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82 /100 8560 VINEYARD AVE, STE 301
“Brasserie/taproom qui est pas mal éloignée du centre-ville dans une assez grande zone d'entreprises. Quelques tables à l'extérieur, histoire de... Mais à l'intérieur c'est vraiment très beau. Béton ciré au sol, tables mélangeant bois brut avec de l'epoxy coloré, beau comptoir, fermenteurs et unité de brassage à portée de main, chat mignon tout plein qui se laisse caresser... et puis surtout une bonne trentaine de bières à la pression ! Pas mal de bières acides aux fruits, pas mal d'IPA, mais souvent avec un twist d'originalité. Certaines d'entre elles font un peu chimique au niveau des arômes, et peuvent être écoeurantes tant elles sont sucrées, mais globalement c'est du très bon. Bon spot à bière, mais dommage que ce soit si éloigné du centre.“
AssKicker 387 days ago
82 /100 9757 SEVENTH ST, STE 802
“Brasserie/taproom qui est pas mal éloignée du centre-ville dans une assez grande zone d'entreprises. En passant par la rue principale on peut même se demander s'il y a vraiment une taproom dans ce coin. Mais bonne surprise, il y en a bien une et elle n'est pas dégueulasse du tout. Bonne sélection de bières qui sont globalement très réussies, serveuse très sympathique, possibilité de voir l'installation de brassage, petite terrasse, etc... Bref, c'est cool. Dommage que ce soit si peu pratique d'accès.“
AssKicker 387 days ago
78 /100 9757 SEVENTH ST, STE 802
“I really like this small local brewery. The selection wasn't the best as I visited after St. Patrick's day weekend. Outside of that, the customer service was excellent and I felt welcomed. It is a nice sized place with many seating options. TVs showing sports...great place to hangout!“
lucius10 580 days ago
74 /100 8560 VINEYARD AVE, STE 301
“Nice place...stopped by while traveling on business. Nice vibe and music playing...TVs with sports showing and plenty of choices for a craft beer enthusiast. The customer service was just okay. I felt like I was imposing on them or something at first with my questions, but they warmed up to me afterwards.“
lucius10 580 days ago
76 /100 10002 6TH ST, STE A
“Good beers, but a very minimalistic warehouse atmosphere. I wasn't even sure if they were open until I looked in the front window.“
Kleg 606 days ago
90 /100 9495 9TH ST, UNIT B
“Conveniently located to the Claremont colleges, Sour Cellars also happens to be one of the best new breweries in SoCal and well worth the trek to the Inland Empire. This is a focused operation emphasizing Methode Traditionalle, barrel-aging and blending both fruited and non-fruited beers without cutting corners. Because of meticulous quality control, the offerings are far above average and not driven by market whims or trends but by genuine appreciation for Old World art and science. During winter, open fermentation takes place. The variety of beers is outstanding for such a small operation, with dozens of unique varieties on tap at any time and no one beer becoming flagshipped or standard--seasons and circumstances will dictate availability and a local could return again and again for new products. The majority of the brewery footprint taken up by barrel storage. However, they did put a lot of effort into transforming what could be an ordinary warehouse taproom into a place with ambiance with Victorian-style wallpaper and furniture. There is a clear and comprehensive vision here. I was impressed with everything and look forward to trying more of the beers, and seeing them gain more distribution and notoriety. An upcoming collaboration with Mikkeller will help with that but you heard it here first :-)“
Beershine 717 days ago
74 /100 9757 SEVENTH ST, STE 802
“Nice little industrial park/warehouse type of brewery. The people that work here are friendly and talkative...and made the visit enjoyable. The place is small (not counting the extended outside area in the parking lot). They had 10 of 12 taps pouring when I was there. I enjoyed the Double Mango IPA, the Young Fool APA...a couple of others were decent too. If in the area...definitely worth visiting along with 2-3 others...but perhaps not worth a special trip alone.“
PRBeer 872 days ago
76 /100 8560 VINEYARD AVE, STE 301
“One of a handful of good to very good breweries in the Rancho Cucamonga area. Decent looking place with some cool staff. They had a very large tap list..."18" beers of may varieties when I visited. I loved the simcoe NEIPA, the King Diaz golden stout, the Brunch juice stout, the Motueka NEIPA, the Juice Bomb IPA, the P-Town IPA, the Baldy View double IPA, and the Drawbridge "triple" IPA. This is a very good up and coming brewery in the Rancho Cucamonga area...currently probably second only to Hamilton Family.“
PRBeer 873 days ago
78 /100 9495 9TH ST, UNIT B
“Another industrial park brewery with plenty of parking. Come inside and be transformed into a French style throwback hotel. 12+ taps of nothing but sours. The brews are all barrel aged or fruited sours. Good quality of beers also. Try this place if you love sours.“
Wittales 1221 days ago
72 /100 9037 ARROW RTE, STE 170
“Small little business park brewery, hard to find at night. Good service with tiny 30+ seating tops. Games and giant TV, watched the All Star Slam Dunk comp. 12+taps, tried all on 2 flights, wife loved the Honey Blonde(GABF winner). Some gems but most average brews. Fun little brewery, only went because Kings was packed down the street.“
Wittales 1339 days ago
62 /100 8560 VINEYARD AVE, STE 301
“Visited May 8, 2016.

