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68 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“Grocery store in the Bayshore mall. Nice and orderly, busy but no lines at my visit. I found the selection pretty good, mostly locals and most was avaible as singles, lots of new beers for a European on first visit to WI. Surprisingly a few Danish beers from Warpigs on offer as well. Selection also included cans of Topling Goliat Pseudo Sue for 2:74 dollars, but cheap prices all around! Check service was fast and friendly. Worth a visit.“
Camons 482 days ago
60 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“Typical TJs, parking behind. Seems older. Nice free samples today. Beer selection is a little smaller than usual for TJ stores. Staff was friendly, but again, a little less friendly than other TJ stores. Just seems tired. Not worth going out of your way for.“
Drake 770 days ago
“In a mall setting, so parking can be kind of tough to find nearby. We stopped in for dinner, and a couple of their beers. Nothing outstanding, their beer board was out of date. Twice our waitress came back said they were out of something I picked. Third time was a charm. Food was good, had a few bottles to go. Overall, not a bad place to visit.“
jandd1983 1242 days ago
66 /100 700 W. LEXINGTON BLVD
“Simply massive place. I ended up coming during youth soccer tryouts on the neighboring fields, so finding parking was a chore, and the place itself was packed with soccer dads imbibing large quantities of alcohol. I sat on the beer hall side. There were other larger and smaller areas closed. Bier hall vibe, huge ceilings, mostly communal tables. Long bar. Flight of 4x5oz. beers a little pricy at $11.50. Larger pours generally $6 or $11 for half liter and liter. Beers were all drinkable with mixed quality. Oddly, the hefeweizen was the worst of the five I tried, not standing up to American IPAs. Food was priced OK, but was of slightly above average quality. Overall, fun stop, and I will be back.“
Drake 1387 days ago
76 /100 700 W. LEXINGTON BLVD
“New brewery in a freshly remodeled beer hall. Large dinning hall, walk up bar plus old world bar next to Oktoberfest grounds. Oktoberfest beer was solid. Much like the Hofbrauhaus in IL. will have eat lunch there sometime soon.“
BlackBeerPG 1631 days ago
90 /100 700 W. LEXINGTON BLVD
“Huge, massive place, used to be an old German restaurant. Now it is a beerhall/biergarten/soccer staduim complex like you would actually see in Munich. Teh beers here are some of the best German styled ones you can get in the US. The base styles are a step down form Hofbrau but here they offer other styles which Hofbrau does not. The food is traditional fare, huge portions for large prices. Beer is fairly priced. Samplers are available. The waitress was a bit out of it when we went, likely hungover as it was the middle of labor day weekend and it was fairly early. I will come back many times to this place that is for sure.“
crossovert 1645 days ago
“Old, tired place but it has its charm. The two people working were professional but also having a great time which led to an inviting atmosphere. They told me to go past the "do not enter" sign to the bar where they gave me unlimited samples. Many different bottles available, all as singles. I got three ratings from the bar and took 16 different bottles out with me. Prices good. Quality is hit or miss. Worth stopping by if in the neighborhood.“
Drake 1665 days ago
“Went on tour on a busy Saturday in early spring. Tour guide was good. Was interesting to see soda bottling and production since most breweries don’t have it. Brew facility is unusual due to low ceilings. Tasting afterwards is very generous and while a little hokey, the indoor "biergarten" is a nice touch. Would be better if you could just go there to drink beer vs. having to go on the tour, but the tour is a tremendous bargain for what you get.“
drdisque 1763 days ago
“I loved the quick tour and tasting room, and the shop in the brewery is always fun. I purchase their Root beer as i grab their ale.“
BlackBeerPG 1921 days ago
“Interesting tour but, if you really like beer, I suggest the Reserve Tasting tour - beer and cheese pairing. You get some of the rarer (i.e. better) beers and some quite good cheese. The regular beers are ok. Good selection and reasonable prices in the store.“
MOlsonNotBeer 2388 days ago
“Their beer is mostly so-so. Their tour is geared for the masses. But the Reserve Tasting is pretty good. Beer paired with cheese screams "Wisconsin". And the tasting tour guides generally know their beer. Plus you get growler (and cheese) discounts.“
ck1 2554 days ago
“Located out in the Milwaukee suburbs, this place wasn’t as big as I expected. We opted to not do the tour, and unfortunately that’s the only way you can apparently get to the tasting room. Bummer. Sprawling gift shop. (Brewery #614)“
Braudog 2795 days ago
“Went Jon real quick to hit the gift shop while I was in town. Didn't get a hands to take the tour but would love to some other time. Cool looking building though. Gift shop had lots of merchandise plus a good selection of their bottled beer and soda to go. Even had some bottles from another local brewery.“
csaso 2847 days ago
