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“I have a project site in San Bruno not far from here, so I stop in sometimes to get a sandwich. Right off of 280 in a big shopping center, so a pretty convenient location. Beer is located by the deli area. They have a number of cooler doors with beers and then a small rack that has some bottles at room temperature. The beer selection is actually pretty good for a grocery store chain. Lots of stuff from the local breweries like Barebottle, but kind of a smattering of a bunch of different stuff. Grabbed a random two year old anniversary beer from Dust Bowl here as well as a cider from South City Cider that was made specifically for the Mollie Stones stores. Some Rodenbach Grand Cru sitting there. They do get Russian River as well, but check the dates because I saw some old-ish bottles of Blind Pig. I wouldn't come here specifically for beer, but if you're doing some grocery stopping or grabbing a sandwich or something, you can find something decent.“
brokensail 401 days ago
72 /100 1150 EL CAMINO REAL, STE 271
“We had our last night in California at a hotel not far from Tanforan shopping center. This restaurant was quite crowded but there were available seating outside. We enjoyed dinner and beer in the evening sun. 28 taps (10 BJ’s and one cider) A flight was $7.95 for 4 x 5oz. Service was efficient and nice. All in all, a good experience. (Visited with my family July 16th 2016)“
Bryne 2237 days ago
52 /100 1150 EL CAMINO REAL, STE 271
“If you’ve been in 1 BJ’s, you’ve seen them all. This one is no exception. They seem to have given up here though. There was not many people here. Grabbed a seat next to the bar. When I sat down, I was greeted and asked what I wanted to drink. I wasn’t ready yet, but needed a food menu and a few minutes. About 15 minutes later I got my menu. I haven’t been to a BJ’s in a few years, but they only had 1 beer I hadn’t had. The place was dirty, bar top was a mess. On a good note, the food was good.“
Sledutah 2374 days ago
50 /100 1322 EL CAMINO REAL
“Not a big selection of beers but better than nothing. A cooler with 6 packs. There is a small display of bombers but nothing hard to find. Good prices.“
Sledutah 2374 days ago
74 /100 1322 EL CAMINO REAL
“Average supermarket with a good selection of craft beers.“
melush 2546 days ago
68 /100 1282 EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited December 23, 2013.

This is a smallish Bevmo across the street from the Tanforan shopping center right on El Camino. It’s not overly visible from El Camino but you’ll see it once you drive into the shopping center. This is a fairly uninteresting Bevmo by most standards. They have a little more beer than some locations that I’ve been to but it’s really just two aisles of beer containing the usual things with a couple of interesting/seasonal beers from Firestone, Rogue, and Sierra Nevada. The rest of the stuff like Lost Coast, North Coast, Anderson Valley, AleSmith, Drakes, and Speakeasy are there as well. They have a few fridges with beer in them, less than other locations I’d say. I’ve stopped trying to make sense of what’s in the fridge and what’s not. They also have the standard Bevmo import selection. It’s actually somewhat comical how similar the import section is at every Bevmo. I’m starting to think that there is a corporate list of mandatory imports. Luckily among those you can find Rochefort, Dupot, St Bernardus, Orval, and Rodenbach. Oh, and Vitus. Prices are pretty standard across all Bevmo locations: decent to good.

Overall quality is middle of the road here and there is literally nothing that sets it apart from the other hundred or so locations, aside maybe for a couple of bay area beers like Black Diamond.“
t0rin0 3205 days ago
70 /100 1150 EL CAMINO REAL, STE 271
“Visited December 23, 2013.

I was visiting a client that is about a quarter mile from here and I spotted this place as I got off the freeway (380). This is in the Tanforan shopping center, a place that I haven’t been since the 90s. Actually, my last memory of this place was seeing Happy Gilmore in the theater here when it came out in 1996. We also used to buy fireworks here, since San Bruno was one of the few towns on the peninsula that would sell them.