Brand new place in the next shopping center over from No Clue and just up the way from Hamilton Family. Its in the back of a commercial shopping center. Definitely a homebrewer gone pro situation (they’ve only been homebrewing for a couple years now) but they’ve decorated the place a little nicer than the other two local places. There are a couple of tables against the one wall and a long bar on the other side of the room. They are already doing some barrel aged beers and have a few sours going, but hopefully they get better at brewing before a better brewery opens nearby. They do make a lot of IPAs so that could be good.

No food served and they didn’t have a food truck but they do have some snacks. Prices are slightly high. The owners are super nice and shared some of the bottles they were opening with us. .“
t0rin0 1606 days ago
100 /100
Prestige Liquor (Beer Store)
“Beautiful store ,super clean They have a huge variety of new /hard to find craft beer ,prices are very fair and I think the cheapest in the area ...the guy there is very nice and helpful ,he always tells me about the new beers they just got every week and he's got the answer for any question ...this is my spot I love this store and I recommend it to everyone“
Craftty 1619 days ago
80 /100
Liquor Paradise (Beer Store)
“Made the decision to stop in based on t0rin0’s review from 2 years ago. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. After cherry picking local BevMo/TotalWine, this place was fairly impressive. From the street the place looks small, but once inside you realize the deception as you walk down a ramp into a larger warehouse type atmosphere. Not the biggest selection, but quite a few heavy hitters that I couldn’t find anywhere else in the area. Almanac Reserve sours, Cascade, Limited Edition Bruery releases, etc. Someone has to be a sour fan because it’s the best selection i’ve seen in the area. Chino is extremely laid back and helpful. Allowed me to fill a box of some limited hard to find stuff, and store it in back since I had errands to finish. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
dionysus 1849 days ago
68 /100 9757 SEVENTH ST, STE 802
“Business park tasting room actually not too far from the Ontario airport (other side of the freeway, though). Smaller tasting room that has a number of communal tables and a bar to order from. They also have a makeshift patio out front which is really just some more picnic tables and a little roped off area of the parking lot/driveway.

Most memorable part of the visit was the People of Walmart woman who probably weighed about a buck eighty, was wearing way too short cutoff jorts (big time butt showing), and a tank top that left little to the imagination. Thanks, lady.

Definitely has a bit of a homemade and rough feel to it. Certainly not as polished as you might find other places, but it’s fine and it works. Beers and everything hand written on a chalkboard next to the bar. Looks like they can have up to 12 beers on tap, but had 10 during our stop. They did a flight of 8, so we just opted for that. Some of the beers were decent enough, some not so good, some mediocre. One of the more okay breweries that we visited on this IE brewery tour.

They have some kind of weird/treated beers like a watermelon blonde ale, mango double IPA, and their anniversary beer was a coriander and oranges...

It’s an alright enough place and I wouldn’t discourage anyone from visiting.“
brokensail 1924 days ago
62 /100 9037 ARROW RTE, STE 170
“I’m really not sure why you would call your brewery this...one might say I have no clue. Badum Tss.

Located between I-210 and I-10, it’s yet another business park brewery. They’ve got your pretty typical set up with some tables and seating around the tasting room and a small bar to order from. Beers on the chalkboard overhead. During our visit, 11 beers listed but 10 actually available. Ordered them all...of course.

