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28 /100 16211 E. 14TH ST
“Certainly one of the worst entries in RB. 2 coolers of macros, 1 cooler of large craft beer.“
wetherel 394 days ago
62 /100 15100 HESPERIAN BLVD, STE 400A
“Standard BevMo. A few more local beers than other Bevmos. Mostly 4 packs or large bottles, so not good for rating. Nothing that rare. Lowish prices.“
wetherel 394 days ago
86 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Big, airy warehouse with a large outdoor space and a captive food truck (which looked superb but I did not eat here). 24 taps, all Drakes. Around 10-15 of them are things you'll see elsewhere in the area but there are some damn good rarities here (and you can buy bottles to go). Went boozy beers and sours - the boozy beers (an imperial porter and a barleywine) were spectacular. The sours had interesting ingredients but weren't as much my bag. Still a damn good drinking experience. A bit inconvenient but well worth the visit.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1207 days ago
76 /100 1517 E 14TH ST
“Visited early in the day. Tons of local drafts, some good stuff in the beer fridge. More Russian River than you normally see which is a bonus. Perfectly cromulent.“
WestCoastHawkeye 1340 days ago
90 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Definitely one of the great SF metro area breweries (visiting right after very good but not great 21st Amendment made that even more obvious). Warehouse brewery...but kinda behind the many entrance streets with a variety of it's own spaces and outbuildings making it better than most of this type. Service was very good and staff helpful and informative. Beers were the stars though...very large variety..."24" different good to mostly very good & in some cases great beers. I managed to get thru quite a few...3 not finishing some...but not being from the area...I really wanted to get a sense of how many of the 24 taps were serving really good or better beer...vs just showing off quantity over quality. I can tell you quality won out. Here's a few of the stars for me...1500 Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, D'Bucks B'Day Hazy IPA, Denoginizer Imp IPA (9.75%), Brightside Cucumber Mint Berlinerweisse, Lusu's Love Child Flanders Red with Grenache grapes, Mictlad rye barrel aged porter with spices, and Lawd Willin Imp coffee porter (10.2%). Drakes should be a must visit when in the area...and certainly worth making a special stop for. (Note...looks like the food truck might me theirs and/or semi was great!).“
PRBeer 1437 days ago
82 /100 2010 WILLIAMS STREET
“Large production brewery...with beer distributed fact I can get cans and taps back in I already know many of their beers (Hell or High Watermelon and Brew Free or Die being the most popular by us). Having said that, I can't say I've been a big fan...mostly because little stood out for me...but figured it was time to judge them at the source (there's another brewery and taproom in SF...which I believe is their original). After visiting I can say...all beers are at least good (nothing off...I mean this is a large production brewery after all)...and many are very good...what was missing for me was anything really great. Favorites included Gigantes AIPA, and Toaster Pastry IRA. Surprisingly (to me) the Blood Orange Brew Free wasn't a standout. I would have to agree with others who have said the beers here are hit or miss. The place itself is cool though...very large high ceiling warehouse with a plentiful amount of fairly enormous equipment. Fun place to hang out...particularly the outdoor space with comfortable seating and colorful canvas strung up to block some of the sun. I would recommend this place and say it's worth your visit...although if you do what many do (and I did)...combine a visit here with'll likely prefer the latter.“
PRBeer 1437 days ago
80 /100 1517 E 14TH ST
“Well, at the time of my visit it was a new bar in downtown San Leandro. I guess it's still new-ish.

There's plenty of street parking here and you can probably get away with parking in one of the nearby lots for Safeway or CVS or whatever.

Seating all along the boundary and a decent sized bar. Some TVs showing sports, typically. Not really a whole lot going on in terms of ambiance here.

The draft list is available online and is shown on TV screens behind the bar. A pretty good selection of beers on tap, though most of it is from the Bay Area. It's run by some old school Bay Area beer guys, including the long time brewer from Marin, so they have connections. I had a couple Alvarado Street beers that I hadn't tried yet during my first stop. They also have ciders and wine if you're with people who don't want to drink beer.

