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90 /100 112 KING ST.
“Excellent space! Feels like it's been business as usual for well over 2 months. Strategic seating to view the brewery below, greenery above, or the street scene, quality bar & kitchen service, bright, retro decoration, nice al fresco area for street seating, but needs a little work on beer posting. (maybe an Untappd, automated system where the hard to read chalkboard now resides) Nonetheless, very comfortable across the board, with tasty, cleverly scripted brews & flavorful food items. Top notch bar managing by Beaver. Try the meat skewers & beignets.“
tmoreau 72 days ago
74 /100 931 E. MAIN STREET
“Easy central Madison location. I wasn't really blown away by their beers, especially at first, but have grown to enjoy what they bring to the table. The owners are pretty much the only ones working there, which I really respect and appreciate. The beers are always big, 8-10%. They don't encourage tips, which keeps the price reasonable. Definitely a worthy stop on a Madison beer crawl, quite close to all the near east breweries. They also sell 16.9oz bottles for 6 dollars. Unique brewery, and one I enjoy supporting.“
nuplastikk 150 days ago
84 /100 2045 ATWOOD AVE #107
“Stopped here with @Brigadier. Brighter and a much larger bottle selection that its downtown cousin. Very nice selection of bottles. 40 taps... rarities, regional, uncommon. The highlight of this visit was Abraxas. They do high volume so they will always get good stuff. No food but there are plenty of restaurants nearby and they welcome outside food. Reasonable prices. Customer service was excellent. Highly recommended.“
Drake 282 days ago
90 /100 121 W. MAIN ST.
“Downtown Madison. I barely remember that night two nights ago but I remember enough to rate the place. Madison will fuck you up. Feels kinda smallish, but hard to tell the whole size of the place as its a concert venue and there's a large concert space in the back. I tried to check it out but there was a cover so meh. I'd give the ska band that was playing on 1/17/20 a 4 out of 10. They kinda sucked but enough good moments that I think their sucking was somewhat intential. That doesn't count. So the band is meh but I'm not holding that against the bar. Relativey small amount of bottles for sale but a good selection. Close your sale by 9PM. Otherwise 40 taps full of less common beers and some rarities. 4 ounce pours available for everything. I think I tried 10 beers. Meant for 9 but the bartender accidentally poured me a semi-whale and didn't charge me for it. Prices are not cheap but very reasonable for what you get. The price is due to the breweries, not this bar. Overall, I'd call this just shy of world class, and I plan to be back repeatedly. Almost forgot to mention, the customer service I got here (the evening of 1/17--give this bearded guy a raise) was exceptional. Prices very reasonable. I've already said it, but this is amazing place. Can't wait to return.“
Drake 282 days ago
76 /100
Tangent (Restaurant)
“Thursday afternoon visit. Nice new location. Nice selection of Tangent and Vintage beers on tap. Good service with decent prices. Kind of upscale vibe. Worth a visit.“
RobertDale 374 days ago
“Thursday afternoon visit. New brewery open just a few months. 13 of their beers on tap, and about 10 guest taps. Friendly service with decent prices. Flights available. Enjoyed the sours.“
RobertDale 374 days ago
86 /100 1129 E WILSON ST
“Best brewery in Madison, perhaps the state. Really nailing it on lots of levels. Great location, good vibe. Some great IPAs, and capable of making a killer lager as well. Limited but solid food, the McShoulder is probably my favorite pork sandwich I've ever had. Really raises the bar for Madison. Great spot.“
nuplastikk 388 days ago
90 /100
Steve’s Wine Market (Grocery Store)
“This is the kind of beer store I love: 1. Tons of singles, mostly chilled 2. A wide selection with numerous local breweries represented. 3. Really well organized. 4. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. 5. Fair prices. 6. Clean and well lit. 7. Convenient parking. Highly recommended.“
Iphonephan 503 days ago
66 /100
Brennan's Cellars (Grocery Store)
“Complicated history to this place. Used to be a chain that went out of business in stages but resurrected at this one location. Or something. Much like the old locations with a farmer's market feel. Tons of fresh produce, fresh cheese, other awesome things. One of the best things is the crap ton of free samples. I ate well. Separate cider bar attached which is cool but I didn't imbibe. Looked kinda dead when I was there. Beer selection is good. Lots of emphasis on locals. But a little disappointing in that the beer selection is not what it used to be: a bunch of out of date Wyoming and Idaho ticks with questionable sources. That was cool. I guess I can't fault them for having a good, legal selection now. Staff was both friendly and standoffish. Prices a touch high but OK. Easy parking in an upscale strip mall. Overall it's out of the way a bit, so probably not a destination, but worth stopping by if you happen to be in the area. UPDATE: Old score was 3.5/70. It's getting a slight downgrade because I just opened a beer that was passed its best by date by a month when I purchased it,“
