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86 /100 1315 DAYTON ST, STE E
“Industrial park brewery, but the inside is quite nice. The brewery is off to the side and there's a nice concrete bar along with some individual tables behind that. Coolers with packaged offerings behind the bar. Tap list is obviously Alvarado beers along with some Yeast of Eden offerings and occasionally some guest stuff. Great service, selection, and quality. Definitely recommended.“
brokensail 952 days ago
90 /100 1315 DAYTON ST, STE E
“Au premier abord, l'endroit (très grand et qui se prolonge à l'arrière avec une belle terrasse) fait surtout penser à un restaurant. Ça tombe bien, on peut y manger et c'est bien bon. Pour ce qui est des bières... MAMAMIA §§§ C'EST DU TRES LOURD §§§ Rien à dire, c'est parfaitement réalisé, très bien équilibré (la Gose Lime et Concombre est à tomber), très juicy quand ça tape dans le Hazy, c'est complètement dingo. Par contre elles sont sacrément chères. 3,5$ pour 5oz, c'est pas mal abusé. Mais on va dire que ça les vaut étant donné qu'il est impossible d'être déçu tant la qualité des bières est au rendez-vous.“
AssKicker 1279 days ago
72 /100
Salinas City BBQ (Restaurant)
“Grate dinner stop after some time at Alvarado St. Busy on a Friday evening, but even as tiny as it is we got a table immediately. This is a converted house, and a small one at that. Part of the Aptos St. chain, which means good meat, so-so sides, no fries, and a solid tap list. Salina has less beers on tap than most of the others, with 8 offerings when I was there, but it is still a solid list, including Alvarado, Moonraker and other locals and regionals.“
bytemesis 1734 days ago
94 /100 217 MAIN ST.
“Great selection of beers from micro-brewers all over California. Although Discretion is listed as an "associated brewer", they don't have a direct relationship; they're just one of many brewers featured at this tap room/wine room. The food choices are minimal; basically just cheese and charcuterie plates that are prepared on site, but the quality is very good. They also feature a limited menu of items that can be delivered from a nearby Italian restaurant called Giorgio's at 201 Main St. We've tried a few items from the Giorgio's menu and they have been very tasty, especially their pizzas. “
BineChamp12 1794 days ago
88 /100 1315 DAYTON ST, STE E
“Really wanted to stop in for a while. Its about 45 minutes from Elkhorn Slough, but worth it if you have the time. Another industrial area - lots of food industry here. The streets were loaded with semis, parked, driving (slowly), turning, stopping. Its a bit of a pain in the ass just getting there for that reason. Once you arrive, there is lot parking in the complex. This is their production facility, and the brewing equipment is on proud display. These guys are growing fast! They mostly can and there are loads of pallets of cans all over the second floor of the warehouse. Pretty crowded space on a Friday evening. There were probably 50 people inside at any time. Amazing that there are no place reviews yet on RB :(. I found a spot at the bar and bellied up. All of their offerings are available in 4 oz pours, which are generally pretty generously poured in my experience. I worked through some of my new ticks, but they have a lot - perhaps 16 beers on? Can release day is Friday, which perhaps explained the crowds. No lines or anything at least. They had a total of 6 cans available to go and seemed to have plenty of each. The beers I tried were of somewhat mixed quality, but i have had enough world class stuff from them to know that its a place to watch.“
bytemesis 2010 days ago
60 /100 165 MAIN ST
“A nice brewpub in downtown Salinas with a big wooden bar but rather bad beers. They still offers all eleven beers as 4 oz samplers, but the price is now $12.95. I didn’t want to try them all but a single 4 oz taster was $2. My choice: Pale Ale, Pilsner, IPA and Cherry Wheat. I was not impressed at all. No information about ABV, otherwise friendly service. (Visited July 15th 2016)“
Bryne 2416 days ago
64 /100 1900 N DAVIS RD
“When my family did some shopping at the nearby Northridge Mall, I drove to BevMo! which is only a short drive. The store was neat and welcoming. Lots of Californian craft beers in bombers, but hardly any small singles. Most small singles were foreign beers. (Visited July 15th 2016)“
Bryne 2416 days ago
68 /100 1900 N DAVIS RD
“Stopped in after visiting the world famous Salinas Safeway. Typical BevMo selection here of the big players in California beer. Stone, Lagunitas, Firestone, Sierra Nevada, all that jazz. Some of the random house labels (from Hermitage, I believe). The usual suspects as far as imports go as well. t0rin0’s favorite (Vitus and other Weihenstephaner offerings) are included. Okay if you’re in the area, but as always, don’t drive all the way to Salinas...not that you would anyway.“
brokensail 3020 days ago
28 /100
Safeway - Salinas (Grocery Store)
“This is a serious "why the fuck is this place on RateBeer" sort of place. The selection is no better than your typical corner liquor store of any other grocery chain.

