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68 /100 1195 EVANS AVE
“Finally made it here as well. Amusingly I was looking for otherwise brewing, which is at this location on Gam's, but is NOT physically there. They do have cans though. Anyway, Kind of an out of the way location, street parking up the hill a bit. Very industrial warehouse outside. Lots of barrels on racks. Signage is cloth flags. Seems more like a popup. Temptoray canopies over picnic tables, popup food being cooked over propane. Loud music. Inside is smaller, borderline cramped. About a dozen taps and some cans.“
bytemesis 41 days ago
62 /100 2887 BRYANT ST
“Tiny little corner pub that also brews. Street parking is a bit challenging, but possible. I got there at open on a Friday and was there by myself. They had about 8 taps going. Service was ok, chatty and "SF weird" which is not a bad thing. I tried the Belgian amber, which was not awesome, but certainly passable. I see this as more of a neighborhood place; hard to recommend folks going out of their way to find it unless they are rabid tickers such as myself.“
bytemesis 41 days ago
74 /100 620 TREAT AVE
“First time here, which is kind of surprising. Street parking is available, but you have to look a bit. Nice building, outdoor courtyard, two floors inside. Spacious. No flights as stated, but I got a couple of half pours and prices are indeed great for the city.“
bytemesis 41 days ago
68 /100 1314 OCEAN AVE
“One of my old standbys being in Sunnyside. A dependable place with 15 or so taps, good cans/bottles, lots of haze if that’s your thing. Good people and good food. Prices are about typical for the area. Be warned that Ingleside is a fog and wind tunnel so be prepared to freeze your ass off any time of year. Bring a jacket and strap on your ticking pants, ye olde buckeroo.“
nickd717 66 days ago
82 /100 1402 GRANT AVE
“Small bar just a short detour off of Columbus. A very cozy and neighborhood feel whenever I have been here. Maybe a half dozen seats at the bar itself with some lounge type seating near the entrance/window and a little loft area upstairs with more seating. The beer list is on the smaller side, at least compared to most places these days, with maybe a dozen draft offerings and some well curated bottles and cans. I always find something interesting here, though. Certainly focused on Bay Area, or at least Northern California, breweries but you do see some more widely distributed stuff like New Belgium, Great Notion, Prairie, etc. Service is very friendly and quick. Prices are very fair as well. Usually a pretty tame group of patrons, too. Just an all around good experience every time I have been here.“
brokensail 68 days ago
54 /100 787 BROADWAY
“Kind of on the border of Chinatown right on Broadway. I was able to find street parking on Powell, but probably because it was a Sunday evening and things were kind of dead. Easy to spot from the street since they have to place painted all black except for their wings logo and they have a sandwich board sign out front. Inside, this place is also painted all black, but kind of a flat black that seems like that paint you use to make surfaces into chalkboards. Decent sized spot with a long bar, some tables, and a back area that looked like it was set up as kind of a stage/DJ booth. So, I guess they do live entertainment here. One other patron and one person working the bar who was mostly on his phone and blasting music. There were eight drafts going when I visited and one beer in cans. They also do wine and limited spirits. I opted to do a flight. Kind of annoyingly the bartender told me that he got to choose which beers were in the flight. Whatever. The beers were all pretty bad, so I guess maybe it didn't matter which ones I picked and I wasn't interested in doing another to try all eight. They offer a $25 all you can drink deal on the beer which seems...unusual. And I guess if you're going get more than three beers it makes sense as you'll come out ahead, but not sure who would want to drink three pints of this garbage. I can't really recommend coming here unless you just really want the ticks. Go a little bit down the street and go to Church Key instead.“
brokensail 68 days ago
56 /100 3150 POLK ST
“Tourist trap central. Felt almost dirty coming here as a Bay Area native, but ticks are ticks. Located in Ghiradelli Square, so you have to fight idiot every tourist in the City that wants to wait in an hour long line for some chocolate they can buy at the grocery store just to get to this place. Once inside, more of the same. Packed full of people and the wait staff seemed completely overwhelmed and overworked. They have about a dozen house beers on tap and seemed to have a number of others available in cans to go. The prices on pints are pretty typical for the Bay Area (around $8) and the can pricing didn’t seem too horrible. Taster/flight pricing was ludicrous as my flight of four beers came out to nearly $20! Beer quality is pretty bad, which I guess didn’t really surprise me at all. I just can’t really recommend coming here. Or, at least not specifically making a trip to this area for the brewery. If you happen to be an in Ghiradelli Square anyway, I guess pick up a crappy tick or two.“