Now, I hate malls, but on the day before Christmas Eve this was insane. It took 15 minutes to find a parking space anywhere at the mall. After leaving the BJs it took that long again just to get OUT of the parking lot. Good lord. Luckily BJ’s wasn’t as packed. Everyone must have been inside buying gifts. I found a seat at the bar and decided I’d be smart and order something to eat from the happy hour menu. For future reference: screw that. $4 for a flat bread? No, it’s tiny. As in: if I ordered three of these and spent more than a burger combo I would have had about 30% less food. So I scarfed down my margherita fresca flatbread, sipped my Lagunitas IPA, and left. I think I spent about 25 minutes in that place. The service was alright. The prices suck. Parking was absolutely dismal this time of year.

This was the first time that I’d seen the new holiday gift packs being sold. They are pushing gift cards and merchandise. They had three or four different glasses displayed (same shape, different beer logo on the glass) along side some bottles of the Grand Cru. On that note, they have bottles of the Grand Cru sitting all over the place (first time they’ve bottled it, which is a neat idea) but they refuse to put it on tap. At least they can respect their own holiday schedule. There are some breweries gearing up to release their spring seasonal already and we’re still in December... Anyway, not a bad location by any means, just don’t go here around the holidays, or expect to get a good deal on food.

Interesting tidbit that I learned while leaving the restaurant: this location used to be a race track, and for a time in the 40’s it was used as a Japanese internment camp. There is a plaque outside that tells about it.“
t0rin0 3205 days ago
“Visited December 23, 2013.

This was the first of two Mollie Stones locations that I stopped at on the same day. Previously I hadn’t been to a Mollie Stone’s since I lived in the area in the 90s. The beer selection sure has changed. Back then they had a handful of options from Sierra Nevada and Mendocino. Today there is a beer section in the corner of the store with several shelves. Green Flash, Bear Republic, Knee Deep, Marin, Ballast Point, Ninkasi, Stone, Firestone, Napa Smith, Rogue, Allagash, and plenty more. I was impressed. Best of all they had a stack of Lagunitas Sucks, as well as six packs of Daytime IPA. The downside: the Sucks is only in 32oz bottles. Granted, the $7 price tag isn’t terrible for 50% more beer than you’d get in a 22oz bottle but I want my six packs again. Screw this large format crap.

The rest of the store is a high end grocery store complete with over priced food, well to do soccer moms that don’t know how to push a shopping cart around (let alone drive a 50k SUV), and a large cheese display. I bought a couple small things from the cheese display, neither of which were actually cheese. This is near a client so I might stop back in for some Lagunitas Sucks or Daytime IPA but I won’t be making the trip up the peninsula just for this.“
t0rin0 3205 days ago
68 /100 1282 EL CAMINO REAL
“Two long ailes with beer, one for imports and one with a american craft beer. A decent selections of belgian beers but else the imports was not very impressive. A good selection of american craft beers and there was one cooler with bombers.“
Meilby 3349 days ago
74 /100 1282 EL CAMINO REAL
“My first BevMo visit, so I might need to adjust my score later on, but overall, I’m satisfied. Don’t like the sixpack-idioty in the states though, but can hardly blame BevMo. Anyway, I was satisfied with the selection, found lots of unsampled beers, and the prices were decent as well. At least according to Norwegian standards.“
yngwie 3350 days ago
54 /100 1282 EL CAMINO REAL
“Medium-seized BevMo next to Tanforan shopping mall in San Bruno. As at most of these stores, the emphasis is on mass and bulk. At least. that’s the feeling I get as I walk the aisles stacked high with cases and even pallets of booze. this one has two long aisles of beer: one aisle piles up the beers by country; the other is labeled "Craft Beer, " and seems to be all US micros. A smallish cooler section. Overall, not a terribly impressive selection. Mostly stuff that can be found fairly easily elsewhere. Some discounted items near sell-by dates. Almost all bombers and packs. No small singles (which can be a problem, if you want to sample somthing new without buying a lot of it). Staff seemed fairly indifferent.... but then again, that’s pretty much how I felt about the place.“
maekchu 3511 days ago
66 /100 1282 EL CAMINO REAL
“A standard Bevmo feel. A smaller selection of craft beers compared to other Bevmos. but they did have nice selection. “
Sledutah 3796 days ago
54 /100 1282 EL CAMINO REAL
“Every BevMo has a different stock catering to the breweries in there area and the regular stock available at every BevMo.“
mrhoppy 4294 days ago
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