Overall, most of the beers here were not very good. Only a couple even rated in the 3s for me, and some were just unpleasant. The flaws seemed to be largely fermentation based, but were so all over the map I couldn’t really pin down a particular cause. So, I guess at least they are living up to their name.

It’s at least nice to see some new breweries and beer places in the 9-Bro-9, but hopefully things improve.“
brokensail 1924 days ago
80 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Typical TWM decor with alies of beers in style guidelines. Local brews with standard imported styles. Great seasonal selection off to its own area.“
Wittales 1937 days ago
76 /100 9037 ARROW RTE, STE 170
“Visited September 27, 2014.

I wasn’t planning on stopping here but since I was already in Rancho hiking and this was only a few miles from me I decided to stop in and see what they were about. At this point they had only been open a week but for a brewery that is fermenting in plastic in a refrigerator it’s not bad. They’re in an industrial unit on Arrow near Vineyard and you’ll have to trust the GPS since there is no sign on the street and they have very minimal branding outside the building. The servers (unpaid family members) are really nice and tried to be as helpful as possible (even if they aren’t the most knowledgeable on beer).

They’ve got a chalk board above the bar that has all their American styled beers on the left (which includes the single hop series) and the Belgian styled beers on the right. Apparently their Belgian honey blonde is their best seller but my favorite was the mosaic pale ale (once it warmed up).

It’ll be interesting to see what these guys can do with sub par equipment. So far they’re off to a decent start.“
t0rin0 2208 days ago
70 /100 9757 SEVENTH ST, STE 802
“Visited June 21, 2014.

I stopped in at Rok House on my way back from northern California and while at the bar I was told that Hamilton was opening that day. It was ten times busier at Hamilton than it was at Rok House but that may also be because it was opening night at Hamilton. They had already kicked two of the beers by the time I got there so my $12 flight covered the rest of the beers. This is another commercial/industrial warehouse brewery that thinks that they can ferment properly in plastic tanks in a fridge. As it turns out most of the beers weren’t overly flawed, so maybe there is hope. In fact, the mango DIPA and the 2x4 IPA were actually pretty good. Most of the rest were whatever, but again not loaded with off flavors. The only one that was truly bad was the one with oranges in it. It looked like orange juice and they admit that they way over did that one, yet it tasted like green apples. Ugh.

They’re set up like many other breweries where they always have a food truck and they have an area roped off outside because their little "tasting room" area is not sufficient for the bar sized crowds. Plenty of parking though since this is in an industrial park. I’ll stop in again for sure to see if they’ve gotten better.“
t0rin0 2304 days ago
80 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Rather large Total Wine. Generic liquor store with a lot of beer, including a huge selection of singles, but nothing exceedingly rare. Prices are hard to beat.“
rumproasts 2380 days ago
72 /100 9794 19TH ST
“Visited November 1, 2013.

Stopped in on the way to a Halloween party and to get some Celebration. They had Celebration but it was from the year before. No thanks. They have a half a dozen fridge doors full of beer which is cool and there are some good ones in there like Deschutes and all the SD breweries as well as some of the bigger name imports like St Bernardus and such. Not an amazing selection over all but a large enough selection that if I lived in walking distance I’d probably stop in fairly regularly rather than driving to Bevmo, or more likely Red Carpet another mile down the street.“
t0rin0 2453 days ago
78 /100 8009 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Visited September 13, 2013.

Stopped in after spending 7 hours at Glen Helen for The Battle of San Bernardino. We said Hello From the Gutter, jumped Into The Pit, did the Indian War Dance, started a Holy War, and finally Ran to the Hills, all before stopping in for dinner, drinks, and lots of water.

I was a little skeptical about the tap count based on the place listing here but I counted and sure enough there really are 100 taps. They have some good stuff on tap and they also have a lot of junk as well, but that’s to be expected with such a large tap list. I saw some Stone, Ballast Point, New Belgium, Hangar 24, and Ritual. They offer flights (4 small pours for $10) but will let you try a few things to help make up your mind.

The food was quite good, though it was over cooked. I always ask for medium rare because I know that everyone will over cook it, and sure enough this one came out well done. Still good but not what I ordered. I got the Flaming Hot burger with fried jalapenos, pepper jack, the usual stuff. What set this one apart was the fact that the patty has peppers ground into it so the meat was actually spicy. Over all it was a pleasant level of heat, nothing crazy. The fries were probably overkill but they were good as well. Actually the yam fries came with a pumpkin based dipping sauce that was nice.