brokensail 68 days ago
52 /100 1150 OCEAN AVE
“Pretty small selection, even for Whole Foods. Selection is of good quality, but nothing unique: mostly large micros. Only a few singles, almost all 4-packs. Great food, of course. Don’t come here for beer.“
wetherel 70 days ago
80 /100
Starr Spirits (Beer Store)
“Great local bottle shop (I guess we should start calling them can shops now). Very good selection. Decent prices: $5/can. Very friendly staff. Recommended if you are in the area.“
wetherel 70 days ago
68 /100 620 TREAT AVE
“Surprised I haven’t rated this yet. 1/2 pours for $3, which is a pretty price for the city. No flights. Parking hit or miss, but I’ve been lucky twice. 8 house beers on tap. Pretty standard brewpub selection. BA beer are probably super rare here. Good place for a few ticks.“
wetherel 70 days ago
74 /100 3645 LAWTON ST
“A little small for a brewery taproom. 8 beers on tap, but only half are from the brewery. Cans for sale, but only 4-packs for the brewery beers, and singles for guest beers. They really need to brew more. Staff is super friendly. Tasters are ~$4/4oz. Overall I like the place.“
wetherel 83 days ago
78 /100 1735 NORIEGA ST
“Pretty nice local brewpub. Two floors: one with a balcony overlooking the other. Flights of up to 7x ~5oz tasters for ~$3/each. Full menu also. Good quality beers. No BA beers or sours. Wonderful staff.“
wetherel 83 days ago
68 /100 1439 EGBERT AVE, UNIT A
“Visited in 2017 with heykevin before I took him back to the airport after a solid weekend at the RB Best Festival. Small warehouse tasting room in the Bayview area. You should be able to find street parking nearby. We were the only two people in the place on a Sunday afternoon not long after opening. Ordered a flight of beers as the bartender just kind of hung out and played some music. Beer quality was...not great, but they make a ton of different stuff and you can rack up a lot of ticks here. I still haven't been back four years later, though, since it's not in an area I go to frequently and the beer just isn't all that good.“
brokensail 91 days ago
86 /100
City Beer Store (Beer Store)
“One of best places in the Bay Area. Nice tap list, and extensive bottle and can list. I used to visit old location, which was a great bottle shop. New location is a great bottle shop plus tap room. Parking seems like it can tough, and will probably limit my visits to very rarely. I got lucky today.“
wetherel 112 days ago
82 /100 1040 HYDE ST
“Nice centrally located tap room in SF. Some 2 hr parking nearby, but I could only find half spots, so I fed the meter at $2/hr: not too bad. 20 taps. $5/ 5oz and $7 for full pour. A bit pricey, but to be expected in the city. Excellent tap list. No food, but they let you bring outside food in.“
wetherel 113 days ago
64 /100 1301 VAN NESS AVE
“I think this is my favorite BevMo, unfortunately it is still a BevMo. Very large store: so they made 1/4 of it a grocery store. Lots of coolers for the beer, and groceries. Of course everything is in multi packs so bad for rating, but good overall.“
wetherel 113 days ago
56 /100 1765 CALIFORNIA ST
“Pretty meh for a Whole Foods, which can already be meh. About half the size and selection of normal Whole Foods. About 10 single can options, the rest are multi packs. Not good for rating. Great food of course!“
wetherel 113 days ago
70 /100
The Jug Shop (Beer Store)
“Dropped by after a swim in Aquatic Park. The jug shop is close to everything. They move a block away from their original location. Large store: 80% wine, etc. 3x 3door coolers filled with beers. Good selection. Lots of locals. I didn’t buy anything, because I’m looking for specific breweries. Still very good though.“
wetherel 113 days ago
“Dropped by after a swim at the aquatic park. Gorgeous location at the ferry building with great views of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco. Ferry building shops are quite wonderful as well. About 10 beers on tap. Full pints are $12. I got a half pour for $6.75 : not much savings. Not a good place to rate, except if your looking for more Fort Point rare ratings.“
wetherel 113 days ago
84 /100 34 MASON ST
“Great spot in Union Square. Some great chewy stouts. Good sausages. Just like the Lido in the Steely Dan song.“
Taverner 141 days ago
“Dropped by in mid 2021 at the end of Covid. Closed.“
wetherel 169 days ago
42 /100 301 5TH ST
“Another “why was this entered into the database” liquor store. Every store like this has large craft beers, few of any singles, and are not worth visiting for beer. Good sandwiches though.“
wetherel 169 days ago
74 /100
K&L Wine Merchants (Beer Store)
