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“Nothing fancy, just an enjoyable welcoming taproom. Friendly staff, great service, I’ll be back often.“
paiste2002 2486 days ago
90 /100
Newhall Refinery (Restaurant)
24258 MAIN ST
“Nice place.“
Jenk1945 2601 days ago
68 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“Visited November 6, 2014.

Not sure this one is actually a brewery but I don’t know what to think anymore. Do the admins want us to leave all Oggi’s and BJs as brewpubs even if they don’t brew? In my opinion if they don’t actually brew anything how can it be a brewpub? I’ll leave it for now and change it later if a decision is ever made. Also, it’s possible that there is actually a brewery in the back but I didn’t see one and all the other Oggi’s that I’ve been to that actually brew display the equipment prominently.

This is in a shopping center on Soledad Canyon in the middle of Santa Clarita. When I pulled into the parking lot the first building I saw had some neon signs out front from Firestone and somewhere else (can’t remember but it wasn’t a macro) so I just assumed that this was it. There were no signs anywhere on that side of the building. Inside it’s set up like an old diner. Turns out that it’s actually not Oggis but they have better beer on tap (Firestone, Lagunitas, and a few others). The Oggi’s on the other hand sports a Great White neon and has only the house beers plus three Firestone handles and some macros. Probably should have stayed at the other place.

This Oggi’s has their standard eight house beers on plus a few other things but no seasonals or small batch stuff. The food menu is the standard Oggi’s menu and they have some pretty good deals during happy hour. I got an order of the Oggi’s Sticks for half off. It’s for gluttons like myself. They take half a pizza (minus the sauce) and cut it into bread sticks and provide ranch and marinara dipping sauces. $4 for half a pizza, not bad. And you can add whatever pizza toppings you want. The service was friendly, the group of guys at the bar were getting sauced and provided entertainment, and the prices were good ($10 + tip for half a pizza and a pint of beer).The glass of Torey Pines tasted kind of old. Oh well, at least they played some Grand Funk on the radio.“
t0rin0 2830 days ago
64 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“Good pizza and a couple decent brews. Nothing that really stood out good or bad. worth a stop.“
slowrunner77 2843 days ago
72 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Pretty good spot after a totally exhausting day at Six flags. Sampler was decent. Not a place id drive far to visit, but certainly serviceable if in the area.“
daknole 2965 days ago
78 /100
Newhall Refinery (Restaurant)
24258 MAIN ST
“Visited May 11, 2014.

So this was my third stop ever in Valencia, and no, I’ve never actually been to Magic Mountain. It’s a nice town and it’s the last stop on I-5 to get a (decent) beer until Sacramento. This place is closer to 14 on the other side of town and it’s in an old-town sort of place with a lot of cafes and restaurants with seating on the sidewalk. Parking was no problem, despite it being mother’s day. Inside you’ll find about two dozen taps and a “reserve” bottle list. I didn’t look at the list but I saw a bartender walking around with some of the newest Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang. On tap I saw some Dogfish Head, Stone, Sierra Nevada, Smog City, New Belgium, Lindemans, Petrus (kind of neat to see this on tap), and B Nektar.

