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74 /100 195 MURPHY AVE
“Really nice location in downtown Sunnyvale. Perfect mid October weather for eating outside during Covid. Great British pub fare. They brew their own beers, but only a few: a hefe, an ipa, and a lager. Best time to visit is during happy hours. They also hav 7 guest taps and 9 bottles.“
wetherel 4 days ago
74 /100 111 S MURPHY AVE
“Dropped in during Covid. They have the entire street blocked off, with the restaurants setting up tables outside on the street. No heaters, so it is a chilly early September evening. 9 of their own beers on tap, 3 guest taps, with taster flights of 4 x 6oz? Tasty happy hour menu.“
wetherel 50 days ago
74 /100 111 S MURPHY AVE
“Haven't been here in years. This is a much more open layout than fire house, brewing equipment visible in back, sizable bar, separate food ordering area. Three rooms and a back patio. Bar food with an Indian flair; didn't try it, but it smelled good. Seven taps. Silicon valley prices. Prompt service. Decent Baltic porter. Would try again.“
bytemesis 237 days ago
76 /100 156 S MURPHY AVE
“These guys have really updated their beer selection in the past couple of years. They are still crowded and noisy, par for the course on Murphy street, but they now run about 30 taps with a variety of nice selections, including alvarado street, ghost town, etc. Didn't try the food, but kudos on the beer.“
bytemesis 250 days ago
76 /100 155 S MURPHY AVE
“What a great idea...40 taps available to pour your own beers...“
Wirralbeerveg 259 days ago
52 /100 111 S MURPHY AVE
“Big open plan brewpub.. 10 taps on ..service was very slow though...“
Wirralbeerveg 259 days ago
66 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Visit Date: 7/23/2018 Brief visit for a couple of beers and a meal. Food I had was pretty good. Of the two beers I had one was good and one was okay. Felt like every group there was co-workers having dinner after work, but I could be wrong. Nothing special, but a fine stop off if you are in the area as I was.“
ben4321 538 days ago
72 /100 155 S MURPHY AVE
“Fun place where you pour your own beers. Selection was good, and the beers were also. The only complaints were that the price per once was a bit high, and you could not see how much you poured until after you stopped. Otherwise, great value if you want to tick a lot of beers.“
KyotoLefty 542 days ago
72 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Been to Faultline many times with coworkers for group lunches. Great food. Good beers, but limited selection. Not too much innovation, like sour beers and barrel aged beers, but I still really like the place.“
wetherel 586 days ago
72 /100 156 S MURPHY AVE
“Stopped in for a lunch. Beer selection was fine - some good stuff. Burger was decent. It's basically a perfectly acceptable beer bar next to a bunch of other perfectly acceptable beer bars. Fine by Valley standards.“
WestCoastHawkeye 819 days ago
80 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“Went there on a Tuesday after the bar exam. It was full. I had a cider from Red Branch and a mead from Rabbits Foot. The mead was spectacular (and 18%!). The cider was good too. Worth checking out if you're into sweeter drinks.“
WestCoastHawkeye 819 days ago
“In the back of a coffee shop. Seems like a fun place, but on Tuesday around happy hour tomorrow they could not run this place. One person serving beer and taking orders, and it seemed to take him about 5-10 mind per person. Not good!! Draft list was solid. Couple of cans in a fridge too. My sandwich was fine. If they figure out the ordering and serving system could be a solid spot.“
ben4321 820 days ago
76 /100 155 S MURPHY AVE
“Thanks to Matt for clueing me in to this place. Murphy Ave in downtown Sunnyvale, which truly needs more good beer destinations, finally has one. River Rock is a you-pour place in the vein of the Pour Taproom in Santa Cruz; in fact they even have the same three pre-selected amounts that are apparently a product of some stupid regulation, rather than the much more flexible measurement by the tenth of an ounce system. Anyway, the place is a typical bar setup, dominated by the wall of taps. You give them a credit card to get a wrist band that lets you pour up to 32 oz of beer of your choice. Sizes are 3, 8 or 12 oz sized as I recall, each priced accordingly. The system here is a little slow and flaky, patience is key. You get a printed taplist, but in my experience that was fairly out of date and you needed to rely on just walking the wall and seeing what they had out. Service was helpful not necessarily super knowledgeable, but friendly. They have some food, we had an order of Bruscheta which was fine, but did not dig deeper than that. Taplist was interesting and included a mead, a few ciders and four wines within the 36 served. As mentioned, a number of taps were different than stated in the printed menu, but none were empty - I seems like turnover is fairly high here. I ticked my way through 32 oz of beer and paid $12; that qualifies as a tickers paradise IMO.“
