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8 /100
The Bottle Shop (Beer Store)
“delete this rating“
mrhopsbeertalk 2240 days ago
82 /100 21 KERSTING CT
“i greatly prefer this lucky’s to the pasadena location. maybe cause we went with a regular, but the service was much better, and the beer list was great, as was the pub food.“
slowrunner77 2555 days ago
66 /100 21 KERSTING CT
“Visited 3 or 4 times over the years.

This place is more or less on the way to Stuffed Sandwich where I go most Wednesdays and it’s also closer to me than the locations in Pasadena but it’s just not as good as the other Lucky Baldwin’s locations. Less taps, lower quality beers, and all around kind of quiet and sad. That said I’ll still stop in from time to time when they’re doing a themed tap lineup or to grab the newest anniversary glass/shirt.“
t0rin0 3156 days ago
70 /100 21 KERSTING CT
“Cozy place, had a decent tap selection when I was there. Staff didn’t seem overly beer savvy, but I knew the beers well enough that it wasn’t an issue. The mussels cooked with witbier were tasty. Service a touch on the slow side, probably not the best if you’re in a hurry.“
ekoerper 3595 days ago
82 /100 21 KERSTING CT
“great beer bar. they have lots of fests look for thier fest they are the best“
trampdaddy 4335 days ago
44 /100 21 KERSTING CT
“Complete 180 from the Old Towne Pasadena. Clean and way to bright for a beer bar. Seems like they are trying to attract the wealthy folks of Arcadia, Sierra Madre and surrounding areas. The service is pretty bad. The one tall lady is nice, but none of them know craft beer, and they don’t seem to care. When it’s packed, it takes 30 minutes to get a beer, and sometimes 30 minutes to get a refill. They should staff accordingly. The selection is fine, although I think the tap list is catering to the owner Dave more than anything. With so much great fresh local beer to drink, the menu is filled with year old kegs of English Ale for the most part. Also, I believe the lines are dirty, as I had an Urthel Hop it that tasted like dirt. The food is pretty horrible, and even a few beers doesn’t help it any. I will say, the fish and chips are fine, you should go with that, but nothing else really is that good. The prices are fine, and unoffensive to me. Overall, I only go if someone is having a meet up there, but dont go out of my way to visit this place what so ever.“
LtDan 4416 days ago
80 /100 21 KERSTING CT
“Smaller and cleaner than the Pasadena location. Almost as homey. Wait staff may decide to never come back if you take too long ordering the first round. Seems to draw a more stable older crowd. Lots of the same beers on offer.“
ajm 4426 days ago
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