“Dropped by just after Covid. The store was open, but it is hard to find beer by walking around. The selection is pretty good, but it is much better to order online if you are nearby, then walk up and pick it up.“
wetherel 169 days ago
56 /100 399 4TH ST
“Pretty standard Whole Food selection. A half dozen coolers of large craft beers and Belgians. Poor single can selection.“
wetherel 169 days ago
60 /100 3193 MISSION ST
“Grungy little place, with just a few outside seats, and now also a few inside tables. Small taplist of 8 or 9 house beers -- no flights or small pours, though staff will give you tastes. Under current conditions, with their main tasting room still closed, this was the best we can do to sample Cellarmaker beers. As is, I wasn't too enthused with the place as far as beer is concerned. Pizza-wise, it looked good, but there are no vegan options. Service is super friendly and prompt. Overall, I wouldn't return unless they expand their taplist and allow smaller pours.“
mcberko 170 days ago
48 /100 563 2ND ST
“Old school place, currently still with only patio seating due to Covid. The place feels out-of-date and like they haven't put much care into setting it up. They had 8-9 taps, with flights of 6 available for an exorbitant $18 plus tax. I wasn't very impressed with any of the beers -- it seems like they were offering their B- or C-list beers. Pleasant, quick service. No point in coming here anymore with so many better beer options.“
mcberko 170 days ago
70 /100 5620 GEARY BLVD
“Convenient location if you are visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. Mostly a liquor store with a med/small beer selection in the back refrigerators. Mostly good quality large craft breweries.“
wetherel 187 days ago
78 /100
New World Market (Grocery Store)
“Great place to get ratings for Eastern European beers, that I have not seen anywhere else. Only a few wall coolers, but only Eastern European beers. Look tasty, but not part of my rating goals. Good looks great too.“
wetherel 187 days ago
76 /100 1042 CLEMENT ST
“Convenient location to drop by after visiting the Golden Gate Bridge. About 5 large cooler of beer, with one dedicated to singles. Lots of Bay Area beers, but I couldn’t find any nano brewery beers I seek out, so I didn’t buy anything. Good selection of sours and barrel aged beers.“
wetherel 187 days ago
70 /100
Ales Unlimited (Beer Store)
“I dropped by during a visit to SF. It’s at the top of a steep hill, which is difficult to get to with my standard transmission car, so I parked a couple of block away at the bottom and arduously walked up. Great views. The store is 90% wine and liquor and 10% beer in the back. They specialize in expensive beers, such as $70 barrel aged anchorage and lambics, and large format bottles. Not good for rating imho, but a fun place to visit once. Chocolate selection is also quite good, but limited.“
wetherel 245 days ago
80 /100 3150 POLK ST
“One block from the aquatic park, so I dropped by after a swim. Great location. About 11 beers on tap: standard brewpub beers. They have a bottled BA imperial stout at $45! Each $5oz taster is about $4.“
wetherel 246 days ago
64 /100 280 14TH ST
“Nice little brewery hidden down an alley. Parking can be hard but I found a spot 1 block away. 6 house beers on tap plus 6 guest beers. Pretty decent quality. Half pours $3 each.“
wetherel 246 days ago
60 /100 3950 24TH ST
“Dropped in for a tick after visiting the awesome Chocolate Covered across the street. This Whole Foods beer selection is half the size of other Locations. Some Belgians. Light on local beer selection. Some Russian River beers oddly laid on the salad bar cooler.“
wetherel 246 days ago
82 /100
Starr Spirits (Beer Store)
“Nice new store replacing Monterey Deli. Selection has taken a bit of a hit but is still quite good. Lots of locals like Russian River, Barebottle, Henhouse, Faction, Moonlight, Alvarado St, etc. Awesome friendly helpful staff. Whiskey, gin, wine, coffee too. Reasonable prices and great feel to it. Just opened and no sandwiches but I like what I’ve seen so far.“
nickd717 265 days ago
64 /100 2255 POLK STREET
“The place is um…cosy, I would think if you get 30 people in there it would be absolutely packed, as it was there was only about 10, so service was good. To help in making an informed choice, there is a beer menu, and an option to have a flight of 4 tasters, although it was a bit disappointing that they had no Stout’s or Porter’s on when we were there. I had the next best thing; an "LA Morena-Brown Ale", which was very good. It didn’t look like they had much or indeed any wine or spirits available (could be wrong on this though), go if you want to try a craft beer from a small local brewer.“
FACambridge 611 days ago
76 /100 69 BLUXOME ST
“Visited on the way back from a conference. Very nice. 15 taps and about 6 cans to go. A couple of sours and a couple of barrel aged beers. Nice eclectic selection.“
wetherel 654 days ago
72 /100 544 BRYANT ST.