bytemesis 1022 days ago
62 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“In the door a quarter to 9 on a Thursday in late August 2017. For a place that lists it's closing at 9:30, I never would have guessed it from the crowd. Not packed, but definitely a good amount of people here. There's pseudo 11 beers on, but two are on there twice, with a golden ale and an IPA being available on cask as well. Quick friendly service and within about a minute and a half of asking for all of the beers they had, I had a double decker flight with 10 sample sized pours, that ran $15. Food here looked solid, but certainly pricey. Bar staff was great, at least the guy who served us. He was friendly and chatting with other patrons and smiling the whole time. Beers by themselves are likely not worth the trip, and with the food being on the high side, I don't know what reason most would have to come here, but yet...there's a ton of people here. So it works for someone. Not sure how often they do new beers, but if this was my local brewpub, I'd only be in whenever they had a new beer and wouldn't really find a reason other than that to be here, as pleasant a place as it is. Although, I have to admit, the two level flight thing is pretty sweet. “
j12601 1144 days ago
82 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“In the door around 6PM on a Thursday in late August 2017. Not a ton of seating, and almost all of it was already claimed. 18 things on tap or as bottle pours, with flights available and then smaller pours as add-ons after that. Nice mix of ciders, meads, and beers, which were all braggots in some way. It continued to fill up and started to get a bit crowded, at least for the small space. Bar staff seemed to keep up quite well. The beers were not the star, and were likely the least impressive of what they have. The ciders are pretty solid, and a few of the fruity ones were quite good. The limited edition style meads were very good, and while I might not be dropping $85 on a 375 any time soon, I did not mind at all spending $6/oz to try a couple ounces of it. Worthy of a visit. “
j12601 1144 days ago
64 /100
Asteria Grill (Restaurant)
“This is a surprisingly large place inside. Semi-separated bar area and a large dining room. Used to be counter service, but now table service. Greek food. Parking is a challenge at lunchtime. Food solid. 38 beers on tap indeed, but you could likely guess most of them if you live in California and started a list of the most commonly found craft beers at bars around the area. Nothing wrong with a dozen IPAs on tap - you will be able to have an enjoyable beer, but not really a place to tick. Minimal showing from local breweries (other than of course Lagunitas). B00by - feel free to pile on me for adding this place, but given they have a huge sign announcing 38 draft beers on tap, I felt it was worth checking out.“
bytemesis 1169 days ago
70 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“A nice place. 10 house beers on tap. Clean and plenty of seating, at the bar, in the restaurant or on the patio. The beer was decent. Nothing stood out.“
Sledutah 1268 days ago
68 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Newer looking place, industrial mountain lodge vibe. Nice patio. Thought they were a bit light on the number of taps. Good service, beer ran gamut from average to pretty good. Easily accessible.“
stevoj 1305 days ago
68 /100 1247 W EL CAMINO REAL
“Decent beer store. Okay selection of CA beers in bombers and 6-packs/cases. No singles, which is disappointing as an out-of-towner. Otherwise, it looks like a fairly average Bev Mo / warehouse-type beer store. Plenty of stuff to drink here, that’s for sure.“
ben4321 1618 days ago
78 /100 1247 W EL CAMINO REAL
“In one of the shopping centers that populate this particular intersection near the pizza place. As with many of the BevMos in the Bay Area, the selection here is pretty decent.

