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“I've been here a number of times over the past few years since they have opened. It's another Fieldwork location and obviously they serve Fieldwork beer. This one is located in the City Center Bishop Ranch shopping center. It's right in a good corner spot so fairly easy to find. The location is definitely a bit sterile, but it fits in with the modern feel the rest of the mall has. Like all the Fieldwork locations, they offer a pretty solid number of their beers. Of course, 90% of them are some variation of IPA. They do draft, growlers/crowlers, and cans. In addition to beer, you can also get food, but I have never eaten here. Taster pours are available along with full beers. The service is generally fine, but all their locations seem to really have a lot of staff turnover, or are borrowing staff from different locations. I swear you never see the same person twice unless you're a regular that's going at least once a week. Anyway... the place is fine and now that I'm rarely going into the office, this location is much more convenient for me than the brewery in Berkeley (but I prefer that one). Their beer seems to go up and down in terms of quality, so it's hard to really say it's my favorite. But generally you can find something enjoyable.“
brokensail 162 days ago
64 /100 2425 SAN RAMON VALLEY BLVD, STE 300
“Came here because I was looking for the rebrew of Stone Sublimely Self Righteous and their website said they had it. Well, they didn't, so I just kind of browsed around. The selection here isn't very big, but it does have some odd stuff. Like, a lot of the same old tire garbage you would have seen in 2012, but then they have Ghost Town cans in the cooler? Seemed to have a few of the seasonal/rotating releases from the bigger breweries like Firestone and such, but overall not a great place to shop for beer. Would really only come here if you were looking for something basic/specific and knew they had it. The two women that were working when I came in were extremely helpful and friendly.“
brokensail 314 days ago
72 /100 3161 CROW CANYON PLACE
“Just what the world needed, another Total Wine. Actually found this place because it's on my way to the Danville Costco. Laid out like pretty much every other Total Wine that I have ever been to. They have a number of shelves of beer that seem to be more poorly organized each time I visit. Most of the stuff is the same garbage that every beer store has, but they have the special releases on the far left of the store and the coolers in the back often have some rotating/seasonal/special releases (and that's where the Russian River stuff is). I usually just come here to reload on Boon Black Label or if on the random chance a brewery like Deschutes or Stone released a beer I want to try.“
brokensail 314 days ago
“Visited late afternoon on a rainy Sunday. Located in the corner of the new City Center Bishop Ranch outdoor mall. Parking is on the 2nd level of the shopping center. Interior is shiny and new, with seating at the bar and a bunch of long communal tables in the open room. Additionally, the highlight of the place is the outdoor patio with fireplaces, heating lamps and plenty of space to spread out. No food, though you are welcome to bring in your own - good looking burger place about 300 feet away. Beer selection is ~ 20 house beers, available as taster, full, crowler or 32/64 oz growler. Quick friendly service at the corner of the bar. I was impressed by how busy this was on a Sunday afternoon. Great vibe, fun visit.

