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84 /100 4513 PUTAH CREEK ROAD
“This is a nice little (big) place. 24 taps, you pour your own and pay by the unit (oz). They only had 1 house beer, which was good and a nice variety of guest taps. The kitchen closed a few minutes before we got there, but we did get some chips and salsa. Great service from Arthur, he made sure we were taken care of. Cool wooden tables and a nice bar. Outside it is spacious with lots of picnic tables, stage for live music, games and chairs. Located next to the Putah River. I could see spending an afternoon or three, just relaxing outside with with a few beers.“
Sledutah 1419 days ago
74 /100 27260 HIGHWAY 128
“Last stop of the long weekend of debauchery. Berryessa is about 10-15 minutes from Green River, mostly because you need to drive through "downtown" Winters and then off into the boonies in a different direction. Another country setting, shared apparently with a winery. Largely covered outdoor seating at large tables, single food truck available. Order inside, full/half pours are one line, samples and flights in another. Fairly busy on a Sunday, but nobody in line to order beer; people mostly just hanging out it seemed. I did see a lot of taster flights. Bathrooms are outside, kind of midway between ports-potties and an actual inside restroom, but clean at least. Interesting to be sure, although by this point I barely wanted beer; I ordered a half of the baltic porter and drank perhaps half of the half. Huh; same scores as slow runner across the board. Now that is interesting...“
bytemesis 1687 days ago
78 /100 4513 PUTAH CREEK ROAD
“Stopped in on the drive home. Within a mile of the 505 but really feels out of the way in terms of location. Smallish parking area out front was pretty full on a Sunday afternoon. Feels small town rural until you notice the modern Pour® metered pouring system that lets you serve your own beers and measures to the tenth of an ounce. Pretty fancy. You secure a card at the bar to keep track of what you have and settle at the end. 24 taps running. None of their own beers on tap - according to the bartender they are hoping to be brewing by early 2018, so things have slipped a bit since bhensonb was there. Bar top has a cool textured copper finish. A number of communal tables but the place still feels kind of small and was fairly busy. Food available; didn't try. A bit difficult to judge service when its mostly do-it-yourself, but it took more time than I would have liked to both check in and pay; they seemed to be having trouble with their computers but were nice about it at least. The tap list was largely local/regional focused, with a few 'others' tossed in. I managed to score 5 new California breweries, which was pretty cool. Pay by the ounce pricing is a tickers dream as well. This is an interesting place; can't wait till they are actually brewing their own stuff.“
bytemesis 1687 days ago
76 /100 4513 PUTAH CREEK ROAD
“It's October. Beer list has none of their beers. *** Lots of wood. Seating in and out. Spacious. Electronic taps. Build your own pizza. Nice venue. Their beers in about 5 weeks or so.“
bhensonb 1775 days ago
74 /100 27260 HIGHWAY 128
“cool place, if WAY out of the way. Solid beer if nothing ridiculous. service was good. 1 time so far.“
slowrunner77 2574 days ago
76 /100 27260 HIGHWAY 128
“The taproom is small but the outdoor area is big, which works well in California. They have food trucks for food. They had eight beers on tap. The Double Tap IPA was the standout but all were pretty good. The bartenders were great.“
Fatehunter 2969 days ago
80 /100 200 RAILROAD AVE
“Well, it has lots of taps - horseshoe bar, so half on one side, half on the other. Very thin crust pizza- as close to Italian as can likely be found (pizza chef spent 2 years in Italy - so it figures). Good selection of Heretic ales. Service started rather spacey, but become quite active and jolly as things moved along. Not the place to find a knowledgeable brewer, but the wait staff drinks the brews and shares bits of impressions when asked. Update: Non-pizza food is excellent too. Figueroa Mountain ales moved in for awhile. This place is really attractive for both food and beer.“
bhensonb 3043 days ago
84 /100 27260 HIGHWAY 128
“Modern metallic with paint for decor. Quite a lot of chat on Saturday afternoon. Staff was reasonably knowledgeable about beer. Unfortunately the brewer was immersed in his work. At the moment the growler "canner" does 4 of the tap beers - they’re looking to get another so all taps can be capped/canned/bottled - whatever - it makes the beer the equivalent life of shelf beer - til cracked. There are barrels of mystery in the back and staff said bottles might be coming soon.“
bhensonb 3609 days ago
82 /100 27260 HIGHWAY 128
“This place just opened yesterday. They have growlers ($8 for glassware, $10 for fill). The growlers are filled with counter pressure CO2, which is pretty damn unique. There were 6 beers on tap, with a beer on the cask. No food is offered here, but outside food is welcomed. Nice little cozy space with about 10 seats at the bar, and tables that would seat about another 20 inside. Some outside spots are also present. All in all, a chill place with fantastic beer. Nice little taproom.“
DYCSoccer17 3623 days ago
74 /100 200 RAILROAD AVE
“I visited this place yesterday, and I was not disappointed! This places has splendid decor, with a nice large airy bar area. The tap handles are to the side of the bar, so it was a little tricky orienting myself. They have a window so you can see in the curing room (the owner cures his own meats). There are several TVs, but they are not loud, and not overly done. The menu has so many things that look fantastic. Sandwiches, presses, paninis, and cheese platters, and meat platters. I had the Preserve Platter and was not disappointed! As for the beer, there are about 14 craft taps, with 3 being from Berryessa. They also had Union Jack on tap, and a few other tasty beers that I can’t recall. My only quibble with this place is that one of the bartenders was extremely airheaded and annoying. Totally useless. Thankfully, there was a useful and intelligent life-being who was also working behind the bar. ----update-----this place has really stepped up its beer selection. Thy now have tap menus, which makes it much easier to know what they have on. A lot more rarer beers that one doesn’t see on tap anymore. Food is awesome, still. Bartenders are hit and miss, still.“
DYCSoccer17 3706 days ago
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