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72 /100 300 CUMBERLAND ST
“Visited January 9, 2015.

Stopped in to try a quick flight during lunch time. It’s interesting that Pittsburg has such a bad reputation but aside from being really industrial it was nice out here near the water. I mean, it looks somewhat low income but the part of town where the brewery is a bit of a charm to it. It’s also across the street from what used to be the EJ Phair restaurant in the Liberty Hotel. That closed 6 months ago I’m told. Inside is a large room with two smaller sitting areas that have a roof over them. A square gazebo of sorts with a picnic table and surprisingly some books. In the main room are more tables and a long L-shaped bar. In the corner at the end of the bar is a large brick oven where they make pizza. Behind the bar you can see into the rest of the warehouse where the brewery is. It’s a pretty good size. I didn’t realize how much beer they were making.

Speaking of the beer, they had 12 taps going. Most of them were house beers but there were a couple of guest beers mixed in. They had all the house beers that were available at the pub in Concord plus a pilot batch (a wheatwine called First Phlight #2). Unlike at the pub they do proper flights here rather than the large $2 pours. Pick any four she said, so I went with the marzen, the hoppy red, the wheatwine, and the brown ale. All were alright; nothing to get excited about but not terrible. The pizza certainly smelled good but I had already eaten at my previous stop. Not sure I would make the trip all the way to Pittsburg for this but it’s the only brewery in the area with Black Diamond being the nearest about 10 miles away. So give it a try.“
t0rin0 2480 days ago
64 /100 300 CUMBERLAND ST
“We visited this brew pub in 2010. Very nice atmosphere, seems they conduct many music events. Beers are absolutely ok, nothing special though. Great brewery T-Shirts!“
Schlenkerla 2814 days ago
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