The prices are pretty fair, I thought. It's also quite close to my grandma's house, so I come by here somewhat regularly.“
brokensail 1586 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Located in a massive industrial mall, this place has over 20 taps. Custom flights available, priced according to what you get - so it can get very pricy if you pick lots of barrel aged stuff. The BA stuff occupies about 5-6 of the taps. They have a good truck upfront and a couple of vegetarian/vegan options. Interior is a warehouse / old-style pub feel. Service is decent, though the lines can be long. Worth a stop - very convenient stop before or after Oakland airport.“
mcberko 1726 days ago
76 /100 14900 E 14TH ST
“Food is the same as any Harry Hofbrau. A good beer selection. They have Wicked Weed on tap but with todays announcement I can’t order any of their beer.“
Sledutah 1840 days ago
74 /100 2010 WILLIAMS STREET
“As other said this is located in a huge warehouse with picnic tables inside and out. Brewing equipment, tanks and cans help fill up the inside. I’m a little disappointed that they only have 10 beers on tap, only 2 new beers for me. As always, good solid beers. I’ll be back.“
Sledutah 1840 days ago
90 /100 14900 E 14TH ST
“Restaurant & pub with 24 taps and a lot of bottles: deschutes Absyss, KBS on tap, there’s also a lot of States from Ballast point, Firestone Walker, Modern times, Pizza port, High Water etc. Hilarious!“
klm1 1943 days ago
88 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Have been here several times over the years and I thought I had already rated them, but no. Easy to find, off the 880, behind Walmart. Stopped by on the way back from a camping trip, Lagunitas was a zoo scene, had stopped at Moylan’s on the way up, so we figured the food looked good and the beer is always good (plus I’m a San Leandro native). Parked our truck an trailer over by Walmart and headed over with our big dog and found a table. The table service was already over so I headed in to get a couple of beers before ordering, Robustito and a special IPA, Triplicity. There was a duo playing music on the patio and a fairly good size crowd. One of the servers came over and we ended up getting our food through him, talking about beer, and he dropped off a couple of the sours they had on tap to try (Grandpapa Roy’s Peche and Too Many Candles). Food came, prepared out of a cool retro trailer parked out back, and was good, so i’d say overall, this place always delivers. I was impressed by their sours, looking forward to more. I did pick up a bottle to take, Papa’ Roy’s Peche. Corked sour 500ml for 18.99. Price seemed a little steep for a 500, but have not seen it anywhere else.“
larryLSB 2032 days ago
74 /100 2010 WILLIAMS STREET
“Yeah, this place is pretty freaking large. Basically a warehouse, with picnic tables set up inside, gaming area, brewing equipment, loads of pallets of empty cans. The smallish bar in the middle is basically dwarfed. They had about a dozen taps when I was there, all 21st Amendment. Did not ask about flights or tasters. Prices reasonable and service good. Oddly, with as much indoor space as they have, bathrooms are relegated to a trailer outside. Certainly a large step up from porta-potties, but come on, spring for some plumbing for Christmas sake!“
bytemesis 2039 days ago
82 /100 1517 E 14TH ST
“Nice spot in downtown San Leandro. I parked in the large Safeway parking lot and walked over after doing a couple drive-by’s and not seeing any available spots.

I’ll start off by saying what makes this place good is the draft selection. They had beers from Russian River, Sante Adairius, Alvarado Street, Hop Dogma and Woods during my visit. The latter being very hard to find outside of their brewery locations. 26 beers on tap total with a couple ciders and at least 5 or 6 wines on tap as well. Great selection from some of the best breweries from Santa Rosa to Monterey. I’m guessing this is the case because of the connections of their ownership. Arne Johnson, head brewer of Marin Brewing Co. is part owner here so you can expect rarer beers showing up on a pretty regular basis.

They don’t necessarily do flights, but they’ll serve tasters one by one if you ask. No break on price if you do several though, and the prices are a bit steep. There’s a small but interesting bottle selection in the cooler behind the bar. No food served, but BYOF is encouraged and there are a lot of options nearby.

The service was very friendly and knowledgeable. There’s not much in the way of ambiance here. It’s basically just a long narrow room with a long bar and a few tables against the opposite wall. Bare bones decor. I can’t see wanting to spend an entire night here, but the beer selection makes the ticker in me very happy. Will definitely be back.“
joeneugs 2049 days ago
48 /100 16211 E. 14TH ST
“Was told to check this place out and they had a posted beer list online. Unfortunately, what I experienced there and what I was expecting did not match up.

This pretty much seems like your typical liquor store with plenty of all different kinds of booze, but not really a beer destination. Some decent beers, sure, but a couple doors of bombers with options from Drakes, Lagunitas, Green Flash, Ballast Point, etc. and some six packs.

