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80 /100 985 RIVERFRONT ST.
“Very cool space, with a nouveau modern architecture thing going on, but all the outdoor space is the real star here, with big fields and multiple bars, this place is amazing when the weather is nice. Service was good, attentive and tried offering suggestions even though the bar was 10 deep all night. Selection is impressive, all the styles you could want, plus liquor, cider, and wine for all those people. Didn't try the restaurant, but need to next time. Great spot!“
jbruner 975 days ago
78 /100 985 RIVERFRONT ST.
“Open air venue with gas torch heaters in winter. Overhead to catch the rain. Knotty Pine bar. 22 taps. Huge outdoor area. Password free Wi-Fi. Some “rare” sorta/kinda Drakes ales. Awkward access check maps or GPS. See webpage about parking.“
bhensonb 1364 days ago
80 /100 1315 TERMINAL ST
“Pretty sure I rated this place. Decor was nice and wood/metal modern. Beeer selection was across a number of styles. Service was very good. Questions were answered. Something of a local.“
bhensonb 1458 days ago
76 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“Visited after dinner on a Wednesday. Located near Jackrabbit. Long patio on the side of the building, leading to a big open space that was a warehouse concrete feel to it. Nice wood bar. Beer selection is 14 house beers with a ton of serving options. Listed as “sips” 5 oz, 10 oz, 16 oz, flights and “trips” cans, growlers, fills and bombers. Service was very engaging, and knowledgeable. Had a great conversation. In addition to their own beers, also offer brew your own services.

76 = *** (Worth the visit, must for locals, and visitors with time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1476 days ago
70 /100 1315 TERMINAL ST
“Visited after dinner on a Wednesday. Located in a warehouse / light industrial area. Outdoor seating as you approach the brewery, L shaped bar and a bunch of seating space to the side. Beer selection is 10 house beer available as pints, crowler, growler or 4 beer sample flights. A few of the beers were also available to go in a cooler to the side of the bar. Bar has a bunch of activities, with corn hole, 3 console arcade setup and trivia, movie nights, etc. Service was friendly, crowd seemed local and chill. Solid stop.

70 = **½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1476 days ago
8 /100 3023 W CAPITOL AVE
“Why is this place on RB?“
vshollows 1609 days ago
80 /100
Flaming Grill Cafe (Restaurant)
“30 beers - some new to me. "Exotic" flesh burgers. Elk was quite nice. Service was excellent and very helpful. Got a beer sample I didn't ask for! Just trying to be helpful since the beer I chose had just gone off. Nice place. Wife loved the salad, so I may get to go back!“
bhensonb 1767 days ago
76 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“Most diverse range of small-batch brewed beers in the region with frequent lagers/pilsners to style as well as porter/stout/brown and of course 1x/2x/3x IPA on tap. Warehouse setting is spacious, great for groups.“
costello95691 1939 days ago
78 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“Visited before RateBeer Best 2017. Small brewery in a business park. Decent amount of parking but it can get scarce during busier times. There was a big dog adoption event going on so it was pretty packed with people and dogs. Friendly service, only gripe was ordering tasters and getting pints instead. Solid variety of styles. No food but there was a food truck out back. Worth a stop if you’re around. Would like to return when it’s not so busy.“
GenDV138 1963 days ago
72 /100 1315 TERMINAL ST
“Industrial park setting, but pretty nice inside w lots of seating in and out. Beers were solid in styles you don’t always see (dubbel, old ale, stouts, 1 IPA, sour quad) but prices on flights were definitely on the high side ($24 for 8). I’d go back for full pours or for tasters if I won the lotto.“
slowrunner77 2381 days ago
72 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“Our last stop on the West Sac brewery tour. Very close to the other two (Jackrabbit and Yolo). Probably middling between the two in terms of quality, at least in my estimation.

The brewery is in a business park and has a small, industrial tasting room. Pretty decent sized brewery, at least compared to what I was expecting. Nice bar with some communal tables next to the entrance and windows.

Good service at the bar. They had eight beers during our visit and what looks like a couple taps that had recently run out. Beer quality was up and down. Didn’t really love anything, but a few that I did not care for at all. Most in the middle.

Pricing is kind of high, all things considered, at $2/taster, though that seems to be the norm these days. Full and half pours were definitely a better value.

Not a terrible place for a beer, but certainly better without having to travel too far.“
brokensail 2428 days ago
80 /100 1315 TERMINAL ST
“Industrial park brewery and tasting room. There’s a relatively small tasting area right in front of the door with an L-shaped bar where you can also sit and order your beers. Nice wooden cover on the cold box and bar top. Well done all around.