“Tour is about as long as you would expect and sensibly geared towards a casual patron but tour guide was knowledgeable. Decent little beer garden with a good number of beers on tap. Pick a favorite for your first 2 selections to sip and enjoy cuz you’ll be chugging you last 2 samples. Gift shop had an extensive variety of their offering sold in singles format, including a few of the ones in bomber format only.“
beerbaaron 2888 days ago
“Not a bad tour and the beer is pretty good but they could spend a little money on the bar/reception areas. They are dirty and dank.“
OneSickPuppy 3019 days ago
“I’m a fan of beer, but I love Sprecher soda that much more. Ever since I was a kid I loved their root beer. Once I heard they have unlimited soda refills at their tours I was sold. The tour itself was nothing spectacular, but the reason I went there held true. I had every soda they offered several times.“
zuelke15 3058 days ago
“I’ve been in Milwaukee for 3 years and finally went on the tour this past weekend. I’ve sorta avoided it because I wasn’t a huge fan of their beers. The tour was 5 bucks for normal, or 15 bucks for the "reserve tasting". We did the reserve tasting. The tour was brief and not in depth at all. The tour guide had a very superficial knowledge of brewing, but was very pleasant in demeanor and appearance. The reserve tasting was worth the extra money. You get to try several of their less mass produced beers and some delicious cheese pairings. The guy in that tasting was much more knowledgeable. They have tons of soda and beer, as well as merch for sale as well. Worth checking out, but definitely not as fun as Lakefront .“
coharahawk 3146 days ago
“German themed outer building had singles available of almost any Sprecher or Sprecher contract brewed beer plus a wide variety of sodas. They fill growlers of their beers here as well and a lot of apparel and glassware is sale here as well. I did not take the tour but there were a lot of kids there taking the “soda” version of the tour.“
esjaygee 3438 days ago
“A great place to buy beer, with all their contract brews and sodas out as well as their regular lineup. SIgns with cheese matches. Good prices, roomy, easy to get to.“
Sammy 3472 days ago
“Stopped in for the tour + the reserve tasting. Very cool building, inside and out. Old world feel, mural paintings, and collections of bottles, glasses, and coasters. Extensive gift shop with glassware, clothing, beers, and soda. Employees kind of seem to be just "the help" - my check-in/check-out gal didn’t know what was going on, and had to be told multiple times by her co-workers how to handle certain things. Tour guide was decent but thought he was funnier than he was. Reserve tasting guy was pretty good - seemed to know quite a bit about beer/cheese pairings and why they work or don’t work (however, I think he was mostly going from script, as he wasn’t totally able to field questions). The reserve tasting is well worth it - we got to try 11 beer/cheese pairings for $15 - good deal. At the end of the tour, you get 10% off beer & cheese in the gift shop. They have 15-20 beers available in singles to buy (about $1.60/beer), plus maybe 10 or so sodas (about 85 cents/soda). Cool place.“
BVery 3474 days ago
“The tour was good. Nothing too crazy with the beer. Overall not bad.“
DLove 3751 days ago
“Stopped in today while up in Milwaukee for the afternoon. Took the brief $5 tour in what was a very clean/neat facility set up to have a "German biergarten" sort of vibe. After which you’re treated to your choice of four out of something like 18 brews on tap to sample along side ten or so different "bottomless" sodas. Our tour guide was very pleasant, but didn’t seem as well prepared as he might have been to answer brewing-related questions. Prices for take-out and merch in the gift shop were super cheap. Only points deducted for knowledge of guide and almost complete lack of bourbon barrel aged offerings in gift shop. Overall, highly recommended way to spend a couple hours of your day.“
nbondi 3787 days ago
“Tour was good and the guide did a good job. The tasting bar and gift shop areas were nice and contained both clothing items as well as beverages. The tasting bar consisted of four samples of almost everything they had. Ambiance was nice with old neon beer signs on the walls and an old world feel. If you’re in Milwaukee, Sprecher is worth a stop.“
dekester1 3803 days ago
“Came here today to meet some folks - Surprisingly small but quaint brewery in a residential area - your fairly standard, rushed brewery tour that you could just as well apply to pretty much any brewery if you just removed a sentence here and there - four bucks gets you four beer samples, but even this was rushed - we were given access to a "beer garden" after the tour, but they only have room for one tour group at a time, so we were forced out before most people had a chance to use their four tasting tickets (I drink fairly fast, but even I could only get through two and a half beers) - breweries that do this on their tours truly piss me off - I suppose it didn’t really matter anyway, since there was nothing on tap or for sale that you can’t buy in any liquor store in WI (they did have ten beers on tap, though) - very reasonable prices on the bottled products, though, as well as the growlers (10 bucks with glass, 8 buck refills) - extensive selection of glassware and clothing - it is a decent place, but the organization of their tours with respects to the access to the tasting room really needs work.“
