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62 /100 21347 VENTURA BLVD
“Visited November 3, 2013.

I should have take some pictures to show how this is probably the most stereotypical Whole Foods you could imagine. This is a large store with a large parking lot that manages to stay busy all the time. Droves of people with too much money come here to spend $300 per week on groceries for two people, and they do it in their $80,000 SUVs. The place is across the street from a Lamborghini dealership for crying out loud. I guess that’s all OK, just funny to see. Then there’s the Burger King on the other side of the parking lot.

To find the beer you have to go to the back corner by the cheese. For your troubles you are rewarded with free cheese samples. They had an aged cheddar that wasn’t bad and two cheeses containing cranberries (interesting but I wouldn’t buy it). There were a few others as well. The beer selection is kind of small Like at all Whole Foods locations I appreciate the combination of quality American-made beers and obscure/unnecessary international choices. AleSmith, Karl Strauss, Port, Great Divide, Bruery, Firestone, Dogfish Head, and Anderson Valley were all present. Over all the beers are good but the selection is not anything I can’t find anywhere else. The prices are also better just about everywhere else too. Realizing that I left the Whole Foods parking lot with my only purchase being a couple items from the dollar menu at Burger King.

I’ll end by saying this: if/when I buy my first 100k car my first stop will be to buy a 9L bottle of wine and my second stop will be at Whole Foods to show everyone how much money I have to spend. Then I’ll probably get a McRib.“
t0rin0 3251 days ago
72 /100 22622 VENTURA BLVD
“Visited November 3, 2013.

I think this was only the second time ever setting foot in Woodland Hills and wow, this place is bougie. Multiple Lamborghini as well as "exotic" car dealerships. Your average schmuck might be embarrassed to drive a 94 Grand Am with several primered body panels around all these 110K+ cars, but I found it kind of funny. What I also found funny was how dumpy a lot of Ventura Blvd looks, to the point that it’s probably depreciating the value of those Porsches and Mercedes driving on it.

