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74 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Worth a hit this one ...aswell as there own beers on 6 guests too..“
Wirralbeerveg 720 days ago
74 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“A nice oceanside tap room and brewery, about a block off the beach. Open doors on both ends keep the breezes flowing through. The taproom was full but not overcrowded during our visit. They offer stand up seating looking out on the sidewalk and patio seating out back, also with some indoor seating. The beers are solid and service friendly. They had a food vendor when we visited.“
BeerandBlues2 1934 days ago
80 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Small tasting room with a few barrels scattered around. Friendly service. The beers were all solid. I’ll be back. On Tuesday they have "taster Tuesday", 3 samples for $3.“
Sledutah 1951 days ago
80 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Very small venue but huge in terms of quality! All 4 beers I had were very good especially the 3xIPA. Can’t wait to return.“
b727trijet 2058 days ago
76 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Visited on Saturday afternoon (28th May 2016). Busy and full, inside there are four barrels for tables, no chairs; the bar is towards the rear with a ramp to the left leading to a raised patio with pallet furniture. Large board shows which 12 beers of theirs are available, an extra one was advertised on the actual bar. Two young ladies fronting the place with a stall selling Guacamole on the patio. Good vibe and 3oz pours ensured I stayed there for a while and ended up having 12 of the 13 beers on tap. A few artist prints for sale on one wall, their T’shirts hung on another. Basic lay out with no frills, brewing equipment on show for all to see. Liked it, beers were all fine too.“
BlackHaddock 2065 days ago
78 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Très Californien comme local. Deux espaces, un petit espace extérieur avec quelques places assises et diverses jeux, un espace intérieur lumineux avec que des places debouts. Les bières sont principalement ’’de soif’’ avec une qualité généralement respectable.“
Marheb 2113 days ago
78 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Cool place in Solana Beach. Wooden interior and wooden furniture. Good beer selection as we visited, a few one offs that was not on rate beer yet. Good service, good prices.“
rlgk 2268 days ago
76 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get to this brewery. Although I frequent SB, for whatever reason I have never stopped in. The place is tiny, so thankfully I was there on a Tuesday at 2:30, because I can see this place becoming uncomfortable stat. The beertender was a little curt, but honestly the beers were so good I let her "you are lucky to be here" attitude slide. Culture is worthy of the hype they have been getting and my growler will be filled often.“
Naven 2344 days ago
82 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“been 3x, and will be back. Like the place, the beer, the brewer. Cover styles well and they’re willing to go outside the box.“
slowrunner77 2348 days ago
78 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“probably the smallest pizza port, but great pizza and a good tap list, just like the others. surfer vibe.“
slowrunner77 2348 days ago
82 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“So upon arrival, I was taken aback by the place’s popularity. The place was packed on a Sunday night. Lots of different groups of people out and about. Food took a while - one pizza took over 45 minutes to get to us. The counter-service was a little annoying, as there was no open-tab option - though they could easily have their reasons for it. I wish they had some half-pint options as I wanted to try a few more than I did, but didn’t want to be a jerk and try a number of small thimbles or get full pint pours of things. Those were minor issues as I had a blast and ate some very good pizza.“
radagast83 2351 days ago
80 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“We were driving through Solana Beach and saw Culture Brewing Company and decided to stop by. The place is a very very small space. I’d hesitate to call it a storefront, as it doesn’t look at all like a traditional storefront. It’s almost a roof between two building with a retractable front and back. Food truck was in the back. Beers were decent and certainly refreshing during the "heat wave" that the area was suffering from. The only knock I have against the place were the number of dog owners who filled the place up with their animals. I understand the place is dog-friendly, but it felt entirely inappropriate to have dogs anywhere but near the front of the building.“
radagast83 2351 days ago