Don’t think I really need to stop in again for beer.“
brokensail 2296 days ago
72 /100 2010 WILLIAMS STREET
“Enormous new facility on the other side of the bay. Pretty close to Drakes and Cleophus as well. Massive warehouse/industrial space, but it honestly feels quite empty. Lots of big equipment and such, but plenty of room to expand, too.

They have a bar set up sort of in the middle of the warehouse space and you can order tasters or full beers. A lot of the beers were the same ones you can get at the brewpub or in cans, so that’s kind of a bummer, but some seasonals and stuff at least on tap. Tried a few new ones. Decent amount of seating at the large picnic tables.

Service was pretty good, even with a pretty sizable crowd. Pricing is okay, but not great...I guess the same thing as the brewpub in the City. Beer quality is still a bit hit or miss for me, so I’d rather just go to Drakes.“
brokensail 2324 days ago
80 /100 2010 WILLIAMS STREET
“Holy cow, this place is HUGE. The location is good for a beer hunter. The fact that it’s very close to Drakes Barrel House and Cleophus Quealy make for a solid beer crawl. They have ample parking so no worries there. Technically, this is an industrial park brewery, but it seems like they’ve taken over the entire industrial park. Inside is cavernous with monstrously large fermentors and stacks of palates with empty cans waiting to be filled. It’s hard not to be impressed with the scale of this place. I’m glad that they’ll be brewing here now instead of sourcing most of their canned beers to Minnesota. Anyway, the staff here was very knowledgeable and friendly. They had lots of folks filling up sampler trays and answering detailed questions from geeks like me. They have sort of a roped off communal seating area that consists mainly of picnic tables. It seems small in such a massive building, but theres actually lots of space here. The beers are all pretty solid. They had several new ones for me and all of the core lineup. For some reason, it seems like they didn’t have as many of the unique beers as the SF location usually has. Maybe they’ll only have the stuff they brew on location? I hope maybe they can get some of the beers from the SF brewpub. Either way, this is a stop I will be making on a fairly regular basis. A very impressive brewery no doubt.“
joeneugs 2335 days ago
78 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“I like Drake’s beer, and when they have events here it’s awesome. However, when there aren’t food trucks and stuff, the food selection is nil. The place is usually pretty busy and there’s not a ton of seating, but there is some outside seating if the weather is nice. Some bottles to buy, growler fills, and decent prices occasionally.“
ffbot 2580 days ago
82 /100 14900 E 14TH ST
“This place is just a couple minutes off the 580. The inside is huge with the restaurant portion in the front and the ample bar in the back. I didn’t try the food, which was cafeteria style, but it looks good enough. There’s also a pretty nice patio out back. Lots of room to move around both inside and out. The bar is also huge with seating for at least 20 people plus a number of small tables and a nice fireplace. Very cozy, if a bit old fashioned. There’s a large beer board as you walk into the bar area, but you can’t see it while sitting at the bar. I asked for the beer list and they gave me a seven day old computer print out stapled together with stuff crossed out and other things added by hand. Kind of annoying and a bit unprofessional. Other than that, everything was great. The service was friendly and laid back. The selection was fantastic. 30 taps, all of which were great. They had Cuvee de Tomme, Christmas Bomb, Yulesmith and a new Sierra Nevada tic for me. Lot’s of other good local rarities from Lagunitas, Faction, Altamont, Drakes. Top notch list. They seem to post their list on facebook pretty regularly, so you may want to check that out if you’re on the fence about stopping by. You can tell whoever their beer guy is, he’s really into the scene because there were empty bottles of rare out of market stuff displayed behind the bar. Overall, I’ll be putting this on my regular route since it’s right off the freeway on my home from work. It’s also probably the best straight up craft beer bar in the area. You’d have to go to Oakland for anything better.“
joeneugs 2691 days ago
76 /100 1221 MANOR BLVD
“Neighborhood pizza joint with a good beer selection. Really good pizza and fried chicken.“
fidel 2693 days ago
82 /100 14900 E 14TH ST
“30 beers of great beer on tap and a nice bottle selection. The beer manager was really helpful. Hofbrau style food goes great with the beer.“
fidel 2724 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“love me some Drake’s. kinda out of the way behind a strip mall and walmart. definitely worth a visit, though. AWESOME beers and a wide variety both times I’ve been. decent service. brough outside food both times,“
slowrunner77 2761 days ago
84 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“(Visited 08/2014): Drake’s is located off the Nimitz Freeway on Davis Street, basically hidden behind a Walmart. Parking is available in any of the lots in the complex, as well as in a garage.

