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56 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“A little disappointing as a destination, honestly, especially if you are thinking you'll have something new and exciting by them, or even something rare. On my visit they only really had their run of the mill beers you can find anywhere - I couldn't even fill up a flight with new ticks. Tacos outside that were good. Service friendly enough. Doesn't help that I had gone to the Confessional a few days earlier, but still - I'd rather go to the latter than here next time. Some other breweries in the area, so hit it on a tour, but don't expect some amazing rare beers here.“
solidfunk 772 days ago
78 /100 177 NEWPORT DR, STE B
“Raging Cider is located along San Diego County's "Hops Highway" in an industrial area not far from The Lost Abbey and Wild Barrel Brewing. The tasting room is cozy and there is a small patio to enjoy San Diego's weather while imbibing their Cider and Mead. They obtain most, if not all, apples and pears from nearby Julian, CA and typically have 8 or so variations plus a couple to three Meads. I sampled a few Ciders and grabbed some bottles for later, along with a growler fill. Great staff.“
BeerandBlues2 929 days ago
98 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Stopped in for beers before dinner at Stone. Had tasters of 9 Lost Abbey beers range very good to excellent. My favorite was the Brett saison. Low key friendly place. Really fantastic beer stop it’s a must do.“
KPD 977 days ago
84 /100 255 REDEL RD
“A large production facility and brewpub with a bowling alley, arcades, and outdoor play area. The space is open and inviting, and service great. There are about 18 house taps alongside several guest taps. The food is great and similar to their sister location. Parking is in the garage adjacent to the building.“
BeerandBlues2 1066 days ago
80 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE. 107
“Small production facility and tasting room located at the opposite end of the building with Rip Current's San Marcos location. There are a few high tables, a standing area near the bar, and overflow standing into a roped area in the parking lot. Tasty wild ales along with some clean beers. Friendly people who are passionate about their products.“
BeerandBlues2 1067 days ago
92 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Typical industrial style brewpub that you can find throughout Southern California. Only this one has some of best beers you can find! Without focusing on how much I love Lost Abbey, Port and now Hop Concept, the place offers a lot- The taps constantly rotate, I happened to pop in on a day when rare sour barrels were on (schwing!), even more bottles (both refrigerated and not) are available and merchandise like the famous artwork of their labels. The bartender told me she was new and couldn't answer my question about whether Dawn Patrol (a Port mild ale) would ever be brewed again, so she asked around and found out that it sort of is, as it is the base beer for Red Poppy Ale, but that since that's already been made for the year, I shouldn't expect the base on it's own any time soon. Great service, outstanding brews. If I still lived in San Marcos this would be my every day joint.“
Cristobal37 1253 days ago
90 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“What can I say? It's a typical Brewery, set up to serve their beers, including some collaborations. But what sets it apart is their beers are Primo Delux. Truly enough said. If you're not into their beers, you ain't gonna get it. They make some of the best beers around. Don't expect a long list of IPAs“
glennmastrange 1504 days ago
82 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Visited on a relaxed early afternoon in February 2018. I liked this garage style place. The service was friendly and the selection nice. (although not that many new ones during my visit) Would really love to visit again.“
gyllenbock 1654 days ago
78 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“Visited on a Wednesday evening in February 2018. A rather small and clean place that was not crowded at all during the visit. The service was good as was the selection. Located close to our Hotel, Courtyard by Marriot. Limited hours but we managed to drink some pleasant beers before they closed.“
gyllenbock 1654 days ago
80 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“Visited on an early evening in February 2018. A nice place with some dive bar vibes. Filled with many locals. The selection was good as was the service. Would not mind to visit again.“
gyllenbock 1654 days ago
74 /100 692 RANCHEROS DR
“Almost a community center atmosphere with batting cages and other sporty stuff sharing the building. Flights available at the bar and some good beers if you like Berliners. Solid spot although I found the sporty vibe a bit distracting.“
Ferris 1710 days ago
74 /100 692 RANCHEROS DR
“Visited during RBWG 2018. We inadvertently entered through the Pilates area and walked past the batting cages to the brewery - they all connect. Nice space, long bar with lots of large tables. Flights of four or 5 ounce pours of any number. Seemed to be multiple variants of just a handful of beers - lots of Berliners for example, which didn't seem to have any sourness at all. But a few were very solid. Worth watching these guys. I'd like to see them combine the axe throwing with the batting cages somehow.“
Travlr 1714 days ago
88 /100 692 RANCHEROS DR
“Unfortunately the Sherrif's Department is right behind this location. Despite that, the brewery shares a roof with a batting cage and axe throwing range. Great staff serving wonderful beers. Food trucks most nights.There are a ton of barrels waiting for beer to age. Dr. Bill is doing fine work here.“
BeerandBlues2 1718 days ago
