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70 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Stopped by for lunch while working out in Sonoma. Nice atmosphere, and parking’s not an issue. Outdoor seating area was perfect for a sunny afternoon. Nice selection of local and regional beers. Food was good, if a bit pricey (but apparently the norm for CA). Better tap list than most in the area.“
stevoj 1706 days ago
70 /100 201 W NAPA ST
“Typical WF vibe, although no tap room. Scored a few local Sonoma beers, but everything else was the same as Santa Rosa. Worth a stop if in the valley.“
stevoj 1706 days ago
74 /100 201 W NAPA ST
“I don't rate a lot of random grocery stores, but gotta give this particular Whole Foods props for having a maybe 4 day old HenHouse beer that Henhouse had even sold out of, and kept it cold. Cheers to that! Other selections were nothing to shake a stick at either.“
slowrunner77 1773 days ago
74 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Open and airy inside with a beautiful outdoor seating/garden area with firebird and lights. Really cool. Slightly overpriced food, but it was delicious. 4 house beers were solid, and cheap for a flight. Guest list was small but of high quality.“
slowrunner77 2259 days ago
68 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Visited on 01/02/16 on Peters tour of doom. We arrived around 6.30pm to find a dimly lit long rectangular room adorned with old shields - a kind of German style medieval hall affair @weird! Lots of beers on offer and in reasonably priced (for the area) tasting flights. Beers ranged from decent enough to pants, although my average score looks like a 3.1/2 so no complete disaster. As we left some locals told us that they brewed the best beer in the world - we agreed having come from Carneros! The guy serving was friendly and heplful. A place to come and tick - 16 beers on offer in total across a number of styles, but not a must visit for top notch beer by any means.“
Theydon_Bois 2339 days ago
62 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Hard to find place, beers are average at best, often quite mediocre. Prices are decent, not worth going out of your way for but it’s a brewpub tick.“
JulienHuxley 2397 days ago
66 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“A rather inconsistent brewpub. Of the 16 beers I tried, they ranged from the fairly decent (3.4) to the frankly awful (1.6); my average rating probably settled in the mid/high 2s. We visited after dark, so the place had a somewhat gloomy feel about it - almost certainly not helped by the medieval-Germanic theme, or whatever it is this place is going for. The pricing was OK, the staff seemed friendly enough. Aside from offering quite a few potential ratings (taster-size pours available) in a range of oddball styles, I can’t recommend this place very highly.“
Leighton 2407 days ago
68 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Weird spot. The strange decor seems like an attempt to channel the ambiance of a German hunting lodge. The expansive tap list was all over the place in terms of quality. Some beers were pretty tasty, others were terrible. Prices seemed OK for the area. I can’t highly recommend this place, but it’s decent spot if you’re interested in racking up ticks.“
jackl 2418 days ago
72 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“This place is weird. It’s hard to see at night, without much lighting on the street or the signage. But when we parked, you could already see the Medieval European theme going on from the outside, and the inside has the same thing - olde German flags and whatnot draped over brick and stone veneer and heavy woodwork. The merch and logo and stuff are clean and modern, which totally clash with the atmosphere here. But as hokey as it was, I found it charming in an odd way. There were like 18 beers on tap, and the styles and quality ranged dramatically. Some were good, some were poor. I’m not sure I’ve been to a place that was so dramatically inconsistent, for better or worse. I didn’t see any sign of food, but that wasn’t on the radar for our group. Worth a stop if you’re in town, but not necessarily a destination.“
phaleslu 2430 days ago
62 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Very weird interior with a medieval theme, with plastic, fake brick walls and wooden tables. Absolutely horrible decor. Many beers were pretty terrible, even if a few were decent enough. Huge flight available. Free WiFi. Worth to stop by for quite a few ticks at a nice price if you’re in the area, but not worth driving any longer stretches for. Service was nice and few locals humored us as we nerded away.“
VsXsV 2431 days ago
70 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“No lit sign, so you are bound to drive right by. A weird place for sure, almost medieval with wood and benches. Service was friendly, seemed like a family. Large selection of beers, unfortunately not that great.“
Ferris 2431 days ago
72 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Awesome tap room. Very well built and clean. 14 house taps on with taster size available. Free parking in a small lot. Wifi is available. Beers were decent.“
BVery 2513 days ago
74 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“It’s a weird sort of place off the main drag now but comfortable enough even if the decor is still coming along. This is ot going to wow any beer geeks but a good enough place to enjoy some beer moments for tourists.“
joet 2621 days ago
72 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Visited for lunch on Monday 28/04/14 in the middle of some wine touring. Well laid out and decorated venue, we chose to sit outside in the sun soaked terrace. 14 or 15 beers on tap during my visit 4 of which were there own. Their own beers were OK but nothing too exciting, averageing 3.2 for me so fine. Guests included offerings from Gordon Biersch, Moonlight and North Coast. Service was good - and the food although the place was pretty quiet. By no means a must visit in terms of beer but worth swinging by if in the area, particularly for the surroundings.“
Theydon_Bois 2858 days ago
82 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Delicious food, very friendly service, very comfortable environment and as mentioned below, some great deal on beers. If you like beer and come into Sonoma, it’s a top spot to stop.“
joet 3299 days ago
66 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“It looks like a converted garage with the brewery in the back, a few barrels for ageing special beers to one side and the bar at the other with a small sitting area in the front. Very cozy place with decent beers.“
Meilby 3341 days ago
66 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“More or less a garage made to look like a brewpub it seems. It’s just a small seating area and a few stools at the bar, with the brewery taking up most of the space in the room. Heard some talk of moving to a different location though. Anyway, it looks rather bad in there, but in a good way if you know what I mean. The beers were mostly nice too, especially the Kölsch surprised me. Friendly, maybe a tad too friendly maybe, service. Only five beers on tap, and one bottle to go. Stop by if you’re in the area.“
yngwie 3346 days ago
78 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Visited here back in February 2013 and forgot to rate it. Nice little brewhouse in the middle of Sonoma valley. I didn’t know what to expect when I showed up, but they had several beers available by pint or by sampler... Most of them were above average with some interesting selections as well. I seem to remember a Gruit??? Anyway, the brewer was sitting at the bar just chillin with the local crowd so I got a chance to chat with him. Really nice guy who has some brewing experience from Chicago. Seemed really passionate. The brewery is really small. Most of the equipment is visible from the bar about 10 feet away. I got a bottle of the Isis, and Freude to go. Both were very interesting brews. If you’re in the area, I would recommend stopping by for sure.“
joeneugs 3360 days ago
80 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Visited 4/29/2011.

