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84 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Great place. Lots of outside seating. Went on a Saturday, wasn't very busy. Had a food truck out front. The taplist was massive. Probably 40 beers. The bottles for sale were limited, with some going to the club, but everything on tap was available. Service was great. Very exciting taplist. Yeah, it's a bunch of big beers- good! Loved it.“
douglas88 35 days ago
74 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“I'm really not a big fan of The Bruery beers, but when in Anaheim/Orange/Placentia, I thought I may as well visit (along with their Bruery Terreux location). Beautiful spot at the end of an industrial lot. The interior is a modern, spacious tasting room, and outside they have a spacious area with artificial turf and plenty of seating area. Large taplist split between The Bruery, Bruery Terreux, and Offshoot beers (plus a few exclusive reserve society beers). Flights of 5 x 3 oz beers, priced by the beer -- my flight ended up being $20 after tax. Beer quality is never quite there with The Bruery. On paper, everything sounds awesome -- they brew almost exclusive ambitious / extreme beers, but the execution is often not there. The beers tend to throw a lot at you without being ideally dialled in, and this impression has been preserved on my visits to their tasting rooms this trip. Probably worth visiting when in town, but I'd give priority to Bottle Logic (easily the best in town) and then Green Cheek ahead of The Bruery.“
mcberko 462 days ago
56 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“What a let down. The place is small with awkward bar, few seats. Tap list is on a TV screen that wasn't really working. Ordered a flight and most of the beers were from already opened bottles, not sure how long they were there or if I got the butt off the bottom. The sours I had were all underwhelming. I asked the bartender how ordering works he wasn't interested. Asked if there was anything that I had to try and he wasn't happy to hear any queations. Lame service on top of it all was really the final nail in the coffin for me. I really expected to love this place but left feeling I wouldn't bother coming back.“
Cristobal37 987 days ago
96 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Big bar but almost empty on the weekday that we were there. Huge selection of beers on tap in wide variety of styles. The barman was friendly and helpful. We were lucky to meet there with a friend who's also a member. This gave us access to a list of beers exclusively for members. Those beers were even better than the one on the normal tap list. Honestly, I would be pissed off if my friend wasn't there and access to the "nice beers" wouldn't have been possible.“
BelgiumQ 1000 days ago
“An extremely large and eclectic selection for a rundown looking store - well worth a rummage, although nothing is cheap. Well worth a look-in while visiting The Bruery.“
berkshirejohn 1074 days ago
80 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Quiet on an early Monday evening - beer geeks only - a great place to enjoy some world class beers in the company of others who also appreciate the good things in life. I particularly enjoyed the sour beers on offer, although I thought the prices was a touch on the expensive side.“
berkshirejohn 1074 days ago
100 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!“
Mercutio 1108 days ago
100 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Super place their best beers are there, fantastic“
elbenco 1196 days ago
82 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Huge selection! Huge! Seriously...HUGE! This is a must stop for any beer aficionado. You can tell these people know what they are doing because you can taste all the flavors and notes in each beer.“
raidrfan979 1934 days ago
“Visited in February 2017. Arrived to Bruery but it wasn’t yet open so decided to this dirty looking liquor store. It was good decision because selection inside was much much better than expected. Some rare bottles also available and naturally large selection from Bruery.“
VastActiv 1952 days ago
92 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Visited in February 2017. It was Saturday but place was quite empty (maybe because of Super Bowl). Beers were excellent and I loved flights which were very cheap IMO. Samples from bottles also available. Excellent place. Must place for every beer geeks.“
VastActiv 1952 days ago
68 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Really disappointed with my trip as I’ve heard so many positive things. Yes, there were like 50 drafts, the set up was cool, and there were a ton of bottles. However, I must have come on an off day because the draft list just plan sucked. There was nothing interesting at all, an no rare stout variants. Really disappointed here based on what everyone else always checks into. Maybe an off day?“
chibuck 1966 days ago
