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70 /100 7556 PINE ROAD
“Basically, everything SoG said below. Impossible to find: no signs, not visible from the road (tucked back in the woods), and once you finally find the address and ask yourself "is this the right place?" as you wind up the gravel driveway, it looks all the world like a residence (that’s because one of the two cabins on-site *is* a residence) until you see the delivery truck. But it’s worth the trouble. Note on buying Lake Louie beer when you’re in town since the brewery itself can’t sell: stop by the Firm Worm convenience store on the highway strip in town; they usually carry everything available according to season.

Imagine this: live in a cabin in the woods, walk across the driveway to the other cabin and brew suds as a career. Like the catfish-dude on their label says, "This is Livin’." It sure is, and I’m jealous.

TheEnemy 5467 days ago
72 /100 7556 PINE ROAD
“Quite possibly the most hidden brewery I’ve ever been to - not even a sign on the road to point you to the long driveway that leads to the brewery. Small operation. Tom and DeAnn were very accommodating, giving my son and I the tour and special treatment. Afterwards, Tom tapped everything they had so I could take their offerings, and then he cracked open some bottles of all the other stuff they had around. Beers were pretty good and it was time well spent. I would have liked to buy some bottles to take home but they’re not allowed to sell their beer on site (municipal law of some sort.)“
StewardofGondor 5613 days ago
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