The server was friendly and was happy to make suggestions for beer and provide samples, as well as check in on us. It did take three requests to get some water finally but once I had a glass they kept refilling it. Prices were high, quite high actually.

Be warned that this is right on the edge of Victoria Gardens so traffic can be a pain at certain times of the day but this is across the street so it isn’t too bad.“
t0rin0 2590 days ago
74 /100
Liquor Paradise (Beer Store)
“Visited September 10, 2013.

I used to drive by here regularly for work and drove right by here a dozen times wondering if I should stop in. Finally I made the stop and it’s a pretty neat place. Actually I was a little surprised when I walked in the front and saw a very small store front with a couple of fridges. One door has some Bud in it but that’s it. Then I saw a pink sign in the corner saying that you need to be 21 to go past this sign. So I walked to the corner (more or less behind the register) and there is a ramp that goes down into a large room with a lot of bottles. Lots of Stone and AleSmith products along with a bunch of newer CA breweries (Craft, Oceanside Ale Works, Manzanita, St Archer, etc), and the standard imports. A couple of the beers had Ratebeer tags on them but most of them had handwritten tags with Beeradvocate scores on them. Some of them had some funny comments on them. There is a glass case at the base of the ramp with some special bottles in it. The top shelf was all Stone bottles (3L Double Bastard and some Vertical Epics) but below that was a shelf with a couple of the Cigar City Gentleman’s Club series. Cool place but I found it weird that I was literally the only person in the room downstairs and there was a wide open set of double doors. Seems like a bit of a security risk.“
t0rin0 2598 days ago
76 /100 9950 FOOTHILL BLVD
“Visited September 10, 2013.

I’ve driven by here a dozen times and never noticed it. That’s most likely because it’s a small unassuming liquor store with a small sign at the end of a strip mall. Inside is plenty of wine and liquor with half a dozen doors dedicated to beer. Of those doors three of them are good beer and three are macros. He’s got an eclectic selection but most of what he has is at least good. I grabbed a Drakes Alpha Session which turned out to be a few months old but it was still enjoyable. Was tempted to get the Aroma Coma which was right next to it. Also saw some Caldera, Ballast Point, Stone, and Goose Island. Solid choices but a little limited. Would be great if they doubled the selection. Also, everything is organized by style which makes it easier to find things. Really nice guy working the counter too. He made some suggestions.“
t0rin0 2598 days ago
70 /100 8009 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Extremely popular place that just opened up in the same area as BevMo and Total Wine. Had about a 45 minute wait and they just text your phone when your table is ready. I just drove across the street to browse the bottle shops to kill time. Sports bar ambiance with friendly staff. They specialize in burgers obviously and they look crazy- not like crazy delicious- but crazy weird like peanut and jelly burger with ice cream. I made the mistake of doing a 2/3 lb patty, way too big. Arugula as a topping was put on the bottom as was soggy and wilted from the grease. Burger wasn’t really cooked as specified as it was so big half was medium rare and half was medium. I ordered rare :/ Fried pickles and sweet potato fries were both excellent.

Beer list is huge, over 100 taps, but certainly is quantity over quality. But with that said, they had quite a few local seasonals and specialties from Hangar 24, Stone, Green Flash, Alesmith, Ritual, and more. They also do sampler flights. Fun place- but I would probably pick Eureka Burger over this in Claremont for both burgers and beer any time.“
GT 2640 days ago
86 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“I made weekly trips here when they first opened to pick up ticks. Definitely the best aspect of Total Wine is that they sell singles, and they do tend to get new releases before most other bottle shops. Of course there’s the "secret" beers in the walk-in. Clean and well organized.“
wutangfinancial 2654 days ago
72 /100 12473 N MAIN ST
“Stopped here many times while either visiting friends or on the way to/from concerts at Glen Helen.

This was the second Yard House I ever went to and my first visit was still early in beer drinking days (2005 or so). The more I visit these places the less impressive the tap list becomes since 80% of their taps are Anheuser products. That said you can still find some good stuff. Delirium, Chimay, possibly some Speakeasy, and their "house beers" (most of which are rebranded Firestone products).

