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52 /100 21480 YORBA LINDA BLVD.
“Visited right after leaving the Yorba Linda West location. They’re both on the same street about 2 miles apart. The west location didn’t have a single Back Street beer on tap, how lame is that? Almost as lame as their website in fact. This location was slightly better as they at least had a couple of house beers. As mentioned before they ran out of a few, but at least that means they sell, or it could mean that they’d rather sell Bud Light. I got a glass of the pale ale with my mediocre sandwich. The sandwich had too much oil and vinegar on it. Fairly half-assed for Italian food. Would not return.“
t0rin0 2687 days ago
42 /100 17568 YORBA LINDA BLVD.
“Visited with womencantsail and a BA friend that was out for the Bruery reserve society party. We did a quick trip out here for lunch before the party began. He wanted to hit some breweries so I suggested Back Street since I had been to the one in San Diego and wanted to visit this one. Turns out that was a mistake. The pizza didn’t look all that appetizing the beer selection was pretty bad. As the previous rating mentioned there were no Back Street beers even on tap. We stuck around long enough to find out what the deal was with the false advertising (they sometimes carry A house beer or two but definitely do NOT brew anything) and headed further down Yorba Linda Blvd to the other Lamppost location. Scroll past.“
t0rin0 2687 days ago
58 /100 21480 YORBA LINDA BLVD.
“They had a handful of house beers on-tap (of course, one or two of them were out when we got there). Also featured excellent selections such as Bud and Coors Light. Food is okay for a crappy pizza place, I suppose.“
brokensail 3429 days ago
38 /100 17568 YORBA LINDA BLVD.
“This one doesn’t brew anything and didn’t have any house beers on tap. All they had was Bud Light, Coors Light, etc. Not really worth it.“
brokensail 3429 days ago
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