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70 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Visited after Mohawk Bend, 21st November 17. It's a little rough looking from the outside, inside is open and fairly welcoming. Good beer list, annoying one size only policy with no deviation, so I had to have another pint of Pliny, a half pint of Abyss 2015 and a half pint of Melvin DIPA, which was heavy and unnecessary, but also necessary. Not crowded, nice bottle list. Service OK, but no interest in the beer.“
CraftBeerNick 1068 days ago
70 /100 9039 BEVERLY BLVD
“Wandered down here from the Troubadour while killing time waiting for a show to start. I forgot this was here, honestly. We used to come down this way a few years back to either get some booze here or at the grocery store across the street to slug before seeing a musical performance.

In any event, they were currently doing some remodeling/construction during this visit, so a bit of a hit to the ambiance score, perhaps...not that grocery stores really have all that much to begin with. Good liquor selection, though at least a couple bucks higher on the bottles than elsewhere. The beer is right next to the liquor and all of it is kept cold, which is a plus.

Good selection of local stuff from LA brewers like Eagle Rock, Golden Road, maybe a Venice beer or two. The usuals like Lagunitas, Green Flash, Stone, Firestone, etc. A couple limited Firestone beers in the mix. Smattering of typical German, Belgian, and Japanese imports. Some Orange County stuff, too. Overall, a half decent selection.

Not an amazing place by any means, but there isn’t too much in terms of beer right in this area of WeHo, so if you’re just looking to pick up a couple beers, it’s worth a stop.“
brokensail 2255 days ago
94 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Really fun spot to hang out. A big bar, vip section, tables, muralled out door bench, and a game room, so many things to do. Lots of surly goats decorations, give it a fun but serious touch. 27 drafts and a cask. Menu updated daily. I like how they list an upcoming keg under certain beers that are running low, lets you know if you need to grab something. Quality of drafts is off the charts. Mostly local stuff that is killer, Hoppy Birthday, PtE, and Haberno Knuckle Sandwhich, are you kidding me? They offer tasters of each beer as well so you can tick the whole menu like I did. Pretty decent bottle list but nothing crazy you must get. Helpful and knowledgable stuff. I’ll be back for sure despite slightly overpriced draft prices.“
chibuck 2308 days ago
66 /100 7871 W SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Was at a site about 3 blocks away, so I walked here during a break in the work and checked out the selection. Fairly limited beer selection compared to other Whole Foods, despite being a fairly good sized store. Nice selection of local(ish) beers like Alesmith, Ballast Point, St. Archer, Stone, Eagle Rock, and plenty of other California staples. Small but reasonable amount of imports, largely German beers with some Italian, Japanese, and Spanish stuff. Obligatory big name Belgian beers, too. If you’re nearby, it could be a decent shop for beer, but I wouldn’t make it a point to come here.“
brokensail 2362 days ago
72 /100 7100 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Its an alright liquor store with an inattentive staff and pretty good prices. Stocked up on CA beers for my trip back to CO.“
HIGHB4LL 2384 days ago
92 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“One of the best beer bars in the area. Great selection, great atmosphere and great service.“
tabearden 2442 days ago
84 /100
Connie and Ted’s (Restaurant)
“Definitely a restaurant first and a beer destination second. Same chef as the Michelin two-star, Providence, the food is simply fantastic. Very cool nautical ambiance, great service. Prices are high for a "beer place", but everything about this restaurant lives up to value easily. Valley parking available, or street parking. Beer list is quite good with a lot of Los Angeles/Orange County local beers as well as other California sourced IPAs and Pilsners on tap. The bottle list is quite good as well with several barrel aged offerings from the Bruery and Crooked Stave. I’ve already been several times and plan to return whenever possible.“
BMan1113VR 2502 days ago
82 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Visited on a bar hopping tour through Hollywood starting at Blue Palms. This place was really busy but we were lucky enough to get to the bar right as two people were leaving. The beer list is pretty good and they have some neat bottles too. The service can be good but can also act like they’re too busy to deal with you. The food was pretty good. We split a pizza that had goat cheese and a few other California type ingredients on it. Thin crust of course. This place is also really close to Amoeba which is a big plus.“
t0rin0 2650 days ago
84 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Not exactly the most appealing place from the outside: dull, dark, no indication of what’s contained within. Inside, it’s got the typical dark, almost diver bar feel. But the decor and feel is a bit more lounge-like. Pretty solid selection of beers on draft and a quality, but limited bottle selection. Service was quick and moderately friendly. Prices are very Hollywood. A cool place to hang out.“
brokensail 2794 days ago
86 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Really nice micro tap selection, very laid back - hard to find but worth the search for a true beer freak. A winner.“
johnbuck100 3091 days ago
94 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Ambiance - Foosball, shuffleboard, STREET FIGHTER machine, two outdoor spaces, posters of goats and beers, and a huge goat head above the bar!!! Service - come between 6-8, happy hour. Any later and it’s busy as any other bar in the area, you’ll have to line up at the end of the bar and wait. Some of the bartenders know their shit, some are just pretty faces. All are friendly in my experience. Selection - don’t believe me? http://www.surlygoat.com/onTap.php Food - Baby Blues BBQ is next door and delivers free to the bar (menus upon request at the bar), and you can bring in any food you want, so it’s actually an ideal situation. Value - 6-8 happy hour is $4 each for a selection of four of the more common/boring beers. $4 for ’well’ shots and mixed drinks too! Otherwise prices comparable to bars in the area. Overall - This place kicks ass! If you’re in WeHo, between this and Blue Palms you can get your fix of delicious craft beer, including plenty of local breweries. “
getset_go 3145 days ago
86 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Small dark bar. Nice tap tap of about 20 with some good stuff. A temp contolled celler with a few rare and obscure treats albeit very pricey for those. Was tere early so not sure how it is during prime hours but overall recommended if you are in west hollywood ths is a good place to start.“
FullObs 3236 days ago
86 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Good tap selection of beers that are hard to find. Plus, their website has an up to date tap list so you know exactly what they have before you go. The bar itself is interesting. In a good way. When I was there they were playing some good 70s songs that I love, including Bobby Womack’s "If You Think You’re Lonely Now", Hall and Oates’ "Sara Smile", and The Floaters’ "Float On". On television, since no sports were going on that day, they were playing a movie, which was pretty cheesy, but funny. The bartenders were pretty nice and they told me that they have to take a beer certification course, so I’m guessing they know about beer. Overall, I’d say this is a place worth checking out.“
MattH 3276 days ago
74 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Ambiance: A total dive/grandma type bar. Really dark and divey. Most of the time there is music going. The people look really trendy who go there.