78 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“La qualité de la bière est excellente, la gestion générale de l’endroit un peu moins aiguisée. Pas mon préféré jusqu’à maintenant...mais Pizza Port étant ce qu’il est, je vais y retourner plusieurs fois. La note se verra peut-être bonifiée.“
Marheb 2404 days ago
82 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Cool place, with a great vibe. Very open place so it’s great for warmer months. Also near Belly Up so the perfect place to stop by before a show. Staff is friendly and helpful with selections. A good selection but didn’t have exactly what I was looking for. I will stop by again, the place is good but not my favorite in Solana Beach.“
svastuber 2411 days ago
74 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Usual kudos to these places since not only do they have good beer but good pizza as well so can sell the kids on it when on vacation“
blutt59 2418 days ago
82 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Nice place very close to the Coaster station. I don’t know what else to say about this one that’s different from all the other PP’s. Very busy, crowded with good pizza and very good beers. Lots of adventurous takes on a wide range of styles. Some hits, some misses, but overall very good quality. I had to wait in a small line to order my beers and Llke the annoying ticker that I am, I asked the girl at the register if I could do some samples. She politely told me that they were too busy, but still threw me a couple small spashes of a couple beers to help me decide. I stood to the side and she kept giving me more when I ran out. No charge. That was pretty cool and very much appreciated. It was very noisy in there and I was alone, so I didn’t stay long, but I wished I could’ve. Fun place.“
joeneugs 2451 days ago
70 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Visited on a Monday evening. This is a nice place near PP Solana Beach. Much different vibe though as it was much quieter and I guess you could say laid back even though there was a lot of people here too. Quite a few business people and couples. Very small bar with a few tables in front and a porch area in back with some spots on the railing to set your beer, but not many seats. They could use more seating here to make things more comfortable. They had a good number of beers on tap, but not many interesting ones. Mostly standard styles like blonde, brown, IPA... they were all ok, but nothing I’d go out of my way for. They’re definitely going for more of a classy, upscale image compared to a lot of other local breweries. The service was ok. Worth a stop.“
joeneugs 2457 days ago
94 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Really cool place a block or two from the beach. Very crowded, but was able to get a table before the food arrived. Pizza was excellent. The people taking orders were very knowlegable. They didn’t have exactly what my wife was looking for and let us have a couple of samples. Beer was very solid.“
mjs0177 2512 days ago
84 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Nice surprise - did not know this was so close to PP. 3 real good sours on tap with a bunch of IPAs, firkin and others - nice selection. Interesting looking place inside. Busy (there on a Friday night), but no issues finding a spot to camp out and had great service.“
hopdog 2518 days ago
96 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“great place,great music and very friendly staff.5 minutes walk from the beach.“
svastuber 2555 days ago
62 /100 168 S SOLANA HILLS DR
“Reasonably small spot for this chain. Typical warehouse style. One big beer lots of local, regional, national and international variety. Prices were just ok.“
rejtable 2597 days ago
70 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Visited on Friday 14th November ’14 just after mid day. Located around a 5 minute walk from the station and PP SB. The place is a modern open facilty. The beers are laid out clearly on a blackboard to the left of the bar. There is nowhere to sit, just a few wooden barrels to stand around with your glass. Service was prompt and friendly, although it was only moderately busy but a few people came and went during our hour there. 11 beers on tap, all available in 3oz tasters at a cost of $1.25 - $2, most main styles represented. Beers were solid if unspectacular, my ratings averaged out at 3.27. Not a go to destination but if in SB well worth popping by.“
Theydon_Bois 2624 days ago
78 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Visited on Friday 14th November ’14 at opening time, 11.00. Located right opposite the Coaster/Amtrak stop, PP SB is a 5 minute walk from the beach and also from Culture brewing across the other side of the railway/main road. Kind of a dive bar feel as per the OB venue. Pretty dark inside, some patio seating outside, it wasn’t the warmest CA day, maybe 70-75 but it was a little too hot inside. The place soon filled up but there were still free tables when we left at mid day. 20 or so PP taps, usual variety - I picked up 7 or 8 new ticks having gone through quite a few at OB the night before. Guest taps are more limited in this venue, maybe 4 or 5. Usual good freshly made pizzas did the job for lunch. Service was prompt although it wasn’t swamped at any point during our visit. Taster trays by the 4 available to aid the tickability. Overall a solid venue and if you’re taking the train up the coast well worth hopping off for bearing in mind it’s a minutes walk from the station!“
