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58 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“I guess you get what you expect 10 feet from the Gondola. Very chain touristy feel. Food was ok. Beer was not good at all. Service was fine, Internet was available.“
bytemesis 436 days ago
“Solid list of local beers, good number of Moonraker bottles, excellent pizza. This part of Lake Tahoe does not have great beer places but this was fine if unremarkable (and, again, great pizza).“
WestCoastHawkeye 531 days ago
72 /100 1920 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Perfectly fine beer spot just a block or two from Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe. 5 of their beers on tap and around 8 guest taps. Their own beers range from fine to (in one case) quite good (the horchata stout). Guest beer I had was good as well - all guest beers are pretty local. Food was OK. OK to slightly better than OK is the theme of this place. Not worth going out of your way for but quite fine (if a bit loud).“
WestCoastHawkeye 533 days ago
96 /100 1920 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Great place. Ski at squaw, swim in Tahoe, come here. June 14/15th? Only in Tahoe.“
andrew.r.schulz 667 days ago
68 /100 932 STATELINE AVE
“Man, hard to rate a place like this. There's been different beer gardens/bars at this location (courtyard of Basecamp hotel 2 blocks off the main drag from Heavenly Village), this place EASILY the coolest to hang out, but...the beer kinda sucks. South Lake just can't quite figure out a great brewery. Outdoor beer garden is big, tables, cornhole, great setting. Bar and light food menu ordered on the left and there's also a large room, fireplace tvs and games to the right. Kid and dog friendly. Friendly service. Liked the food. Had 6 beers and one guest sampler (of 6) and the guest tap was the best, so the beer is lacking.“
slowrunner77 1021 days ago
78 /100 2544 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Stopped in after an afternoon hike. Nice interior. Spacious bar area and seating. Service was good. Food was well made and tasty. Beer selection was decent. Several of their brews plus a few guest taps. Had the IPA. Food prices seemed high.“
MaBeer1972 1079 days ago
88 /100 2050 SOUTH LAKE BLVD.
“Located right at the Y in South Lake Tahoe, in the corner - affording patrons a forest view form the glass garage door wall and side windows. A wall of beer lines the back, with a glassed off wood fire oven on the other side. Ample seating inside with a huge patio/misoc stage on the side with 3 fire pits and the afore mentioned view. First impression was great. I've done the self serve wine machines before, but never beer. I assumed they'd either round up to the nearest ounce, or even have preset 2-4-6-8 oz pours. Wrong on both accounts as the pours were accurate (or maaaaybe even a bit generous) to the tenth of an ounce. Some were a touch foamy but they settled quickly. Nice selection, better than expected prices (clearly marked per ounce). The owner was there and explained the bracelet to us (preloaded with up to 32 oz - you open a tab and pay for what you drank when you leave) a concept that works well. He was incredibly friendly, explaining the food menu to us (a friend and my 10-year-old daughter). We ordered a goat cheese plate that was phenomenal. As my friend was ordering a pizza, we were brought a complimentary extra pizza. My impression of the place was already sky high, so I don't think this will affect my score, but it sure was nice. And the made olive oil drizzles made to pair with the pizza. Both were GREAT, and our server even suggested we take home a little (which we did). Who does that? Anyway, great food service and a solid beer selection at good prices. Perfect for the sampler like me. Will be back often.“
slowrunner77 1244 days ago
70 /100 1920 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Decent size tasting room with picnic tables and games, with views of the tanks, at the Y in South Lake Tahoe, CA. 13 beers and a cold pressed coffee on, 10 decent, one off, and 2 good. Friendly service, decent prices. Worth a stop if you're close.“
slowrunner77 1244 days ago
48 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Loud. Crowded. Not really a beer destination but more of a gimmick in a busy casino area. Some of the food was quite good, some not so much. Our waiter was great despite the place being packed and the bachelorette parties and things. Beer was ok.“
rougeau13 1325 days ago