We ordered 10 beers. The pricing was kind of high on their flights with a set of four costing more than $10 and a $15 or $16 flight of the sour beers. At least the beers were all actually pretty good, which was particularly welcome having just come from Yolo (terrible).

Easily the best of all the West Sac breweries. Would be happy to have more of their beers.“
brokensail 2429 days ago
48 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“Really a large brewery and tasting room. Huge warehouse space in an industrial area. Very industrial feel to the tasting room as well with polished concrete and sort of bare in terms of the interior.

Lots of communal tables throughout the tasting room and some TVs. They have a bar where you can place your order. There’s a brew-on-premise set up along the perimeter of the tasting room, too.

Service was mostly good and they have a lot of beers on tap with a number of different styles (mostly US and a few UK styles).

Unfortunately, all the beers were terrible. Like, not just meh/mediocre but bad. Tons of flaws both in the brewing process and fermentation. Can’t recommend coming here.“
brokensail 2429 days ago
66 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“Industrial space a fairly quick walk from Jackrabbit (though could be a tough find in the dark). Looks like they had 12 taps, though only 7 were full of beer when I went. Sample pours were $2/5oz which was looking to be the standard in Sacramento. 5 pale ale or IPAs on, a milk stout and a wheat, so variety seemed to be lacking a bit.
Beers were good, but not the best of the day. Crowd was good, fairly young and hip. I’d stop here before or after Jackrabbit, but would probably go to Jackrabbit if I only had time for one of the three (I skipped Yolo on advice from other locals in multiple locations).“
j12601 2443 days ago
80 /100 1315 TERMINAL ST
“My first impression of the place was that there was a tamale guy outside, and I like tamales. And after three other breweries for the day, I needed tamales.
The brewery itself is one big room with everything within sight lines. You can see back to the brew set up and fermentation.
Clean and new, looked like some production work was going on while we were there. Crowd ranged from young with kids to older groups and anywhere in between. Nice cool local feel.
Flights of 4x5oz for $12, with a flight of the sours for $15 (3 on, fill with your choice of a fourth). Total of ten beers on when I visited, and everything was pretty solid.
Given the fairly close proximity to two other breweries (Yolo, and Bike Dog), you can hit a few in one trip if that’s your speed. After some advice from locals at other places through the weekend I went just to here and Bike Dog and skipped Yolo. Definitely glad I came here, worth the stop.“
j12601 2443 days ago
78 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“Located in an industrial section of West Sac, this brewery serves 8 taps representing a wide range of styles, recently including some barrel-aged brews. There is a very spacious seating area as well as a short attractive bar. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Wide-screnn tv and live music on some nights. There is usually a food truck on-site. It’s a fun place and most of the beers are pretty good.“
marcus 2487 days ago
78 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“wherehousy but with a cool vibe. bikes being tuned up in the alley out back, and pretty fantastic hoppy brews and stouts. been twice, and will be back.“
slowrunner77 2701 days ago
70 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“industrial wherehouse type place but w plenty of room and patio seating. super friendly service, and decent beer with about 10-14 taps.“
slowrunner77 2701 days ago
32 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“Another brewery located in an industrial park. This place is quite spacious, and service is good. Unfortunately, the beer is easily the worst beer in the entire Sacramento area. There are so many horrible flaws, and I was hoping that the brewer from Brew-It-Up would have learned how to brew during his hiatus, but alas. A brewery like this will do well in the area because Sacramentans love all things small and local, no matter how shitty it is.“
DYCSoccer17 2831 days ago
52 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“I’ve been here 3-4 times. Typical nanobrewer located in an industrial park. Lines and crowds can be immense at times. Usually there are 7 beers on tap or so, and most are mediocre, at best. Who puts saison on nitro? They have food trucks at times for food. The beer here is just not good enough at this point to make it worth my while and headache to go here more often.“
DYCSoccer17 2831 days ago
56 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“Ambiance is fine. Its a warehouse. When we arrived there were like 10 dogs in this little place which was ok I guess. Didnt see any bikes. Service was quick and the bar tenders were polite. Selection wasnt bad. A bunch of IPA’s but also a lager and a few belgians. Value is standard. Overall beer was just OK. Nothing was really bad, but nothing stood out..... boring beer. Really busy place though, maybe 50 people and a shit load of dogs all eating crap off the floor.“
