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78 /100 110 E 22ND ST, WAREHOUSE 9
“large space, industrial decour, good wifi; 12-14 beers on tap plus cans and kegs; food trucks; good beer; definitely warrants visiting“
thorongil2 1361 days ago
74 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Medium size place, sports bar meets irish pub decour; good wifi; 7 own beers on tap plus 13 guests; full bar; didn’t try the food; has the feel of neighborhood bar with the brewery and beer being an afterthought; beer is decent without anything amazing; flights of 6 own beers available“
thorongil2 1361 days ago
92 /100 110 E 22ND ST, WAREHOUSE 9
“Enormous place with indoor and outdoor components. Occasionally bands play there as well. Dog friendly. Child friendly. Good staff. Wide selection of their own beer on draught plus a cooler where you can do mix and match four packs. Beer was good too! Would recommend highly.“
mansquito 1437 days ago
64 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Old town Main Street vibe, parking is hard(ticket city with meters). Brewpub style with sports bar food, small selection of brews😂. Flight of beers with 4 house and few guest brews. Just missed their IPA launch the next day. Brews where average but nothing that stood out. More house brews would help on tap. Looks like 10bbl system upstairs with fermators down below. Cool history on the walls around the brewpub.“
Wittales 2595 days ago
56 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Good place. 6 taps. All very hoppy. Even in chocolate stout hoppy flavour prevails over chocolate.“
Sokolov 2740 days ago
50 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Oh my, what a place. I made the trek out here with gobzilla a while back. I had never been to San Pedro before and this was an interesting experience. The brewpub is on a quiet street a couple blocks from the water. We got in about 9pm and all the stores were closed and had the metal screen pulled down. Despite the fact that everything but one place was closed the street was still packed with cars and bros. Lots of Dodgers hats and lots of tattoos all there for the UFC fight. They have a good number of taps but only had 5 house beers when I was there. The beers are pretty meh (I’ve heard theories that they’re actually brewed at Angel City but I don’t believe that) and I wouldn’t go out of my way to try any of these beers again. Actually, the whole neighborhood is kind of dumpy looking and I’m not in a hurry to return.“
t0rin0 3170 days ago
52 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Cheesy. Saw it won some awards. Stopped by. Felt like a sports bar not a brewery. Beers were average.“
beermaker69 4082 days ago
68 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“(Visited 08/2010): SPBC is located in San Pedro on 6th not too far off Harbor. Street parking is available on 6th, and there is a metered lot across the street. The brewpub exterior features a nice front with big windows. Once inside, the bar is located on the left and table seating is on the right. Some of the brewing equipment is visible in the rear too. The decor features California-based sports teams, with UCLA being most prominent. The brick walls and tile ceiling try to counter some of the sports-bar stuff with a comfortable feel. A chalkboard lists what beers they have on tap. As for the beers, there were 6 available and they have a 5-beer sampler option. The styles were fairly standard issue - Amber, Pale Lager, Blonde, APA, Brown, and a seasonal Oktoberfest. All of the beers are average or a little above. Service was decent on an early afternoon. The bartenders were friendly although they didn’t seem to be too interested in beer in general. We did not try any food on the visit. Overall this place is a worthwhile stop outside the immediate LA area.“
Dogbrick 4135 days ago
74 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Old school style with some pretty good in-house beers. The owner, James, loves life and beer as pair and will show you a good time if you get the chance to meet him. Their IPA is good as well as their Chocolate Porter.“
TheCrowsNest 4413 days ago
62 /100 344 W 8TH ST
“First off this place is geared towards wine making. If you are making wine, this guy has everything you could ever want. But if you are in the area and need something in a pinch, then it will do the trick. They do have a bit of home brewing stuff here as well, and the guy who works here is very knowledgeable. I wouldn’t buy any ingredients from here because he doesn’t get much business from home brewers and it probably wouldn’t be fresh. They do have carboys, siphons, stoppers, bottle caps, bottles, airlocks, tubing, the usual. As stated above, unless you live in the area and are in a pinch, then I would make the drive to a full supply store like Steinfillers or elsewhere.“
tangent 4591 days ago
50 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“What makes the ambiance of this place, is being close to the water in a small little beach city. Inside is nice too, with lots of hardwood fixtures and surfaces. The selection was really weak. They listed about 6 beers on their menu, but only had four. Hey maybe the other two are so good, they were snatched up? The food was fine, I only ordered wings, so I have no idea about the rest of the menu. The price was fair. The beer didn’t knock my socks off, almost watery.“
LtDan 4654 days ago
72 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“I frequent this place at least 2 times a month, as I can ride my bike here from my house and catch happy hour for some $3.75 pints while its slow there. If you are in San Pedro, this place has the best beers hands down. In a town full of bars that have nothing on tap (literally) this place is a breath of fresh air. They have a good little selection of their beers with a rotating seasonal release. Their beers always seem to be pretty fresh and if you’re lucky like me, you can catch a nice guest tap like Sierra Nevada’s Handful of Hops. The Handful of Hops seemed to go quickly though, the last time I was there I received to last pint. Their staff is pretty friendly, and there are a few there that are pretty knowledgeable. They have pretty good bar food, from what I’ve had (Gaffey fries and the like) and if you are a sports fan, they have all that stuff going for them too, like multiple screens with different games on. I just go for the beer. During the day a very chill place to grab a decent pint and maybe some lunch - just keep in mind that at night this place can be very busy and even charge for entry on some nights to get in (bands).“
tangent 4675 days ago
76 /100
Cabrillo Liquor (Beer Store)
“This place is tucked in a shopping center with a laundry mat. They have a pretty decent little selection for being as small of a place as it is. Mostly california microbrews, but they do have a few belgians and some random ones like Samischlaus. Lots of great spirits and wine as well. The guys that work there are pretty cool, and definitely know the things they sell. They recently started carrying some unibroue beers at my request, which I thought was pretty cool. Not the greatest place, but if you’re in San Pedro this is one of the best and only for quality beers.“
tangent 4688 days ago
78 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“Visited this place a month ago on a Sunday evening. It was quite busy. Service was great. Menu was huge. Food was surprisingly good. Would definitely visit again.“
mnurda 4947 days ago
44 /100 331 W 6TH ST
“I went here for the first time tonight, after having come to San Pedro five previous times with my girlfriend who grew up here. This place has its charms, sadly the beer is not exactly one of them. The interior is a mix of old photos displaying the history and locations of San Pedro combined with a lot of UCLA Bruins gear and a few macro beer signs that seem out of place. They also have a full bar, and the appearance of the place makes it feel more like a bar than a brewpub despite the visible brewing equipment. Cant comment on the food, but the service on an evening with not much of a busy crowd was pretty slow and disorganized. Also the sampling tray system needs an overhaul. It is very difficult to tell which beer you are drinking as they are not labeled and the taster tray is circular.“
WeeHeavySD 5021 days ago
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