Good selection of beers from down south (San Diego, Orange County, etc.) and local stuff, along with the typical imports and distributed offerings from other states--you can get your Deschutes seasonals/"limited’ releases and all that jazz.

Seems like they have some good offerings here and if you come in when beers are released, you can probably get your Bourbon County or Sierra Beer Camp pack or whatever without much of an issue.“
brokensail 1627 days ago
40 /100
Safeway - Sunnyvale (Grocery Store)
“I actually went here to pick up some snacks before heading to bytemesis’s house for a tasting when I realized that it’s (for some reason) listed on the ratebeer database.

I guess it’s maybe not as bad as it was three years ago (per Bobby and Mike’s ratings), but in general grocery store beer selections in the Bay Area (and much of metropolitan California in general) have improved significantly.

You still shouldn’t expect to find anything great here, but you can at least get some seasonal releases from the likes of Lagunitas, Firestone, Sierra, Stone, etc. It’s a fine enough place to grab a sixer if you’re headed to a BBQ and you just want to get some beers, but I wouldn’t come here just for beer.“
brokensail 1627 days ago
54 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Another stop on my south bay beer tour.

I figured this place would be in a strip mall or shopping center somewhere, but is kind of just by itself in a semi-business park sort of location. Walked inside and while it did have a nice open feel to it, I kind of got a vibe similar to that of a hotel lobby bar. There is at least some nice landscaping here and a fine enough back patio.

They had nearly a dozen house beers on tap. I opted for a flight. Most of the beers were not very good at all, though the porter and the "Belgian Triple IPA" were probably the two best. Service was fine.

A bunch of techbros in after work for some cocktails seemed to be the majority of the crowd, which is fine, I guess. Not really my scene so I finished up with my flight and headed out.“
brokensail 1627 days ago
66 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Visited twice in November 2015 - Maybe the best beer place in Sunnyvale... Crowded when I visited it. Good atmosphere but noisy. Beer selection is ok and food also. Service is nice and friendly. I recommend if you are on the city. Good place to enjoy an evening.“
sir__v 1780 days ago
70 /100 510 LAWRENCE EXPY. STE.110
“This place is notable mainly because the food is solid and they get a keg of Pliny (Elder) on Thursdays at 11AM. We arrived about 11:40 to a line winding out the door and into the parking lot. By the time we got to the point of ordering we were told the Pliny was sold out in 22 minutes. Fortunately the food WAS good, they had plenty of seating, and they had other nice Cali locals on tap. Solid place overall. Good place to go for not-too-hard-to-find IPAs.“
bytemesis 2079 days ago
78 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“I actually got quite lucky that they were open when I visited. It was a couple days after Christmas, but apparently it’s best to check with them before visiting.

Tasting room is a small one in a business/industrial park in Sunnyvale. Not too far from CA-237. There were a handful of locals in there. They do a number of beers as well as ciders and meads. This houses Red Branch as well as Rabbits Foot, so there’s lots of stuff to try.

The tasting includes a pretty solid number of products, I think it was about 8 different beers/ciders/meads and it’s cheap ($5-$6). They also do additional tasters for less than a buck. But, some of the bottled products are quite expensive. I ended up just leaving a bigger tip rather than plopping down $50 on a bottle of one of the fancier meads that I was interested in.

A lot of the ciders aren’t great, same goes for the beers, but the meads were nice. And it’s sort of a novelty to go to a meadery or cidery in this area. Definitely worth a stop.“
brokensail 2082 days ago
52 /100
Galamart Sunnyvale (Beer Store)
“Visited May 14, 2014.

This is a small liquor store in a strip mall in Sunnyvale. The outside is probably the most interesting aspect of the place. It looks like it hasn’t changed since the 60s. There is a large Visa / MasterCard sign on the wall, a prominent lotto sign, and a Bud Light sign above the door with logos for all the NFL teams around it. Mostly cheap macros found here but as the previous reviewer mentioned there is one fridge door with a couple of decent options. I did not know about nor did I look for a Nepalese beer but I would have bought it if I had known.“
t0rin0 2204 days ago
78 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“(Visited 08/2014): Rabbit’s Foot is located on Birchwood Drive in a warehouse district in Sunnyvale. Parking is available in front of the somewhat nondescript building.

Upon entering there is a small room with a logo sign and some bottles with award ribbons hung on them. Beyond that is the tasting room with a bar and a couple high tables. There is a large boad behind the bar listing the mead and beer available on draught and in bottles. There is also currency tacked to the ceiling for a veterans’ charity.

