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8 /100 1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD
“I'm hurt and embarrassed from the female store manager or supervisor who racially profiled me because I'm an African American male. She did not want to serve me because a customer who was leaving the store said I smelled like Marijuana as I'm walking in total wine. According to her all African American males smell like marijauna even though I asked her "do I smell like marijauna? She replied "NO", quote on quote she said it's store policy if a customer complains about another customer they have to fallow up with that and escort the individual out the building so if I randomly say a customer smells like drugs or alcohol that person can't shop there anymore and now I'm banned from the store because some idiot Keep in mind I just spent over $200 dollars less than 20 mins. ago prior before this altercation at Total wine at the same location, so for some reason they didn't refuse my business because I spent over $200 but I come back to buy a few six pack and Total wine don't want my service because it's a few dollars Another thing I was working on the clock I'm a private contractor for "Instacart" so i deliver food & liquor etc. to customers daily, I called the redondo police dept. to file a report against "Total Wine" & the employee for that false accusation I'm taking this to court and I hope it get some national press When the police arrived they're honest with me and they said if she refuse your business you've to go by law, but they also said they don't smell no marijauna on me and if they did I would be arrested for a "dui" because I delivery driver so quote on quote there words were "I believe she singling you out for some odd reason" and they let me go with no problem or warnings Last thing i would add I've the worst form of asthma, high cholesterol, I'm 33, if I decide to smoke it would literally kill me or send me to the hospital I RECOMMEND NO AFRICQN AMERICAN TO SBOP AT THIS RACIST ESTABLISHMENT, I'VE NEVER HAD T HIS PROBLEM AT BEVMO“
PilsnerMaestro12 1711 days ago
“Fantastisk place! It is more or less a long bar with taps! Nice to sit outside! Plenty of good places to est seafood“
jolo 1999 days ago
72 /100 2907 182ND STREET
“Decent enough place with some very accommodating staff. There were 16 beers when we visited a couple of weeks ago...we did flights of most. Some were good...a couple were better...none were great. The taproom is sizable with the brewing equipment in full sight and open to the taproom. Coming directly from the very busy Monkish it was obvious the beer quality was not on a was a relaxing and fun place to hang out. The high point was the Maine lobster food truck. The lobster rolls were fantastic!. Worth checking out if in the area...but not going out of your way for.“
PRBeer 2034 days ago
86 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“Small place with a simple, beach ambiance. Amazing selection - 17 taps and about 500 bottles on the day I stopped by. Friendly service. Tasters available for draft offerings. Definitely a place to go to in this area.“
thorongil2 2073 days ago
“Small and dreary looking Whole Foods, but it has a decent local selection - which is all I want when I am visiting the neighborhood and want to pick up a bottle or two.“
thorongil2 2140 days ago
“A true dive bar overlooking the the docks. A little sticky and if you have to use the bathroom, do so at your own risk. Tap list is extensive and they get some great events. Large pours only and unless it is dead, service can be a miss. Not a bad spot.“
Ferris 2408 days ago
“Une quantité gargantuesque de fûts, une vue sur la marina mais un service parfois désinteressé. L’ambiance ressemble plus à celle d’un bar à macro, étrangement.“
Marheb 2485 days ago
92 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“Great find in Redondo Beach! My son who is a wine drinker said his friend recommended he take me to a local craftbeer store. We both had no idea it was also a draft beer bar and growler fill place. When I walked in I started checking out the cold cases and craftbeer shelves...not really noticing the draft beers at first. Then when I did it took a minute to absorb the chalk board menus with hand drawn pictures for each draft beer. It was after looking at a stereotypical drawing of a bomb (round and black and a lit fuse on top aka Wile E. Coyote)...that I realized it was the store’s way of saying...hey!...we have Prairie Bomb on draft! (really!) Well it just got better after that. They had several Prairie Artisan beers in stock and other a number of excellent draft beers. This place is a find and a gold mine. I highly recommend you add this to your list of places to visit in LA...especially if you want to take some west coast beers back to the east coast.“
PRBeer 2542 days ago
“88 beers on tap. Friendly and knowledgable staff. Great view of the marina with roll up doors that gives the place an open feel. Beer is priority 1 here. Food available but I didn't try anything.“
Gearz 2619 days ago
76 /100 2907 182ND STREET
“Visited several times. Nice space, easy to get to off 182nd, industrial park tasting room near Total Wine. Signage could be better. Nice vibe to the tasting room. 15bbl Premier System with 30bbl fermenters. Beers overall are decent and on the more session edge of the spectrum (which is okay by me). Prices are reasonable. If you are doing beer tourism at the Torrance breweries, this stop is worth it and relatively close to Monkish and Smog City.“
BMan1113VR 2734 days ago
66 /100 1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD
“A decent, typical Total Wine, next door to a sprouts and around the corner from King Harbor. Lots of options with both liquor, wine and beer. Some beers that you don’t normally see outside of Total Wine. A decent bottle shop if you are in the area.“
BMan1113VR 2734 days ago
72 /100 2907 182ND STREET
“Visited March 29, 2015.