72 /100 2544 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Visited on a saturday evening to grab some dinner and a couple of beers. Located about a 10 minutes drive from the heart of touristy South Lake Tahoe. Pretty large place with an okay atmosphere that didn’t leave a big impression. Selection consists of about seven of their own beers and a handful of nice guest taps. Beers varied from below average to decent. Service was very friendly, we had the most enthusiastic waiter ever. Because we wanted half pints instead of full pints, he thought of a way to charge us less than we’d normally pay for relatively more expensive half pints. That kind of service is appreciated. Food was good to, had some nice fish & chips. Though the beer is far from stellar, we enjoyed our evening at Cold Water.“
tricksta_p 1397 days ago
64 /100 2227 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Small shop that is easy to miss. They had cases of KBS by the door, and even a few Bourbon County Stouts left. A good solid selection, likely the best in Tahoe, but not world class. Staff was so-so, ambiance not much. Still, its the selection I came for, and that was good.“
mbgrayson 1409 days ago
70 /100 4143 CEDAR AVE
“Cool place - not a beer geek haven or anything, but if you’re staying there (or anywhere in Stateline/S Lake) it’s a fantastic place to take a break. Beers are solid, usually nothing spectacular. 8-10 on tap and a few bottles. Food is tasty! Would score higher with more beers.“
slowrunner77 1542 days ago
48 /100 3542 S LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“In a stand alone spot on the outer ring of South Lake Tahoe, this I guess was the best of the three options in town, based on the least mundane beers in town and decent food. But it’s kind of a hole and wasn’t very clean. Brewery #752.“
Braudog 1687 days ago
40 /100 2544 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“In a faux Swiss village shopping center, this is a pretty small joint. It has a couple cool accents, but overall is cramped. Didn’t eat so can’t comment on the food, but it did smell good. The beers were higher end home brew. Very basic, without fault but also without real character. Hop pellets on display in the entry way doesn’t help. Aloof staff also didn’t help. Brewery #752. .“
Braudog 1689 days ago
32 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of South Lake Tahoe, this place has a major identity crisis. Upscale restaurant, night spot or brewery? The brewery part definitely takes the back seat. Over priced and not really feeling like a beer destination, I wasn’t overly impressed with it as such. Bartender was lackluster too. But that said, the beers were at least average and not Coors Light, and the nachos were awesome. Brewery #751.“
Braudog 1689 days ago
70 /100 3350 SANDY WAY
“Looks much nicer on the inside than the front. Very cozy. The outside/back is where it shines, though. Lots of sun, shade, tables, and games. Even a garden with some of the food ingredients being grown on site. Food was well priced and of good quality. Not a huge menu, but not lacking. They had 9 beers on, which I think is their max now. Seasonals turn over quickly. OK beers, but none were special. The OB Amber was my easy favorite, though I probably would have ranked it 6th or 7th based on my style preferences - which means the others were mostly unimaginative. In South Lake Cold Water has better beer, but this is a cooler place.“
slowrunner77 1721 days ago
88 /100 2227 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Seven Eleven type store with a great selection of American craft beer. Friendly Assyrian Christian owner who was good fun. Prices great. I really liked this store.“
JohnRMurdoch 1979 days ago
64 /100 2544 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“We had a late lunch/early dinner on a Sunday. We sat on the front porch, I didn’t get to see the inside much but it looked like a nice place. The service was good. I tried the stout and pale ale, both were enjoyable. The food was fine, great fries. Well worth a stop.“
Fatehunter 2059 days ago
66 /100 3542 S LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“wish I could love this place - great location, friendly service and real good pizza...but the beer just isn’t good. Serviceable, perhaps, but not good.“
slowrunner77 2062 days ago
“Stopped in here with Kara to see the sunset and have a couple beers with a couple apps. This is primarily a upscale restaurant with a view of the Marina and part lake. The Zucchini Sticks($10.90) were great and the other app too. A few good beers on the list I already had. Tried a couple new ones that were ok.“
Ron 2092 days ago
66 /100 900 SKI RUN BLVD #111
“Lakefront Cafe? There is another bar between this one and the lake. This one had better prices though. Ate on patio with Patty, Kara and Andy. Every patio in LT has a patron with at least one dog. This one had 2 big dogs and they barked at most other dogs walking by. We had a decent meal here and a couple good beers.“
Ron 2092 days ago