Rabbit’s Foot’s tap room has 6 taps for beer and many bottles of mead and cider available for consumption on site or to take home. Samples are offered. The meads are generally solid but I struggled with the beers, even knowing they were made with honey rather than the more traditional method. One interesting note is they sell the beers under the Red Branch label because they were having trouble selling them as a "Meadery".

Service on a weekday afternoon was good. The bartender was personable and knew the menu well.

Rabbit’s Foot does not sell food.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience visiting here and would do so again on a future visit to the area.“
Dogbrick 2215 days ago
76 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“Visited May 17, 2014.

This is nice little place right near the freeway. The tasting room isn’t real big but it holds about 30-40 people and for $5 you can try 8-10 of their offerings, can’t beat that. I tried two beers, one of which was the "Irish/Imperial Stout" at 7.7%, made with honey of course, that so far has been tap only. I tried 4 or 5 ciders and 2 meads. I bought a bottle of the regular mead and the regular cider to go. Unfortunately it wasn’t available for sampling but they have bottles of the Mead of Poetry which is their grand cru of sorts, and it runs $80... for a 375ml bottle. Yeesh.

The bartenders were all very friendly and helpful. They didn’t seem to know a whole lot about the mead making process but they certainly had all the relevant info about each of the products memorized. Prices on bottles of mead are a bit steep but prices on the cider were fine ($6 / 500 ml). As mentioned above the flights are dirt cheap. They also have this pretty awesome looking 3L bottle of mead sitting in the front room called War Hammer. They say they only release it every few years. So if you’re one of those people that goes crazy for a 3L bottle, keep an eye out.

over all a great experience. They have a large list on one chalk board telling you of all the rotating products they make but they only have about a third of them available at any given time, so I’ll have to stop back in at some point to try some more.

On a random side note, there were two guys further down the bar that were talking about reloading ammo and then started talking about the ratings of these meads on RateBeer. Excellent.“
t0rin0 2349 days ago
46 /100 757 S WOLFE RD
“Really not much here. They have one cooler with west coast craft. Some good stuff, but available at nearly every liquor store in the south bay (and there are hundreds of them). Another case of "not sure why this is in the database at all."“
bytemesis 2469 days ago
30 /100
Safeway - Sunnyvale (Grocery Store)
“Agreed with t0rin0. Pushing it down baby, pushing it down. The bet part about this Safeway is that I can walk there. But I can also walk to the Bevmo across the street.“
bytemesis 2562 days ago
74 /100 1247 W EL CAMINO REAL
“Visited September 23, 2013.

This is right across the street from a Safeway that is here in the database and next door to a place called Slice of New York, if you need some more place ratings. This Bevmo is fairly large, even for a Bevmo. Despite that, there isn’t a lot of good beer. The usual imports (German, English, and Belgian) and big name US beers are present but they only have a limited selection of California-made beers. Service was friendly and prices were good.“
t0rin0 2585 days ago
36 /100
Safeway - Sunnyvale (Grocery Store)
“Visited September 23, 2013.

Why do people keep adding grocery stores to the database? Aside from malt liquor about the only beer they have is a couple of Sierra Nevada, Gordon Biersch, and Redhook products along with some oddball beers that I think are Safeway house beers. Also, the pharmacy sucks. This is actually why I stopped here but I got into it with the pharmacist over his ridiculous prices. Three times the price of the Walmart pharmacy. Garbage.“
t0rin0 2585 days ago
62 /100 757 S WOLFE RD
“6th person ever to 666 place ratings. Maybe I should have saved Kuma’s or Three Floyds or something for this occasion. But then again, its just a place rating, so meh. Besides, who’s to say that Bob isn’t metal?

Visited September 23, 2013.