notalush 3935 days ago
“Very rustic and interesting brewery. The people are very friendly and give an interactive tour. Beer and sodas are very good. A unique place to stop.“
MikeF 4017 days ago
46 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“A pretty typical Trader Joe’s. Relatively small beer selection made up of some local WI Sprecher, Capital, Lakefront and surrounding states with many of the different TJ lines. They did have the 09 Vintage Ale while I was in. Allowed singles but I had a hell of a time checking out, nothing scanned like I was told it would. Be warned though that Bay Shore is easy to get in but hell to get around in and even worse hell to get out of.“
lithy 4116 days ago
“My wife and I went on the tour. Was a bit rushed, but there were 84 people along with us. Good value for what you pay for - $4 = 4 8 oz beers at the end. Good atmosphere.“
arkurzynski 4200 days ago
“Went on a tour of the place a couple of years ago and had a pretty good time. The ambiance is average pub style setting, but the tour is lots of fun and informational. The selection is pretty good, though all their beers of course. In addition to the samples after the tour, they have many of their beers on sale in bottles at a very decent price when you leave, and you can buy only singles if you want. The value at that point was pretty good. Overall, a really cool place to go visit once or twice to take the tour and try the beers.“
drowland 4216 days ago
“I visited this place with my girlfriend and some good friends (including Singlemalter). The tour itself is pretty fast paced but imformative none the less. It is well worth the $3, ecspecially since you get 4 free 8 oz. drink tickets. I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy many of Sprecher’s fine brews in the past, but it’s always nice trying them again. Great tour, and great beer all around.“
phishpond417 4262 days ago
68 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“I’ve visited this place a million times. Always fun to see what they have at Trader Joe’s. Usually their normal Trader Joe’s beers as well as a huge selection from the Biersch lineup. Nonetheless I like the fact that you can pick and choose single bottles from sixers if you like.“
phishpond417 4274 days ago
58 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“Grocery store will small liquor section. Mostly Trader Joe/Jose stuff with a few off brand six packs you won’t find elsewhere in Milwaukee. Some Wisconsin micros, but prices were generally high, while the Trader Joe stuff was very reasonable. They had a section of build your own, so if you’re looking to make a six pack of TJ stuff then you are in luck. Chimay and Duvel available, not much else for foreign beers.“
esjaygee 4626 days ago
“Went out for the tour late last summer. Clean place informative tour... nothing special. THe beer itself is very ordinary and what used to be good has died over the last year or two... I miss the old black bavarian.“
MIBRomeo 4782 days ago
“I’ve done the tour here a couple times, which is OK.. it was informative and you get to sample some beers at the end, but I like Lakefront’s approach better. I’ve had some trouble with the gift shop where I call in advance to see if they have Barrel-Aged something-or-other, they check and give me the affirmative, then I drive out there to find people that don’t know what I’m talking about that try to sell me a different beer (this has happened more than once, and it’s frustrating as all hell).“
Ughsmash 4808 days ago
58 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“The layout of this place is not conducive to the amount of traffic generated by its location.. it seemed to create traffic jams in the store, even when there weren’t too many people there. Service was very helpful and friendly, and they have a great selection of organic foods and cheeses. The beer section was OK, with an odd assortment of contract brews along with solid American micro offerings and Belgians such as the Chimay line. I found the prices to be quite good.“
Ughsmash 4808 days ago
“Visited for a 1 PM tour on a Saturday in August. Place was nice looking, but nothing spectacular. Tour guide was informative and pleasant, and the tour was not too long. Tours cost $3, which included a tasting glass and tickets for four beers. During our tour, some people in other groups didn’t use all of their tickets and gave us some, so we were able to sample seven beers. Their beers were outstanding, and they had about 10 different choices to try. Kids can tour as well, as they also make root beer and other soft drinks. They sell beer as well, and you can buy mixed four packs of their 16-ounce bottles for about $1.35 a bottle (their Generation Porter cost $1.99). Really a great place to check out when in southeastern Wisconsin.“
Dansting 5001 days ago
60 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“Nothing special. a bit over priced w/ out a lot of great stuff. Nice location and building though.“
MIBRomeo 5139 days ago
58 /100 5600 N. PORT WASHINGTON RD.
