal releases. More non beer merchandise than beer to be honest ... I picked up some biscuits for Brendan Doge and also some nice stone cut/faux marble beer mats. Overall a really solid taproom that I would love to hit up again. Also visit Petaluma Hills over the road for some extended ticking action.“
Theydon_Bois 2326 days ago
66 /100 50 E WASHINGTON ST
“Visited for lunch on 03/02/16. Nice location by the canal in Petaluma, located just across from Taps. 8 beers on tap - not the best standard averaging just 2.89 for me (highest beer rated @3.2). Usual brew pub range of styles. Food was fine - had a tasty burger but not the sort likely to feature on an episode of Man vs Food. Service was prompt and friendly. Beers were available in tasting flights so ticker friendly in this respect. No go to but worth stopping by for some (average) ticks and a bite to eat if passing by.“
Theydon_Bois 2328 days ago
88 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“A very cool spot overall, and definitely worth a visit. The place itself is something of a sprawling compound, with the brewery, a large tented patio, a restaurant, an ampitheater and a gift shop (and I’ve sure there’s other stuff). The parking situation, however, is lacking - we needed to park somewhere random across the street, and crossing that very busy street on foot was a little sketchy. The beer range is great, with pretty much all the core beers plus some specials; it’s great to see such a large, established brewery still making an effort to brew small-batch stuff. The prices were extremely good. They offer free peanuts and pretzels. The server was attentive and enthusiastic. This would be an awesome place to come with a large group to just hang out and knock back pints. I highly recommend a visit a here - Lagunitas do almost everything right.“
Leighton 2399 days ago
74 /100 50 E WASHINGTON ST
“An OK spot overall. The beers are fairly average, so that might not be a significant draw. They offer beers in flights, which is nice. I did enjoy my food (think I had roasted chicken with salad or something). Pretty good prices on the whole. Friendly service, although our server wasn’t an authority on their beer. I wouldn’t call this place a must-visit, but it is a good option for food and a flight.“
Leighton 2399 days ago
66 /100 50 E WASHINGTON ST
“Nice location on a canal in downtown Petaluma. The eight mediocre house beers on tap covered a pretty classic brewpub range of styles. The food came highly recommended, but I didn’t try anything worth writing home about. My burger was pretty mediocre, while the onions strings were probably the only thing my party really enjoyed. This might be an OK spot for lunch if you’re close by, but temper your expectations.“
jackl 2412 days ago
80 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Stopped with some cool bros on a Friday evening. Quite busy, but it’s a huge place so we were able to get a place to sit. They have lots of beers that aren’t available in bottles, nice beers. They keep you well stocked in peanuts and pretzels, service is really good. The ambiance is a bit grungy, but very friendly. One of the only big breweries I’d revisit if I was in the area.“
JulienHuxley 2416 days ago
84 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Awesome indoor/outdoor facility that has a large patio, stage and grass amphitheater. I visited a few times over the course of a week and always found it quite lively with crowds. Parking may be a challenge at peak times. The beer selection’s pretty large, featuring a number of core beers plus several one-offs and small batch offerings. Beer quality was high across the board, and prices were quite cheap. Overall, I liked this place a lot. I’d visit often if I lived in the area. Absolutely recommended.“
jackl 2424 days ago
88 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Stopped in here on a Thursday afternoon while making the rounds in Petaluma. This is the real gem of the town, too. It’s north of downtown in a more industrial area on a really busy road. Parking is weird; we were on a side street and had to run across traffic to get in and out. The brewpub itself is cozy, with a low ceiling and bar in the middle. But they’re known for their big, inviting patio, which has a clear tent cover over it to keep it open all year. The place is well-staffed, and the servers are friendly and attentive. Good beer list; pretty much all the regulars that get distributed everywhere, along with a handful of one-offs and seasonals. Prices are excellent for the area, too; they clearly don’t look to squeeze margin out of this place and that’s awesome. We didn’t take a tour, nor did we eat, but we hit up the nice little gift shop. There’s also a little ampitheater on a hill, and some other bells and whistles that set this mini campus apart from other large craft breweries. Really fun, unique, inviting spot.“