“Some young ladies who work at the shops in Heavenly said that McP’s was the place to go for a drink and a good time. Seems like alot of people thought that. It was crowded. Lucky Kara and Andy had a table already and just finished dinner. We had a couple beers with them. It took a bit to get the server’s attention for our 1st beer. It was better after that. They had a nice selection on tap.“
Ron 2092 days ago
34 /100 2297 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Had one cooler of bomber bottles and a cooler of craft six packs to go with all the Macro. It was there when I needed it for one though. Fast in/out.“
Ron 2093 days ago
62 /100 3460 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“It was right across the street from where I was staying at the Lakeland Village Resort. It had 2 coolers of bomber bottles, with a good amount being kind of local that I have not seen before. A few good craft six packs mixed in with the Macro beers. Handy to have close by.“
Ron 2093 days ago
76 /100 2544 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“I had the sampler tray here and there we a few good selections on it. Service was fast.(we got a server just starting his shift as we sat down at 4pm) I had the French Dip(every place calls it a different name) at 3 places in Tahoe and it was the best here.“
Ron 2095 days ago
“Another great people watching spot when you sit outside. At 6pm on a Friday we had to wait 35 min. for a table. While eating outside we watched people waiting much longer. Only a choice of 8 beers on tap. There are bottles too. The pizza was great!“
Ron 2095 days ago
74 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“During the summer, the outdoor seating is a good people watching spot. Had a nice meal with Patty and Kara that we all enjoyed. Outside seating got full, inside almost empty. Their beer was just ok.“
Ron 2095 days ago
78 /100 3542 S LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“My daughter and I stopped in for a pizza to go and had a beer sampler while waiting. The beers were just alright. They had 8 of their beers on tap along with some national brands. We did have fast attentive service from the nice Barmaid. The pizza was great!“
Ron 2095 days ago
78 /100 2227 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“A convenience/Liquor store with a couple hundred different beers to choose from. At the moment, construction is going on the road out front making it a pain to get in and out. It’s worth the stop though. Many national craft beers as well as local.“
Ron 2095 days ago
58 /100 2544 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“standalone building in a nice-ish strip mall. ample parking. cool looking inside and bigger than expected. bere was mediocre to pretty good. no standouts of 9, but several i’d have no problem getting again, with a couple decent guest taps. they were WAY over their head as far as service goes, so I won’t hurry back - but I’m sure they’ll get another chance. After multiple f ups, they did us right and comped the bill, so credit for owning your mistakes. food, after 90 minutes, was fantastic.“
slowrunner77 2120 days ago
80 /100 55 HIGHWAY 50
“24 craft beers on tap.On the left just as you reach the Montbleu main floor after entering from Highway 50. Specializing in "local" craft beers, with several good but commonly available non-locals. There were at least two new to me beers, but I’d already gotten bottles at Dart. So I had a Pinner. It’s a small place; gambling videos at the bar of course. But it’s a craft beer haven in a world of AB beers. Guy in charge of kegs seemed very knowledgable. He was putting on the first of two relatively new Tahoe Mountain beers. Park in the lot behind Harrah’s.“
bhensonb 2145 days ago
62 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“A big basement restaurant and taproom virtually next to Nevada stateline. It’s a bit soulless place but they have decent selection of decent brews and they serve good brewpub food. Not worth a detour.“
rosenbergh 2166 days ago
“not anything crazy on tap that I’ve seen, but an always solid list of regional beers. pizza is fantastic, as is the location in the Heavenly Village.“
slowrunner77 2188 days ago
34 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“surprised this place is still in business. when more people have wine and cocktails on their tables than beer, it ain’t a good beer place. small selections, and their own beers were weak.“
slowrunner77 2188 days ago
78 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“In a basement near Stateline. Large. Roomy. Pretty modern. Good and knowledgable service. Decent selection of beer. Bar is comfortable.“
bhensonb 2507 days ago
“Great venue. Decent beers. Pretty good food. Good service. Parking a bit tight. Not to be missed.“