“I decided to stop in today to check out what this place had to offer. I spent 20 minutes just walking around looking at all the new foods they had to offer. Man, stuff seems cheap compared to most organic food stores. I’ll definitely be switching some of my business to them for groceries. The beer selection was limited to Trader Joe’s only. Man, it was flying off the shelves. CHEAP too. I’ll pick some up in the future. As per the food, I bought some cheese. Cheap prices and it’s actually pretty decent. They’re starting to get more selection.“
1FastSTi 5232 days ago
“The tour can range from very good to uninspirational depending on the guide. Excellent gift shop and indoor beer garden for samples afterwards.“
kmeves 5330 days ago
“Went on the "tour" with the kids. The "tour" consisted of looking at the brewing and bottling equipment with an explanation. Nothing was actually working (bummer). The tasting room is well worth going on the tour as kids can sample as much pop as they like and adults get 4 drink tickets.“
HopsOrDie 5331 days ago
“Finally stopped in. The gift store seems to be hopping with business. I didn’t tour it. All their beer was available as well as their sodas. I was tempted to buy some of the new soda flavors.“
1FastSTi 5336 days ago
“Didn’t do the tour (stopped by the gift store during the week). Cool looking building. Nice selection of all their current beers sold in singles. Staff was more than friendly and helpful“
hopdog 5344 days ago
“One of the finest brewery tours around. Tourguide was very enthusiastic and knowledgable, and the tour itself was more hands-on than most. Got to try some hops pellets which was pretty gross, but a good story nonetheless. The tasting room is amazing. My wife is not a beer drinker so I got to use her "tickets" to try all their beers; normally you have to pay extra to have more than a few samples. Even so, it’s worth it. Excellent beer, excellent craft pop too, well worth the stopover.“
gws57 5400 days ago
“Very enjoyable tour. Tour leader very enthusiastic. Tour is educational and enjoyable, albeit pretty basic. Lots of choices in the sampling room including many of Sprecher’s very tasty premium sodas. Gift shop is fully stocked although not all seasonals available at all times. Quality and pride are evident throughout.“
jebert 5437 days ago
“You have to reserve a spot on the tour in advance - which is a hassle, but the tours are very popular, so I understand why they require it. I showed up with some friends without a reservation and they let us on the tour at the last minute. They were really good about it. Most folks didn’t have a clue about the brewing process, so the tour was geared to that level and not much to say good about it. The tasting room is pretty ugly and they limit the number of beers you can have with tickets...again they were good about refills, and lots of folks gave us their unused tickets. Also have their sodas for tasting so you can drag your kids along and make a good day of it. Great place to staock up on beer and soda.“
jewedekind 5517 days ago
“I’ve gone through the tour on three occassions. As StewardofGondor noted, you get a limited number of pours with your tour, and the pours were nothing not already available in bottles from what I recall. Note that you need to reserve a spot ahead of time to take the tour -- information is on the website. There’s a nice gift shop where you may purchase bottled beer and merchandise. I’d highly recommend hitting Kopp’s Frozen Custard just down down the road for a burger and ice cream.“
Philip 5669 days ago
“Just getting around to rating this one. Decent place, and if you’ve already hit the Lakefront tour several times, this is the next one to hit. I think the tour is $2 a person (it’s free if you’re just doing their soda.) Fairlychoreographed tour that talks about the barley, passes around the hops, takes you to the bottling operation and then ends in their pub. You get a 6-8 oz. commerative glass and tickets for 4 pours. It’s worth it. If you have the choice, though, avoid their Hefe. I also remember being hussled out of the pub because they needed chairs for the next arriving tour, and I would have liked to stay longer.“
StewardofGondor 5750 days ago
“They offer a nice tour with about 5 or 6 different beers in tap. Singles can be purchased in the gift shop. A decent place to check out if your are in town. Their sodas are really good too, if you’re not into beer, or have a designated driver.“
CaptainCougar 5886 days ago
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