Theydon_Bois 2624 days ago
88 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Hip spot in Solana Beach. Good music, good vibe, friendly staff, and a nice tap selection. Love the fact that I can get Lost Abbey on tap. Framboise!!!!!!“
50belair 2632 days ago
84 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Great spot! 20ish of their beer on tap and maybe a dozen guest taps. Communal picnic tables. Bar service was friendly and prompt.“
rejtable 2668 days ago
68 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Den værste Brew pub jeg var på i Californien. Snusket nedslidt med mug på ismaskinen. Folk var søde og øllet godt derfor den hædrlige rating, men de skal godt nok passe på for stedet ligger lige på vippen til at man scroller forbi grundet snuskethed.“
Defreni 2735 days ago
74 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“A small microbrewery 1 block of Hwy 101. No seating except a few beer kegs. 10 beers on tap, with good variety and 3 nitro taps. Try the outstanding coffee stout if available.“
chinchill 2764 days ago
64 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“About 16 beers on tap, including 1 nitro tap, lus another 9-12 guest taps. Very good variety but mildly disappointing beers. Had a college bar look and fel, but wth an older customer base.“
chinchill 2764 days ago
62 /100 149 LOMAS SANTA FE DR
> A semi-dumpy convenience store with a medium sized, but neglected selection

>> I can see why someone added this to RB, but normally I would not because of the high bar for selection in the area. The selection does have enough to make a quick stop by not a complete waste. They have Pizza Port cans, some new releases from Lagunitas, lots of weird stuff from Weins bombers to old beers you can’t find anymore like Decadence 2012 and some dusty 750s of Lost Abbey. Some of the fridges had a condensation problem causing the bottom rows of bottoms to soak in an unknown filth. Didn’t buy anything so unclear of pricing. But maybe one day you’ll find a gem in here since it doesn’t look like craft beer nerds raid it often. “
GT 2807 days ago
82 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
> A trendy, extremely popular venue marks Solana Beach’s second beer destination. However, the beer still needs work.

>> Culture is one block from Pizza Port Solana Beach within the outdoor mall or strip, if you can call it, for the town. Parking is difficult in a way so best park near Pizza Port and walk here than vice-versa. Inside is a small, clean, modern set up with friendly staff and a gigantic tap list of house only beers. Styles were exciting like barrel aged saisons, vanilla imperial stout, low abv coffee stouts. Beer quality was shaky in the low 3s with some standouts. Beers all available in 3oz tasters given in beautiful large glasses that make aroma evaluation fantastic. Outdoor patio "seating" is limited and cramped. Dogs allowed turns this place a bit chaotic at times. As of now, their beers need work, but the vision, popularity, and enthusiasm is all there. Will revisit in time. “
GT 2852 days ago
80 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Love this place. Parking can be a challenge. Great location. Easy walk to Pizza Port or beach. Great for a "tailgate" before a show at the Belly Up. Beer is good, especially the IIPA. Fun place to hang out.“
Lagunitasfan 2878 days ago
84 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Good service, great beer and good pizza. A small patio.“
Sledutah 2890 days ago
90 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Wandered in on a Wednesday night, $.45 wings and mozzarella sticks!!! Bartender was a smoke show, awesome beers, food was good, inexpensive and great music. Fun crowd, definitely a cool place. Would go back repeatedly.“
TheHOFF43 2898 days ago
72 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Stumbled across this place on the way to Pizza Port. Cool taproom and a nice outdoor area. Bathroom has cool light bulbs. 10 beers on tap, most I had we’re good. Reasonable prices, service was average.“
TheHOFF43 2898 days ago
56 /100 168 S SOLANA HILLS DR