“Dropped by on the way back from a conference. Very close to Caltrain station, which is convenient. 18 taps. Pretty good. A little expensive: $20 for 4 tasters (e.g. Strike in San Jose has 4 tasters for $8).“
wetherel 655 days ago
64 /100 69 BLUXOME ST
“Yet again very busy for a Saturday afternoon...but a good list on though..“
Wirralbeerveg 665 days ago
50 /100 544 BRYANT ST.
“Nice brew bar.. went on a Saturday lunch time very busy..“
Wirralbeerveg 665 days ago
74 /100 661 HOWARD ST
“Found this by accident while heading to another brewpub... the Hazy IPA is great...“
Wirralbeerveg 665 days ago
76 /100 34 MASON ST
“A short walk from the Hilton Union Square where my work conference is located. It was fairly crowded but not packed when I visited. Beer list was impressive, however it was extremely pricey in general. Upwards of $50 for some beers. Bartenders were okay. Waitress took my 3/4 full Pannepot Reserva when I vacated my spot to take a bathroom break downstairs, but the bartender grabbed me a new bottle when I explained what happened. Ordered the smoked sausage. It was okay but the fries came out cold. Overall I much preferred City Beer and would return there if back in the area.“
tennisjoel 675 days ago
92 /100
City Beer Store (Beer Store)
“This place really ticks every box of mine. Extremely solid tap list, relaxed laid back vibe, friendly bartenders, great food..and the beer store is something else. I had 3 beers on tap, Fieldworks IIPA which was one of the most unique beers I've ever tried and super good, Armistice Himey the Bunger (subtle play on PtE), an imperial stout, and St. Adairius Belgian Saison which was solid as well. The beer store has a sensational selection, even if a bit pricey, but that is the norm here in CA. Really impressive. Favorite spot I've visited in SF by far.“
tennisjoel 675 days ago
74 /100 1150 HOWARD ST
“Stopped here after a visit to City Beer after a work conference in Union Square area. Crowded and small. It was kind of noisy so a popular spot for sure. Ordered 1 beer and bought a can to go. No seating available. Pretty nice list of mostly hoppy variety. Would have been nice to go here with another beer aficionado. Good for what it is even if small and crowded. I preferred the vibe at City Beer.“
tennisjoel 675 days ago
88 /100
Toronado (Bar)
“Dive bar vibe with stickers and graffiti all over the old walls, which I really dig, with a decent amount of seating, but not a whole ton of space, as is expected in San Francisco. Service was good, curt but not mean, seemed to definitely know the beer. Selection is world class, between the numerous beers on tap and in the list, you can find something for every beer lover. Amazing place that has a tone of history, and is THE place to get your beer on tap in the bay area, but make sure you bring cash, no credit cards accepted.“
jbruner 679 days ago
76 /100 399 4TH ST
“good selection of bottles and cans as well as a bar with about 16 taps. No flights.“
thorongil2 720 days ago
68 /100 3801 18TH ST
“Stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon and got a flight. Nothing particularly interesting - heavy on IPAs, a few non-IPAs which were fine but not really distinguished. I would not go out of my way to go here but there are definitely worse places out there.“
WestCoastHawkeye 735 days ago
74 /100 2505 3RD ST
“Came here for lunch and grabbed a flight and some food. Flight was solid if a bit IPA heavy - nothing hugely distinguished but everything was solid. The food was excellent - some nice bread and sausage. I'd repeat for the food and get a few new beers if I went back, but not as much of a beer destination.“
WestCoastHawkeye 739 days ago
64 /100 401 BAY ST
“Good selection of beers with most offering reasonably priced. Love the Unibroue beers specially brewed for this place. No real service here as there is no staff specifically dedicated to the beer section.“
Boutip 755 days ago
70 /100
Toronado (Bar)
“Shitty bar, Shitty attitude, great beer. Simple.“
jonno 765 days ago