I didnt realize that this is right on the border of Torrance but actually in Rendondo Beach. Not that it really matters but it explains why the GPS didn’t find it right away looking for it Torrance. It’s in a very nondescript strip mall next door to some batting cages. Granted I got there only 20 minutes after opening but I was the only customer in the place for most of my visit. Oh well. The tasting bar isn’t that large anyway so it might be for the best. They have a couple of tables as well in the small tasting room area, which is just the front corner of the brewery. The brewery itself looks like a 7 or 10 bbl brewery but with some much larger fermenters (maybe 30 bbl?). I guess they do some contracting for other breweries like the new Solarc. They also bottle and have a few bottles available to go.

During my visit there were 7 drafts and a nitro tap. They split the beers into two sections, each section available as a flight. They have a single hop pale ale series and at the time they had it with lemon drop as well as el dorado hops. There was a saison, an IPA, a chocolate vanilla stout, and a brown ale. All around not super impressive. That said, the servers were nice and also helpful. No food served but they have reasonable prices on pints (taster price was a little high).

I’ll stop back in again at some point to see what’s new.“
t0rin0 2737 days ago
50 /100 1814 S CATALINA AVE
“Good yet quite ordinary American brewpub. 3 regulars + bunch of seasonals.“
Sokolov 2750 days ago
70 /100 2907 182ND STREET
“Fairly typical business park tasting room. It’s not far from many of the other South Bay breweries like Smog City, Monkish, Dudes, etc. The tasting room has a good sized bar and a few high top tables. The brewing equipment is sort of behind the bar area as well. They have a fair amount of space, so they might open it up more if it’s busy?

There were about eight taps and a cask on during my visit. I opted to try all the new beers. They do flights as well as individual tasters. About a couple bucks each. Beer quality on the regular offerings is not bad, definitely drinkable enough. The special and high gravity beers left something to be desired.

The service was nice enough and they were happy to talk about some of the beers and give a little bit of information about each one.

I don’t know how often I’d come back just because I didn’t like that many of their beers and it is a little out of the way for me.“
brokensail 2786 days ago
48 /100 2300 ARTESIA BLVD
“Your typical dive bar. Has around 8 beers on tap with most being low end domestic beers, but usually they have a couple local beers. A few TVs that are on something sports related. Jukebox plays over the TVs, unless football or another important sport game is on. A couple pool tables (usually at least one is open). Nothing special, but for a dive bar it usually has a decent amount of patrons, even if no real entertainment is going on.“
SlimHabib 2861 days ago
86 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“This small place has 18 taps and 8 cooler doors and plenty of beer on shelfs not in the cooler. The selection was fantastic and the staff was very helpful.“
fidel 2866 days ago
80 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“Nice little place with good Belgian selection and fairly good California craft selection. Interesting and varied tap selection. Knowledgeable staff.“
Gerbeer 2889 days ago
“Nice little place with marina view. 80 plus taps though only a few hidden gems and only one bottle menu with a mixed selection. Slow service even though not busy. Crappy cell coverage and no free wifi. Okay if you are in the area.“
Gerbeer 2889 days ago
76 /100 1306 1/6 S PACIFIC COAST HWY
“Walked here as it’s just a couple blocks up PCH from Select Beer Store. The shop is sort of on the small side. The plus side is that the vast majority of the beer is in coolers.

