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62 /100 10736 PIONEER TRAIL STE 1
“A nice little tap room in the brewery. Not much seating, but not many people here. 15 beers in tap. We had 2 beers, neither was very good. I wouldn't come back.“
Sledutah 196 days ago
62 /100 11448 DEERFIELD DR.
“Third stop of the day. This is a tiny little spot in a strip mall. Not busy at all on a Sunday afternoon after their 3pm open. Nice enough inside, small bar and a decent amount of seating room (unused at the moment). A bottle fridge with beers to go (not theirs); actually some decent stuff including Surly and TG products. They had perhaps 10 taps, but most were guest beers. Three of their own on tap - an IPA, Stout and Porter. See my reviews for details, but I do not expect the awards to start rolling in any time soon.“
bytemesis 286 days ago
74 /100 10990 INDUSTRIAL WAY B103
“Wow it feels good to be in a brewery again. Good wolf is an interesting space, quite large inside, but of course you can't drink there at the moment (thanks, COVID). Strip mall location. 10 taps, including two beers in their "Forest" line which feature unusual locally sourced ingredients. Several canned and bottled options to go as well. All taps served in three sizes including a 4 oz taster. You can get flights of four or just pay as you go. A few tables out front. Friendly service.“
bytemesis 287 days ago
66 /100 10736 PIONEER TRAIL STE 1
“Quick stop with the wife. Very crowded on a Monday evening. Warehouse location, minimal seating, a bit cramped. A dozen beers on tap. Did not check on flights and the like due to time, but apparently they do have them. Range of styles, but as noted nothing unusual. Friendly service, local-dominated customer base. Beer quality, based on the one i tried, was so-so.“
bytemesis 676 days ago
90 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Really impressed with this place. Thee beer is top notch and they had about 20 on tap - plenty to pick from. Their sample includes 5 beers. The food is really good too - burgers, fried chicken, pasta. We were there on a Friday night and the place was jamming - live music too. Took a while to get our drinks, but understandable since they were busy. Obviously would be better to be there on a weekday afternoon and meet the brewer or talk to the bartenders.“
BeerLimey 1232 days ago
78 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“On a Thursday 11am it was quite quiet which suited us perfectly. We got friendly service, tasty food and amazing beers. It's kid friendly place. It was a bit tricky to find as it is inside of a small strip mall kind of group of buildings. You can't see it by just driving by. 17 beers on tap. They serve flights of 5 beers (3oz each) for $11 (Eclipse is $1 more). And their Eclipse Imperial Stout versions are amazing. They had 3 different Eclipse versions on tap when we visited. I guess I was lucky. “
rosenbergh 1233 days ago
64 /100 10736 PIONEER TRAIL STE 1
“Newly opened (visited one day shy of a month in). Warehouse location in industrial Truckee. Kinda hard to find but once you're there once, easy peasy. Tall ceilinged garage/warehouse. Small bar, 7 taps, equipment, stools and a few more along the window. No beers on yet darker than a red, so pretty basic. I happened in on a Monday half off special, and was stoked that included tasters cause it usually does not. Glad it did too, cause for having only very basic styles, $3 for each 4 ounce pour was a bit much. Half price is normal. $1.50-2 for these beers seems reasonable, but $3? Nothing special, nothing off, friendly and quality enough to warrant at least A return trip.“
slowrunner77 1280 days ago
80 /100 10192 DONNER PASS RD
“Nice place on the main drag in Truckee. Roomy interior with a long bar and huge booths, plus a few tables in the rear. Great "ski town" vibe here. Large selection of beer and good service. Food was well made and tasty.“
MaBeer1972 1340 days ago
66 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Place was hard to find, tucked away behind other building, with no sign on the street, but we got there eventually. Typical wood-oriented interior for the region. Good selection of beers from draft, but no Eclipse or other dark BA beer when I visited unfortunately. Big selection of special Eclipse variants in a closet as well. Food was just good, only a bit pricey. Okay place, not really worth taking a detour, but it’s allright if you’re passing by.“
MarcoDL 1571 days ago
78 /100 10069 BRIDE ST
