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84 /100 281 S THOMAS ST, STE 101
“Despite having lived in/around Pomona for about six years, I hardly ever go there anymore. And of course, there were zero point zero beer places in town then.

Was very excited to visit here. They're doing pretty much hazy hoppy stuff, farmhouse/saisons, and sour beers. Yeah, they'll mix in some stouts and whatnot as well. The beers I've had both in the tasting room and from bottles have been good as a rule. I think the funky/sour side is probably the strength, though.

Clean and modern aesthetic to everything in the tasting room and in their branding. A nice little place and probably would be my designated hang before a show at the Glasshouse if I was still in So Cal.“
brokensail 1716 days ago
80 /100 2896 METROPOLITAN PL
“29 Apr 2017. Nice place. huge tasting room with plenty of space and tables and a very long bar. outside is a tasting area as well with couches and standing tables. 17 taps. atmosphere on Saturday afternoon was pretty chill. staff are helpful enough. Growler prices seemed a bit high (for the glassware) but pint and taster prices were normal.“
Blairgus 1974 days ago
72 /100 2896 METROPOLITAN PL
“Visited September 12, 2015.

This is right down the street from my old place. Would have been nice to have 2 breweries within walking distance. Oh well. These days there’s a brewery opening every day so eventually there will be several near everyone.

Old Stump is a large warehouse for the size of their brewery. 12,000 square feet I’m told for their 10 bbl system. Right off the bat they’ve got half a dozen fermenters and several bright tanks. No accounts yet but they had just opened to the public the day before my visit. The entrance they want you to use is on Bonita. I came around the other side of the block and saw the little sign in the window to what turned out to be the office area. They were plenty friendly about it and took me through the offices and into the brewery. At 2 minutes after opening I was the first customer in the door, but before I even had my flight in front of me there were another dozen people inside. They’ve got plenty of seating (maybe 60 or 70 chairs), a patio area, and a long bar, with plenty of standing area but for some reason the fire department decided that the maximum occupancy is only 75. Hmm.

These guys are homebrewers with money so no real commercial brewing experience but at the very least the beers didn’t have a bunch of flaws in them. The fruit beers were the best (the passion fruit and blueberry blondes). The rest were probably not something I’d order again but I can only assume that with this much money invested that they’ll learn a little more about developing recipes. Certainly they have a bit to learn about beer styles. Their hefe has "spices’ and orange peel in it. Oh and it was spelled hefeweitzen. Their grapefruit IPA has no grapefruit in it. Their "dark Irish ale" is a 7% milk stout. I’ll check back in a year and see if they’ve figured it out yet.

Prices are a bit high at $8 for a flight of four. They have growlers, tshirts, stickers, etc of course. No food early on a Saturday but I suspect they’ll get some food trucks in. Over all a cool spot and nice people with drinkable beer but it’s not a beer nerd destination. And they’re now the third brewery open in Pomona (behind Innovation and Sanctum) and are being closely followed by Homage and whatever leftyisaak’s brewery is going to be called. Things are getting interesting in this area For the times they are a-changin’“
t0rin0 2564 days ago
72 /100 3650 W TEMPLE AVE
“Visited September 12, 2015.

About time that I finally stopped in, considering that I drive by here at least once a month and it’s the alma matter and all. This is on the edge of campus by the College of the Extended University, the offices for students that are attending classes without being registered as a full time student. So not overrun with students, though some of the employees are definitely students. Plenty of parking out front. Inside has the industrial look that I’ve come to expect from Cal Poly. High ceilings with exposed beams and pillars. In front there is plenty of seating with a patio to the side.

The food is pretty good. They specialize in personal pizzas but also offer sandwiches and salads. $8.50 for a "personal" pizza which is actually 12ish inches in diameter. I took half with me. Imagine if Subway made pizzas instead of sandwiches. That’s what you’d see here. They have tubs with all the ingredients behind the sneeze shield and you can build your own pizza. Novel concept but the premade combo that I ordered (a new one called the Bubba) was just fine.

In the back is the very small brewery. They have a series of small fermenters. I guess the idea is to use them to teach the brewing classes but as for running a business it seems kind of pointless to brew a barrel or less at a time. The beer is all average at best, but it’s drinkable I suppose. They’ve very slowly increased the house taps to about a dozen. They do flights of 4 for $10, so not a very good price but it’s still cheaper than buying pints of everything. They had two blonds, an ipa, a black IPA ,a red, a brown, a wit, a Belgian golden, a porter, and a stout. The brewer was formerly a student in the beer class which was taught by Owen of Ritual Brewing formerly of BJs. He did some training at Ritual but it seems that he could use a bit more training in recipe development. The rest of the taps are taken up by guest beers, of which they only had one during my visit: Double Dude from Claremont Craft Ales. They also have the Horse Hill wines made on campus (sorta, they grow the grapes on campus but truck them to Temecula to be pressed, fermented, and bottled). On that note, I think I still have a bottle or two of the original batch of the Rose from 2009 or so. Probably need to get rid of that one of these days.

Over all a decent place to get a pizza or a pint if you’re local or visiting the school but it’s not a beer nerd destination. Prices are high and the beer quality could be improved, but everything else is fine.“
t0rin0 2568 days ago
70 /100 3650 W TEMPLE AVE
“Bonus points for a cool concept: a working brewpub for teaching at Cal Poly Pomona. Ambiance is Chipotle crossed with a fast food pizza place. Nice patio area outside. Had 8 or 9 beers on tap, lots of different styles. Had a ’Strawberry Shandy’ which was actually just their ’66 Blonde with a few slices of strawberry put into the glass. Beer was ok. Would like to go back and try the other styles. Pizza was average, one price with whatever toppings you want.“
Bacterial 2687 days ago
72 /100 101 E 3RD ST
“Visited March 28, 2015.