Selection is pretty good. They of course have the typical Stone, Ballast Point, Firestone Walker, Bruery, Alesmith, Deschutes, etc. A number of Logsdon, Kern, and Cambridge beers, some more local bottles from the South Bay breweries (Monkish, Strand, Smog City). A handful of imports. Prices on all the beers was fair/about what you’d expect to see.

Worth a stop if you’re in the area. I don’t know that you’ll find too much that you can’t get elsewhere, but perhaps they might still have some beers other places are out of.“
brokensail 2929 days ago
80 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“Pretty small store on PCH. Kind of hard to spot if you’re driving by. But there’s an Albertsons across the street if you’re looking for a landmark. Not really any parking in their lot, so just try to find some place to park on the streets.

While they store itself isn’t terribly big, they have a lot of beer here. Most of the "big" beers like barleywines, strong ales, imperial stouts, and some of the sour beers are on the shelves. Other stuff is in the coolers. They also have a small tasting bar with a dozen or so taps. You can also open beers you buy here in the store. Pretty neat.

Selection is pretty solid. A lot of California offerings, of course. They certainly support the local LA/South Bay breweries a lot. Central coast offerings, some Orange County and San Diego stuff as well. Import selection is pretty decent... A lot of De Molen and Mikkeller in particular.

Solid store. Friendly and fairly knowledgeable staff as well. Pricing is pretty fair as well.“
brokensail 2930 days ago
84 /100 1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD
“I moved to Redondo Beach and this store was my first introduction to Total Wine & More. I walked in with no expectations and I was blown away. Compared to the shops I was used to going into this place had a huge selection, great prices, and a variety of things you would want to go along with your alcohol selection. Besides the normal beer, wine, and liquor, this place has tastings, classes, snacks, and small items related to alcohol (glasses, cork display pieces, etc). For a retail chain and a novice connoisseur who is looking to try some different items, nothing will come close to this place. When I get by my initial amazement, there are a few cons that I have noticed from the many times I have been here. As many other reviews say, when I have searched for a rare beer (that I have seen rated high on this site), I have come out empty handed. The service is hit and miss as I have had some great experiences with associates on the floor who have been knowledgeable about the selection, and I have had times where I am basically ignored the entire time I am in the store (including the checkstand). The thing that gets me the most is the actual checkstand setup. The end of the checkstand (after you have checked out) has very limited space. So once I purchase my items I am handed my change and as I start putting the money in my wallet, I am being handed my items purchased, since the checker can’t start ringing up the next customer until I am walking towards the exit. The more items I get, the more rushed I feel as I am trying to put money away, and figure out how I am going to carry my 12 pack, and a handful of craft beers. Overall, a great place and the store has more than enough items to try for a reasonable price.“
SlimHabib 2957 days ago
“I went out of my way to get to this place on a tight schedule and quickly realized this wasn’t the kind of place to visit with a tight schedule. The setting is really nice right on the water with a view of the boats in the harbor, but this is deceiving. It’s actually situated in the middle of a tourist trap of a shopping center in Rodondo Beach. Parking was a nightmare (and expensive) and the crowds were annoying, even in the middle of February. Once I got to the place it all was good. There was a live band and a chill atmosphere, but a 5 minute line at the bar for brews. The tap list was awesome with lots of local brews I hadn’t heard of, but there wasn’t a lot of time to ask the bartender about them since there was a line behind me… anyway, they have some bottles here as well and they definitely seem to put a lot of thought and care into their selection specializing in local SoCal breweries which is really cool and nice especially for visitors which I expect they get a lot of. Overall, this is a place that’s nice to visit if you’re there doing the other touristy beach stuff, but not worth traveling to if you’re just doing a beer run.“
joeneugs 3084 days ago