“Big space just off the main drag in Truckee. Big beer hall style tables (one piece solid wood)with a long bar and some standing room with tables, as well as a stage for fairly regular live music. More taps than the Incline Village brewery, which is cool. 21 Alibi beers and 3 guest ciders when I visited. Flights are a bit steep ($10-12) but worth it. Great beer selection.“
slowrunner77 1610 days ago
68 /100
New Moon Natural Foods (Grocery Store)
“They carried a lot of unique local, regional and international brews packed into two coolers. Impressive variety. I quickly and easily found six bottles I hadn’t seen in a big beer store in Sacramento. Well worth stopping by to see what you can find. The prices reflect the area.“
Fatehunter 1696 days ago
78 /100 10990 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Nice little tap room with a few seats around the fireplace. A few tables scattered around and a pool table. A place to come and just relax. Good, solid beer. Good service, except they did mess up with one of our beers on the flight. A cooler with bottles to go and a few snack food items.“
Sledutah 2026 days ago
80 /100 10990 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“In a remote location, but only a few minutes off I-80. Industrial appearance from the outside, with plenty of parking especially hen the other businesses are closed. Inside is very cozy, with a tiny bar, a few bar tables, the couches that seem to be obligatory in brewpubs in this area, a gas fire, and a pool table. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Bottles available. Food is chips (or crisps, take your choice). very dog friendly, especially dogs wearing hats. Beers were tasty and creative, available of flights of all or a few. And as a bonus, we stopped by on firkin Friday to find a tasty and on-style English mild with an American twist. Worth going out of your way to visit.“
Travlr 2026 days ago
78 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Wow was this place packed on a Saturday night. Hour wait for a table, which was a serious bummer, cause I had the family with me. Fortunately we were able to get into a nearby Japanese place with a third the wait time, and I was able to have a beer at the bar while we waited. Pretty solid taplist, they do have samplers as well. A few barrel aged offerings on the menu, but as others have said, don’t get your hopes up on those actually being available. They also had basically the full set of 2015 eclipse bottles to go at better than SF Bay retail prices. Food, particularly pizza, looked awesome.“
bytemesis 2149 days ago
68 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Decent brewery tap, I had a flight of their beers + 1 pint, all beers were nice. Ample seating indoors and outdoors. Friendly staff, but to nitpick, the waiter / waitress could have been more attentive, as we were the only guests at lunchtime. No big deal though. Good food. Well worth a visit.“
Sigmund 2231 days ago
76 /100 10192 DONNER PASS RD
“great place in downtown truckee. great selection, ok prices, but good happy hours specials on food and drink. only non-lunch hours prevent me from visiting more often.“
slowrunner77 2301 days ago
62 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“i always wish for a bigger selection of thir BA offereings (there’s usually 2 erased with one left). Service can be maddeningly slow, even when they’re half empty. Beers are solid, but only the BA stuff stands out. Still, definitely worth a stop in Tahoe...“
slowrunner77 2301 days ago
86 /100
New Moon Natural Foods (Grocery Store)
“small non chain whole foods type store by the dmv in truckee, ca. beer selection is about 4 coolers worth, and damn is it good. fantastic selection. buy multiples of 6 to receive 10% off, negating tax and crv. found several gems here and now I can’t go to donner lake without a pit stop here. decent soup and salad bar as well.“
slowrunner77 2390 days ago
80 /100 10990 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“This is the newer production facility and tasting room for Tahoe Mountain and is kind of off the beaten path in what passes for an industrial area in Truckee. Pretty nice and new looking business parks here.

The tasting room is pretty small and there is a tiny little bar where you can drink your beer, but is mostly served for ordering. A few cooler doors of bottled beers they might have available during your visit (picked up a bottle of Viejo Rojo and the Muscat Recolte du Bois during our stop). There are also some tables and couches where you can sit and a bit of seating out front.

They have a tasting flight that lets you choose 8 beers, but I didn’t ask if you can do less/partial flights as there were about 8 beers that I had not tried available during this stop. You can get full beers as well.

