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20 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“Good selection, rude staff. I normally go here every weekend. The older woman usually working Friday and Saturday nights is always in a bad mood and always acts like I’m inconveniencing her. Doesn’t say a word other than, “that’ll be $Xx.xx” and then just stares me down. No reply to me saying “have a good night” or anything. I’ve had enough of that negativity and will no longer be going here.“
CiderTaps60 714 days ago
82 /100 1895 GATEWAY BLVD.
“Once we updated the navigation program, this stately brewery on a hill, in the middle of nowhere(but not for long) became less difficult to find. Not far from the IL. & Wisc. border, and fairly close to 39/90 in Beloit, the place just opened, and is a beautiful & roomy facility. The service was very friendly, the beers were promising & pretty solid, and the food & snacks were tasty. Opened at 11am on Sunday, and was immediately crowded. Pub shuttle between Gray's in Janesville, and Pig Minds in Machesney Park for the future?“
tmoreau 1365 days ago
80 /100 430 E GRAND AVE STE 102
“Visited on a Sunday evening for dinner, November 2018. Cool little place in a town we were just passing through. I'm glad muzzle had already added it on here! Nice enough little place, a mix of tables, a big bar, and some big common/social tables. Kind of a mix of brick and wood, reminds me of a wood fire pizza kind of place, but with waitresses dressed up old timey with handkerchiefs on their heads, etc. Our server was prompt and friendly; we didn't ask much about the beers. A good mix of local-ish and Wisconsin beers, several of which were new rates for me. Food was great! Mrs. Owl and I had a pleasant time and will definitely consider stopping by when we pass through town in the future! And I'll hit up muzzle, I suppose!“
drowland 1532 days ago
72 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“I've visited here a couple of times, as I seem to stop in town about once a year now. Getting here is as a little confusing as you can't access the parking lot from Prairie. Instead, pull in from a side street. Also, the building itself is easy to miss, so be careful! Now this is a smaller place with perhaps 1/3 of it dedicated to beer. The entire far wall is a stocked cooler consisting heavily of Wisconsin products. The rest is mostly solid local Midwest beer. Most of the selection is 6 packs with only a fraction being bombers. Almost everything offered is in the cooler and very little is warm on the shelf, which might be a small problem for some people like me who have a ways to drive home. The staff seems quite nice and seemed to have a friendly word for each customer. Even as I was loading my car the gentleman, maybe the owner, gave me a kind greeting as he entered the side door of the store. Pricing seems to be on par with what I'm used to. Since there is a bunch of things here that aren't sold in my part of the world, I'm always excited to stop in for a visit and stock up. Since its right on the border, Illinois natives would be wise to stop and do the same.“
Scipio 1954 days ago
76 /100
Clara Bo & Gatsby (Restaurant)
“OK, so this is two separate places in one - "Clara Bo Steak and Seafood" is the main floor dining area, and "Gatsby Wine Bar" is the basement bar; both have the same beer, wine and liquor menus though, so for the purpose of Ratebeer I’m combining hours. There are times when "Gatsby" isn’t open but "Clara Bo" is and vice versa, so check first. I visited "Clara Bo" tonight for a birthday dinner and it was well worth it, and this is a fine addition to the Beloit drinking AND dining scene. Quality steaks and seafoods with some imaginative prep - tuna sashimi with potato croquettes made an interesting app - and a solid 22-tap mostly-local beer list which included a few selections that I’ve rarely or never seen on tap around here. Ambiance is dark, comfortable, romantic, with a slight Prohibition theme. The downstairs "Gatsby" bar is small and intimate and warm with a nice bar and a bartender I talked to for a while (he wasn’t busy). This place is really high end for Beloit - tapas $10-20, entrees mostly $30-40 - but beers were only $6 a pint and that includes a 9.5% ABV Scotch Ale. 150 or so wine bottles, 1/4 of those available by the glass; extensive cocktail list. At this time, the only "fine dining" choice in the area with a really decent tap list. If ONLY concerned with beer I would still take The Rock over this, but it’s close and if I wanted a quality night-time meal or a "classier" ambiance, this would be the place to go in this town.“