“A small BevMo in general with a small beer and small champagne selection, loads of Chardonnay. Pizza Port cans were for sale but they are also for sale down the street at the actual brewpub. Cans in this store were not refrigerated. Modern Times cans available but not refrigerated. Nothing else really caught my eye. Narwhal, Old Rasputin, Saint Archer, lots of Ballast Point but no Sculpin can packs. Overall, I’m not sure what one would do here besides stock up on non hoppy bottles. Tons of Strawberry-Rita Bud Light cases take up precious fridge space. Didn’t get any help from staff but I’m not sure what they would have helped me with. Looked around at their champagne section and was also jaded.“
GT 2936 days ago
68 /100 149 LOMAS SANTA FE DR
“A decent spot. Lots of local stuff, highlighted by about 3-4 of the Stone one-off BA beers - stuff that I haven’t seen in other places. Prices seem pretty average. Nice range of imports as well, mostly British and Belgian. Perhaps not a destination bottle shop but it is walking distance from Pizza Port and Culture so you could pop by to see if there is anything interesting available.“
Leighton 2960 days ago
88 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Awesome place. Great ambiance, very open and clean. Tastefully decorated and nicely laid out. Good selection of beers on tap - nine on my visit. The quality level was generally pretty good. Great value on the 3oz pours. Friendly staff. Definitely worth a visit ifnyounare passing through Solana Beach.“
Leighton 2960 days ago
90 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Awesome place. Super low-key and unpretentious in aesthetics and attitude but the beer is for real. Great lineup of Pizza Port beers on tap plus a well curated list from other top CA brewers. Average prices. I only tried a little bit of pizza but too was great. Friendly staff, prompt service. If I lived in the area this would be a frequent stop for me.“
Leighton 2964 days ago
90 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Probably my favourite of the three Pizza Port locations we visited, mainly due to the ambience. Not as expansive / industrial feeling as the Ocean Beach and Carlsbad locations, but more of an intimate feeling with lower ceilings. Everything else is very similar. Pizza selection / quality is the same, beer selection is awesome, service was good, and prices are normal. Worth a stop when in San Diego if you’re curious about other Pizza Port locations.“
mcberko 2993 days ago
74 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Visited April 2013.

This is a great location due to it’s proximity to Pizza Port. Of course the cliffs and the beach are nice and El Camino is full of shops and all that but this is a block over on the other side of the tracks. Not as pretty but who cares, get your ticks here and walk to Pizza Port. The beers are all actually surprisingly decent for a start up brewery but not amazing and they don’t serve food. Prices were reasonable. It’s actually a nice place to hang out in the sun. I’ll stop back in to see what’s new the next time I go to Pizza Port but probably won’t be making this a destination on it’s own.“
t0rin0 3034 days ago
80 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Stopped by for a couple of pints. Nice spot by the road, small patio, looks more like anfamily pizza restaurant which I assume it is. Beers are excellent, friendly staff.“
tkrjukoff 3068 days ago
86 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“The original, I believe. Little, rather dark pizza joint with lots of surf memorabilia. Beautiful area right near beach. Amazing beer, good hangout.“
Lagunitasfan 3110 days ago
80 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Been here several times over the years. Smaller than other locations, but still a great list of craft beers on tap, and the food is cheap and very good. Video games in the back for the kids.“
wheresyourball 3121 days ago
76 /100 135 N HIGHWAY 101
“Not quite as good as when the old brewer was there, I think he is bottling, but good beer and pizza and near the ocean.“
Vballnbeer 3124 days ago
80 /100 111 S CEDROS AVE, STE 200
“Small tasting room with a nice open air front/entrance. Some barrels around for tables in the tasting room, but not much room at the actual bar. A nice space out back on the patio area where you can get a cool view and the brewing equipment. The best beer was their double IPA, the others were decent, but nothing really outstanding. Prices weren’t necessarily cheap, but not terribly offensive either.“
brokensail 3212 days ago
70 /100 168 S SOLANA HILLS DR
“Headed here back in the day to pick up some FirestoneWalker 11. Found it here when it was released for a reasonable price, compared to now (about $16.95). About the place I noticed was this “strip mall” sort of area has tighter than average parking and this can be a fairly congested area. The rest of the selection was pretty on par with the better Bevmo’s in SD County. I don’t think this is worth a special trip but if you’re cruising by on 5 already and looking to pick something up maybe a quick stop here would be worth the effort.“
Ibrew2or3 3251 days ago
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