In all, this is probably a little more relaxed than what I read about the brewpub down in Tahoe City. But, you don’t have the proximity to the lake as a benefit. Either way, I’m sure both locations are worth your while.“
brokensail 2395 days ago
84 /100 10192 DONNER PASS RD
“When I hear the word gastropub, I usually imagine a well put together, perhaps even slightly (if not certainly) pretentious establishment, even if the food is good and not terribly overpriced. But this is more of what you might call a dive.

Painted wooden interior and patio. They have some wooden booths. The bar is made of old tables with a pane of glass on top. Beers are all written by hand on the chalk board, as are the sausages they have available. I can dig it. Fits in for the mountain town in which it’s located.

The service here was great and I get the feeling this is a real locals place. All the beers are $5 which a few exception for some special offerings. The size of the pour varies depending on the strength, etc. Sausages are pretty cheap as well and they have good pretzels that are only like $3-4.

I would say it’s very much a must stop if you’re looking to relax and have a beer or two while you’re in town.“
brokensail 2395 days ago
82 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“One of our go to places when in Tahoe. Good looking place with plenty of seating and a nice bar. We have always had great service. Wide selection of solid brew and good food. Enjoyed.“
BK7 2527 days ago
80 /100 10990 INDUSTRIAL WAY
“Great place tucked away in the industrial section of Truckee, CA. I like the hidden brewery/tap room better than the restaurant in TC. Fireplace, barrels, dogs, and LOADS of great beer in many styles. Always experimenting and usually hitting their mark.“
slowrunner77 2537 days ago
94 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“GPS overshot - pub is in a building complex not too visible from highway. Decor is fairly modern. Good beers. Good food. Very cheerful service.“
bhensonb 2745 days ago
78 /100 10192 DONNER PASS RD
“I like the set up and layout though some people don’t, I prefer the ambiance to the Kings beach location. Overall its just really great to have good local brews in Truckee, would love it if they had a more expansive selection of foods for pairing, but overall this place is a great resource“
Treesh 2822 days ago
66 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“A nice place, lots of wood. Service was slow and not really friendly, prices were high but the beer is great. It wouldn’t take much more to make this a great stop. The wings are great!“
Sledutah 2849 days ago
46 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Given what this brewery is doing with their beer, I understand why people come here. And it doesn’t take a lot to impress me from a service standpoint, but here it was far below average. No one even talked to me for 20 minutes and then it took quite a while to get the one barrel aged they actually had brought to the table. It was a good beer, but not memorable. The food was quite good. I wouldn’t come back unless I happened to be nearby. The 50 minute drive wasn’t worth it.“
JonEberle 2928 days ago
72 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“After a couple return trips here, I’ve been less impressed. The normal lineup of beers are fine and the Eclipse variants are nice, but a lot of the rotating/seasonal/small batch beers have just not been very good and service has sometimes been a miss. Still one of the better bets in the area as far as beers go, but not as great as I had previously experienced.

Finally made it here. Really nice location in Truckee in a shopping area with lots of other restaurants and bars. Smallish interior with a nice patio area. Had an impressive lineup of the regular beers (blonde, pale, IPA, etc.) as well as a number of seasonals and three barrel aged beers. Food here was excellent, the service was great, and the beers were quite good on the whole as well. It was a bit of a drive from South Lake Tahoe, but well worth it.“
brokensail 3033 days ago
98 /100 10192 DONNER PASS RD
“Awesome new spot!“
coreyc1221 3096 days ago
100 /100 10192 DONNER PASS RD
“40 Rotating taps of greatness! Natural locally made sausages. Food till they close. Great space fun hangout for all. But really 40 taps of one offs and never had from the best breweries around. Comfortable Mellow and awesome!“
krumbum 3110 days ago
100 /100
New Moon Natural Foods (Grocery Store)
“My local spot. Good beers available all the time and constantly adding new ones. Check it out.“
coreyc1221 3136 days ago
82 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Nice looking place just outside of the very cute town of Truckee, CA. Service is very good. People are genuinely nice and like conversation. Good selection of a variety of their beers. It has a full bar as well.“
DocJitsu 3161 days ago