I went with a glass of the Smog City Amarilla Gorilla and the “Craft Burger”. As always I ordered it medium rare. This one was on the high end of medium but I’ll say it was an honest medium (pink all the way through). Not what I ordered but not far off and it’s actually how I prefer my burgers cooked. I always order medium rare knowing that it will come out at best medium but usually medium well. The burger was quite good. It has harvarti cheese on it and some carmelized onions. I could take or leave the arugula but overall I enjoyed it. The garlic fries were pretty good too but I didn’t eat most of them. Service was pretty good but the prices were terrible. Subtotal for 1 beer and 1 burger was $20. After tax and tip it was a $25 lunch. They had a mother’s day menu going which looked interesting but I didn’t see anything on it that was less than $18. If this place was closer to me I’d consider stopping in with friends a couple times a year but as it’s not even all that close to the route that I drive I’m not so excited about this place that I’ll go out of my way for a $25 meal. “
t0rin0 2984 days ago
70 /100 24130 VALENCIA BLVD
“This Whole Foods, in and of itself is decent. The bottle selection is rather weak for a Whole Foods, but there have been some things that have caused me to raise my eyebrow.I wouldn’t go here with the expectation of being blown away, but you may find a surprise or two, which is always nice. Anyways, if you’re from the West Coast, you’d probaby just gloss over 70% of the shit on the shelves here, but if you’re from the East Coast, you’d be in a safe place to stop here. Again, nothing mind-blowing, but it’s good enough.“
CheersMate 3120 days ago
78 /100 24130 VALENCIA BLVD
“One of the better Whole Foods I’ve been to. Definitely the best stop for craft beer in the SCV. A little higher in price then bevmo but a much better selection and the employees are far more knowledgeable then that of the braindead at bevmo!“
paiste2002 3281 days ago
62 /100
Newhall Refinery (Restaurant)
24258 MAIN ST
“Cool place. Smallish, crowded and very noisy. One TV, which is a good thing, we don’t need another sports bar in SCV. The beer selection is somewhat generic and safe if you will. Draft pricing was fair, the bottles are WAY over priced! The menu is interesting and consists of single item plates on the smallish side for the money. The staff that I dealt with some very nice, but! the (female bar tender) was kind of snobbish, a know it all situation if you will. I felt talked down to, not good! Just because you passed the cicerone test doesn’t make you an authority on beer! She was also more concerned with her friend that was there rather then taking care of everyone equally. It’s about time someone opened an ale house in Santa Clarita, but they do have some bugs to work out. One other thing I just noticed on their facebook page that I’d like to add. If your going to do a (inset brewery name here - RR night), that doesn’t mean drive up north and buy a couple of growlers, bring them back to your pub and sell samples from said growlers. Up-dated 11/11/2013 I’ve been in 3 times since my review and the service had greatly improved, then I was in last week and have to the service had taken a turn for the worse. I’m leaving the service rating at 4 until I pop in one more time and then adjust accordingly.“
paiste2002 3281 days ago
68 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Finally came to the original location this past weekend. Southwestern themed decor, not unlike the Calabasas location. Service was fairly friendly and quick, about 12 beers on, half of which were house beers. Ordered a glass of Yellowstone Wolf, the only beer I hadn’t tried before. Wasn’t bad. Don’t know how often I’d stop here as I’m not frequently in the area, but it’s decent enough.“
brokensail 3317 days ago
78 /100
Newhall Refinery (Restaurant)
24258 MAIN ST
“Great, if not huge selection of brews. Interesting and well prepared food. Crowded and noisy. Santa Clarita really needed a place like this!“
mofexr 3340 days ago
68 /100 24130 VALENCIA BLVD
“Visited June 2, 2013.

The beer is located on the left side of the store near the back by the wine. Took the scenic route around the store before I found it. Selection isn’t bad for a grocery store but for a Whole Foods I found it a bit lackluster. Standard imports like Chimay and Lindemans, some California stuff like Ballast Point, AleSmith, Stone, Bruery, and now Tap It, and some other domestic beers like Goose Island.

This place is right on McBean Parkway which is the same street as Wolf Creek (2.4 miles away), and only a mile and a half from Bevmo. It should be noted that this in Santa Clarita, not Valencia in case you can’t find it on a map.“
t0rin0 3352 days ago
70 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Visited in November 2010 on the way up north for Thanksgiving.

Kind of a large restaurant in a busy shopping center just a couple miles from the Magic Mountain theme park. The whole place has kind of a TexMex thing going on. I stopped in just long enough to have a bowl of tortilla soup and a sampler. The Golden Eagle at that time was the best beer out of the 6. The soup was pretty good. Service was a bit slow but they were busy.