90 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Great selection of beers in a nice tasting room in an industrial strip mall. Not a ton of seating but ok, and a food truck outside often. Good value, great beers, quick service, and for sure a worthy stop, but the bruery terreux is a bit nicer with the large patio. Both are must stops though.“
Mep3222 1976 days ago
“Recommendation by someone at the Bruery. Made a quick stop here the next morning. Very extensive selection. Some macro’s, but also a few (Belgian) hidden gems.“
Mathieu87 1989 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“This is one of those places that was opn my to do list for sooo long! So glad we finally made it. After a quick stop at the Terreux location, we were here around 8PM. Plenty of time to drink some vintage Black Tuesday and Grey Monday on draught. Luckily we brought some lambics and got access to the Reserve Society list, where you had a few absolute top beer. Service was very friendly, hence the lambic. Prices were very, very sharp. Too bad we only got to spend 2 hours here, but then again, at those ABV’s, maybe that was a good thing!“
Mathieu87 1989 days ago
86 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Visited on Sunday evening, 6/26/2016. Business was brisk. Good ambiance, good service. Fantastic beer. About 30 beers on tap. Flights of 5 beers offered - you order your flight by filling out a card that has all beers listed by ascending ABV. Individual flight pours ranged from $1.00-$3.50. Great stop.“
wombat23 2082 days ago
86 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Visited Friday lunch time. Huge place inside, with loads of beer. Food from food truck outside. Had some really nice beer.“
PMgep 2114 days ago
86 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“I’ve visited the The Bruery multiple times over the last 4+ years. The place continues to evolve but one thing that is always true is there is a ton of beer on tap from the common to the rare BA and sours they specialize in. Location is great as its around several food places and easy to get to and from in Orange County. Stayed at the hotels literally in walking distance on several occasions making it convenient to visit from out of town. You must stop by if in that part of Orange County as you can never go wrong the list of beers and friendly service. Cheers!“
spycow 2217 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“My second visit and the last before the Terreux location opens in Anaheim, and they bring most of the sours there. Love this place, plenty of parking, a few hotels in walking distance, order food for delivery, and the craziest list of beers, 1$ to 3.50$ a sample. Fills up quickly but service is efficient. A great place in Orange County.“
Lubiere 2281 days ago
84 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“29 Apr 2016. big tasting room and always 30-40 taps on. weekends and evenings it is packed and the line for beer is always long. seating is limited because they use barrels instead of tables. great place, great beer.“
Blairgus 2345 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Updated review since my old one was from before the remodel....Still in the same place and looks identical from the outside as it did in the old days. You’d never know one of the more well known American craft breweries resides here. Inside is very nice. There’s a station near the entrance for filling out flight sheets so you can just hand them to your server when you’re ready. I really like this idea. I also like that you could get two ounce pours of almost everything on their incredibly extensive tap list. Most are a dollar a piece with a few being two dollars, which is pretty expensive for two ounces of beer, but it does make ticking lots of big beers more doable, so overall this is a positive. The staff was very efficient and professional. There are quite a few tables if you come in with a group, but I can see this place getting over crowded very easily during peak times. Most people are probably already pretty familiar with the beers, so I’ll skip that part, but they do have tons of stuff on tap that you don’t see anywhere else. I enjoyed the two flights I had. Overall, this is one of the nicer tasting rooms I’ve been to with lots of different beers of varying quality, most being pretty decent. Highly recommended“
joeneugs 2397 days ago
“A typical corner store with a great selection of beers. One of the better selections we saw in LA. So close to the Bruery almost a no brainier. Owner was pleasant and helpful with pretty solid pricing. Except for the tight quarters, a good stop.“
Ferris 2403 days ago
90 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Very unimpressive from the outside, in fact almost disappointing. Thankfully the taproom is very nice. Lots of choice, super cheap and a very pleasant crew make this one of the best tap rooms I have ever been in. Good glass wear rounds it off. A MUST STOP.“
Ferris 2404 days ago
96 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Busy place with great service and an excellent selection. A must stop in the LA area, one of the best breweries I’ve ever visited.“
ajnepple 2443 days ago
