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70 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Small place along the beach boardwalk with a decent line up of beers. Not worth going out of your way to as a beer destination but good if you’re in the area for a quick craft beer fix. Friendly service, lively atmosphere. Price on the high side as you might expect.“
solidfunk 773 days ago
76 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“Visited 09-OCT-2019. Nice selection of beers in 6-packs (and 4-packs). Unfortunately you cannot mix. Small selection of single beers but some nice picks among them. The small bar looks cozy and has lots of interesting stuff on tap.“
jesperhammer 1093 days ago
74 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Visited on a Monday afternoon in February 2019. A small place that was not crowded during my visit. The selection was decent and the service good. This place felt kind of "hip".“
gyllenbock 1324 days ago
82 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Great spot right on Venice Beach. I went there on a Sunday and it was super crowded. Service was good and the food was great - so good I had lunch and dinner there. Good beer selection - plenty of local beers on tap.“
mkel07 1813 days ago
64 /100
James Beach (Restaurant)
“A good restaurant with ace fish tacos and a small selection of ’craft’ beer. Things like Venice Duck, Allagash, Anchor, along with macros. Somewhat upscale so the prices reflect that. Decent service. A fun place to have a meal.“
Leighton 2056 days ago
88 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Great little bar on the beach front. Good beer selection, nice food and very friendly service.“
MyBeerySelf 2169 days ago
82 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Hip bar just off the beach. Good selection of micros. Fresh California food. Fast and knowledgeable service.“
TEJA 2279 days ago
78 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Pretty good spot. Right on the boardwalk. Great food offering. The beer selection is solid, with a lot of local CA breweries on offer. Although, you won’t likely find any ’rare’ kind of beers. Pretty fair prices. Good service. One of the better options for the area.“
Leighton 2318 days ago
80 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Cool skateboard taster trays. Lots of sunshine. A no-bullshit beer bar that’s friendly to dogs and regular people, and“
bulldogops 2450 days ago
70 /100
Larry’s (Restaurant)
“Decent spot, lots of sunshine on the patio. Better beach beer than anticipated.“
bulldogops 2450 days ago
86 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“My 200th rating is a new classic stop for last minute beer procurement on the west side. Selection is great. I love the little bar area though I’ve never sat there. People crowd in and it feels very neighborhoody.“
ajm 2503 days ago
70 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Right down on the beach. Pretty neat spot. A small patio are and a kind of cramped interior with a decent amount of bar seating as well as some regular tables.

Big chalk board with all the beers listed out. The frustrating thing is, though, they list the brewer and the style, but not the beer name. So you kind of have to figure out what the actual beer is that you’re ordering. They do have a few "house" beers that are brewed for them. Tried the XPA which was pretty decent.

Beer list isn’t bad, particularly for the area, though some of the prices were kind of high. Maybe worth exploring some of the Santa Monica bars like Library Alehouse and Daily Pint if you want really top flight beer selections, but this will do if you’re spending the day on Venice Beach.“
brokensail 2622 days ago
78 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“Just off of/on? PCH in Venice. Plenty of parking, which is sort of a big deal for Los Angeles.

Apparently the tasting beer here is kind of new. They still have a pretty good cooler selection with beers from all over Southern California as well as some Belgian, German, and Asian imports. A few nice special releases from Avery, Allagash, and Firestone out on the shelves. Tasting bar had a heavy Colorado during my visit, apparently they had a tap takeover a couple days prior.