Dont drive that way much anymore but might consider stopping in as it’s the only brewrey on I-5 between LA and Sacramento.“
t0rin0 3510 days ago
80 /100 24130 VALENCIA BLVD
“I was staying in nearby Santa Clarita, so when I saw this place was rated so highly, I made it a must-stop. Stopped in to see if there was any Pliny available (there wasn’t as they were between batches). There was a guy there stocking the beer shelf, and saw that he was the "Beer Expert" pictured on a nearby wall. We chatted a bit, and he looked up on his phone where I could find Pliny on-tap if at all. Really nice guy. I can’t remember his name, so I won’t guess. On to the beer...they carried a really good selection from what I have experienced with this store. Maybe it’s because CA just has so much good beer. Lots of my faves that I can’t get back home available: Deschutes, Goose Island, Firestone Walker, Port, Lost Abbey, etc. Really great store with competitive prices. If ever in the area again, this will be where I "fill up" for the week.“
Onenote81 3749 days ago
58 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Stayed nearby when in town back in March, so decided to hit this place up one night for a nightcap. Walked in at 9:59pm, and they were just starting to close. Really?! At 10:00pm? Huh. Anyways, we just snuck in. The decor looked alright. Small bar area to the right. The brewery was visible through some windows behind the bar. They had about 5-6 of their own beers on-tap (though 2 of them were gone when we tried to order them) and a few "guest" taps. The bartendress was friendly. I ordered a pint of their Black IPA, which was underwhelming. We couldn’t order any food as the kitchen had closed, so I can’t say whether the food was any good or not. All-in-all, this was a meh-experience. Not sure I would revisit this place.“
Onenote81 3749 days ago
62 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“I was happily surprised when i showed up at Wolf Creek. Beers were decent, ok vibe for Santa Clarita. I wouldn’t rush back but when I’m up there for a meeting, I’ll be happy to grab lunch and a beer.“
bfellows 3750 days ago
76 /100 24130 VALENCIA BLVD
“One of the better Whole Foods in the greater Los Angeles area. Casey is the beer buyer and does a great job. I emailed him a little while back and asked if he had any _______ [limited release beer] in stock. He did, and offered to set 2 bottles aside for me for over a week (no credit card or anything). Wide selection of very good stuff (both Belgian and Californian). Full line ups from Alesmith and Russian River with some Lost Abbey beers as well. A couple things you don’t see very often in LA proper: Island Brewing beers and such like that. Ratebeer shelf tags in full force. Everything else about the store is typical Whole Foods. I did also see some decent sake, including a well priced Koshu. All in all a worthy stop if you are in the area.“
BMan1113VR 3938 days ago
8 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“i’ll never go back, went in at lunch time the other day, maybe 3 tables with 6-8 people, place was dead. no one at the bar, so i sat at the bar and was looking at the menu, bar maid didn’t say a word but put a pint of ice water in front of me and walked away. i figured out what i wanted to order and sat their for 15-20 min. then a waitress came out of the kitchen so i asked her where the bar maid went, she said she go and look, well another 15-20min wait.. F-that, i walked out. the owner needs to hire some mature employees that will work.“
fubarbrew0 4384 days ago
72 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Good food. Friendly service. A bit pricey for my liking but most things are. The house beers are really safe. They hardly ever brew anything that will push the buttons of a beer geek. The guest taps are usually west coast beers, Sierra Nevada, Firestone, Bear Republic. The place and bar are a bit small so expect a wait on the weekend.“
dukeredhair 4412 days ago
78 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“this is a whole in the wall in a shopping center. very small and intimate but well kept. i arrived around 3pm on a tuesday and it was super slow. i received some great service from the bar tender. great place for the area. descent beers and has room to improve. overall i highly suggest and i’m comming back soon for new beers.“
emagana 4519 days ago
66 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“A pretty chill restaurant in a plaza. Loads of TVs around and a big bar. Seems like it could be a fairly family friendly place. The beer was decent, but not exceptional. The food was very good but again, not exceptional. I would say this is worth a visit if you are in the area - I mean what else can you do in Santa Clarita? - but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get here.“
can8ianben 4796 days ago