Food is good but expensive. Service is usually decent in the punctual sense but not overly knowledgeable. You can easily get lost trying to find this place as its in Victoria Gardens which is a gigantic shopping center.“
t0rin0 2682 days ago
72 /100 12204 FOOTHILL BLVD
“Visited June 15, 2013.

Visited kind of by accident as I was actually going to the hippie depot next door (REI) and noticed the Bevmo. Very clean and brand new. They have a number of end caps in non beer aisles with beer on them. They also have a new arrival section which is something I’ve been noticing at more Bevmos these days. Prices are decent. There wasnt much service but that’s alright as I didnt exactly ask any questions. Dont spend a lot of time in Rancho but if in the area I could see going back here.“
t0rin0 2682 days ago
76 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Visited several times around the time they opened as they used to get Russian River bottles and had no limits. Nice place but pretty much like any other Total Wine. I love the fact that they do singles and have better prices than other places. Another plus is that since this isnt as heavily traveled stuff lasts a bit longer.

In the past couple years they’ve started raising prices to be more in line with other stores and they hide the Pliny in the back like other places. Oh well, still a good place.“
t0rin0 2682 days ago
88 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Love this place, but I miss Manager Trent. He more than once helped the wife and I with making a selection in the beer, wine and whiskey sections and we always enjoyed his recommendations. All that being said, still enjoy this place.“
JPR909 2719 days ago
80 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“(Visited 01/2013): This Total Wine location is at Foothill Crossing right off I-15. There is a large parking lot in front.

The interior is spacious, with the beer in the rear of the store. The majority is on shelves segmented by region and style. Singles are available as well.

As far as selection, California is well-represented with offerings from Alesmith, The Bruery, Firestone, Russian River, Hangar 24 and many more. Other domestic craft breweries as well as imports are stocked as well.

Service is pretty standard for this type of store. Someone on the floor asked me if I needed anything, and checkout was friendly.