phaleslu 2424 days ago
72 /100 50 E WASHINGTON ST
“Dempsey’s has a well-located brewpub right on the water in old downtown Petaluma, a footbridge across from the main drag. It’s also across the parking lot from Taps, which apparently just moved there. We heard the food was good so we started here for lunch. But my fries were hard as a rock and the meat on the Cuban was way overcooked and dry. So the food looks better than it is (onion straws are the best menu item, from what I could tell; sub these out for the disappointing fries). The beers are nondeScript but not bad, and they aren’t particularly expensive. Food is a buck or two overpriced. The waiter was friendly but didn’t know much about the beer. Worth a stop if you’re in the immediate area and have some time; Taps might be a better option from what I hear, though.“
phaleslu 2424 days ago
72 /100 50 E WASHINGTON ST
“Nice location in central Petaluma, close to the spring that runs through the town. My burger tasted well (solid blend of meat) with good condiments and tasty shoe string style fries. Affordable for the quality. Beers were decent (with one or two real misses though) and flights were cheap. Worth stopping by for some food before hitting Lagunitas or whatever.“
VsXsV 2425 days ago
72 /100 50 E WASHINGTON ST
“A nice bistro on the waterfront. Service was good with only a bit of knowledge. Selection of beers was decent as was the beer. Flight was big and priced OK. Food was interesting but not good enough to be a draw. An average but nice place all around.“
Ferris 2426 days ago
72 /100 54 E WASHINGTON ST
“Cool place by the river. Decent selection, mostly Northern CA beers. Staf was fine.“
KyotoLefty 2431 days ago
80 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Stopped in on my way to San Rosa, super busy Friday night. Long list of offerings, a few I have never seen in bottles. Staff was helpful considering the crowded area with a bluegrass band playing. No Heineken offered!“
SHIG 2432 days ago
82 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Walking through the sterile brewing towers and office spaces left a lot to be desired, but the tap room space itself was nice. A nice beer garden-esque outside seating area as well as an indoor open bar area. Roughly 5-6 unique offerings I hadn’t seen elsewhere as well as their staples and familiar seasonals. Flight prices were ridiculously cheap. The tour was fun, albeit not revolutionary; it was nice that I was allowed to bring my beer (provided you pour it into a plastic cup). Definitely worth a visit.“
italarican 2434 days ago
86 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“A cool indoor/outdoor brewpub next to their massive facility in Petaluma. Went on a Friday night and loved the atmosphere - live music, busy but not chaotic or overcrowded, and upbeat. The men’s room could be updated though. The service and selection were good (some of their bottled offerings, along with several I’ve never seen anywhere else), as was the value. Didn’t eat, but food is available. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the greater San Francisco / Santa Rosa area.“
b3shine 2434 days ago
92 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Visiting from the east coast...been past Lagunitas several times before...but they were always closed...seemed that was going to happen to me again...if not for meeting a Lagunitas promotion manager a week before in Phoenix...that said the Tue I’d be passing thru and closed to the public...was actually industry night...and that I had a better than 50/.50 chance of talking my way in. So of course I tried it while driving from SF up to Russian River. Couldn’t find an open drove around back and was questioned by their security...very nice lady named Lynn...told her my story...and low & behold she let me in! She let me have samples of whatever I wanted...and wouldn’t even let me pay! I drank with Lynn & Charlie...and his dog Rocky (on his shoulder like a parrot no less)...all in all...a great and very unexpected adventure! Beer was fantastic of was very cool...including the garden area. I’m guessing this location is usually packed...I got to see a side of it less common...and met some really great staff.“
PRBeer 2440 days ago
66 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Huge outdoor and indoor serving area, very busy on a Sunday, crowded with dogs and families, very informal atmosphere, which is nice. Good Lagunitas beers, which is why you are there in the first place. The turkey wings (or whatever it was) were literally dripping with barbecue sauce, and were not to my liking, but they may have better food.“
