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76 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“They reopened post-Covid toward the end of my visit in greater LA, so I decided to check them out. They seem to be the ultimate hipster brewery, with a taplist dominated by way overpriced hazies. It's a small tasting room, with maybe a dozen tables inside, but there's a more expansive, beautiful outdoor patio area. There was a nice looking vegan food truck (also overpriced) parked outfront when we went, which was cool. A dozen or so taps, with no flights or samples available -- just 6 oz pours or larger; 6 oz pours ranged from $4-7 plus tax for the most part. Most of the taps were hazies (DDH double or triple IPAs), with a couple saisons, and an impie stout (only available in 10 oz pours for $12 plus tax!). The beers were good, for the most part. I'm not a big hazy fan, but most of the ones I tried were good. Very friendly and helpful service. Overall, horrendously overpriced and not quite world-class quality, but it's a solid brewery that's worth checking out.“
mcberko 326 days ago
82 /100 1901 DEL AMO BLVD, STE B
“Great spot in an industrial lot, with a great patio out front and a bit of inside seating. I visited just after California's post-Covid reopening and they had mostly patio seating, which was set up very nicely. 15 or so taps with everything available in 4 oz pours (most $2-3, but some $4, plus tax). Staff will even do little sips for you also. Really great beer quality all round and good service. One of the better spots in greater LA for sure. Highly recommended.“
mcberko 329 days ago
72 /100 1901 DEL AMO BLVD, STE B
“Came here on 22.7.2019, after visiting Monkish, which is half a mile away. Small outside patio, very nice inside seating area next to wooden barrels and stainless steel fermentation tanks. 20 beers on tap and in addition a few in bottles. The West Coast IPA (Amarilla Gorilla) I tasted was quite ok. I was glad still to find a West Cost IPA in CA. Seems NIPA have taken over here as well ???? The Kumquat Saison was my favorite though. Overall beers were just ok.“
Schlenkerla 1029 days ago
62 /100 1266 SARTORI AVE
“Came here many years ago. Cannot believe I forgot to rate this place, as even purchased a T Shirt here. A little bit commercial place, with ok beers, in the center of Torrance. In the last years a few more beer places have opened up in this area.“
Schlenkerla 1029 days ago
82 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Came here on 22.7.2019. This brewery is located in a typical California industrial estate area in Torrance (15 miles from LAX). Around 10 beers on tap, mainly Belgium styles, including one Collaboration brew with Trillium. Seating area is inside the brewery, which is an absolut plus point. Good music and overall nice ambiance. Had a Belgium Blond 3.9% alcohol and a sour beer which aged for 9 months in oak puncheons. Highlights are the Double Hazy IPA’s. The Mosaic single hop DIPA was my favorite, the Galaxy quite good too. Really nice beers!“
Schlenkerla 1030 days ago
86 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Visited this place on a Monday evening in February 2019 before returning home to Sweden the next day. This is a rather small place with a small bar and with mostly standing tables in the brewery. The hype is high, the place was quite crowded but it's well deserved. I liked the beers and the friendly service. Would love to visit again. “
gyllenbock 1041 days ago
88 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Had a 13 hour layover in LA so I ticked this off my brewery bucket list. The selection was excellent during my visit, a variety of well-made styles on tap with a good number of bottles as well. It was pretty crowded but service was quick and I had a place to stand and rest my beer. Very social set-up and friendly clientele. Usually some food trucks out back for your nutritional needs. Highly recommend for anyone and everyone. About a 15 min Uber from LAX.“
KansaiBeerH8ers 1056 days ago
86 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“All beers taste the same“
elbenco 1060 days ago
64 /100 1266 SARTORI AVE
“Located on the Torrance main street, just around the corner from Yorkshire Square. Visited for dinner on a Wednesday. Parking is in a connected lot plus street. Nice interior, though a bit worn. Beer selection is 6 beers available as samplers, full draft, pitchers and growlers to go. Traditional brewpub menu, I had a solid pizza. Had a 1st generation brewpub feel. (Just ok) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1107 days ago
70 /100 1109 VAN NESS AVE
“Visited on a Wednesday evening. Parking is a small lot next to the building, or on the street. Enter through a courtyard into the main barroom. Very much laid out as a modern take on a British pub. Plenty of tables to relax, proper dart board. Beer selection is 8 cask beers and 4 draft. Also have 5 beer cocktails available. Friendly engaging services. I enjoyed my cask bitter and the courtyard was very pleasant. A nice departure from your standard California microbrewery. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1107 days ago
70 /100 2201 DOMINGUEZ ST