Once you do find it though it is easy to spot, being a large blue warehouse with a large logo sign and fermenters outside. The barrel room was closed during my visit for First Friday, so they had pouring stations and the garage doors open to serve beers. There was a cool festival atmosphere as a result, but I wasn’t really able to see anything other than the outside.

As for the selection, there were about 12 beers available for the event, including First Friday (which was sold out), Aroma Flora, Aroma Coma, 1500, Pork Pie Rye, Discovery Vienna Lager, Blonde, Hefe, Porter, Omega and Double IPA. All the beers I tried via the token system in use that day were good.

Service during the Friday late afternoon event was good at the pouring stations.

I did not have food on my visit, although there was a food truck there for the event.

All in all I was happy to stumble on a visit during First Friday and would like to visit again on a normal day to check out the rest of the operation. Regardless I had a good time.“
Dogbrick 2787 days ago
88 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Great ambience. Awesome selection and your’e surrounded by barrels full of beer. love the outside seating. The staff is great even on busy days. i’ve been here 3 times and it’s always an awesome time.“
AdamChandler 2831 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“A nice tasting room in the barrel room. Tables spread out throughout the room, also a patio. The prices (tasters) are on the high side but well worth it. Drakes makes some solid beers.“
Sledutah 3050 days ago
70 /100 15100 HESPERIAN BLVD, STE 400A
“Newish BevMo at Bayfair, sort of anyway, just across from the Kohls and near the Target. Sort of small store, but all the usual suspects in beer and other libations. Friendly service, clean store, and typical prices. They had a few special beers such as Abyss and Double DBA. Lots of the BevMo house brands from Hermitage. Knee Deep, Ballast Point, Stone, etc. all over the place. Mostly beers out on the shelves, but a few cooler doors as well. If you’re around, it’s worth a stop to pick up some beers. But don’t go out of your way.“
brokensail 3056 days ago
72 /100 1221 MANOR BLVD
“This place has been here forever (just had their 50th anniversary). Food is pretty typical pizza joint stuff and it eats pretty good. Never came here to drink before until the other day. About 15 taps, but nothing super crazy. Pretty decent sized location and right next to the library, so you can grab a book if you feel so moved. They do full pours, half pints, and tasters which is nice and I’d say not typical for a place like this.“
brokensail 3065 days ago
82 /100 14900 E 14TH ST
“This place is just down the street from my grandmother’s place, but they just became a decent place for beer a couple months ago. The draft list is full of sold offerings, primarily from the bay area but a few thugs from ballast point as well. Really good bottle selection, but didn’t get to see prices on those. Pints were pretty standard prices ($5-6). Really friendly and attentive service. As with the Redwood City location, the bar area is a bit more vibrant than the retirement crowd that typically populates the main dining area. Definitely worth a stop.“
brokensail 3065 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Stopped by for a few beers on my way through, tucked behind some big box stores. Great layout, nice outdoor seating area, big warehouse style tasting room with plenty of seating and nice bar area. Service was good, staff seemed to know about all the beers. The selection when I showed up was fantastic, BA Drakonic, 2 different aroma beers (one with NZ hops) and lots of other great offerings. Value was pretty good until you hit the top tier, $4 for a small sample, but oh well. Overall a great place, will come back for sure.“
savnac 3146 days ago
96 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Visited on a Thursday afternoon..It was not very hard to find since I read some other reviews..Nice crowd of people in a big dark barrel room..Went to the bar and ordered a sample of everything they had on tap and then ordered another taster of the barrel aged beers.Grabbed as Growler as well..Very nice beers and one of the best sours I have had..badass place“
Errl 3186 days ago
70 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Came here and sampled a bunch of beers. After sampling I went and asked the girl pouring beers she could give me a half pour of two barrel beers in one glass. She said no like the beers could not be tampered with. I said why not aren’t barrel beers usually blended anyway? She still said no. So I ordered one of the beers I wanted. Several minutes later she came over and apologized and said they could accommodate my request. What’s the big deal if I want to make a screwball concoction. I thought it tasted great! Cool place with great beer.“
mrhoppy 3215 days ago
84 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Visited the barrel room on a Friday early afternoon on a nice day. A little hard to find as gps gets you close, but not quite there as you can’t see it. But there is a sign off the last turn in for Drakes and a couple of other businesses and it says in smaller print, ’behind wal mart’. We then drove around the back to see it. Industrial area, air traffic over head, functioning facility with a ramp/patio with outdoor seating and a large roll up door that opens up to more seating, a decent number of mixed barrels stacked 4-5 racks high and a nice long stand up bar with many taps and a chalkboard listing beers, some description and pricing. Sample, full pours, growlers and bottles to go. Fair pricing and some great one off draft only offerings. Only got to try 4 beer samples and wish I could had tried some more. Worth a stop for sure.“
bvc 3377 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“The bar is located in their barrel room and is no-frills, along with some patio seating out front that gets plenty of sun. The bartenders have tried pretty much everything on tap and can make great recommendations from a great, wide selection.“
high_on_hops 3377 days ago
84 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Been here a number of times over the years, at both the brewery and the new barrel house tasting room. The grand tasting for RBSG 2009 was also here.