Sigmund 2530 days ago
72 /100 54 E WASHINGTON ST
“I did not like this place much - but that was only because it was crowded and noisy (on a Sunday early afternoon), the beer selection is excellent! Probably fun on a quiet day (if any). They serve food, but we did not eat.“
Sigmund 2530 days ago
“Amazing and authentic bar in a tin shed / garage from 1923. I would probably be happy to visit an authentic place like that even if they only served macro swill - but the great thing is that all 13 taps are craft beer! Swill drinkers will have to make do with bottles. See the, or .“
Sigmund 2530 days ago
78 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“can be a bit of a zoo, but the indoor outdoor seating is expansive, they have live shows all the time, dogs are allowed and the beer is good.“
slowrunner77 2598 days ago
84 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“It’s going to get just a tad complicated, though. We got the Pliny when I flew up from San Diego to Big Sur to visit my girlfriend. Since I flew, we left the Pliny at her place, and I’m conducting the negotiations since she basically don’t have internet access. So, once we figure out the details, I’ll give her the address, she’ll send it, and your beer will come here to San Diego to wait for her arrival for us to share.“
GarrettB 2614 days ago
78 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Really cool place. Lots of outdoor seating. Beer was good but nothing incredible. Staff was friendly and were quick. Souvenir shop was very cool, some good stuff to take with you. Very inviting place I recommend checking it out of you are in the area.“
svastuber 2659 days ago
76 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Visited on a Friday night after Russian River so Lagunitas needed to make a very good impression to be rememberable. Very crowded and loud. I only had two pints as there was no tables free... Tasty beers and good selection. A gift shop with good selection of beers-to-go and merchandise. I would like to visit again.“
rosenbergh 2681 days ago
94 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Phenomenal brewery. Great service and lots of beers on taps (and no exceptions to what you can include in the flight). Pulled pork sandwich was on point.“
SG111 2780 days ago
82 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Visited with a friend the 14th February 2015 - The brewery is on the town of Petaluma, on the north of San Francisco. You will need a car to go there. The brewery is big enough and there is a garden to enjoy the place. The saturday afternoon the place was crowded with a country band who played music. The ambiance is great, very friendly and simple as possible. The service is nice and the beer are good on taste and on price. You can have flights to enjoy all the beers available and you can also eat (but I didn’t try it). There are free tour of the brewery. Good organisation and the speaker was really friendly (thanks Johnny!) , it will take 1 hour to do it. Great atmosphere, and good place to spend time with a beer.“
sir__v 2784 days ago
86 /100 54 E WASHINGTON ST
“Just moved to Petaluma and this place is great. If you’re visiting the bay area and are hunting, you’ll probably score lower than me. But as a local, now, this has everything I want. I really enjoy the food. The service has been down-to-earth and great more than once -- every visit. The selection of beers on tap satisfy. I love it. It’s across the river where downtown is so there’s easy access to walk into that old and cool part of town. The ambiance is a nice surprise from the parking lot in which you walk from. They smoke meat outside of the place and that smell is just amazing when are they doing that.“
steview 2795 days ago
64 /100
Pub Republic (Restaurant)
“Pretty decent beer bar. Clean place. Ok beer selection. Not real great for Raters as they don’t do small pours. Nothing exotic or fancy either. Otherwise just fine... A nice stop after a country drive“
joet 2860 days ago
82 /100 1280 N MCDOWELL BLVD
“Service slow but ambiance was great, selection a little limited.“
Luvystypotables 2877 days ago
“This was the best slection overall I saw in my four weeks in California. Off course I was only attending Whole Foods but two full aisles of single craft beer, including some I didnt see other places like barrel aged from Firestone Waker and North Coast. Plenty off locals and a good deal from rest of Cali. Good place to pick up beers and plenty of parking outside.“
Defreni 2984 days ago
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