muzzlehatch 2278 days ago
70 /100 430 E GRAND AVE STE 102
“Another fine new (2 years) addition to the, dare I say, burgeoning Beloit restaurant and beer scene, this is a small downtown spot in The Phoenix Building, a rehabbed/rebuilt complex that includes this space and a sushi place next door and luxury condos. It’s a pretty successful fusion of new-old with a nice mix of dark and light woods and brick, a long bar on the right as you walk in, center bar with stools and several tables, and a few patio spaces out front. Food is limited to stuffed burgers - an idea that started in the Twin Cities apparently - chicken wings, fries, etc. They do have a salmon burger and a veggie burger for pesca- or vegetarians, but this is clearly primarily a meat place. 20 taps today included a local root beer, a cider, Miller Lite and 17 Wisconsin micros; I believe it’s always all-Wisconsin which is kind of cool; I don’t know of any other similar beer menu in this area. Flights are available as are growlers though the prices on the latter are not in keeping with the generally reasonable rates on everything else here. Food is fine given it’s limits - fries too salty on both of my visits - and service can be a bit on the slow side. I would generally pick The Rock over this place if choosing just one, but both are deserving spots for an out-of-towner here for several hours or a couple of days.“
muzzlehatch 2348 days ago
66 /100 2683 PRAIRIE AVE
“Two visits, in the fall of 2014 and summer of 2016. A large L-shaped bar is the main feature of this space, with a pool table and some gambling machines (ubiquitous these days) towards the back, and a dining room towards the front. Very clean, very pleasant, but somewhat dull - friendly service in any case. Tap list a bit less interesting that what you’d find at The Rock, but some decent stuff nonetheless - I had a Surly Hell and a Prost Maibock, other taps were mostly fairly mainstream Wisconsin micros, a few macros. Very cheap, even for this area - 3.75-5.00 a pint. Food is typical bar/grill stuff for this area, heavy on brats & burgers & such, and it’s fine for what it is - they do a really good reuben actually. Just a stone’s throw from Badger Spirits, so if you’re visiting the best place in town to buy beer to go, you might check this place out if you’re hungry and don’t want to drive far.“
muzzlehatch 2383 days ago
46 /100
Happy House Liquor (Beer Store)
“Visited a couple of days ago, first time in a decade probably. I can’t speak for what this place was like a year or thre ago, but as it is now it’s no competition whatsoever for Badger Spirits, which is located just a half mile away. Probably less than half the selection in a store less than a quarter the size, and judging from the other customers I saw, probably selling more malt liquor and MGD products than micros. There were a few things I hadn’t seen, like a couple from obscure local 3rd Sign, and of course they have New Glarus and Ale Asylum and Capital, and they had a couple of Three Floyds sixpacks - but apart from 3rd Sign, Badger Spirits has all of it, plus stuff from The Bruery and Toppling Goliath among others. The one employee I saw here seemed to know nothing about beer when I asked a couple of questions. Entirely skippable.“
muzzlehatch 2385 days ago
74 /100 101 MAPLE AVENUE
“EDIT July 20. Just read on their website that they’re expanding to 18 taps; I should also have mentioned that they do beer dinners occasionally - the last one I saw advertised was all Founders - 5 course with 5 different Founders beers I believe. Haven’t gone to any of them, but if you knew this town you’d know that’s a pretty cool thing here.