76 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Stopped in for a couple beers: Highland Session and Charles on the rye. They were fine. I just had some fries, which were good, but I’m not going to rate food off of a plate of fries. The service was prompt and good. The value pretty standard. They had 14 of their own on tap with some interesting looking barrel aged versions. Worth stopping in if you’re trucking through Truckee.“
Fatehunter 3207 days ago
58 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Stopped in over Presidents Day weekend, for lunch. Hostess and servers acted like they were high... bizarre. Slow and not all that friendly. Food was average; there was no Eclipse on tap, but I was able to try a few others. No bottled beer for sale, just growlers. Overall a slight letdown but not a bad place.“
wheresyourball 3214 days ago
52 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Food is good and many of their beers are great. Everything else is lacking; irksome. Disinterested service was the hallmark from the bartender, to the server, and the hostess. I was spending $200 on bottles and glassware and still was made to feel that I was hassling the staff at every turn. One of the glasses I was sent home with had an obvious glass defect and never should have been sold. Make sure you inspect anything you buy before you leave. The restaurant is run like a tourist trap, staff makes zero effort to connect with the customer. Love the Eclipse on draft.“
Dodgrblu 3227 days ago
100 /100
New Moon Natural Foods (Grocery Store)
“Good Beer, On site license, Good people Good Food, Family Friendly. Here or to go its Great.“
krumbum 3243 days ago
88 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Stopped in about 4 on a Wednesday, just a few locals in. Pulled pork sandwich with fries was great. Green chile soup has no cilantro which is a huge plus. Delicious. Menu has good variety. Brews I had: Belgian Lipstick, Saison du Prick, Trifecta Tripel, Rockslide IPA, Donner Pass Porter- all solid. Sampler is $6 for 5/ 3oz samples. They had one beer bottled, although they had various versions: 22oz Eclipse stout aged in various bourbon barrels and some were even previous vintage. A must stop if you’re in the area. Our server, Efrain, was very nice and filled our water bottles for the road which was MUCH appreciated.“
swanmann 3275 days ago
86 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Friendly staff, good food and great beer. It's never overly crowded and they have a couple TVs with sports. I really enjoy this place and try to make sure I stop in every time I am in North Shore Tahoe. I wish prices were a bit cheaper but it is a resort town. I also would like to see more Eclipse on tap but they usually have at least one barrel aged offering on tap.“
ineedbeer 3286 days ago
82 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“A really nice brewpub, which is about as far off the beaten path as you can get. Honestly you could roll right through Truckee and never know this was here.Came for drinks in the middle of the afternoon, no Eclipse variants on, but Totality was, and so was a BART variant, so that was perfectly okay. Going in I really only knew this place for the Eclipse, but their other beers, especially the California Pale, were a nice surprise. Didn’t eat, but the menu looked pretty good, service was average, prices were about what I expected. Bought a couple bottles of BART and hit the road. I will definitely be back.“
Savvy1982 3370 days ago
82 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Cool little building with a lodge type feel to it. The food was pretty good and they had about a dozen beers on tap including 2 eclipse beers. I got there early so seating at the bar was easy and the bartender was helpful in getting me something to scribble my notes on. As dinner rolled around, the place was packed. I had a chance to talk to Todd for a few minutes and one of the brewers, Eugene. Both were very friendly and answered my questions. Next time I’m in Reno, I’ll look to make the drive out to FiftyFifty.“
dcschiller 3626 days ago
52 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“This place was nearby our rental and was recommended for good food from a local friend-of-a-friend. Can’t complain about the food, the pizza was good (average at best) and the green chile soup was also pretty solid (a little above average). The beer was so-so of the two I tried. I only tried two because it took 15+ minutes to place a drink order, another 20+minutes to get the drink, another 20+ minutes to get the food, then another 30+ minutes to get all the condiments in order before being able to take a second drink order. Needless to say the redhead server sucked hard. That patio looked pretty stellar though and one guy I was with was raving about some salad he got.“
KUEric 3773 days ago
70 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Visited after a day of skiing. The building looked pretty nice on the outside and inside. Six tap selections of their own beer and other craft beer taps as well. The food was pretty good. Everyone in our party got something different and it was highly regarded. I was hoping that they would have more than six of their beers to try in a sampler, but oh well.“