Service: I delt with some grumpy bar tenders, but the owners are cool as hell.

Selection: Great mix of popular craft beers.

Value: Decently priced draft beers and bottle list.

Overall: Not quite my cup of tea. I like Verdugo better.“
LtDan 3429 days ago
32 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Terrible service and selection. Lots of dbags here too“
CantillonKing 3513 days ago
88 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“I was at the Surly Goat during the Russian River tap takeover, so my idea of the bar may be different than the regular experience, due in part to the high quality of the taps. They had a huge selection of beers that night, however; to be objective some people were disappointed not to be able to try the main beer of the evening. I can understand their anger, but I got there early because I had heard of the craziness that has come to be expected and didn’t want to chance not being able to sample it. Great bar, a little too far to be a regular hangout for me.“
socaltay 3542 days ago
64 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Visited on the night of a special event. I don’t really have a desire to go back anytime soon, and well never return on a special event night. I am going to try to keep this review as fair as possible. Parking is street parking a few blocks away. The exterior screams dive bar (a concrete block painted matte black. The inside is really nice look. Good looking bar, dark, nice colors, nice tap wall. Beers are clearly posted (and their website’s tap list is all up to date). No food available. Selection appears to be on par with the best beer bars in LA. Staff wasn’t friendly (to put it nicely), but they were slammed on a busy night. Ryan (the owner) is a good guy and is doing great things for the LA beer scene, but he cannot seem to run a special event to save his life. I won’t go into details, but I ended up waiting from 4:30pm till a 6pm opening...in line, and was not able to get the main beer of the event (as they advertised). The staff was actually abrasively rude about it and the owner played favorites (40 servings, 10 ounce servings at that, from a sixtel available to the public?! Come on). Ryan appears to be quite aggressively unapologetic about it on beer advocate. That’s all that I have to say about that. This is by far the fairest review that I can write, I am being very generous.“
BMan1113VR 3543 days ago
100 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“what can i say,this place is awesome.nice atmosphere,the staff is friendly and funny,and the selection is top notch.i think this will be my new hang out in l.a.“
Odeed 3893 days ago
82 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Makes for a nice little 1-2 between Golden State and here. "Wanna do the Gold ’n’ Goat?" Prices are exactly what you would expect for the area. Service is too. And so is the clientele. More male-female couples than you might imagine though. Selection is so good that it’s making Verdugo worse. I hate that.“
ajm 3903 days ago
86 /100 7929 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“Great new place serving an under served part of LA. Wide selection. As an IPA lover, great to see Kern River, Pliny and Sculpin together. Plus house beer from local Eagle Rock!“
beersearcher 3906 days ago
68 /100 7100 SANTA MONICA BLVD
“I’d rather drive the extra couple of miles to Vendome in Toluca Lake and so will you ;o) But, anyway, if you’re in the ’hood rather than in or around San Diego, go to it because L.A. is not nearly as beery as San Diego county. You’ll get your craft fix here, if you expect to not rate anything new. Just expect to get some quality brew for a fair price and you’ll be fine. By the way, parking is at the garage on Romaine.“
steview 4123 days ago
66 /100 7871 W SANTA MONICA BLVD
“I don’t go here for beer. The selection is about half of Fairfax. Very much regular, though I will say that this location started upping their AleSmith selection before anyone else I noticed.“
ajm 4390 days ago
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