Pretty typical pricing on the flights and bottles, though maybe a bit on the high side...but it’s Whole Foods. Service was good. And overall, it’s a good spot to grab a beer in a place where there isn’t a ton around.“
brokensail 2622 days ago
88 /100 625 LINCOLN BLVD
“We visited on 5.1.2014, the last beer place before heading back from LAX. Really liked the place, although we did not have too much time to enjoy. First you order your sausages on a separate counter, they have around 12 different choices including a snake sausage. They have two bars where beers can be ordered, many very special German and Belgium beers on tap. We had beers from the Aktienbrauerei in Bayreuth in the original stone mugs and Duchesse de Bourgogne DRAFT !!!! Just amazing to find this beer on tap in a sausage restaurant in LA. The sausages were all great, you have around 5 different mustards to choose from. French fries were great too. Good atmosphere and very good and friendly service! We will definitely come back again. Came again on 8.1.2017: no big change, still outstanding! They expanded their sausage offering and have 12 German and 12 Belgium draft beers.“
Schlenkerla 3196 days ago
72 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“Sat down outside for some food and a beer on Labour Day when the beachwalk was really crowded. Even though it’s oceanside and all that, the ambience isn’t very nice I think. Got pretty decent service, the food was nice too, and the beer I had was splendid, so I shouldn’t really be complaining. Well, it’s very touristy, with far from the best chairs and tables in the area, but if your strolling the area, it’s a place worth sitting down at.“
yngwie 3322 days ago
70 /100
Larry’s (Restaurant)
“Decent spot on Venice beach, right near beach so nice sunshine, decent beer selection as well and okay happy hour.“
DedicatedToFun 3335 days ago
86 /100 2 ROSE AVE
“One of my favorite places in Venice! Sit on the beach and drink amazing craft beer. Eat one of their delicious burgers. Definitely check this place out!“
DedicatedToFun 3362 days ago
78 /100 2 ROSE AVE

Oceanside bar with patio and mini restaurant (they have a smaller menu with good food)..huge tap list has about 30+ craft beers focusing on local California stuff such as Old Orange, Bootlegger’s, El Segundo, Coronado and then usual suspects of Stone, North Coast and even some lower tier stuff like Kona and Alaskan. They have lots of sampler flights ( 4,8, and 12!? ) that are served on skate boards with wholes cut out to accommodate the sampler tumbler. Server was quick, efficient, and able to keep a litany of complicated beers in order. Really fun place, probably has leaps and bounds the best craft beer selection on Venice Beach. However, a lot of different beers on tap had an odd vegetal note that is probably from poor keg storage or more likely unclean tap lines.“
GT 3362 days ago
74 /100 625 LINCOLN BLVD
“New Venice Beach location. Odd set up. Enter in and immediate give them your beer and food order. Then pay, get number, and make your way into a spacious picnic table seating area. The fries here were insane, some of the best I’ve ever had in my life. The brats/sausages were all good. My Moroccan lamb was excellent. Dipping sauces for the fries were dope, choose from 12 or so. Thai peanut worked surprisingly well. For beer, expect all beer in larger format pours with exact matching glassware, which was odd but nice I guess. 500mL tap pours of Weihenstapher White Hoplosion, big pours of St Bernardus 12. Odd, like Back Abbey in Claremont, that this place only has imported beers given the beer mecca of Southern California. Still, lots of fun, great beer and food, somewhat pricey though.“
GT 3399 days ago
78 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“Stopped in here several times, and found it a welcome beer oasis during a week of too much driving between apartments and not enough time for meals out. When you need to grab some stuff, you could do a helluva lot worse than this one. Vast and spacious branch in general, they’ve given a nice bit of space over for the beer section. Excellent and helpful staff, enjoyed my chats, and they really went out of their way on my behalf. Checking back stock, giving pointers, the works. US and Euro craft well represented. Picked up several Cali bombers and a fo-pack of Maui Coconut Porter. Worth a stop.“
JCB 3548 days ago
80 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“Worth a visit if you’re driving down Venice Blvd. I believe this location gets some primo beers, though I was unable to leave with anything due to timing of my visit. Enjoyed talking with one of their beverage guys about lots of different beers. He got me some Pliny and Abyss and was happy to ask the head beer buyer about the laundry list of things I wanted. Service was good in the end, but required me finding someone to ask my questions. On shelf selection was very good. A wide variety of brews, most of which are fridge temperature. Better than any surrounding Whole Foods I visited in the area.“
bootsjohn 3588 days ago
74 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“One of the better Whole Foods in the area in terms of selection, plus they have a few taps that normally have pretty good brews. Normally have a couple sours with Duchesse almost always available.“
Anova167 3872 days ago
88 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“Great beer selection. They have a bar in the store that serve beer They also organize beer events.“
beeroverthere 4085 days ago
84 /100 225 LINCOLN BLVD
“They have expanded the bar to 24 taps, all very good selections, when I was there they had DFH 120 min, and a lot of locals. Bottle selection still solid.“
mcrowther 4681 days ago
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