theOptimator 2887 days ago
50 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“Ambiance is industrial warehouse, lots of room, not as nice as some but fine. Service was good. Friendly girl was quick to assist us. Selection was fairly good. Some english beers, some belgians, a few lagers. Value is typical at $2 a 5oz taster. Overall beer wasn’t great. A few beers were off, the rest needed to be tweeked. Tried five, didnt finish the Oktoberfest, the chamomile Wit was decent, the rest I drank only because I paid for them.“
theOptimator 2887 days ago
78 /100 1520 TERMINAL ST
“8 taps. Semi-industrial style. Some parts old, some parts newer. There is a curved laminated wood bar made up of an immense number of small pieces of wood. Lots of information available from staff. Server definitely knew the brews on tap.“
bhensonb 3027 days ago
70 /100 2000 TOWN CENTER PLAZA
“This is on par with just about every other Nugget in the area. Nugget has by far the best beer selection of any chain grocery store in the area. Because it is in West Sacramento, you can sometimes find some limited release beers that would fly off the shelves normally in a Davis Nugget, etc.“
DYCSoccer17 3139 days ago
“This place is kind of sad. It’s basically in a strip mall, and any sort of soul is totally falsified. Did’t have any food. The beer is average to below average. Just a weird place that isn’t overly enjoyable.“
DYCSoccer17 3139 days ago
76 /100
RoCo Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“General wine, beer and spirits store. Extremely nice collection of beer. I found an English ale (Wells) I’d not heard of. Owner was extremely willing to help. Beer tasting is still legally challenged. State is slow to help folks with non-wine things. If you are passing thru Sacramento, you should stop here.“
bhensonb 3200 days ago
78 /100 2534 INDUSTRIAL BLVD, STE 110
“3 beers on tap today rating would be higher if there were more. Decor is shades of gray with wood tables and tuquoise trim. Black industrial metal stools. All new and clean. Brewer and staff available for discussion. Good vibes. Concrete bar a bit cool in cold weather. :) Great place.“
bhensonb 3237 days ago
“Good place for a semi-pub experience. Beer selection doesn’t reflect my preferences to a significant extent. Food’s good. Place is more about the food than about the beer. IMHO.“
bhensonb 4140 days ago
90 /100 3023 W CAPITOL AVE
“This is a fantastic place to get Mexican food. And yes it is authentic Mexican food style. They have a few domestic and Mexican imports available for enjoyment from the bottle. On some nights they actually have live Mariachi bands play. The food prepared is very fresh. The store is clean and the value is pretty good for food of this caliber.“
thetmaxx 4192 days ago
“Streets is very close to my house, and I’ve been going here ever since they opened. I also frequent the one downtown. The food selection puts off some people, but if you can find some things on the menu you like then those items are very good. My favorites are the scotch egg, deep fried bangers, buffalo chicken sandwich. The service has always been hit or miss, especially if there is a new bar tender, and mow it’s full service which is horrible!! It totally took away from the uniqueness of this place. But it has always been a good place to get good beer. Pretty decent selection of imports from Europe, craft brews, and seasonals. Overall still one of my favorite places to go walk the dog.“
thetmaxx 4192 days ago
“Nice place overall. Beer selection is good and they do a lot of different specials throughout the different seasons and holidays. Decent variety of food that is always good. Service is somewhat hit and miss, If you get a bartender that’s been there awhile it’s great, if you get someone new than anything could happen. They are now doing full service to the tables - not sure if I like that as much as just going up to the bar.“
bnoel09 4209 days ago
90 /100
RoCo Wine & Spirits (Beer Store)
“Excellent selection and excellent prices, very clean and well-kept. The owner is very knowledgeable of the liquid in his store whether it be beer, wine, or liquor. They do wine tasting on Thursday’s and, from what I hear, will begin doing beer tasting very soon on Fridays! Their selection will continue to grow and change daily! Definitely a gem in West Sacramento.“
Cannile 4246 days ago
90 /100 2000 TOWN CENTER PLAZA
“I really enjoy the Nugget Market right around the corner from my house. I feel they have a great selection, especially in 22oz. They run great deals on cases/ 6-packs from time to time, comparable to BevMo! I also like how the liquor manager puts out ratebeer tags on some of the better brews, just wish he did it for all of them. We also really like the wine and cheese selections. As far as markets go this is top notch! Great Deli, Chinese Food, and Seafood selection. Service is always great!!“
thetmaxx 4264 days ago
60 /100 2000 TOWN CENTER PLAZA
“It’s got a good selection of good beers. Picked up an Alaskan Barleywine. Never seen that so far "south". It seems up to date on regional releases.“
bhensonb 4763 days ago
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