The Rock is a very welcome, relatively recent (3-4 years I think) addition to the stateline beer scene. While this medium-sized sports bar and restaurant wouldn’t be worth batting an eye over in a larger city like Chicago or L.A., or even perhaps in Madison, it’s the best there is for the beer lover in my hometown. The 15 taps are well chosen and constantly rotating, with only a couple of crap macros; they typically have a 3 Floyds on and several Wisconsin micros - New Glarus, Karben4, Ale Asylum etc. Also often Founders, Victory, Stone, Dogfish or other well-known larger American micros. Bottle list is also quite good but there isn’t anything on it that you can’t get at a local liquor store for cheaper - no rarities. Food is typical bar & grill stuff but consistently above average for what it is, and they change their specials with some frequency - the sauerkraut/sausage rolls they had last fall were awesome! Great view of the Rock River with both an outside patio and an all-weather seating/viewing area. Again this is not a place to go miles out of your way for, but if you’re in Beloit or the nearby area it is probably worth a stop.“
muzzlehatch 2389 days ago
66 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“I first reviewed this in October 2005; the store improved mightily over the 8 years before I moved back to the area, and it’s improved again in the past 3. While I prefer to shop at Badger Spirits, because I like to support the little guy and the place has some character and actual service, I can’t deny that for selection and price the Woodmans chain are the stores to beat in the stateline area. This Beloit location is a bit smaller and stocks significantly less than the Janesville or Rockford stores, but it’s still pretty solid. Not too much in the way of imports here - the other two area stores or Everett’s in South Beloit are going to have more stuff like Mikkeller or Rochefort - but if you want New Glarus, Ale Asylum and other Wisconsin micros at the best prices - and definitely if you want cheap macro 30-packs - this is unquestionably the place to go. Service is typically nonexistent (though always friendly at check-out) but there are a few people who know something and you might get lucky.“
muzzlehatch 2391 days ago
76 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“My closest local shop since I moved back to the area 3 years ago. Slightly more expensive than Woodmans (the Janesville and Rockford stores have the largest selections I’ve found yet in this area) but the manager is somebody you can actually talk to - though he’s more of a wine guy - and you can do special orders (by the case of course). New stuff every week, lots of new stuff, though I guess that’s de rigeur now at all but the smallest of places. Usually a good selection of 3 Floyds, not always easy to find around here. If you stop here regularly you’ll want to get a punch card - one of those spend-xx-and-save-x deals, in this case $200 will get you $10 off. With that in mind, the prices are pretty close to Woodmans, and it’s got a friendlier feel to it.“
muzzlehatch 2391 days ago
82 /100
Happy House Liquor (Beer Store)
“It’s a liquor shop with a small selection of beers, but that small selection has some great beers, and what’s more they allow you to build your own sux pack. Service is great, although the ladies do not know too much about bee, or WIFI for that matterr. But we worked it out and I took my time searching for my beers, as I am limited in what I can bring home to Holland in checked in luggage. Found some nice additons to my list, happy.“
vipinvelp 2664 days ago
64 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“Been to this Woodmans twice in the 2007-2008 timeframe. Its harder to get to than the Janesville Location from Rockford and also doesnt have the selection that the Janesville store has. Sort of off the beaten path in the northwest side of the city. Of course great prices as usual here. Good but not worth going out of the way for.“
Terminus 3323 days ago
80 /100
Happy House Liquor (Beer Store)
“Welcomed as I entered the door by both of the two ladies working. Very helpful and friendly. Not a large assortment of beers, but a nice variety of beers I can’t get in Illinois. Besides a mix a 6 program, they have a 4 pack mix for beers that are a little more expensive. Next time I am in Beloit, I will go back.“
GranvilleTim 3466 days ago
68 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“Better than your typical woodmans. Not as big of a selection as the Rockford one, but a bunch of stuff I can’t get at mine. Prices comprable to other stores. Not too bad.“
jmagnus87 3652 days ago
66 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“I stopped in while heading to a softball game in Beloit. I had heard from a number of beer sales people that they have a nice selection of mix and match so I gave it a try. Certainly a very clean place. There seemed to be 2 people working. Their help wasn’t needed since I’ve worked in a liquor store for over 4 years. There were probably a good 75+ beers in their mix and match section. They also had a good 100ft beer cooler of various 6-packs and a small walk in beer cooler for mass produced beers. Fairly decent selection for a small city, and a lot better than a gas station or small grocery store. Minus almost getting short-changed it was a good experience. I’m sure I’ll stop in again.“