Ended up just getting some liquid crack (energy drinks) for the rest of my drive home and some gas. The best part about this stop was that the gas station already had pretty cheap gas and using the gas rewards points meant I got gas for in the $1 range, which was a damn miracle.“
brokensail 3020 days ago
78 /100
Salinas City BBQ (Restaurant)
“Visited April 5, 2014.

Finally hit the last of the BBQ places in this chain. It’s in a smallish house on raised foundations on the edge of town. Outside, like the rest of the locations, is a large smoker that invites guests from a block away. In one window you’ll find a Lagunitas neon sign and in the others you’ll find Bud Light and Budweiser. The rocking chair on the porch gave me a laugh.

The food is more impressive than the beer list at this one but it’s still a decent list. Half the taps are rotating and appear on the printed menu. Of those the best looking one was Stone’s Enjoy By but I went with the Lagunitas Fusion 20 (hoppy wheatwine). The bottle list is pretty good, even if it’s not legitimate. I spotted Barrel Aged Speedway and Bruery Bottleworks 12 on the list along with Oude Tart with cherries. Beyond that they had plenty of IPAs and the last couple Stone special releases.

The food was excellent as always. The sides are alright but the BBQ beef sandwich is the reason I stopped here. Even if the prices are high do yourself a favor and stop here for a sandwich. Chug a barrel aged Speedway while you’re at it. “
t0rin0 3182 days ago
70 /100 165 MAIN ST
“Found this place after a visit to the Steinbeck Center. Eleven beers were on tap and four ounce samples of each beer could be had for $11.95. Since I was driving I had a couple of 4oz sample pours for $1.50 each and tried the pilsener my dad ordered. The service was good. Both the waitress and hostess were very nice. The hamburger I had was okay, but the potato salad it came with was good.“
MattH 3208 days ago
30 /100
Safeway - Salinas (Grocery Store)
“Visited November 4, 2013.

Seriously, who added this? This is garbage. Stop adding garbage to the system. Yeah yeah, EVERY Safeway carries some beer, and almost all of them carry Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Gordon Biersch, and now Speakeasy as well. But so does every gas station, liquor store, bar, and restaurant. I actually stopped here more for some pain killers (rotten teeth, really need that root canal, and soon) but figured I’d stop somewhere I could rate as well. Service, pricing, and selection are exactly the same as every Safeway/Vons: good, good, and bad respectively. Probably the most interesting thing there (aside from the Celebration 12-pack for $13.98) was the mixed 12-pack of the four Double Take beers that I may have to buy on the way back south.

Fuck you for adding this. Serious was of time.“
t0rin0 3436 days ago
60 /100 1900 N DAVIS RD
“I went here!“
mrhoppy 3539 days ago
64 /100 165 MAIN ST
“There ain’t much in Salinas but at least it has a brewpub. The beers need some work but their OK.“
mrhoppy 3539 days ago
66 /100 1900 N DAVIS RD
“Visited June 9, 2013.

Looks on the map like it’s right off the freeway but in fact you have to drive about a mile north on the frontage road. My GPS might have been acting funny or maybe I entered it wrong but the address I entered was in the Costco shopping center when in fact this place is a bit further north. It’s in the shopping center with the Home Depot, and next to a Panda Express if you’re feeling fat.

Selection is small and par for the course for Bevmo. What was interesting was the Mr Beer stuff located in the “home bar” section. Had two people ask if I need help during my short time there. Also noteworthy was that this place tests positive for Vitus. $2.99.“
t0rin0 3580 days ago
36 /100
Safeway - Salinas (Grocery Store)
“If you like Genesee contract beers, this is the place. But so it seems is just about any Safeway. I wouldn’t count on getting anything interesting here.“
bhensonb 3616 days ago
72 /100 165 MAIN ST
“In downtown Salinas, just down the street from the Steinbeck center. The decor is nice, kind of an old school western look with tons of wood. Big wooden bar is a particularly nice touch. The beers are pretty bad on the whole, but a couple were tolerable. Decent enough prices ($3.75/10oz, $5 pints, and about $11 for the flight of 9 beers). Service was quite friendly and quick.“
brokensail 3748 days ago
76 /100 165 MAIN ST
“Visited three times now, once during the artichoke festival a couple years ago, once on the way to Thanksgiving a year later, and once yesterday (12/26/2012).