92 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Wow! A little tucked away, and a bit busy, but really cool place. Service was great considering how many people were there. Selection was amazing, and not just variants on originals, all kinds of unique beers. If you can stand the LA traffic and the Disney area, this is well worth a visit. Can’t wait for Terreaux.“
jbruner 2489 days ago
86 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Busy on a late Saturday afternoon and I can understand why. That selection of beers available on tap was amazing, with a Black Tuesday, Mocha Wednesday and So Happens Its Tuesday on the list. We found a place standing by a wooden barrel and enjoyed our beers. Nice but slightly loud atmosphere. Would like to visit again.“
rlgk 2526 days ago
“Liquor store with a great selection of craft beers. Lots of amazing US craft beer, including some rare offerings. Would visit a lot if I lived there.“
MarcoDL 2530 days ago
96 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Located in an industrial area, some might not like that, but with these beers, it could have been in a dumpster. They have a wide range of Bruery beers available on draft, incuding many extremely awesome brews that are impossible to get outside of this tasting room. Prices vary from $1 to $3.50 for a taster, very reasonable. They don’t have food, but they always have a foodtruck outside. Friendly people behind the bar, a friendly brewer walks around to chat and they played good music, including Black Sabbath, extra points for that. One of the best places I have ever been.“
MarcoDL 2530 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“A large brewpub located in an industrial area. Impressive amount of their beers available on tap, loads of specialties too. Top notch quality beers, didn’t have a single bad beer here. Some bottles available to go as well, but their prices were as high as everywhere else. Tap prices were quite reasonable though. Overall a must visit if you are in the area.“
tiong 2532 days ago
92 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Beautiful tasting room...which you wouldn’t expect from the outside...and great people working there. Lots of interesting décor items...plenty to look at while you’re drinking their great beers. And those beers are amazing! First and foremost this is a Belgium and a sours brewery...and what they make is notable to exceptional. I did find it funny a hop head...that although they have sworn off ever making an IPA or pale ale...the make a significant amount of hoppy "other styles"...hoppy lager, hoppy tripel, hoppy saison, hoppy farmhouse, hoppy wit, hoppy stout...well you get the! I like this place a lot...which is something given I’m as hop centric as I am. I highly recommend a visit to The Bruery if anywhere in the Orange County area.“
PRBeer 2535 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“In an industrial park. Linked to the production area but nice and segregated with an awesome bar / tables. Flights of 5 beers available with many interesting options to choose from. Bartender was very friendly, quick and helpful in selecting brews. Nice swag and cool atmosphere. The beer itself was phenomenal.“
Lothore 2637 days ago
80 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Nice ambiance, 20 taps, flight available. Absolutely a place to visit if you’re in the area.“
Beergeek23322 2663 days ago
96 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“HOLY CRAP. Crazy place. Beers were fantastic. The place was crowded to the hilt, but service seemed to go really fast. The guy getting the pours was amazing. Great food truck outside. They had about 20 on tap, and all super, super cheap for what it was. I bought a few bottles and the server gave me a sample of Black Tuesday. Really great place. A must visit if you’re in the area. Really great.“
BOSSbrewer 2700 days ago
80 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Cool tasting room with a view of the brewing equipment. Very creative beers.“
fidel 2758 days ago
“Only stopped here since we were at The Bruery and our ride was a little late. Big sign saying over 50 brands. Looks like a hole in the wall liquor store, then I walked in. If I wasn’t in CA for only 1 more day and I had lots of luggage, I would have dropped hundreds of bucks here. For me to see this many new beers is amazing.“
hopdog 2766 days ago
64 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Went on a Saturday - wow was this place packed. At least 20 people in line to get beer for hours and never really got smaller. Lucky that we found 1 seat at the bar almost immediately and was able to avoid the line, otherwise that would be Hell. Seemed like they needed 3 more bar tenders as they were being slammed and still took a while for us to get anything. Tasting room was larger, but man was it packed ... I would rate this place a lot higher if they had enough bar staff to handle that crowd ...“
hopdog 2768 days ago
76 /100 148 E. YORBA LINDA BLVD
“Met up with my girlfriend and her dad here for lunch. Beer list is not huge, but it’s mostly hoppy beers from local breweries and some San Diego stalwarts like Sculpin. A bunch of stuff from Bootleggers, Noble, Bottle Logic, etc. Nice.