“Visited late afternoon on a Wednesday. Plenty of parking out front. Big sprawling Brewery with the tasting area located up front and along the right. Bar seating plus a bunch of picnic tables and barrel high top tables spread around. Beers selection is 7 house beers available as 5 oz samples, full pours or pitchers. Growers, bottles and cans to go. Lots of bar games to play; bags, pop a shot, ping pong and shuffleboard. Service was friendly and welcoming. No food. Fun place to get a group together and hang out. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1107 days ago
76 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Visited late afternoon on a Wednesday. They have parking in a lot by the brewery, though I left my car on the street by Smog City which is a short walk away. Glad I did as there was a can release when I arrived at Monkish, and the place was jammed. Order beers in the small front room, then hang out in the brewery proper through the doors - mostly at standing tables. Beers selection was 11 beers on draft 4 oz taster or full pour. Service was totally on top of it, with quick efficient service. Food truck out back with nice tacos. Nice beers, good vibe. (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1108 days ago
70 /100 1901 DEL AMO BLVD, STE B
“Visited late afternoon on a Wednesday. Located in a light industrial area, dedicated parking as well as street parking. The tasting room is in the back corner of the brewery, with barrels lining the walls and no frills set-up with seats at the bar tables, and a portion of the parking converted to a patio. 17 house beers on, available as 4 oz sample or full pour. To go bottles and six packs plus crowlers. Chill music and laid back crowd, friendly service. Didn't see any food. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1109 days ago
90 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“I got the chance to visit Monkish on a business trip...Nice place with a fantastic selection of beers...especially, if you love the hazies! Customer service was good and they were patient with a first timer and the questions that I had. There were a few things that I didn't of those is the size of the place. Because it is so small, sitting options are limited when trying to settle down and concentrate on their great beers. The other thing is they don't really offer a flight. You can only order two small pours at a time. This is not cool because after getting your two, you have to wait back in line to get two more.“
lucius10 1152 days ago
80 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“This is located in a nondescript industrial park really close to a number of other breweries. The place is pretty small with a limited amount of seating. When we were there, there was a keto diet foodtruck, which is sort of ironic to have at a brewery, but yeah, California. On a Sunday afternoon, there were lines, but not close to the worst I have seen. The beer was obviously for the most part, but there was one that was pretty lousy. Ambiance was sort of lacking. Service was OK, but since I was just going through most of the menu, I did not really talk about beer much. Prices were typical.“
mansquito 1303 days ago
68 /100 1840 W. 208TH ST
“Medium size space, industrial decour. Good WiFi. 24 beers on tap and cans in the fridge. Beers only mediocre to average. Flights available and reasonably priced.“
thorongil2 1383 days ago
58 /100 20316 GRAMERCY PL
“In walking distance from Monkish and Smog city, was wanting to like this place. Plenty of parking, large Taproom, with a second area with pay as you go self service taps. Service was friendly and they had a little food stand that day (Tacos). The beer was rather average, with a nice coffee blonde, but rather boring interpretations of other beer. 4 samples for 8$.“
Lubiere 1580 days ago
68 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“good stop. 2 hoppy beers on, 2 ordinary beers on, 2 wild sours. not so fancy a place. not comparable to bruery or beachwood.“
Sammy 1583 days ago
78 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Been here a few times. Pleasant little brewery with Belgian inspiration, with some Cali hop but bombs thrown in for good measure. 4 ounces tasters going from 2 to 4$. Good service.“
Lubiere 1585 days ago
82 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Great beers, basic taproom with some cool art. Great staff - very friendly and helpful. A great visit.“
jonno 1650 days ago
50 /100 20316 GRAMERCY PL
“Small space with a funky, space exploration decour; fixed flight of 4 beers available or self service pints; beer ranged from very plain to 'what were they thinking'“
thorongil2 1705 days ago
84 /100 5160 W. 190TH STREET
“Medium size place in a non descript strip mall. Clean, modern decour. 9 own beers, 12 guest beers on tap, plus a decent list of bottles when I visited. Excellent food. Attentive service. I would be a regular if I lived in the area.“
thorongil2 1772 days ago
54 /100 20316 GRAMERCY PL
“Interesting cool modern looking space, and space is a theme here. Different from any brewery I’ve been to in that you give them a credit card to hold open, they give you an RFID card that you hold to the self pour tap system. You pay by the ounce for what you choose to dispense. Six beers on when I went, Some snacks behind the bar as well. The beers ranged from tolerable to flat out bad. The "wild" beer they had tasted like a batch that went wrong but they served it anyway because "Hey there fellow kids, I hear you like the soured beers"
Prices appear reasonable, but as it’s a per ounce charge, you’re actually close to $8 or higher on a pint price. Which is a fine prices when you’re just doing 1-4 ounces, but people who are here buying full pints....