Woodland Hills Wine Company is on one of the crappy stretches of Ventura Blvd, next to some run down looking apartments and a Jack In The Box. Inside you’ll find a large selection of wine, though I can’t comment on the quality of it. They certainly do special orders though and a Range Rover pulled up to pick up some orders of champagne. The beer selection as previously mentioned is small but good. Actually, it’s very small, and pretty good. I saw the whiskey barrel Stone Ruination QM beer. From that same series I also found the bourbon Old Guardian and barrel aged Highway 78 Scotch Ale. Other better beers present include AleSmith IPA, Port High Tide, Bruery batch 1000, and Stone R&R Coconut IPA. Next to that were some sake’s that I know nothing about nor do I care, but there are several dozen. Prices were a bit high but not out of control. The server at the counter was friendly enough and when I told him that I didn’t need any help he didn’t bug me and turned his attention to other customers. I’d probably stop in if I lived in the area but it’s not worth driving from Riverside for.“
t0rin0 3251 days ago
68 /100 6424 CANOGA AVE
“Very large location across from a shopping center. Like most BJ’s, they’ve got the standard house beers available and some decent guest beers, but just regularly available stuff. Staff was very friendly, but the service was a bit slow, even for a weekday afternoon when it wasn’t terribly busy. Like with any chain/BJ’s, you pretty much know what you’re going to get, just don’t expect to be blown away.“
brokensail 3326 days ago
64 /100 21347 VENTURA BLVD
“Somewhat small selection of beer on the far side of the store. A few interesting things you don’t necessarily see around like a handful of Moa beers. Prices are the typical high Whole Foods prices. If you’re nearby it could be worth it, but don’t go out of your way.“
brokensail 3643 days ago
80 /100 6424 CANOGA AVE
“Large bar area and a huge seating area for the restaurant. Beer selection is not bad but nothing special with highlights being Green Flash IPA, Stone, and Firestone offerings. I ate lunch and was very impressed with the quality of the food and the prices were reasonable. If you want a decent meal and are okay with solid but non-rare beer, this is a good stop if you’re in the area.“
peteinSD 3751 days ago
76 /100 22836 VENTURA BLVD
“Not the best Homebrew shop in the area - the ONLY homebrew shop in the area. In fact, there isn’t another decent homebrew shop anywhere in LA other than Culver City. Odd that a city this big has so few shops.“
foamyhead 3960 days ago
84 /100 22836 VENTURA BLVD
“great homebrew shop“
CantillonKing 4214 days ago
78 /100 22836 VENTURA BLVD
“If you’re a homebrewer that lives in 818, 805, 323, 626 etc this is pretty much the only game in town. Great little place, but it is a little place. Decent selection of ingredients and knowledgeable, but sometimes overwhelmed staff. I have started mail ordering my ingredients but I still find myself out in Woodland Hills a couple of times a month to pick up supplies.“
berad54 4388 days ago
70 /100 22622 VENTURA BLVD
“Really a nice wine store, and a good liquor selection as well. Lots of nice bourbons. Good quality and quantity of sakes as well. Beer selection is small, but good. They have some of the best stuff in stock that is available to us in SoCal. Locals like Alesmith and Stone. Also Mikkeller 10 and Beer Geek Brunch. Plenty of parking out back. Plenty of nice staff who are much more knowledgeable about wine than beer. Also had a Normandy Cider that I had not seen before. Overall a great wine store with a solid beer selection.“
BMan1113VR 4452 days ago
92 /100 22836 VENTURA BLVD
“Really a great resource for the home brewer. They have everything and the staff I have dealt with has been exceptionally helpful.“
dukeredhair 4466 days ago
84 /100 22836 VENTURA BLVD
“Great homebrew store. They have everything and, quite frankly, they blow the Culver City homebrew store out of the water. Tons of equipment, and grain. Lots of 5 gallon wooden barrels. Great hop selection including sirachi ace and citra, good malts, and lots of private reserve yeasts (huge yeast selection). Really a pretty awesome stop.“
BMan1113VR 4474 days ago
40 /100 6424 CANOGA AVE
“They used to brew here. Now they don’t. They used to have beer appreciation nights once a month here. Now they don’t. There used to be free parking here. Now there isn’t. The ambiance is all noisy meat market or families (depends on time/day) with big screen sports everywhere you look. Staff is not knowledgable about beer and place is out of special taps every time I go (today, it was BJ’s Oktoberfest they were out of). Food is about one notch above Denny’s quality and service is somewhat slow any time. Best way to enjoy a beer here is to go right up to the bar, drink it, and get out. Or better yet, get a growler and enjoy it at home. Only reason to go is the beer, and that’s getting harder to justify due to the trucked in beer, the lack of special events and now having to pay for parking. I think this was my last trip to BJ’s Woodland Hills.“
User57106 5457 days ago
66 /100 6424 CANOGA AVE
“The place is huge and very clean compare to what we have in Canada. That evening all home-beer were avalaible. Tried the sampler. And only 1 or 2 I didn’t like. The food was good also with a good menu. Will try to go back again.“
sgaud 6017 days ago
78 /100 6424 CANOGA AVE
“The best place around. Their beer is excellent, they get great guest beers, and they put on a great beer appreciation night each month. Really delicious food and pizza too. I go at least once every two weeks, the sampler of their brews never gets tired.“
BigBastard 6266 days ago
62 /100 6424 CANOGA AVE
“BJ’s is a fun little getaway, but screw parking to hell....you need to go Valet if you hope to find a spot! Overall its a very busy but open setting. The service is good, not great, but they are mostly 18 year olds who have no idea what beer is. The selection is moderate with a few seasonals but mainly macros on tap...blech. Good food, overall a few new beers to try, but not really worth anything other than some good hearty food..may i recommend the pot pie with their hefeweizen!“
DrunkAsASkunk 6547 days ago
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