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74 /100 10151 PROSPECT AVE
“A production brewery for Groundswell with a large tasting room. No food available but you can bring your own. The beer is average and the service great. There are couches, games, a bar, and high top tables.“
BeerandBlues2 1413 days ago
82 /100 8665 ARGENT ST, STE B
“This brewery is located in an industrial area and has a nice patio and some game rooms - it seems like a neighborhood type hangout but not with the “bar” scene. The server was very friendly and made sure that I had beer at all times. The beer is good too! Definitely an island vibe here, and quite relaxed.“
BeerandBlues2 1413 days ago
60 /100 10151 PROSPECT AVE
“Came here on 27.11.2018. For the San Diego area a very average brewpub with a small outside area. Beers were ok. Had the Cream Ale and an IPA. Great happy hour before 6 pm - 1 $ off every pint. In another part of the world this brewpub would score much higher, but in San Diego it is just average.“
Schlenkerla 1526 days ago
80 /100 10960 WHEATLANDS AVE, STE 101
“This large brewery and distillery has an outdoor patio which you enter through to obtain the tasting room. While none of their spirits were currently available, they do now have the appropriate licenses and will soon produce. There were several seasonal beers available and the brewer heckled me for not tossing my peanut shells on the floor, so I obliged. The service was pretty good though I was there early and before any crowd. The beer is fine.“
BeerandBlues2 2182 days ago
74 /100 10960 WHEATLANDS AVE, STE 101
“Quite nice place. Brewery is in the same big room as the tasting room. Nice patio with food trucks available. We had a good time sharing a flight.“
rlgk 2637 days ago
72 /100 10960 WHEATLANDS AVE, STE 101
“With the sign out front indicating that they want bikers’ business, but don’t want them wearing their colors, I knew this would be a winner.

Sort of an old west theme to go with their massive warehouse space. Brewing system and all that easily visible from the tasting room area. They do tasters of all their beers and the prices are pretty good. We, of course, ordered all of them.

The beer quality here wasn’t great, but not bad. A lot of the beers were just kind of bland and meh. Seeing as its so far away from anything else I’m really interested in and the beers were average, probably a one and done for me.“
brokensail 2647 days ago
58 /100 8665 ARGENT ST, STE B
“They’ve certainly got their motif down... surf, tiki, and palm decor everywhere. Actually kind of a cool little patio area which sticks out in this Santee business park.

The tasting room isn’t large, but it is well done and comfortable. Three house beers on tap during our visit, but they certainly have space for more. Unfortunately, the beers were not good, with the Double IPA being particularly unpleasant.

Nice enough people and all that, but no need for me to come back here.“
brokensail 2647 days ago
66 /100 8665 ARGENT ST, STE B
“Cool spot, with really nice, passionate people. Unfortunately, there were only 3 beers offered and they were all a mess.“
Naven 2699 days ago
“Updated 05-17-2014. revisited this store for the first time in several years, and I was surprised to find that they have embraced craft beers in a big way. Once they were a small neighborhood convenience store with some decent locals, but shit has changed and they are now a full blow liquor store with a really good selection. Prices looked a touch higher than some competitors like bevmo but that’s not unusual. Knocking down my rating a bit as I just realized that they have many IPA’s sitting on shelves and not in coolers.“
StefanSD 3181 days ago
68 /100 10960 WHEATLANDS AVE, STE 101
“Large, clean space. Nice outdoor space as well. Inside had an old west feel. A friend said he felt like we were in a Claim Jumper restaurant. Guess I can see that. Beers were pretty average. Saison was downright boring and the IPA seemed more like a pale ale. Seemed to be a lot of regulars here. The bartender sat and talked to a gentleman at the bar for a good 10 minutes before deciding to help me. Meh UPDATE: 4/18/14 Service still stinks.“
Naven 3223 days ago
76 /100 9755 MISSION GORGE RD
“Stopped in real quick, decent selection. Not sure of service because i didn’t really ask any questions. Prices seemes fair. wish we had something like this in Ohio.“
mikesaum 3238 days ago
70 /100
Star Market (Beer Store)
“New place in Santee. Beer selection was better than average and most all beers were in refrigerated coolers. Service consisted of a guy standing behind a cash register at check out. Value was good as most of their beers were priced a buck or two lower than competitors. I’m not sure that Santee needs another beer store, but here it is.“
StefanSD 3308 days ago
58 /100 9361 MISSION GEORGE RD
“Nice big store with plenty of good healthy foods and produce. Beer selection is alright for the store type, but isn’t close to being worth a special trip, considering BevMo and Bev4Less are a block or two away in either direction.“
mjg74 3338 days ago
66 /100 9755 MISSION GORGE RD
“Clean sterile looking store. Decent selection of brews. If you’re not from the area you should find a lot of good stuff to try. La Mesa store has quite a bit more brews than this place. Pretty good if you’re in the area.“
mjg74 3338 days ago
74 /100 10960 WHEATLANDS AVE, STE 101
“Visited October 2013.

Another new brewery in the San Diego area. What’s that, 74 now? 75? What sets these guys apart from the other six dozen in the area is two things: 1) the old west theme and 2) the fact that they distill as well. No idea if they’re actually distilling or aging anything yet but the still is right next to the brewing equipment and a couple of oak barrels. They have several old guns on the walls and the tables have some historical info and artifacts in them. Outside is a nice fish pond with some turtles and the area is surrounded by an old timey wooden fence. It was pointed out that the planter was actually a chicken feeder / trough.