The best thing this place has going for it is location. It’s along the walk between Monkish and Smog City. Even then I’m not sure if it’s worth stopping. Upside is you can tick everything in a short amount of time for not a whole lot of money (pro-tip – they’ve got snacks that can help pad your total to $10 if you’re going to be under the $10 minimum for cards). Downside is you had to try their beers. “
j12601 1780 days ago
74 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Visited early July 2016. This was the sixth and final stop on a long day of brewery hopping in Torrance. I’ll be back this year and will aim to start here, as this place was packed and I was beat. Small space with seating for maybe 30 if everyone is willing to cuddle. Taplist is mostly their own beers with a good amount of funky and tart things, and a bunch of NE style IPA things. Beers are good, and service seemed to be doing the best they could to keep up with the crowd. Worth a stop, but I’ll certainly be aiming to get there earlier next time.“
j12601 1784 days ago
80 /100 1901 DEL AMO BLVD, STE B
“Visited early June 2016 on a long day of brewery hopping in Torrance. This is a nice space, a touch small compared to the first few I visited that day, but still a great atmosphere. Loads of barrels line the walls, weird access. Service was friendly, the 13 or so beers on tap were good. Dog friendly. Worth a visit. “
j12601 1784 days ago
74 /100 1840 W. 208TH ST
“Visited in early July 2016. This was stop four on a long day of brewery hopping. Absolution, Scholb, Strand, here, then followed that with Smog City and Monkish. Notes for the beers here were taken diligently, but place notes a little less so. Big grey painted garage industrial space. Cool fun atmosphere with quite the crowd going on. Free popcorn. Service was good considering how big the crowd was at the time, and beers were all pretty solid. “
j12601 1784 days ago
74 /100 2201 DOMINGUEZ ST
“Huge open industrial garage style space. And I do mean huge. Must accommodate 100 easily, and probably double that without much discomfort. Shuffleboard against one of the walls, decks of uno cards at all of the picnic tables. 13 beers on when I went, on a a hot first Saturday in July 2016. Flights are out of a common pint, one beer at a time at 4oz (I opted for slight smaller pours due to trying to hit an ambitious six breweries that day, and they fortunately were accommodating). Biggest downside to the flight-in-a-pint-glass system is that it’s really tough to get aroma out of a pint when you’ve got a scant 3-4 ounces lurking an the bottom. This probably does their beers a disservice. Brewery looks like a 20 or 30 (it’s a 30) and has plenty of room to grow, and a ton of space outside of the tasting room. If they’re planning on capacity expansion, they’ve got that ability in spades. They’re running with a few 60 and 90 fermenters, so plenty of capacity currently. Ultimately I’m a touch curious about their business model, because it wasn’t very crowded when I went, almost as many staff as customers at 3:30 on a Saturday, so I’m assuming the huge pile of kegs I saw in the back are all going out and that’s where their percentages are, because they’re certainly not making rent based on the population in house the day I went. “
j12601 1784 days ago
80 /100 2964 COLUMBIA ST
“A quick walk across the industrial complex from Absolution (who referred me to here as I didn’t know they existed - it’s nice to have friendly neighbors), a slightly bigger space with a smaller system and less walls. Open space, also with skylights and an opened garage bay door or two. Nice crowd about an hour after opening a bit before 2PM on the first Saturday in July 2016. Flights are well priced, allowing you to go through 10 of the 12 beers on for $20, and then grab the other two for an additional $4 if you’re judicious with the beers in the flights. Nice variety of styles from hoppy to malty to dark and roasty, including a variety of ABV selections. If I’m correct from google pictures, seems like the owner/brewer was here working in the brewhouse, and possibly his wife was behind the bar. Turns out (from actually talking to people, which is a thing you can do apparently) that the husband brewer guy wasn’t there, but the wife was in fact behind the bar. She was awesome, and a former teacher in the same subject I teach, so we talked shop for a bit. Everyone here was super friendly, including the other patrons. Family friendly place, kids around. “
j12601 1784 days ago
80 /100 2878 COLUMBIA ST