78 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Visited many times. Being named Wolf Creek a southwestern decor is a given. The bar is rather smallish, maybe 10 seats with four two person hi-top tables just behind the bar seating. Your likely to find anywhere between 3 to 5 W/C beers on line and 4 guest beers. Usually Sierra Nevada PA, Anderson Valley OS, Firestone DBA and Green Flash WCIPA. The WC beers are all for the most part good all be it rather safe and geared more to please those new to craft brews rather then the beer geek. On to the food. You’ll find the usual pizza, wings, sandwich’s and burgers. They serve this full breast of chicken that is pressed and baked under a brick that is awesome! The food is above average but on the pricy side. I only stop in once or twice a month as it’s always the same thing. I really wish the brewer would kick it in gear and start brewing some beers that would challenge his customers rather the just play it safe. When I go to an ice cream shop I don’t always want vanilla.“
paiste2002 4940 days ago
38 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“I live in Santa Clarita a beer wasteland for sure. Oggis with its overload of TVs tuned into every sporting event available has more of a romper room atmosphere then a brew pub vibe going on. Just as Dogbrick stated Chuck E Cheese fits very well. Its filled with loud kids out of control while mom and dad drink and feast on what they have the nerve to call pizza. From day one the beers have always been nothing special. Its just that simple. I would sum Oggis up as an average brewery and a somewhat less then average family restaurant.“
paiste2002 4971 days ago
68 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“(Visited 02/2008): This Oggi’s location is in Santa Clarita on Soledad Canyon Rd, which is a few miles up Rte 14 from where it splits from the 5. It is near the road and has a good sized private lot. The inside is open and spacious. There is a central walkway between table seating, and the bar is in the rear. There is a small arcade and TVs everywhere. Definitely a Chuck E Cheese meets TGI Friday’s atmosphere, considering how many yelling children were there. The bar features a lot of wine bottles and mugs for their mug club. Oggi’s has 7 different beers available, including one as a Left Coast, plus MacTarnahan’s Original Honey Beer as a guest. I did not note any bottled options. The beers go from Blonde to Stout without anything too unique in the middle. The Oggi’s beers are available in a sampler for about $7. All of them are average to above average. Service here was good on a Wednesday evening. The bartender has his group of regulars but still found time to talk about their beers with me. Oggi’s pizzas are the main draw, and the one I got to go turned out to be very good. They have a couple dozen different kinds, and a lot of them looked interesting. Overall I probably would not make this a regular hangout because of the chaotic atmosphere, but the beers are good enough that coupled with the great pizza I would visit here again.“
Dogbrick 5049 days ago
74 /100 27746 MCBEAN PKWY
“Visited on 12/10/07, just after lunchtime. Decor is southwestern (new school, not pastels and adobe) with lots of earth tones and wood. The hundreds of personalized mugs behind the bar bear testament to the legion of beer drinkers loyal to this place. Service and seating were prompt. There were five Wolf Creek beers on tap and a good selection of guest taps (although the ONE guest tap I asked for was out). Food starts with a plate of hot bread served with a kind of hummus sort of mayo/garlic/something dip that’s tasty. We had a pizza (above average but not great) and some buffalo-wing style chicken tenders that were pretty good. Dock ’em a point for having Fox News on the TV, but at least it wasn’t sports. Prices were reasonable. If I lived closer, this would be a semi-regular stop.“
User57106 5353 days ago
68 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“Ambiance can be summed up in three words: family sports bar. Weird, huh? Lots of flat screen TVs everywhere you look bombarding you with sports of every imaginable flavor. Always lots of hot young girls there when I go. Go figure. Anyway, the service I have received on my four trips out there has never been short of good. The food is better than some other pizza ’n beer places (BJ’s) and the pizza itself is certainly the equal of the excellent Pizza Port. They always have seven of their own brews on tap as well as macros and Stella Artois and Firestone Doubel Barrel. I did go to one beer tasting in a back room there about a year ago (between April ’06 and early ’07) that was one of the rougher-around-the-edges tastings I’ve attended. Still, at least they had one. Overall, not worth the trip if you live far away. But, if you live in LA, even a place like this is hard to find. Why is LA such a beer-poor town, anyway?“
User57106 5389 days ago
62 /100 18810 SOLEDAD CANYON RD
“Oggi’s has great awarded beers and superb pizza (my favorite is the Field Goal). It has nice sit down restaurant type seating, a pub area, plus a patio area. Although it’s not the greatest in ambiance, it makes up for it in great beers and pizza. The Santa Clarita beer brewers club meets here monthly, but they are primarily drinkers vs. brewers. Maltose Falcons in Woodland Hills is much better as a club. Overall a slightly better than average brewery and restaurant.“
TheRaven 5439 days ago
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