I’ve been hearing about this place so it was about time I stopped in, especially since it’s only about a block from the Rookery. There is an upstairs (ground level) bar and restaurant but I’m not sure if that’s part of the same business or not since it was closed off during my visit. The main bar area is downstairs in the basement among the concrete walls and water pipes. Kind of a neat atmosphere. Definitely a popular hangout for the locals. They also have a decent tap list, so you can hang out with some local gang banger bros and have a glass of Enjoy By or Modern Times saison.

On that subject, they have a few dozen taps, most of which are at least something worth drinking. Most of it is not amazing but it’s not 30 taps of Anheuser products. There are some locals mixed in like Dale Brothers and Claremont Craft Ales. Stone, Ballast Point, Modern Times, AleSmith the big San Diego brewers are of course there. Also saw some Avery and Firestone. Pints were expensive unfortunately. I guess that’s what happens when a place that used to charge a lot for a Budweiser starts carrying more expensive beers.

It’s kind of hard to judge service since it’s a noisy bar, but the bartender was quick. I’d come here to hang out with friends and have a beer but this would not be a beer nerd destination.“
t0rin0 2699 days ago
80 /100
dba256 (Bar)
“Nice bar/art gallery in DT Pomona. I’ve had many a birthday and related parties here and it’s always a good time because there is ample space for larger groups and always something local that’s nice to drink on the tap list. There are sometimes a few duds as well but they also have a nice wine by the glass and bottle selection. Cool spot to chill, although the live music can get real loud.“
wutangfinancial 3355 days ago
90 /100
dba256 (Bar)
“One of my favorite places to stop by for a glass. The bartenders are all really friendly. The beer selection is always great and they always have something new each week to try. I really like the seating and set up of the Bar/Art gallery. It’s a great place to socialize (when there aren’t bands/djs, because it does get really loud). Personally I like coming during the evening around 5p. It’s not as crowded, loud, and you can just relax after a day at work. “
Beer_Badger 3372 days ago
22 /100
The Rookery (Restaurant)
117 W 2ND ST
“For a Saturday evening this place was sadly empty. I think the burger joint next store took all the customers and I don’t blame them for passing up this place. The beer selection & menu isn’t that impressive. The food was sub par, with my burger lacking any flavor. I think it was way overpriced for the flavorless and boring meal I had. If they can get more of a beer selection and better tasting food they might be able to gain more business, but I won’t be going here again anytime soon.“
Beer_Badger 3372 days ago
74 /100
dba256 (Bar)
“I visit this place every couple of years when in downtown Pomona or at a friend’s place down the way. Kind of an odd setup but it fits in the hipster/artsy feel of the new (now 80% ghetto free) downtown Pomona. The front room is the bar and some tables with a pretty decent beer selection. The back is an art gallery but wide open and they bring bands in there occasionally. Can get loud especially when bands are playing in a room that is only 15 feet by 15 feet. I wouldnt drive from LA to come here but if you’re in the area the downtown night life is fun once in a while and this place is usually good for a Pliny or two.“
t0rin0 3383 days ago
78 /100
dba256 (Bar)
“An interesting place as it doubles as a beer/wine bar and art gallery. But, for most of us, it’s just a bar and one of the few good ones in the area. Usually a pretty solid selection of draft beers and good can/bottle options too. The service is generally prompt and the prices are fair enough. They have kind of weird hours, so you can really only go in the evening, but it’s worth a stop.“
brokensail 3492 days ago
76 /100
The Rookery (Restaurant)
117 W 2ND ST
“In the former home of Joey’s BBQ on the corner of 2nd and Garey. The main entrance takes you into the bar area with the attached patio and there’s another large room in the back with a second bar and tables. Quite a few taps, but not a ton of beers on during this visit. A lot of local and California beers, but some Upright and imported stuff available, too. Didn’t try any food, but a friend said it was good. Simple menu focusing on upscale burgers and sandwiches with some classed up sides. Service was friendly and quick, prices were decent. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area or going to see a show at the Fox or Glasshouse. Hope this place does well, but Pomona is a tough place to do business.“
brokensail 3492 days ago
84 /100
The Rookery (Restaurant)
117 W 2ND ST
“Walked here on a Sunday afternoon from La Verne (trying to burn some calories) and it was empty. Not necessarily a bad thing since the service was pretty good.

They have ten taps though three of them had run out. I went with Alesmith IPA and baconmarmaladeburgerscan’tsail got a Dale Brothers tick. The menu looks pretty good; very simple with some burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. They have a decent bottle selection but as is the norm these days they are expensive.

Hopefully this place will do well in a city not really known for beer.

Update: Raising the score a bit. They still seem to not be doing a ton of business but the beer selection has improved quite a bit. They have done several brewery events and usually have a good selection of San Diego brewers as well as some of the newer LA brewers on tap. Naturally, since the owners are beer nerds, lots of their friends bring in bottles to open and actually pay for very little. I understand that you feel good as a beer bro knowing that you can open a bottle at your friend’s restaurant without paying a corkage fee or whatever, but don’t be a cheap ass. Anyway, it’s a fun place when there are other people there. Still confused as to why they don’t do live music but they seem sure that they don’t want it.“
t0rin0 3492 days ago
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