82 = ***½ (Solid place, near the top of the list for locals and visitors)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1214 days ago
“We happened to stay at the Marriott like a mile away, and the wife looked it up as a potential lunch spot. The grounds are really nice actually, well manicured and cared for. Dining area is small, although I suspect there is more than one room. They were playing the game on a football Sunday, but no sound. Service was great. Food was actually excellent across the board. Quite impressed. They had 18(!) taps running, which looked to all be their own beers. Nice range of styles, but nothing from a barrel. Flights of four available for a slightly pricey $10, served on this nice custom made golf green flight tray with flags identifying the beer. The darker beers (stouts, porters, browns and such) seemed quite good and the Berliner was passable. The IPAs were a bit ragged, however, a bit harsh with some aspirin notes. All in all well worth a visit, particularly if you are with friends that are not really excited about hitting dive breweries with no food.“
bytemesis 1301 days ago
74 /100 470 MARKET PL
“I chose to stop here on the way home primarily because of the Hef - another brewery tick baby! Bar in a strip mall setting, large patio out front was reasonably busy, pretty dead inside but the space is large. I ordered two half pours, the Hef (which was bad) and a DIPA from Altamont. Service good, taplist pretty good, did not try the food. Half pours were 6.50$ for the DIPA and $5 for the Hef, which I thought was pretty crazy.“
bytemesis 2073 days ago
62 /100 470 MARKET PL

---Rated via Beer Buddy for Android“
Spudduck 2168 days ago
72 /100 100 SUNSET DR
“Good beer store for the area. This is the place in San Ramon where I most consistently find Russian River or Almanac beers. If I remember correctly, there’s a nice neapolitan pizza place connected inside.“
italarican 2398 days ago
70 /100 100 SUNSET DR
“Pretty standard Whole Foods. They carry Russian River sours along with other locals as well as Belgians. No taproom :( Prices are good and service is friendly if you can find someone. Worth a stop once in a while if you drive past regularly like I do.“
joeneugs 3256 days ago
68 /100 100 SUNSET DR
“Ok. Decent Whole Foods with a variety that is pretty typical. If you can handle the traffic to get in here (it can be bad due to the giant Target store) and you’re already passing by on 680 it may be worth the stop.“
Ibrew2or3 3413 days ago
82 /100 470 MARKET PL
“This place is really a family restaurant that caters to familes with kids. They just happen to have a good selection of beer taps with lost of domestic craft brews, espcially those from CA and the Pacific Northwest. Not a bad place to enjoy a few beers either at the bar, or outside in the beer garden IF there’s not too many screaming kids running around without parental supervision. Sadly that’s probably going to be the case Friday nights. The Tuesday night Pint night brewery promotion nights on the other hand are outstanding, and easily the best night or the week to go!“
edweird 4101 days ago
70 /100 470 MARKET PL
“The hopyard had a decent tap list, although I was surprised that they only had one of their beers. The service was good. The food was OK. It was clean, a bit noisy and it was ok to bring kids there.“
JohnC 4372 days ago
50 /100 470 MARKET PL
“Nice tap list with Pliny and other good beers from Northern CA. The wings and chips with their home made salsa was good. Service was below average.
Looking at my beer ratings from that visit I think they have dirty lines or taps. 2 of the 4 beers all had a soapy flavor in the taste.“
Sledutah 4440 days ago
78 /100 470 MARKET PL
“Very good beer selection. Mostly Nor Cal bay area beers with the occasional rare one. They need to have more SD, Oregon and Wash. brews. Food is real good. Sweet potato fries!! Yes!!“
mrhoppy 4598 days ago
58 /100 100 SUNSET DR
“Had a few things you can’t find in regular grocery stores. Nothing amazing to go out of your way for.“
fidel 4672 days ago
84 /100 470 MARKET PL
“The food and beer are good. They always have new good beers changing on the menu. Nice place to grab some garlic fries and burger and nice beer or just sit at bar and enjoy the beer.“
polarbeer 4961 days ago
56 /100 470 MARKET PL
“The beer selection is ok, but if you like stouts or porters than your are going to be very limited and at the mercy of the waitress or bartender to recommend something somewhat similar. They do have a good variety of light pilsners and ales though. The food is absolutely wonderful! The best thing about the place is they will let me bring my puppy as long as I stay on the outside patio.“
cs535 5032 days ago
60 /100 100 SUNSET DR
“Decent selection of micros and imports. Singles can be purchased as well so six packs don’t need to be bought.“
AgentSteve 5043 days ago
78 /100 470 MARKET PL
“Nice place, good selection, very similar to the pleasanton location.“
fidel 5043 days ago
74 /100 100 SUNSET DR
“They usually have a good selection, especially of local brews. Good food too, albeit take out.“
Taverner 5288 days ago
74 /100 470 MARKET PL
“Good selection of brews on tap - Pliny the Elder is usually available. HopTown Cask IPA is available here sometimes...“
Taverner 5288 days ago
78 /100 470 MARKET PL
“Really good food, a ton of great beer on tap, and knowledeable servers. Just like the Pleasanton one. Very child friendly, also.“
AgentSteve 5348 days ago
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