The brewery side is only open on Fridays for their open house. Its been a few years so I dont know if they still do it this way but it used to be that you paid $10 or $15 and got a glass and 3 or 4 drink coupons. Full pours only, no samples. They also have a BBQ going and sometimes some music as well.

The barrel room has seating, bottles to go, does samples as well as full glasses, and sells growlers too. There are always at least a half dozen barrel offerings on tap as well as a half dozen regular beers on tap. No food served but you can bring food in or have it delivered.

Prices are reasonable, service is pretty good, nice place to stop and have a beer or a couple ticks. About a mile walk from the BART station in San Leandro if you want burn off some calories. Otherwise there is plenty of parking at the Walmart and Home Depot next door.“
t0rin0 3474 days ago
84 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Pretty cool place with a great number of taps, basically an open warehouse door inviting you to come inside or side at one of the few picnic tables. Nominally three barrel aged beers on tap, but two were out when we were there. Otherwise, this is what a tasting room SHOULD look like at a small microbrewery in my opinion. As for food - they supposedly have trucks sometimes, but I hope you like pretzels, or else grab something at the Togo’s down the way.“
bytemesis 3525 days ago
82 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Really cool place. The bar has a handful of seats as well as a smattering of tables around the rest of the space. Patio seating outside as well. Tons of beers on tap, including lots of special barrel aged stuff. Prices are pretty good, they do flights/tasters of everything, too. Can be a bit difficult to locate if you’ve never been here before. Just keep driving past the WalMart into the warehouse area in the back.“
brokensail 3575 days ago
78 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“First off, this location will not be correct in your GPS-the brewery is located adjacent to a Wal-mart. you have to drive through the Wal-mart parking lot (which trust me, was a challenge) to get to the brewery. your typical brewery in a warehouse setting. everybody seemed to be having a good time however, i was alone and kind of felt out of place somewhat. with that said, beer was very solid-had a couple samples and they were tasty. the crowd seemed a bit snooty and up-ity if you ask me. worth a stop if your in the east bay area.“
Terminus 3605 days ago
70 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“I love the barrel house. Great staff. Sunny location. Great beers; their alpha session is fantastic.“
ckwake74 3609 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“The location is kinda weird; it’s hidden behind the Wal-Mart. But once you get inside, it is very comfortable, and the service is great. The beer is awesome, but $5 per glass seems rather steep for my wages. Overall, I had a great time, and I would come here more often if I had more money.“
Aquilo 3615 days ago
80 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“I finally made it here after year after year of missing the 1st Friday off the month fun and then just two days ago (it was Feb15) showing up when the website claimed they were open only to be turned around by the staff stating they were closed. WTF! Please keep web content regarding hours up to date as some of us come from a very long way away to visit. But yes, I did finally make it to this big open warehouse space with way more open floor space than seating. I was able to try several amazing offerings and the IIIPA is dynamite >>>> Younger and I love Younger. The staff was friendly and professional even when being repeatable badgered by customers scheming to get IIIPA growlers (so they can sell on ebay no doubt, what dirt bags). Kudos to the staff for keeping cool and professional and not giving into the pressure.“
Ibrew2or3 3705 days ago
82 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“It is in an industrial warehouse where they store their barrel aging beers. A nice long bar with about 25 taps. Great service with some great beer.“
fidel 3711 days ago
72 /100 1221 MANOR BLVD
“Good pizza and a very good selection of every day beers. This place has been here for as long as I can remember, and one of the first places I had a good beer, before most places were tapping good beer.“
AgentSteve 3738 days ago