All in all Total Wine is usually a solid bet for me to grab something from the west coast on my trips out there. Worth a visit.“
Dogbrick 2761 days ago
80 /100 9794 19TH ST
“Finally had the chance of stopping by this place after my brother WESIRS stumbled upon it after having a brew at Barboni’s Pizza next door. The store manger Jesse was working when I walked in and is doing good things to offer up craft brews there. He came out of the back with some Knuckle Sandwich and a Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer. They have some other good choices to satisfy a craft beer lover. Check it out!“
JoeTheYounger 2787 days ago
72 /100 12473 N MAIN ST
“Chain formula : large, dark, modern interior as a blend of family friendly, and casual upscale restaurant; sports bar; craft beer haven. 120 taps plus bottles but the seasoned beer nerd will be able to sift through the bmc garbage and find about 10 or so beers worth trying. No flights available but was given free samples of whatever as a splash. You can do half pint Pours, full pints, and half yard glass pours which look ridiculous. Good prices, okay selection with a focus on quantity over quality. One server knew quite a lot about beer. Quick, attentive service. They had stone, old rasputin, gulden draak, lost coast, big Sky, unibroue, some ciders.“
GT 2852 days ago
66 /100 12204 FOOTHILL BLVD
“New BevMo! Next to chick-fil-A and across the street from total wine. Dull, warehouse, chain ambiance. No staff to help. Great selection of weird beers from around the world like Tahiti to Tibet. Small amount of stuff including macro cases in the fridge. Lots of unfridged IPAs. Weaker local craft selection. Good place to also grab cheese and snacks for a beer or wine tasting.“
GT 2855 days ago
64 /100 12473 N MAIN ST
“went with my brother. tap list is big but not overly impressive. foood is very good but prices are kinda high. but thats what i expect in california subburbs“
mikem409 3020 days ago
80 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“massive liqour store with amazing beer selection“
mikem409 3022 days ago
78 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Your typical Total Wine, huge selection, mostly 6-packs, but loads of singles available. Good thing about Total Wine in this area is distribution: Alesmith, Russian River, Port Brewing, Lost Abbey. You can usually find Pliny the Elder in the fridge section. All the prices are excellent, probably the cheapest Speedway Stout and Old Viscosity in the world. Russian River sours were still pricey in the 375mL bottles. Staff when I was there was well aware of their Russian River stock and when new shipments would be arriving.“
GT 3048 days ago
68 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“they have good selection of beers, prices are awesome, but service was not good at all, they focus on wine side more then beer.“
HopHead811 3077 days ago
74 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Decent bottle shop. Beer a bit haphazardly arranged by style, so finding the offerings from any single brewery is difficult. The "new and seasonal" shelf also presented difficulty in finding what I was looking for, which turned out to be in a floor display in the front of the store away from all the rest of the beer. Spent a lot longer there just trying to find beers than was really necessary. Prices are what you’d expect to pay anywhere else.“
badlizard 3233 days ago
90 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Outstanding selection. They carry just about every Southern California brewery along with a wide selection of others around the country. There is a lot to take in so plan on spending a bit of time just walking the isles. They like to stash new/seasonal/rarities in random places all over the huge store so make sure you ask or look carefully if you are looking for something specific. The one downside about this place is, like all Total Wine stores, they organize the place by style and not by brewery, which makes finding things challenging sometimes. Overall a great store though.“
lozo130 3242 days ago
74 /100 12473 N MAIN ST
“yes, the typical yardhouse formula, but it works for me. Some decent taps of course (Stone, firestone, other ca brews) and decent happy hour specials. A good place to kill time if your with family that wants to go shopping in the huge mall.“
Terminus 3410 days ago
86 /100 12473 N MAIN ST
“Same Yardhouse formula, happening atmosphere, good food and service and over 100 beers on tap. This was in the 2nd generation of development so the building and tap handles are a little lighter than the previous restaurants but still plenty to pick from. As with other YH’s the only complaint would be the lack of unusual choices, local taps and rotating seasonals. Happy hour is great value extending to all beers and almost all appetizers.“
BeerLimey 3435 days ago
56 /100 12204 FOOTHILL BLVD
“Typical BevMo, decent selection and decent prices, they do have Dale Bros., a local brewery, but other than that not much else that any other bevmo doesn’t have.“
Hophead22 3470 days ago
72 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“This place is great, they carry everything, they are more focused on wine for most part, but man there beer selection is crazy, service was ok, prices were awsome. but must stop for beer n wine.“
JK81 3750 days ago
80 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“good chain store with above average selection on bneers that are not found at your average liquor store. great substitute for bevmo.“
capncali 3782 days ago
78 /100 12473 N MAIN ST
“The Yard House, is in an ideal location - kind of in a indoor/outdoor shopping area, while my wife can wander aimlessly shopping, I can enjoy some really good beer on-tap like Piraat or Trois Pistoles or 114 other beers they have on tap. Too bad they are 3000+ miles away, we need one here in southern NH. Busy on a Friday evening, but service was good and prices were not bad for California - $6.50 for the Piraat. If you want an outside table the wait may be awhile but it is worth waiting as there is a band playing on the green outside - at least on Fridays.“
jimhilt 3784 days ago
94 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“This place has a lot of good beer for a really good price. Their chips are also amazing. I like going here.“
Em 3786 days ago
84 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Been here twice now and it’s always a fun trip. Great selection, singles and great prices in a very nicely setup store. I only come for the beer and I haven’t even looked at anything else, but they have a shit load of wine and spirits that I will need to checkout one day.“
Hophead22 3847 days ago
86 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Great place, and Friendly Workers or maybe i just go to Total wine to much.Beer Selection is great.Most of the staff needs to learn more about beer.Most of their beer is cheapier than anywhere else.Mix and match is ok .Also you can get a single from any six pack if you dont feel like paying $15 for Augustiner Bräu.“
Getbetter 3894 days ago
78 /100 9794 19TH ST
“I have friends that live in apartments adjacent to the shopping center this is located in, and my little brother used to live right around the corner so we went here often. They have a great selection of mostly the usual suspects - a handful of Belgians and a bunch of California micros (both 6 packs and singles) The people there are always nice and friendly. They have a good wall of nothing but beer and their prices are pretty much average - can’t complain. Definitely one of the best (selection) in the area.“
tangent 3971 days ago
80 /100 8201 DAY CREEK BLVD
“Awesome place. WIsh it had been there when I was traveling weekly to ONT. Really well-done interior and layout. Basically - a whole double-sided aisle of Cali and Belgian singles/bombers, with mix-a-6 and another half-aisle of other regions singles. Plus the standard coolers for multi-packs cold and another aisle of same warm. Had all the California standards. Beats the nearby BevMo by a long way. Will be a regular pitstop when I travel to the area.“
alagnak 4000 days ago
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