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84 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“So I finally made it to this old Wisconsin stalwart. Shocked there are no ratings since 2013 but I guess it is out a ways. Why the hell didn't @jackl get here when he did get to O'So! Why Jack why? Located in an industrial park. I felt refreshed by an old school warehouse brewery experience. Big, cavernous, huge tanks visible and the faint smell of grain in the air. Lots of tables inside with a smallish bar, lots of tables outside. It was pretty busy right at opening. The staff handled the crowds well. The main bartender was very friendly and gave me restaurant recommendations upon hearing I was moving to Appleton. They two flights options... pick any 6 for $15, or pick 1 special to go along with all the regular offerings for $9. Bartenders were also happy to give small tastes beyond the first six. One miss, but generally quality was very good to excellent. Parking easy. SIx packs to go. Overall, worth a stop.“
Drake 1108 days ago
96 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“Great brewery. Very affordable to have a couple of beers here. They usually have around 12 different beers on tap, and rotate them seasonally.“
kkleu357 3147 days ago
80 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“Definitely a great place to stop if you are anywhere in the area. The staff here are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Paul G is amazingly cool and extremely down to earth. Their new masterpiece Fifteen is one for the ages and definitely in the very short list of greatest bourbon barrel aged stouts in the world. I’ve always said - this brewery has the most underrated barrel program in the country. With the success of 1414 last year it seems people are finally starting to catch on.“
FrostyTiger 3391 days ago
84 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“Went for the 15th anniversary so I can’t speak to daily operations but what a great place with super friendly helpful employees.“
demmbonz 3397 days ago
86 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“It’s local and it’s awesome! We went their as a stop after a regional basketball game and we were all very happy we did the research to find the place. They have a great atmosphere in which they had local live music and most had a love of beer. Going back once a year, I think.“
Rand_ale_Thor 3510 days ago
76 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“A neat little brewery tucked away right off the highway. Went for the 14th anniversary party, which I thought was handled pretty well and was a good experience. Staff was friendly and had a chance a good opportunity to talk to the brewers. Tap selections were largely expanded due to the event. Prices for taps and bottles were reasonable. Plenty of space to spread out. Will definitely return to see what it’s like on an average day.“
arkurzynski 3761 days ago
64 /100 113 CHRISTY STREET
“OK, this is just a small-town grocery store. What makes it so important is if you go to Amherst, WI, on a day that the Central Waters Brewery is not open (Sunday through Thursday), this grocery store is the most reliable place to find the currently available Central Waters products. You can also find a selection of what’s currently available from Point Brewery (plus the standard Miller and Bud products). My wife raves about the store’s fresh meat selection, if you’re interested in a little beef or chicken to accompany your beer purchases.“
mrjaxson 4152 days ago
66 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“The pub is inside the brewery building which is kind of cool. The selection is decent - it’s pretty much their regular brews on tap. A lot of locals appear to hang out during the Friday and Sat. open nights. We felt right at home though.“
dekester1 4392 days ago
70 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“I was lucky enough to be driving by (from Appleton to Minnesota) on a Saturday night during their open hours, so I dragged my family in. It was quite busy with locals parked around the brewery. Lively tap room, with a decent ambiance considering it’s in an industrial building. Very friendly staff. Good selection of taps though nothing special or rare, and same for the bottles--able to buy their regulars but they don’t appear to save up or stockpile specials for sale to visitors. Don’t expect rarities in either tap or bottle. (Indeed, their distribution to Minnesota is so good that I can get their better stuff in MN but not at the brewery.) Warning: cash only or local checks, no credit cards.“
Nuffield 4641 days ago
92 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“This place keeps a very short public schedule but it is, after all, a brewery first and foremost. I stop in about once a month to get my growlers filled and I’ve never seen the place less than packed. The wait staff is always attentive and the people (mostly locals) are always willing to talk about their favorite beers. this is the best place for stouts - hands down!!! I’ve tried 5 or 6 of their beers and have never been disappointed.“
opkutech 4676 days ago
70 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“I stopped here with my girlfriend on a Satutday afternoon and was surprised by the large turnout. The tap room is located right in the brewery. It is a unique atmosphere with that real brewery smell. I had 6 sample beers and then had 8 oz. pour of the coffee stout. The beer is pretty good and the bar tender was knowledgable about the beer. The only dissapointing part was they did’nt have any aged barley wines on tap.“
SHANER4 4791 days ago
88 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“July 2018 update. Prices have barely budged in 6 years, with pints and snifters at $4 and half pints and half snifters at $2.50. Flights available. There are usually at least 3 beers available that are in experimental stage. More structural additions to the original building mean more indoor seating and a second set of taps is now just inside front door to service the large outdoor seating area. June 2012 update. Prices have gone all the way up to $3.50/pint, so it’s still an excellent bargain. The big news is the new building just east of the main building, which will be used primarily for expanded storage of its many bourbon-barrel varieties. Be still my beating heart! *** In Fall 2008 an expansion was completed to this very large pole shed in a small industrial park. Along with the expansion came a larger sampling area (longer bar, more bar stools, more tables with stools and, oh my, mood lighting!) and two more taps (now serving from eight taps, with one pouring a stout on nitro). Hours have changed a bit (now open from 4-9 Fridays and 3-9 Saturdays). Crowds seem to get bigger every week. Central Waters beer on tap continues to be the only thing on the menu, but at $3 a pint, how can you complain? Well worth stopping by.“
mrjaxson 4889 days ago
92 /100 351 ALLEN ST.
“The new brewery. Grand Opening party was 1/27/07. Hours listed are the hours that the brewery is open to the public. A non-typical brew pub with non-typical beers. The folks who run it are all top notch. Hospitality is their strong suit. Come for the beer, stay for the company.“
nflmvp 5540 days ago