troyc 3892 days ago
74 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“This brew pub had an OK ambiance. The selection of beers was a little limited with only 6 on tap when I was there and two of those were similar versions of their Imperial Stout. The food was good, but a bit expensive as it always seems to be in resort areas.“
sailracer 3913 days ago
80 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“This small brewery is located in a small mall a mile from the old town. There is a nice bar with a doen stools, boasting 14 active taps covering a wide range of styles. There is also table seating for about 50. The barkeep is helpful and friendly. There is popular music playing in the background, but not too noisy, and two wide screen TVs showing sport events. The menu is mostly bar food, but quite extensive. The french dip sandwich with fries was excellent, and the rest room was large and clean.“
marcus 3977 days ago
86 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“We try to get to this place every summer when we are over on the Westshore; how I wish it (or we) were closer! Excellent service, a nice selection of solid brews, and above average for food. Stopped by for a growler fill on our way over to the Westshore, and then went over for an early happy hour later in the week for a beer and appetizers. They always have guest taps, but I tend to stick with the housebrews. By far, the last one I had, the Donner Party Porter, was the best. They appear to have a loyal, local clientele also, which is always a good sign.“
larryLSB 4123 days ago
62 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“up scale fare, many beers on tap! the food was great!! i only had the IPA but it was good. I would like to see more of their bottle beer avalible.“
6ROW 4228 days ago
86 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“I stopped in on my way to Reno. The bartender was very friendly and I talked to the brewer’s brother for a bit. The ambiance is like a fusion of ski lodge meets contemporary. They seem to have a strong local following. I did not eat, but the food looked good. The beers I tried were excellent. Make sure you have a map or GPS, this place is hard to find.“
illinismitty 4453 days ago
82 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Sunday afternoon stop in July and once we past there near empty inside seating, I was happy to sit in the warm sun and notice that Eclipse was on the board; no food was ordered, but menu and passing dishes looked pretty tasty; staff was enjoyable except for the obligatory directions for drinking my sampler; beers were all above average IMO and quite tasty, including the Foggy Goggle; after some back and forth the waitress brought me some bonus samples of the just tapped Golden Ale and non-BA Imperial Stout; nice new "old" architecture and overall a great stop on my way to the lake; highly recommended“
SuzyGreenberg 4501 days ago
70 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Stopped by here Monday night on our trek back home. Set in a rustic yet new building, looks slightly upscale for a brewpub. Had six beers listed on tap, but ended up being out of their BA oatmeal stout (the beers were the wit, concentrated evil, IPA, DIPA, and the porter). Not busy when we showed up @ 8:30. Food seemed like it was trying to be a couple steps up from standard pub fare. GF got the fish tacos which were OK, and I got the ahi BLT which was pretty good. Service was good enough, though the waitress knew pretty much nothing about their beers. They were out of my first two choices for t-shirts. The two beers I had were solid enough. If I lived in Truckee I don’t know if I could make it my regular haunt, as the DIPA was $7 a pint and the IPA was $6, IIRC. Food was slightly pricey.“
iowaherkeye 4514 days ago
78 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Great place just slightly outside of downtown Truckee. I love the beers at FiftyFifty, especially the strong beers and special seasonals. The barrel aged Roundabout Stout is amazing. Food is very good here and the staff is generally friendly. Definitely worth the stop whenever you are in Truckee to see what’s new.“
HighWine 4522 days ago
66 /100 11197 BROCKWAY RD
“Stopped in last summer with nearly my entire family. Had a nice dinner sitting out in the heat of the spacious patio. Pretty good sampler with seven decent sized glasses. House beers were all solid, except the concentrated evil, which was too herbal and sweet. Had firestone walker velvet merkin on as a guest beer, which was a pleasant surprise. Pretty cool setup inside with a big chalkboard of brews above some stacked oak barrels holding what I think was their imperial stout. Friendly staff and good service. The food was pretty solid. I got a seared ahi BLT which sounded a litle odd at first, but I love seared ahi and this was actually really good. I*m definitely making a point of stopping by whenever I am up at Tahoe from now on.“
SamGamgee 4731 days ago
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