90 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“So suprised i never rated this place. I Visited in July 2011 during a weekend of insane beer stops. This one did stand out. Parking is sort of a mess. I had to park down the little street with barely any space. Beer selection is incredible. They had a Sierra Nevada special thing going on the day i was there so i was happy. Staff is very quick and knowledgeable. The patrons are a mix of local purists and people like myself, whom come to this area in search of great beers. Made for quite an interesting dynamic. Great place nonetheless and a must stop if you are in the N. San Diego County area.“
Terminus 1723 days ago
64 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“Came here 15.7.2017. Better than the other place I have been before. 20 beers on tap. Surpringly good beers - Liked the Mango Tart. Other than that, a pretty average location, no differentiation. Service was more dealing with themselves - no customer orientation.“
Schlenkerla 1909 days ago
90 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“The ultimate warehouse/garage brewery except this one has incredibly random artwork, lots of brewery one-offs, and a friendly atmosphere. I marveled at how good the prices were and how much parking they had. It definitely sets a scene and the beer is some of the finest you’ll find anywhere in the world.“
DiarmaidBHK 1960 days ago
76 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“Pretty standard-looking brewery in an industrial park, with an obvious surfer theme. Good variety of taps, available in tasting flights or single pours. Staff are very generous with samples and very friendly. Beer quality itself was quite good, with a few standouts. Worth a stop when in San Marcos.“
mcberko 2058 days ago
86 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“Located directly off the main road, parking is rather limited and somewhat sketchy (drive carefully so you don’t bottom out anywhere). Once inside, the place is fairly traditional and rustic, almost dive-bar feeling, with plenty of seating. I sat at the bar and was serviced very promptly. Excellent beer selection, all of which are available in single taster pours for a reasonable price for a pub. I ordered food too, given that they had a vegan entree (much appreciated); it was tasty, but also somewhat underwhelming and way overpriced ($14) given for the small portion. Despite the food gripe, I highly recommend the place for the beer.“
mcberko 2059 days ago
88 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Visited 6/29/2016. Great service and a great selection of beer - they had 11 Lost Abbey beers and 12 Port beers on tap - most of which were available as tasters, half pints, pints, or growlers. Also a similar number of bottles for purchase to take home. A bunch of apocalyptic artwork on the wall available for purchase for around $100. Only complaint is the temperature of the tasting room was a little on the warm side. Great stop.“
wombat23 2072 days ago
84 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Visited 23.4.16. It was quite early in the day but also quite full - there was some sports fair happening outside. Large L-shaped counter, efficient staff, some treasures, seasonals and vintage on tap which was nice.“
kerenmk 2307 days ago
74 /100 1784 LA COSTA MEADOWS DR #103
“Visited 21.4.16, first brewery we visited in our reoad trip. Wasn’t on our map, but went there with our sister-in-law, because the niece’s karate class is around the corner (or was it Irish dance? such terrible uncle and aunt we are - choosing beer over watching the kid performing :/ ). I believe that I gave both the place and the beer a relatively good score because it was the first on the trip. It’s small, simple taproom. Nothing to write home about really. Stout, IPA and Berliner were the better options. Sours were off. We’re not into sours, but can appreciate well-made ones and these weren’t. Price was good, people very friendly. Best we had was actually the Black & Tan - unratable but we were still jet lagged and didn’t pay attention.“
kerenmk 2316 days ago
80 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“Somewhat typical industrial park brewery, but somehow this one was a bit more special. Mellow vibe, good music and very good beers.“
Iphonephan 2392 days ago
82 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“Something of an English pub decor, but the beer list is quite impressive, with both local brews and quality Danish, English and Belgium beers. Efficient but not very personal service in the restaurant -- might be better at the bar.“
Iphonephan 2392 days ago
86 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“Small place with a very friendly, funny staff. Locals were very welcoming and friendly. Few barrels as tables and a small bar with few seats. Fits 20 comfortably. Relaxed atmosphere. Beer was great with about 15 taps or so.“
TommyTH 2423 days ago
88 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Industrial park. Open garage doors with fans that kept the place semi cool. Servers were friendly and the atmosphere was enjoyable. Felt like a group of friends at a backyard BBQ. High top tables to stand among. No seating. Many paintings on the wall for sale for $90 I believe. I bought one and had it shipped for $120!“
TommyTH 2423 days ago
80 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“We came here on 15.2.2016. Was one of the few classic beer places in San Diego area we have not visited so far. Very nicely decorated with many brewery memorabilia and Churchil pictures. A combination of an English Pub and an US beer bar. Impressive bar with more than 40 taps, whereof two are hand pumps and several nitros. Beer selection is very rich, mainly beers from the region. We had Alesmith Nut Brown, Alesmith/Mikkeller IPA and a Gose from Sierra Nevada - Otra Vez, Societe - The Pupil IPA and Rip Current Palomar Chocolate Porter. Food also quite good, had Fish+Chips and the IPA burger. Service was mediocre, very commercial, not too much interested in beer. Overall for sure a good place, even I know better beer bars in the area.“