“Very small store, with tricky parking. Some beers you don’t see at some other whole foods (Uncommon Brewing, and a few others). Beer selection is good for the size, but overall limited. Cool to see fresh Pizza Port Swammis and Ponto and some Lost Abbey barrel aged beers.“
BMan1113VR 3106 days ago
“Right on the water but definitely ran down. About70 beers on tap. Nice selection. I won't go out of my way to come back here though. They have food it looked good Vito didn't eat here.“
Itzjerm 3174 days ago
40 /100 1814 S CATALINA AVE
“We visited this pub in 2009. Below average beers. We liked sitting on the first floor outdoor terrace, however will not come back again.“
Schlenkerla 3195 days ago
86 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“Great shop. Good selection on tap and very large bottle selection. The staff is helpful and the owner Wes is a great guy. They threw in a T-shirt and some other goodies after my large purchase. Will go back next time I’m out here.“
MikeJslc 3267 days ago
“Wow, what an amazing place. Recommended by BeerandBlues2, thanks for that! If 88 taps don’t satisfy you, there are a slew of interesting and often overlooked bottles. Barstaff Matt went the extra mile, with generous samples and extra large pours. Plus, he knew every beer on the lost backwards and forwards. Scruffy interior with corrugated steel and My Sharona playing on the jukebox, and great location right on the harbor. Unbeatable.“
Travlr 3329 days ago
“We’ve been stopping at Naja’s for over 20 years now. We’ve seen it go from a complete toilet to an above average place to enjoy some great craft beers and sunshine on any given afternoon. The food is so, so, we always get the chicken kebab plate, the small plate is more then enough for my wife and I. The beer selection is about second to none in the greater Los Angeles area. Lots of specials and rare stuff hidden out of sight, you just have to ask and if they have they are sharing it. Music on the weekends is always a blast. The staff has always treated us as if we were family. Great place, I would say an almost must visit if your passing through Los Angeles.“
paiste2002 3341 days ago
“Visited many times over the past 5 years. I actually heard about this place because at the time I was looking for some of the early Vertical Epics and they still had bottles of the 03. Actually their horrible website (which has been updated finally) still had the 02’s listed as well as the original Sawyers Tripel and a few other noteworthy bottles. By the time that I got there they were gone but I also didnt care all that much anymore. The tap list and atmosphere as well as the scenery are awesome. Well, the tap list isn’t always awesome but there are enough things to pick from that you can always either find something new or find a stand by that you know you’ll enjoy. The food is decent; typical greasy pub fare. The live music is a nice touch some times. It’s more of a popular bar than a beer nerd destination but that doesn’t take away from the experience. Parking sucks but there is a large parking lot next door. Prices are high on the bottles but reasonable on draft and food.“
t0rin0 3361 days ago
50 /100 1814 S CATALINA AVE
“Visited with gobzilla. This looks like a busy area during the day but I wouldn’t know as we got in pretty late. We tried the house beers which were not very good. The service was alright, even though they were more interested in shmoozing with the regulars than helping us but when we did get some service it was helpful. Didn’t try the food mostly because we didn’t want to finish the beer. Apparently they don’t brew anymore but I can see why.“
t0rin0 3362 days ago
“Great selection of beer in a drab environment. Right at the harbor, but the building is run down.“
Vballnbeer 3380 days ago
66 /100 1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD
“Compared to some of the other Total Wine locations, the selection here is a bit disappointing. Still, it’s bigger than a lot of other bottle shops. The usual Southern California suspects, some imports, and a smattering of beers from other states. Typical Total Wine pricing. Non-existent service other than at the register.“
brokensail 3412 days ago
50 /100 1814 S CATALINA AVE
“No longer a brewpub, but the tanks are still there for decoration. A handful of beers on tap. Grabbed a Sculpin. Service was at least friendly and the guy could tell I was kind of bummed that they didn’t have any house beers. Supposedly they’re going to be installing a new 60 handle draft system, so I guess it may be worth a revisit in the future.“
brokensail 3419 days ago