Yet another unassuming liquor store in a strip mall. This one however was on the way to the freeway from where I was working. Anyway, there are a couple of fridges with some good beer in them and another for macros. Firestone, Stone, Ballast Point, Devils Canyon, Bear Republic, and Knee Deep among others. Mostly good stuff but just not very much of it. Aside from that there is the usual selection of liquors and snacks. The guys behind the counter were friendly and prices were reasonable. “
t0rin0 2585 days ago
54 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Stopped in to meet someone for an in person trade. This happened to be right around the time of their 15th anniversary. We didn’t eat or even stay all that long. We just did a flight, hung out for a bit, traded bottles, and left. The service was slow but friendly. I guess it was obvious that a couple of guys in their mid twenties weren’t going to spend a ton of money. I ended up leaving cash on the table and walking out since it was obvious that we weren’t important enough to actually bring the check to. The beers were all middle of the road with a couple that were enjoyable. I haven’t stopped in again since that first time and I don’t see that changing any time soon.“
t0rin0 2598 days ago
64 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“A small bar in a warehouse with very friendly staff. Good meads and ciders but the beers could have been better. You have to try Chocolate Raspberry Love its fantastic.“
Meilby 2627 days ago
60 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“I sort of liked the place, especially the meads and ciders were interesting. The beers rather bland unfortunately. Very friendly service. Had the sampling session, which is quite cheap, but be aware most of the ciders are unrateable. If in the area, stop by.“
yngwie 2632 days ago
66 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“Tried what they had on tap and found out that I am not into mead. The Belgian mead was decent though.“
mrhoppy 2642 days ago
48 /100
A Slice of New York (Restaurant)
“I am kind of a pizza snob. Super small hole in the wall. Rave reviews! Unlike my friend I didn’t care for the pizza. It;s one of those heat up a slice places. I’ll have to try it again at a later date.“
mrhoppy 2643 days ago
64 /100 1247 W EL CAMINO REAL
“My tastes in beer are moving up and I find that I rarely visit a BevMo anymore.“
mrhoppy 2644 days ago
44 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Sad excuse for a brewpub. Run of the mill beer and decent food. Sheesh!! I wish they would get in the game!“
mrhoppy 2644 days ago
78 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Would visit again ( I didn’t get to try all the beers!)“
JesseLara 2766 days ago
84 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“Amazing value on the sampler! The guys here know their stuff!“
JesseLara 2766 days ago
86 /100 1247 W EL CAMINO REAL
“This BevMo definitely seems to be a bit better than most of the others. Worth a visit!“
JesseLara 2766 days ago
78 /100 1247 BIRCHWOOD DRIVE
“Stopped by on a recommendation by a friend and I am glad I did! Very small tasting room, but they are lively, friendly and very accomodating. For $5.50 you get tastes of all of their taps plus whatever meads they have going, including the Mead of Poetry. Pint prices are pretty fair, and to go bottles of the beer and cider are $5-7 for swingtop 500ml bottles. Its a small family run business, which is pretty cool. Mead is their main line, but they do cider and beer as well, with the caveat that EVERYTHING is brewed with honey. All in all, pretty cool place. It should have more ratings than this!“
bytemesis 2793 days ago
56 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“It is a cool establishment with the normal kind of chain restaurant food. Somewhat expensive for the price. The beer isn’t worth mentioning. I tried the variety sampler and out of 15+ beers, the only good beer was a cask offer. Meh.“
AcctError236499 2801 days ago
64 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Decent for food and a good range of their own beers - great place.“
kwik-lime 2804 days ago
50 /100
A Slice of New York (Restaurant)
“Really good pizza and a few decent taps. Nuff said. Update. Ok, so perhaps I got a little carried away with place adds in my early RateBeer days, so before he says it - so shoot me t0rin0!“
bytemesis 2962 days ago
66 /100 1235 OAKMEAD PKWY
“Nice place. Had about 7-8 of their own beers on tap, plus one or two guest taps. Faultline beer has been above average, based on the 2 times I have been there. Did not get any food tonight, but have in the past, and it has been pretty decent. Good place if you are in Sunnyvale area, and don’t want to go far.“
csaso 2998 days ago
50 /100
Galamart Sunnyvale (Beer Store)
“OK, this is just your run of the mill liquor mart that is about every two blocks all across the bay area, EXCEPT for two things - they have about a dozen decent 22 oz bottles in the fridge, and the owners are Nepalese, so they stock beers from Nepal. I havent seen Nepalese beer anywhere else in my (domestic) travels. That makes it worth recording on ratebeer IMHO.“
bytemesis 3034 days ago