They had nine beers on tap and offer tasters of all of them for cheap too. Most tasters are $1.50 per and they are 4oz (a generous 4oz too). Styles ranged from golden ale and pale ale to saison to marzen and they have an imperial stout as well. The service was very friendly but I wasn’t all that impressed by the beers. They do have three different IPAs but being so close to Alpine I think I’d rather go up the hill to get my IPA fix.

It’s a shame that the beers aren’t better since the place is nice. I’ll stop back in again to see how they’re improving the next time I go to Alpine, but this isn’t a must for me when I’m in SD.“
t0rin0 3381 days ago
84 /100 10960 WHEATLANDS AVE, STE 101
“Large finished bar inside with abundant counter space and tables. Nice garden outside with shaded tables, misters, and a play area for kids. Cool western decorations throughout. Look for the SEAL Tridents and spent casings laid in the bar and counter areas. Five beers with tasters, full pours, and growlers available.“
heresy22 3463 days ago
84 /100 9828 MISSION GORGE RD, STE A
“Close to my house and my wife like the food. Both are pluses. Family friendly. They have 6-8 guest taps, which can have very impressive offerings. House beers are $3 during happy hour. “
heresy22 3477 days ago
78 /100 9755 MISSION GORGE RD
“New BevMo store in Santee. Brightly lit and Kinda lacking in personality. Does not appear to have as many beers as the La Mesa location. Its more like a BevMo Jr. OK selection of bourbons, Get Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig, Weller Wheat, etc. Staff was helpful and special ordered me a bottle of Elmer T Lee bourbon.“
StefanSD 3708 days ago
68 /100
Mr Liquor (Beer Store)
“not a bad liquor store, ok selection of beers. I wish they would carry pliney though. has a good selection of sammy adams and ok selection of belgians as well.“
vista755 4008 days ago
52 /100
Mr Liquor (Beer Store)
“Small neighborhood liquor store. I’ve poked my head in here occasionally over the years and I’ve noticed that they have continued to grow their craft beer selection. This is alright for a B grade neighborhood store. They carry Alesmith, Stone (including special releases) Green Flash, Ballast Point and a nice selection of English imports as well as some common Belgian lambics. They also carry a smattering of random crafts--today I bought a Great Divide Grand Cru. I hope they continue to grow and build their craft brew offerings.“
StefanSD 4242 days ago
“For a neighborhood market that is not trying to be a beer store they have a very good selection. You won’t see the hard to find beers but they do have most Stone including seasonals, Ballast Point (including Sculpin when available). Mission, Green Flash, and Lost Abbey/Port are also represented. Very friendly people. Good wine selection as well.“
blickta 4769 days ago
66 /100 9828 MISSION GORGE RD, STE A
“Decent place .Been there twice both times they were out of hop juice.Has pliny the elder Russian river ipa. wings are good pizza is great friendly staff. The only home brew i tried was torrey pines ipa. what a let down or maybe it was after pte no comparision. Defintely go back.“
harbuck76 5036 days ago
60 /100 9361 MISSION GEORGE RD
“The new location is fantastic. The fresh fruits and vegies are unbeatable in price, and the organic meats and other items are top notch. I thought this was going to be a whole foods. That would have made us beer hunters happier. As for the beer, decent small selection of stuff you can get just about anywhere you already know. Still nice to pick up a lambic for the wife while we are here.“
padrefan98 5048 days ago
64 /100 9361 MISSION GEORGE RD
“This is a grocery foods store with a bent on health foods and organic foods. But they do have a good beer aisle that features ales somewhat off the beaten path. They carry Green Flash, Ballast Point, Samuel Smiths, Alesmith, Manzanita, Lindemans Lambics, Bear Republic, Deschutes regulars, Avery, and Stone ales. All beers are usually fairly priced and represent a good value. If you shop here for food you might as well check out the beers too.“
StefanSD 5128 days ago
58 /100 9828 MISSION GORGE RD, STE A
“Small place located in a fairly new strip mall. The seating is limited to 12 to 15 booths and some bar area seating. There seems to be a dozen CRTs and some flat panels turned to sports and Padre stuff everywhere. In the midst of the NL pennant race and the Padres playing Arizona during our visit they didn’t have it ON. Really disappointing. Come on, STEP UP!!!! The food we had was pretty darn good. For the beer their standard line up was being offered with maybe two guest taps and a macro or two. No Oggis special or seasonal offerings. But with Hop Juice on tap how could I really complain. It was amazing. Certainly looking forward to visiting more locations the next time I’m in SoCal.“
Ibrew2or3 5611 days ago
70 /100 9828 MISSION GORGE RD, STE A
“Location is close to my home too, making this a very convenient pit stop. I have dined here several dozen times over the past two years. Like padrefan98 saidthe staff does not know beer. (If they did they would not have put a slice of lemon in my hefe). Also, they serve the beer way too cold. As for food, the pizza is much better than average, and the calzones are superb. Service is generally good, and the waitresses are all cuties.“
StefanSD 5701 days ago
74 /100 9828 MISSION GORGE RD, STE A
“Love the location close to my home. Havent found a person knoweledgable in thier own beers. Good service.“
padrefan98 5785 days ago
66 /100 9828 MISSION GORGE RD, STE A
“Food is pretty good. The common house brews are just OK, but their special brews are great. Hop Juice, Sanctuary, and the such. Great place to wacth a game. Worth checking out.“
fordest 6289 days ago
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