74 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Brewery is tucked behind the WalMart and Home Depot on Davis Street. Ambience is very warehouse-y but is made up for by everything else about the place. Very casual and friendly people both behind and in front of the bar. Its obviously the best place to go for Drakes beers offering the full range of things they produce including a selection of their barrel-aged specials which never make it to bottling. I wish there was more food on offer (just bar snacks during the week, occasional bbq on weekends.) Overall pretty lovely.“
mrmartin 3809 days ago
86 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Stopped at the new Tasting/Barrel Room. A bit hard to find, but there is plenty of parking. A really amazing tasting environment, looks great with plenty of taps and bottles. Kegs to go. Sample sizes, full pints, half pints, growlers. Plenty of barrel aged beers and draft beer that you can’t get elsewhere. A few beers from Jupiter and Triple Rock as well (all owned by the same people). Great prices. I’ll be back every trip up north.“
BMan1113VR 3900 days ago
86 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“Time for some re-rates now with the new Barrel House up and running! I’ve been excited for this opening for a while since I’m a pretty big Drakes fan. The location hasn’t changed. It’s still behind the Walmart in an industrial park in San Leandro. It’s not hard to find right off of 880 on Davis street. Just drive like your going to Walmart and it’s in the buildings right next door. It’s also reasonably close to the BART station, you just have to take a short bus or cab ride from there. Anyway, the ambiance is really nice now. The Barrel House has a nice patio and a large interior with some tables and benches amidst the many barrels filled with beer. It reminds me a bit of Lost Abbey with the industrial park setting, warehouse type location, and barrels of aging beer to peruse. I just wish they had some stools at the bar. They have about 20 of their regular beers on tap and usually 3 or 4 "strong" beers like Denogginizer and 3 or 4 barrel aged selections including bourbon, brandy, and various wine aged stouts, sours, and barleywines. The selection is outstanding. I imagine there’s going to be a huge rise in Drakes presence on the RB database, since most of the barrel aged brews are one offs. You can also get growler fills, bottles, and even kegs of the beer to go. Their regular brews are all above average, especially the IPA’s, of which they make many. The barrel selections have been hit or miss so far. Some are outstanding (a merlot barrel imperial stout I had recently) and some have been not so good (a pinot aged sour) but it’s still an exciting place to do some tasting. They do serve sample sizes for a small fee. The service was good, although I haven’t been here when its been busy yet. Overall, this place is a must if you are a local or visiting from out of town.“
joeneugs 3907 days ago
68 /100 1221 MANOR BLVD
“Big old pizza parlor that serves some nice local craft beers. It has a big screen TV in the back that was playing a football game and games for the kids.“
Sledutah 4173 days ago
70 /100 1221 MANOR BLVD
“Pizza and beer. One of the few places that do Pizza and craft beer with no pretensions, in the bay area. Homely, American Style Pizza with drakes, 21a, Marin, Lagunitas et al on tap. Occasional oddities like Abyss too! “
Phil 4501 days ago
88 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“The scene of the crime: RBSG Grand Tasting 2009. Really generous and good-natured hosts, trusting us with glassware, bathroom use, and access to their walk-in fridge which was stocked. Great people. Warehouse is danker than even AleSmith’s - looks more horror movie-like and less tourable, which I enjoyed. Will go back to revisit the madness.“
ajm 4692 days ago
76 /100 1221 MANOR BLVD
“This is a favorite pizza place of the locals. It met up to the expectations I had for it as far as pizza and as well as beer. I mean, it’s a pizza parlor and it has 5-6 solid micros with a couple of the usual macro crap. Not too common. A definite must visit when you are hungry!“
pinkzambia 5193 days ago
60 /100 1933 DAVIS ST, STE 177
“The ambiance is a parking lot surrounded by a chain link fence. But the beer is good and very reasonably priced, and the company is always fun. People are friendly and social, and typically share everything they bring. Great way to finish the week and welcome in the weekend!“
AgentSteve 5301 days ago
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