Lemke10 3657 days ago
90 /100
Happy House Liquor (Beer Store)
“Great wine and beer selection!! Build your own six packs is the best!! Nice clean environment and pleasant staff!!“
Tlsummers8878 3723 days ago
74 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“Stopped by here looking for a Lake Louie beer and indeed found it. Nice beer selection with Wisconsin, US and foreign selection. A long shelf of single beers are part of an $8.99 build your own six pack. Prices seemed pretty good overall. The guy working the store was very friendly. Bright atmosphere. Parking is a little tight but seems like its enough. Nice stop.“
Drake 4185 days ago
46 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“Meh. Like the other locations the liquor department is separate. Like the other locations employees aren’t too helpful and there are acres of parking. No single beers available. They do have a fairly good selection of local Wisconsin beers and New Glarus sixers are $6.99.“
Drake 4185 days ago
78 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“Guy in Chicago told me to go here next time I was in Beloit. Clean store, nice service, friendly and helpful staff. I was able to pick up a Stone Double Bastard Ale, some Oskar Blues, some New Glarus, Tyranena, Ale Asylum, and Smuttynose. Mix a 6 was $8.99. Nice selection.“
GranvilleTim 4909 days ago
66 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“i was here years ago..Huge selection with a nice helpful staff.“
jbuzz 4930 days ago
72 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“I wanted New Glarus so I drove the 100 miles to Beloit. I picked up 8 of their brews plus some Tyranena and Stone. The guy working the counter was personable, the selection wasn’t huge, but they have New Glarus and it is the closest place for me to get it. Beer good, travel worth it.“
GranvilleTim 4971 days ago
72 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“A great little gem right over the border selection is small by my standards but they have a lot of wisconsin beers the staff is friendly and helpful and if they don’t have what your loking for they will try and find it but the best thing abut this store is the mix and match 6 pack for $ 7.49 worth the stop“
TheGuy 4982 days ago
58 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“The real address for this place is 2621 Prairie Avenue...I don’t know if they moved or what. However, the selection was pretty good. A lot of the usual Midwest suspects, but also the first time I’ve seen Southern Tier. The selection was a little better than I expected. Certainly worth a stop if you’re in the Beloit area. Got myself a 6-pack of Stone IPA as well.“
igneous1 5260 days ago
72 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“not a very big selection of beers like other woodmans i’ve been to, but what they do have is wisconsin beers a lot of them new glarus, central waters tyrania, grays,the list goes on and on. oh yeah they also carry bells“
TheGuy 5408 days ago
78 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“Nice new place with the owner being fairly knowledgeable. Clean inside and out with a very nice selection of brews. If they don’t have it they will certainly try and get it for you. They are one of the few places around that will let you mix and match a six pack. Prices are reasonable. I visit frequently to see what new brews that have. New Glarus, Tyranena, Central Waters, Dogfish Head, some Three Floyds, Two Brothers, Capital, Viking are just a few of the beers they handle.“
JJClark 5487 days ago
70 /100 2621 PRAIRIE AVE
“A newer liquor store on the edge of Beloit, very clean and orderly store. This is the first store that I have been to that has a make your own 6 pack so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Over 100 bottles to mix & match, had a rare beer section with 3 Floyds Gumballhead and some other out of market stuff. I didnt have to interact with the staff too much, but she seemed prety nice.“
jarlbartar 5648 days ago
72 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“This is the first Woodman’s I’ve ever been to and I am very impressed. Too bad it’s in the middle of nowhere. Best grocery store ever. Selection was great for domestic micros but crappy for imports. AMAZING prices. $6.59 for three floyds, all New Glarus 6packs were $5.99. They had the two good fruit New Glarus for $7 a wine bottle, they even had the unplugged smoked rye bock. A lot of wisconsin beers. So impressed i stopped at the Woodmans in Carpentersvilled on the way home. This one is better though. Different selection. They don’t take credit cards. I think there was only one employee in there and she was at the register, very friendly.“
Zeswaft 6209 days ago
68 /100 1877 MADISON RD
“This is the closest place to western Illinois where you can get New Glarus. That is why I added it. It really is just another woodmans and nothing special about it, except it has new glarus. Call ahead of time to see if they have what you want, they are pretty good about going and looking. If they dont have it the next place on I-90 is Janesville.“
SubstanceT 6311 days ago
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