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70 /100 1045 E HARRIMAN PL
“Visited January 5, 2014.

I didn’t realize that this was RIGHT off the freeway, otherwise I probably would have stopped in sooner. It’s on the outer edge of a large shopping center so getting here can be painful if you turn into the wrong parking lot and have to fight with the SUVs. Actually, it isn’t much better here as the parking lot was completely full when I showed up, which was admittedly during an NFL playoff game. Luckily someone was just leaving as I pulled up.

Inside the place is pretty big. They have the usual set up with all the house beers and a dozen guest beers on tap. The guest beers are not very interesting but chances are it’s a better selection than pretty much anything else in San Bernardino. On that subject, there has to be something else in San Bernardino, right? The city has 200,000 people in it and not one brewery or good beer bar? I know the place is kind of ghetto but really? Actually I think there used to be a brewery here but they closed down.

The service was friendly and in typical BJ’s fashion they have a team of servers ready to greet every customer that comes in. As usual I told them I’m just heading to the bar. Also, as usual, the prices are very high, the beer is decent, and I’m guessing the food is as well but I didn’t try it.“
t0rin0 3167 days ago
70 /100 1045 E HARRIMAN PL
“BJ’s isn’t one of my favorite places, but it’s better than nothing. Their usual line up of beers are pretty much average in quality. Some of the specialty brews can be quite good, so I stop in from time to time to see what’s on tap. The service is usually friendly and the food decent, but nothing about this place is worth raving about.“
badlizard 5577 days ago
74 /100 1045 E HARRIMAN PL
“Typical commericial brewery vibe. These are all over the LA area. They do not brew on premises at this location. Food is respectable, and service is good. Beers are worth trying, but they are nothing special. I tried this location in July, and sampled all the beers. The Jeremiah Red was my favorite and the best of the sampler. They claim to have Chicago style pizza. Anyone who has had REAL chicago pizza knows that a thick crust does not qualify it to have such a title. But the pizza is good, just don’t expect anything like Giordano’s, Nancy’s, Due’s, Gino’s East, etc. When you look at LA traffic and the lack of local brewpubs in the area, you pretty much have to stop at one of these. I am not doing cartwheels over Bj’s, but I would certainly go back if I am in the area.“
illinismitty 6140 days ago
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