“Pretty big restaurant with lots of outdoor seating and plenty of room inside as well. Took a seat at the bar. They have a partial draft list printed to view, but the other beers aren’t listed and you just kind of have to ask the bartender based on the handles you see above the bar...okay. Service was very slow, but at least friendly when I did interact with the bartender. Food is at least good, the pizzas seem to be pretty popular and the garlic fries were nice.“
brokensail 3419 days ago
88 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“I went here during the LA Beer Week last fall. The place was packed, loud and cheerful. A few local brewers came in to pour their beer. About 10 taps and probably 400+ beers available. You can buy and drink on premises or carry out. This was a great place to visit.“
Beergeek23322 3470 days ago
96 /100 1306 1/6 S PACIFIC COAST HWY
“The owner does a great job picking out imports and getting some harder-to-find labels in there when they’re available. Pay these guys a visit, I guarantee you’ll find a few things you’ve never seen before.“
TheCrowsNest 3627 days ago
46 /100 1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD
“Like another user said "quantity over quality" thats pretty much all your gonna find. Although they do get some nice seasonal and rares but they go rather quick so ur chances on getting something like abyss is very slim. I was able to score Kern 5th so that was awsome (had to ask for it). Lets go to the typical stuff, twice I went...what did I want some typical port, flying dog so I order that...I drove...what happens? order cancelled cause they dont have it...thats the end of that. So there website is completly useless. For the most part I avoid this place and would rather hit up local liquor stores run by beer geeks.“
toxichop 3647 days ago
“Huge amount of taps with loads of fun stuff on (sadly, a bit was out on our visit). Bartender was apparently a beer geek and hooked us up with some nice (and free) stuff. Didn’t try the food. Place felt a bit divey. Not too expensive. Biggest minus (for me) was that it stank fish from the harbor.“
VsXsV 3716 days ago
68 /100
Kegs (Restaurant)
“Just a few doors down from Naja’s, so I rarely go here if I’m in the area, but I have made the stop on a couple of occasions. They have a fairly basic beer selection, but nothing that I’d really give a second look to. Not sure if they still do this, but they used to do beer pong and allowed you to play with any beer they had on, which was kind of cool.“
brokensail 3718 days ago
“A shed like place at the boardwalk. Was there late on a Wednesday evening but still lots of people there. Lots of beers on tap but about half of them were empty. Still many new ones for me.“
anders37 3721 days ago
74 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“A nice small beer store with 12 beers on tap. Many local beers on tap. Selection was pretty good. Found a few new ones to take home. Will be back next time i am in the area.“
anders37 3721 days ago
86 /100 1505 HAWTHORNE BLVD
“I hate how much I love this store. As much as this store is to local liquor stores as Walmart is to local retail businesses, I can’t really boycott it just because it’s so damn good.“
casualcolors 3837 days ago
70 /100 1814 S CATALINA AVE
“I suppose it’s hard to give them too much crap for their mediocrity, since in their defense they’re not really striving for much else. The red ale is decent I guess.“
casualcolors 3837 days ago
“The last bastion of the dive with the mindblowing selection. They get stuff on tap that you could spend years trying to find in a bottle. People can spend as much time as they want whining about how the bar doesn’t have some charming ambience, or how the bartenders don’t sing and dance for their tips, but what’s most important is the beer, and the people serving it know their product.“
casualcolors 3838 days ago
46 /100 1306 1/6 S PACIFIC COAST HWY
“I went to Adam’s because they supposedly have/had FiftyFifty Imperial Eclipse. The store is a joke! It is basically a convenience store that carries about 50 micro beers. There are a few higher end beers (FiftyFifty) located in a small cigar humidor. The prices are fairly high for these beers too. The guy working when I stopped by did not know beer, just that he had some expensive ones.“
BeerandBlues2 3850 days ago
70 /100
Select Beer Store (Beer Store)
“A nice, somewhat hidden beer store in a small strip mall/office center. The interior is fairly open and nicely decorated with some tables for enjoying the tap beer selections or bottles. Bottles are available to go or enjoyment on premise for a small corking fee. The beer prices are very reasonable and the staff is quite helpful and knowledgeable.“
BeerandBlues2 3850 days ago