I’m 99% sure that these guys do NOT brew beer here, they get it from the other location in Sebastopol. I’ll verify that and submit the change request.

Drove right by the place on the way to Sonoma Springs Brewing and didnt realize it. We found plenty of street parking in front of the place and walked right in. There is a really nice outdoor area with a fire pit and some large tables. To get into the building you walk up some stairs onto a patio where there are more tables. Inside are a number of tables and on the Friday that we visited there was a band playing on one side of the restaurant.

The servers at the bar were very nice and poured 4 glasses of beer for the 2 of us, probably more than we needed. We got a 12oz glass of each of the 3 house beers (kellerbier, tavern ale, and dunkelweiss) and a tall glass of Blind Pig. They also have a decent bottle collection under the bar.

We chose to sit out by the fire and get away from the noisy band inside. It was very cosy under the strings of lights hanging across the courtyard. The sky was clear and you could see all the stars. I’d recomend sitting out there if you can, unless it’s too cold or you want to be near the band.

Don’t see myself coming to Sonoma too often in the future but if I do I’ll stop in again.

Oh, and the 4 glasses of beer combined were only $15.

Update: The beer is actually brewed by Gordon Biersch in San Jose, which would make sense considering most of the house beers are German.“
t0rin0 3389 days ago
76 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Cool spot! Visited on May 13, 2012. Bartender just started firing free tasters at me. Settled on a pint of Moonlight Death and Taxes. Fun joInt.“
BVery 3798 days ago
76 /100 201 W NAPA ST
“We stopped past here when visiting some wineries in the area. It’s a medium sized Whole Foods store, so straight away you know what to expect - good food and a decent sized craft beer selection. This one did not disappoint - almost 100 bottles on offer. The selection is primarily composed of good Californian beers - Russian River sours, Firestone walker (including XV) and some fresh Drakes, which is all you need! Prices were pretty decent also. Well worth a stop if you are in the area.“
Scopey 3861 days ago
66 /100 464 1ST ST E
“nice little bar off the main square, quite small, decent atmosphere, OK selection. had a green flash west coast IPA on tap. worth the stop“
swoopjones 3886 days ago
76 /100 691 BROADWAY
“beautiful outdoor garden. decent selection of bottles & draft. warm atmosphere, inviting. seems like best selection in Sonoma“
swoopjones 3886 days ago
88 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Hard to believe this is owned by Gordon Biersch. Nice decor, trendy atmosphere, awesome patio with kids running around having a good time. It was beautiful out and they had the doors open. We drank some Goose Island on tap and Moonlight Brewery. The bartender was knowledgeable and friendly. Food looked good but we didn’t have any so I don’t feel like I could rate it.“
drinktomymood 4023 days ago
74 /100 750 W NAPA ST
“Visited 4/29/2011. We managed to drive right by the place because it was dark and there arent any big signs outside. Look for the sandwich board out front. There is parking around the side of the complex, but not a whole lot. Inside there is a long bar on the right with a board on the wall telling you what’s available. When we went there was a Kolsch, Roggen, Black IPA, and a fig lambic (from the bottle). The Pale ran out before we got there. Along the opposite wall is the stack of barrels. Only one of the 4 was labeled and it said it was full of the roggenbier. In the back is the brewing equipment. We happened to be there while a band was playing. They were pretty bad but it was fun. Got to hear some Johnny cash played on a ukulele and a couple bars of some slayer played on an acoustic guitar. But it was fun, even if painful at times. There was only one bartender there and he wasn’t real happy that he was left alone on a night with live music. Regardless he seemed capable of serving the dozen or so people sitting at the bar. The beers were all nice and I enjoyed them but they were not really to style.“
t0rin0 4110 days ago
84 /100 691 BROADWAY
“Good parking. Top notch service. Beers were discussed and suggested. All while business was booming. Not a huge amount of beers, but they had a local guest, and the house beers are pretty tasty. Might be the best beer venue in town.“
bhensonb 4211 days ago
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