bhensonb 2507 days ago
48 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“It’s located in a cellar. Unfortunately not a cosy one, but a huge concrete bunker. Constant frier activity is going with bad circulation so the atmosphere is stifling. Some homebrews on tap and about 8 "guests". Bargirl friendly and helpful enough, but it’s just a bit depressing.“
Jur 2627 days ago
“WOW. I was not expecting such a great beer selection. I came for happy hour and was surprised to see that all craft beers were 3 bucks a pint... can’t even get them at the brewery for that cheap! I went for the green flash "la freak", a Belgian double ipa and the only one that was 8 dollars as opposed to 3. Also a good bottle selection. Ill be back for sure. Bonus- Service is great and food is outstanding.“
helenakletch 2718 days ago
60 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Kind of disappointed to see they only had 3 of their own beers on tap and they were all pretty average. Decent selection otherwise. Food was pretty good, kind of expensive. Had a good Time“
grizzlybrain 2727 days ago
“Had to do a review on this place because I was very impressed. They have a great, balanced tap list with some great prices to go with it. 3 bucks a pint during happy hour. The Pizza could easily be the best I’ve ever had and I think many would agree. Give it a shot.“
grizzlybrain 2727 days ago
56 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Kind of a weird set up here. You can sit out on the street/sidewalk area (I guess that’s the patio) or go downstairs into the restaurant/bar. Pretty busy, but not surprising on a Saturday afternoon. Quick and very friendly service. Four house beers on tap, all were quite bad. They had a pretty decent guest list, though. The food looked okay, at least, but I didn’t eat anything. If you’re looking for a place to park, just go into the lot at one of the casino’s (Harrah’s has tons of parking and is close by).“
brokensail 2794 days ago
54 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“just came for a tasting of there beers tried all of the 4 beer on tap and had the best that I that suited my taste which was the Acclimator IPA“
Jackmsd 2893 days ago
“Great Pizza!!!! Beers above average, like this place“
Schlenkerla 3023 days ago
“Only went to the bar and did not have any food. 10 taps of a varied selection. We had the IPA and the Bad Ass. 20 some seats at a long bar that is finished with hammered copper. One TV to watch sports on. “
BK7 3028 days ago
68 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Visited in February 2012. Restaurant and bar are in a basement, but the ambiance is actually pretty nice. It’s a big space. The food is standard pub fare, but the beer selection was quite good.“
wheresyourball 3121 days ago
60 /100 4118 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“Stopped in, as we were staying in Tahoe for a spell. Entire bar is in a basement, and parking nearby is a challenge. I p[arked at the nearby grocery store, and walked the 10 minutes to get back to the brewery. Food is average to good, the house-brewed beers are on the weaker side of average, but they serve a surprisingly good selection of other Californian micros like Green Flash, Stone etc. by the bottle and on tap. Food is average, service both times was pretty good. I’ll likely stop in again for a pint when I’m back in Tahoe.“
Savvy1982 3131 days ago
70 /100 2933 US HIGHWAY 50
“Part of the Blue Star chain, along with King’s Beverage and Dart Beverage, that operate 3 really top-flight craft beer stores in the South Lake Tahoe area. This one is kinda out of the way, and if neither Dart or King’s has it, I doubt Roadrunner will, as they have the smallest selection of the three. Still an excellent selection, which is funny as they are a rather small gas station along Hwy 50. Worth a look, but the weakest sister of the 3 stores,.“
Savvy1982 3131 days ago
84 /100 2227 LAKE TAHOE BLVD
“The "main" location for the Blue Star chain of beer stores. This one is part beer store, part convenience store, like if 7-11 carried over 200 different beers on the shelves, but still had breakfast burritos to go. This is that place. Found Russian River here, Parabola, Ballast Point, lots more. Really didn’t intend to sspend $100+ here, but that’s what I ended up doing. The 3 Blue Star stores (Roadrunner, King’s and Dart) kinda have a monopoly on craft beer in the South Tahoe area.“
Savvy1982 3131 days ago
“Went here on a Monday afternoon for lunch. They were absolutely dead, but a few other people showed up after we got there. Only tried one beer, which was decent. The food was all pretty mediocre. Not sure if I’d bother to go back next time I’m in the area.“
bnoel09 3136 days ago
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