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90 /100 700 MITCHELL LANE
“It's impressive as you roll up on it in the middle of some farm area, a huge expanse with amazing tour and bar space, built as a show piece a la the Sierra Nevada Mill's River facility. Service was great, more friendly and welcoming than the pub, of course knew the beer, and on top of everything without feeling overwhelming. Selection was impressive, a bunch of beers I've never had from them, some surprise heavy hitters, all amazing as expected. Food was decent enough for what it is, fresh and local. An awesome place, meant to be a destination and it delivers.“
jbruner 237 days ago
76 /100 700 MITCHELL LANE
“Well like the other rater mentioned this is in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure the land was probably purchased cheaply with some type of subsidies from the town. It's a barn...a big barn.. Good selection of their beers and a nice gift shop for take-away beers and t-shirts, glasses, etc. It's just a stop..not a destination.“
bleeng 257 days ago
92 /100 700 MITCHELL LANE
“I thought I entered this already :( It saddens me that after this much tim I am still the first. This is a huge space, out in the middle of nowhere. Big bar, major tours, expansive restaurant. RR beer, of. No pizza is a minus; this is a bit more, ummm, upscale.“
bytemesis 316 days ago
70 /100 399 BUSINESS PARK CT. SUITE 506
“Hell, if I can remember correctly, I waited in the parking lot of an industrial mall space for it to open at 1PM, by the time 1 arrived, I had to piss pretty bad. Note that the bathrooms are outside, not marked, and may or may not have functional lighting. Peeing by cellphone flashlight is not the greatest experience in the world, but it gets the job done. The taproom itself is small, but there were only two of us at open. Flights available. Service adequate, not stellar. Beer quality varied quite a bit, some were excellent, the malt liquor was pretty bad even for a malt liquor - but hell, at least they had one. Frampagne was substantial disappointment as well.“
bytemesis 630 days ago
90 /100 7074 BELL RD, STE A
“Homey tasting room, with good quality beers. Some barrel aged offerings were available on our visit, possibly not all the time. No crowds, just honest beers.“
LQBC 1773 days ago