Food menu is mostly pizza, salad, and sandwiches. The pizzas are pretty good and they have pre-determined ones as well as the options to make your own. Sandwiches eat pretty good as well.

As with a lot of places these days, this one has a solid beer list though it is not necessarily a massive beer nerd place. But it’s a good place to get a meal and a good beer.“
brokensail 2770 days ago
80 /100
Meat Up BBQ (Restaurant)
“New BBQ place in Placentia. It’s just around the corner from a pretty decent sushi place that does a solid all you can eat deal...just a little tip.

Beer list here is pretty well done in terms of size and scope. However, I thought the way it was presented was kind of disjointed. Things are written out by hand above the bar (no problem with that) and are arranged seemingly by price (again, not a big issue). But things aren’t always clearly labeled or it isn’t obvious what the beer is called or who the brewery is. That is kind of annoying. Oh well, you can just ask the bartenders as they know what they’re serving.

Food menu is obviously BBQ. There are a handful of sandwiches and you can also get trays of BBQ and sides. I’m not sure if you can do BBQ by the pound. I didn’t think to ask. But I would imagine that you can.

I’ll have to check these guys out again as I think they probably have some potential. But it’ll take a lot to dethrone Beachwood in the beer + BBQ category in Orange County.“
brokensail 2770 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Une salle de dégustation avec food truck à l’entrée et des visites de la brasserie à chaque 30 minutes. La maison a la vivacité d’esprit de vendre des échantillons de 2oz pour 1$, parfois 2$. J’ai pu gouter une bonne partie de l’impressionnante liste pour 20$. L’endroit est souvent bondé mais avec le bon roulement c’est facile de trouver une place. Des bouteilles plus difficiles à trouver se vendent également sur place.“
Marheb 2797 days ago
90 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“(Visited 11/2014): The Bruery is located on Dunn Way in Placentia off Placentia Avenue, not too far from the 57 and Riverside Freeway. The tap room/brewery anchors an office park, and there is a silo with the logo on it which makes it pretty easy to spot.

The inside opens to a large tasting room with tables taking up the majority of the floor. The L-shaped bar runs along the left and rear of the establishment. The walls are cream-colored and there is a large board to the left of the bar listing the available beers. Below that is a stand where tasting cards are filled up to turn in at the bar. Framed labels behind the bar, as well as windows that offer a view into the brewery.

There are around 40 beers on tap in the tasting room, with many seasonals, one-offs and treatments. On my visit they had Couverteur, Golden Orchard, Mash, a few different Smoking Wood, a few So Happens It’s Tuesday, and Seven Swans among others. Samplers are available at varying prices. The beers were all good, and most of them seemed to be in the double-digit ABV range. Bottles are available to-go as well.

Service at the bar on a busy Sunday evening was good. the staff was patient and knowledgeable with our multiple sampler flights.

The Bruery doesn’t serve food but regularly have food trucks outside.

Overall I am happy to finally get to visit this place. The quality and variety were pretty much all you could ask for at a brewer’s tasting room.“
Dogbrick 2833 days ago
24 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Drove 2 hrs through LA traffic to get there on 10/29. Turns out that they had a special tasting event for members only. Not mentioned on website where I confirmed they were open. Guy at the door thought it was funny. Thought it was funny that they had turned others away who had come a long way for nothing as well. I guess they have enough customers to go around..“
dec83 2894 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“I.m giving food an 8 because there is always an awesome food truck right outside. their beer is awesome and the taphouse has a selection that rivals a small festival. great place!“
slowrunner77 2897 days ago
92 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Awesome spot in the middle of nowhere. Great loud atmosphere on a Sunday afternoon. Kid friendly. Maybe 30-40 of their own taps available, lots of take-home bottles. Great friendly service.“
rejtable 2909 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Great spot. Loads of taps with excellent variety, including lots of limited release stuff. Prices are pretty decent, and you can get flights/ sample-size pours of the beers. The ambiance is good, there’s lots of seating, high ceilings, a view into the brewery. The staff is friendly and effective. They also sell a handful of bottles for takeaway. Definitely a place worth visiting if you are anywhere near.“
Leighton 2935 days ago
88 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Awesome place. Terrific beer and the food was very good, A great stop for the Beer Bloggers Conference.“
BrewDad 2960 days ago
“Recommended by Bman1113vr, so I had to stop by while visiting..Lets just say I could have spent a good amount of money here and had to hold back..They staff went out of their way to help me with some stuff and the prices were the best I had found in the area..I will not making a trip to LA area without stopping here.“
Errl 2986 days ago
86 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Joined the RS this year, so was excited to check out the tasting room. Place was packed on Saturday about an hour after they opened. Tons of beer on tap and tasters available (some were a bit pricey though). I still can’t believe all the stuff they had on tap.“
HarvesterOfSorrow 3109 days ago
86 /100 715 DUNN WAY
“Stopped in early Saturday afternoon, and it was quickly filling up, but I had no trouble grabbing a seat at the bar and ordering and receiving a flight of beer. Tremendous selection of exotics that I’m guessing are not available elsewhere. Some of the beer is frankly pretty "out there", but they’ree obviously well-crafted and fun to try. Friendly service, good prices on the drafts (bottles looked expensive), but I wish I had some food to soak up some of the high abv.“
RedSox2004 3114 days ago