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84 /100 1822 CHICO AVE
“Cool little warehouse brewery. About a dozen beers on tap, very reasonably priced at $4 - $6. Excellent prices on growlers. Enjoyed an experimental hop pale ale they were pouring. Solid porter. Tasted my friends triple IPA and it was nice as well. Pretty packed on a Friday evening, but service at the bar was super quick. Somewhat limited hours and lack of a patio are the only cons I can think of.“
Bacterial 1967 days ago
80 /100 1822 CHICO AVE
“Tiny old rust colored warehouse building. Wouldn’t have realized I was in the right place if there wasn’t something about beer painted on one of the sides of the building. From the outside, sort of looks like there might be some illicit auto part stripping operation going on here.

Inside is a pretty no frills tasting room. Bar with maybe 15 seats and a couple picnic tables. They had nine beers on tap. They charge $20 for a flight of all of them. Seems kind of steep since that’s really only 2-3 beers (depending on pour sizes). The owners were there pouring beers and hanging out and were quite friendly. All of the beers were at least drinkable, though a couple were too sweet. Most were pretty decent, though. They did have very reasonable growler prices, which is certainly a rarity.“
brokensail 2435 days ago
78 /100 1822 CHICO AVE
“Visited November 16, 2013.

One of two new breweries near Stuffed Sandwich and this one is off the main road in a quiet and dark industrial complex (surprise surprise). These guys show some promise. They advertise that they’re chemists so that helps them make good beer but so far that marketing strategy has been batting 0 (Lightning, Lab, the one run by Cal Poly grads in SLO, Karben 4, and some others that I can’t remember now) but these guys have the potential to change that. While I was there they only had four beers on tap but none of them had any flaws, which is more than I can say about most breweries. Don’t get me wrong, the beers weren’t amazing and they are another of 200 warehouse breweries in CA but they at least have their heads on their shoulders. They said that they kept the opening quiet so they would have time to tweak the recipes before they got big so that they could make a better impression. Don’t know if I agree with the approach or not but it seems to be working for now. They also don’t distribute much. Rose City Pizza just up the street has a couple of the beers and is one of very few accounts.

The service is very friendly. They bullshitted about beer and business with me for a while and then showed me around the home made 10 bbl brewhouse. They have also kept the prices pretty reasonable. The tasters were maybe a little bit high (either $2 or $3 per) but the growlers are cheap as heck. $5 for the empty half gallon, that’s about normal, but $8 to fill it. I wish breweries would return to actually having an incentive to buy growlers. We’ll see what happens when they’ve got enough business that they don’t need to sell growlers anymore but I like the idea of breweries discounting growlers to get them out there into the public.

I’ll definitely be stopping in again at some point.“
t0rin0 2536 days ago
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