“Early July 2016. Open garage, black walls up about halfway, then white on the top, giving the place a lot of light with the skylights and big garage door open. Tap room has plenty of room, but could seem cramped with a crowd. The brewhouse, recently upgraded to a 30bbl, is crammed into a corner of the space. Around 20 of their own beers on tap, all with a slightly religious tone to the names. This theme plays out a little bit in the décor as a few of the benches for seating are old church pews. The beers here ranged from a few that tasted like 90s era “brewpub” beers – the artificial fruit tasting wheat beers, but with ~20 beers on, if a few of those get people in the doors and pays the bills, good. The rest ranged from decent (a lot of them) to great (a couple). Above average bell curve most likely. The bartender here was awesome. Truly into beer, happy to talk about other great breweries in the area, favorite beers, places to eat, etc. This was a good place to stop, the bartender made it great. Family and dog friendly. “
j12601 1784 days ago
80 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Good beer, industrial setting, very busy and a long line to get a beer or to get a refill. Small beer list but a good list. Staff were helpful but could tell this was the norm. Worth hitting as the IIPA’s are top notch. No food but there are food trucks.“
fletchfighters 1790 days ago
60 /100 2201 DOMINGUEZ ST
“The main downfall of this place for me was that there were more kids than adults here. Running around with limited supervision. No less than 2 kids parties were being held at the time I was there on a Saturday afternoon. The only thing it was missing was a costumed mascot walking around or a clown. The last place I would bring my kids to is a business that sells nothing but alcohol...The beer was decent with generous pours though. Get rid of the kids and this place would be a place worth revisiting.“
raidrfan979 1822 days ago
74 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“One of the better examples of the burgeoning South Bay craftbeer scene (along with Smog City & El Segundo). The beers here are great...especially the New England (IPA’s) and the locals know expect long lines. Unfortunately the service here is not good when it’s crowded...not because of the staff...they are very cool and’s because they haven’t figured out how to deal with crowds (hopefully it isn’t that they don’t care). They have some serious issues here. Every customer is treated well...problem is...too well for a busy everyone waits...which ultimately really isn’t "well". A 20 min out the door wait for your first beer on a weekend when the beer is this actually acceptable. The problem is...there is no refill amazingly my second beer was a 30 min wait halfway out in the parking lot (cold and light rain no less). Once I’m in...get me my second beer in 15 mins or less. And it’s not like you can get online when your beer is still half full and the line is out the door because it was suggested you can’t drink outside (I may or may not have misunderstood this point). It would also help if there was a separate growler line...there isn’t...same line as the pint & flight line. Again...the people here are great...they just need to figure this out better. We left earlier than planned...after two long beer waits and 2 shared flights...but never got to a pint. I loved the Knack, Never Lack Oat IPA and the Eggs are Cooling DIPA....the Under City Lights 2X Dry Hopped DIPA was also good (all only in flight sizes unfortunately...see above). We never got to the rest of their beers. I’ll try again next time in LA to see if they’ve got things figured out yet.“
PRBeer 1892 days ago
84 /100 1901 DEL AMO BLVD, STE B
“Industrial, minimalist decor, like a converted car repair shop, good beer, good service, definitely worth a visit. 15 taps when I visited. Tasters were $2-3, $6 pours - so good value for LA. Has working WiFi which is surprisingly rare in similar establishments.“
thorongil2 1980 days ago
74 /100 5160 W. 190TH STREET
“Stopped in for a late lunch and it was pretty quiet. Located in a small stripmall, The ambiance is a bit sterile, but still attractive. Service was pretty unattentive. The beers were excellent, however, and so was the food. I would go back.“
Iphonephan 2064 days ago
60 /100 20316 GRAMERCY PL
“This is a weird place...I had tried one of their beers previously when they were contract brewing, but that was years ago. I guess they finally have their own space now.

It’s basically in between Monkish and Smog City, so you can stop in for a beer on the long, two block walk between the two. They have a small tasting room and then also essentially a counter where you pay and can buy merch. In the back, there is a bar where you pour your own beers and are charged on a per ounce basis. Kind of a neat concept, but not sure how well it will work out for them.

Beer quality here is not good, and it’s particularly highlighted by having one exceptional brewery and one good one right next door, essentially. At least you can get out of here for a few bucks if you just pour like one ounce of each beer.“
brokensail 2080 days ago
94 /100 1901 DEL AMO BLVD, STE B
“Great great place. Sours, barrel aged beers, hippy beers. Really nice people. This place is not to be missed.“
daknole 2132 days ago
88 /100 20311 S WESTERN AVE
“Another simple, industrial setting brewery. But great beer, great service. And it was busy as hell. I’d like to return when it was a bit quieter.“
daknole 2132 days ago