Schlenkerla 2425 days ago
92 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“What you expect a craft brewery to be: industrial warehouse vibe with a big bar and view of the tanks and some barrels. The large amount of barrels are stored across the street, but some are left for Lost Abbey color. Service was great: super friendly and accommodating, and knew a lot about the beer and their processes. Great selection, with a nice mix of both Port and Lost Abbey beers. My favorite of the smaller breweries I visited while in San Diego.“
jbruner 2494 days ago
70 /100 1241 LINDA VISTA DR
“Nice place with the taproom in front of the brewery. Good service and very nice prices. Beers are not amazing but the place is worth a visit.“
rlgk 2527 days ago
90 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“Sélection toujours solide, parfois monstre, dans une ambiance English-trash. Le service est impeccable malgré la clientèle surabondante. Le Hamilton’s de San Marcos.“
Marheb 2594 days ago
78 /100
Sublime Ale House (Restaurant)
“restaurant/pub vibe, great list of beers and a solid food menu. Surprised they rank so low.“
slowrunner77 2604 days ago
78 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“I’d heard good things about this place so I figured we should definately stop by. Place has a ton of taps, which was awesome. Pliny on draft had just sold out an hour before we got there, so that was kind of a bummer. Lots of good beer and an interesting, almost dive-bar environment makes for a fun experience.“
radagast83 2607 days ago
74 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“After hitting up the Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens - Escondido, we decided to check out their old brewery, now housing the Port Brewing / Lost Abbey. This is more like a traditional brewery, housed in a light industrial park. Place was busy, but there was plenty of room to move around. Staff was quick to take our orders. Beer selection wasn’t all that different from the Confessional, which I had been to the night before. About half-and-half split between Lost Abbey and Port Brewing beer, with a few extra "rarer" Lost Abbey beers available. Prints line one wall and it was fun matching up the prints to their respective beers with our friends. Samples were very reasonably priced and the to-go selection was pretty good, though some of the more special ones were sold out by the time we got there.“
radagast83 2607 days ago
62 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“So the beer here is good and there is a large selection and wide range of styles. However, the staff are kind of full of themselves, at least on the night I visited. They do have food trucks stop by and offer tasty morsels to the crowds, but my time here will be limited as long as they employ the same folks.“
BeerandBlues2 2623 days ago
92 /100 887 W SAN MARCOS BLVD
“British pub styled bar with awesome and eclectic decorations. Food was superb; the soft pretzel kicks ass. Service was extremely knowledgable and friendly. They offered tasters and had many local sd county beers.“
Lothore 2643 days ago
70 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“In an industrial park. Easy to find with lots of lost abbey / port signage outside. The tasting room is fairly sparse with no seating but a long bar and barrels that serve as tables throughout. Decent amount of beer to taste. Service was fast and friendly. Beer was delicious.“
Lothore 2643 days ago
86 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Tap room right next to the brewery. A sympathetic place with sympathetic people and cheap Port Brewing / Lost Abbey beers. By cheap, I mean: 4 oz tasters are 1$. Their very rare stuff (Older Viscosity, Framboise de amorosa, House Wild when I was there) is 5$ tasters. They have decorated the place with artwork of their labels. Definitely worth visiting, not much more to say.“
SinH4 2650 days ago
88 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“industrial building, Fantastic place to try an Lost Abbey and Port beers. the brewery and the brewpub blend and give an amazing atmosphere. The staff was friendly and helpful.“
SG340 2665 days ago
72 /100 1325 GRAND AVE, STE 100
“Kind of a smaller place, good beer. Hard to compare with the other breweries in the area. Friendly staff, only serve their beers. Nothing bad to say about the place, it’s just in an area with so many great places that kind of take away from Rip Current.“
svastuber 2665 days ago
86 /100 155 MATA WAY, STE 104
“Very cool place. Kind of out of the way and was a little difficult for me to find. Really awesome to be able to check out all the barrels and stuff there, very spacious and open place. We visited in September 2014 and we were pretty unlucky because the day we went they were having an issue with plumbing so none of the taps could be used. Staff was friendly though and ended up helping us select a nice bottle. They had a nice selection, we were just unable to drink it. I will visit again.“
svastuber 2667 days ago
72 /100
Sublime Ale House (Restaurant)
“This gastropub, located in San Marcos’ Restaurant Row offers a fresh selection of craft beer alongside a burger, pizza, and mac & cheese. The burger was good but I was not impressed with the side item, tomato and cucumber salad. For an area teeming with fresh fruits and vegetables, Sublime served mushy and gritty tomatoes - unacceptable. Our server rolled with the punches though as the kitchen forgot Kevin’s pizza; at least an extra beer found its way in front of Kevin.“
BeerandBlues2 2696 days ago
72 /100 1241 LINDA VISTA DR
“Another local upstart tucked neatly in an office/industrial area offering a nice selection of craft beers. Several offerings feature habaneros and the samplers are served in ’six shooters’. A pleasant place to spend a lazy afternoon.“
BeerandBlues2 2715 days ago