The old town charm is gone during the week and more so when the parking lot is dug up into a large mound of dirt. Oh well, it was a Wednesday. The other times there was music outside and a car show. Service is friendly and helpful every time.

The soups are pretty good, especially the artichoke soup which I was lucky enough to try the first time I went. Cant comment on the rest of the food.

Beers have gone down hill sadly. They werent amazing before but they were average. Yesterday there was at least one that was infected. Hopefully they can clean up their act.“
t0rin0 3748 days ago
72 /100 165 MAIN ST
“Visited with the extended family, which was a bit chaotic. Nice decor, surprisingly empty on a Saturday evening. Great and patient service. Decent food. Entirely average beer, but the cheap 4oz tasters let me find that out quickly.“
bytemesis 3794 days ago
88 /100 165 MAIN ST
“Neat venue. Great decor with a pretty unique wooden bar. Crabcake sandwiches were delicious. Service was great. Beers were ok too. Highly recommended if you’re in the area.“
bhensonb 4031 days ago
44 /100
Safeway - Salinas (Grocery Store)
“Great selection of local micros for a grocery store. I love the sushi bar where you can pick up their fresh made sushi rools.“
IrishBoy 4467 days ago
88 /100 165 MAIN ST
“I guess Salinas must roll up its sidewalks on late Sunday afternoons because no one was out when I walked from my hotel to Monterey Coast Brewing (MCB). MCB was a very pleasant surprise. Nice interior, excellent service, a pretty solid line up of beers, very good food... I’d definitely recommend it.“
JohnC 4606 days ago
76 /100 165 MAIN ST
“Ten of their beers on draft including two new specials I had to add. Many pretty good especially the Pale Ple and Chocolate Porter. Food was among the best I have had at a brewpub; Enniskillen and I had Grilled Salmon sanwiches with Ceasar salads. Excellent place in Old Salinas downtown. I will go back for the food and maybe some more special seasonal brews. Copper brew kettles and all tanks in view make it special when they are brewing.“
IrishBoy 4733 days ago
44 /100 165 MAIN ST
“June 2009: Visited with good friends from the area who are uber-beergeeks, and their lack of rave review was story enough. While decent enough, this place felt too "standard" for me, almost trying too hard with its brick-clad facade to fit the mold of "cool brewpub." The food was OK, but the beer was underwhelming. OK, so stop by if in the area, but not worth a special trip.“
Braudog 5015 days ago
62 /100 165 MAIN ST
“We stopped by on our way to San Francisco to get a meal, expecting nothing and came out satisfied. It’s a rather classical small town American brewpub: a restaurant in a single big room which can sit a bit more than a hundred I guess. Our waiter was friendly and attentive to our needs. I had an original, well-prepared polenta and vegetable mix which made a nice change of pace from the usual pub fare. Catherine’s blackened (paprika) chicken pizza also was tasty. As far as the beers are concerned, most of them were not worth writing home about, but they were mostly clean, basic recipes. All in all, it’s not worth driving too far out of your way, but is a satisfactory option if driving by.“
Rastacouere 5023 days ago
58 /100 1900 N DAVIS RD
“Nice selection, pretty typical of Nor Cal Bevmo’s. Prices good and relatively close to Enniskillin’s new house.“
IrishBoy 5047 days ago
68 /100 165 MAIN ST
“beer was excellent. ihad the chocolate porter and irish stout.both very good. my friend had the nut brown and that was good as well. food terrible and overpriced but i would definitely go back for the beer. bartender was not the best. he seemed to interested in talking to friends as opposed to taking care of the customers“
waltv 5053 days ago
58 /100 165 MAIN ST
“This brewery/restaurant is in the old town area of Salinas. Pretty much your standard brewery/restaurant with your standard beers. But, overall, the beer was pretty good and the food was even better. I grew up in Salinas, and let me tell you, prior to this place, there were NO good beer places, so it’s a welcome addition!“
Naven 6148 days ago
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