Drake 542 days ago
42 /100 849 EAST WASHINGTON, SUITE 116
“Utterly offensive mead that is not even worth ticking. Mazer has no palate as the crazy combo's he's going for don't work at all.“
chibuck 553 days ago
84 /100 2045 ATWOOD AVE #107
“This is the spot in Madison. Huge draft selection of local and national rare beers. At least 20 new ticks for me. The bottle shop is just as good with lots of rare cans and bottles. Super fun spot that is a must visit.“
chibuck 553 days ago
62 /100 1129 E WILSON ST
“Slamming place on a Saturday, tough to get a seat. Fun, lively atmosphere. Average beers across the board, no need to come back.“
chibuck 553 days ago
80 /100 1602 GILSON STREET
“Cool location with tons of drafts and rarer bottles for a really nice price. Loved the ambiance and glass ware. Good selection of guest drafts of ipas to break up all the sours. I'll be back.“
chibuck 553 days ago
50 /100 1313 REGENT STREET
“Visited mid-March, 2019. Slowly ticking every Madison brewery! This is an interesting place. It's a big place, quite big, and sorta fire station themed, I think? You'll see when you get there. Big place, kinda dim, big cement floors. They seem to have a bit of an identity crisis... it's sorta this fire station theme but once you get in there and see the decor, bartenders, etc. you realize it seems much more like a college bar/sports bar/something like that. I guess it was a restaurant that tacked on a little brewing system. Bartender was prompt and friendly - I didn't bother to ask any bartenders about the beers. Young college bros and hot blonde college girls in tight yoga pants serving shots and bottles of Corona... and I was there around lunch time! Didn't try any food as I had just eaten at Rockhound. The beer ranged from mediocre at best to pretty terrible. Really not good. I'd only be back to tick new beers if I happen to be right in the area. There are way too many awesome breweries in the Madison area these days to waste your time here.“
drowland 559 days ago
68 /100 444 S PARK STREET
“Visited mid-March 2019. I'm on a crusade to visit every Madison brewery! Bright place, clean and friendly, a bit of a corporate vibe. I got there right at opening and the bartenders were definitely slow/still setting up. My bartender was an older gentlemen and he didn't know much about the beers, wrote everything down, and generally took quite a while with everything. Food was pretty good for a quick lunch stop and the beers were generally mediocre to decent. Nothing blew me away but nothing horrified me either. Just kinda meh. I'll be back to tick if I happen to be in the area, but now that I visited it, I won't make an effort to head back - there are far too many better breweries in Madison these days.“
drowland 559 days ago
78 /100 167 E BADGER ROAD
“Visited early-March 2019 with Mrs. Owl. New place, was excited to visit. Obviously new - bright, clean, lots of white, gray, slate, etc. Huge bar in the middle, sorta weirdly shaped, struck me as taking up a lot of room for no reason. Nice place, but strikes a bit of a corporate feel - they are REALLY steering hard into their "beer lab" theme. The tap handles are test tubes, my flight was served in little beakers, there's science-y shit on the walls, etc. Nice place, though. Bartenders were prompt and friendly, able to answer cursory questions about the beers. Beers were pretty decent as well - nothing horrible, infected, etc. The bathrooms were admittedly a bit confusing. You walk into a big general area and there are general bathrooms like go wherever you want. Some are closed door stalls, some are urinals with French doors, etc. No complaints from me as I appreciate the inclusiveness of that, but people were definitely confused. All in all, it was a bright fun place with good beer and I'd stop back in if I was down in that area. No food that I recall; flights were available and affordable.“
drowland 566 days ago
90 /100
Trixie’s Liquor (Beer Store)
“I heard this was a good place but always drove by with a sense of unease. Boy was I wrong! It’s wayyyyy bigger and nicer than you’d expect looking at the outside of the store. The worker, who I’d guess was the owner or manager, was super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, you name it. Pretty good selection - lots of WI beers and a good handful of some special releases, etc. It’s not going to wow you with the giant selection of a Woodman’s or a Binny’s, but seems to be a more curated quality collection focusing on local beers. A small selection of singles and he let me break up other singles as long as the 6pk is around $10. Didn’t get to pop in their growler place next door but I bet it’s good, too!“
drowland 593 days ago
82 /100 2002 PANKRATZ ST
“Visited the new location a couple of times now, including early February, 2019. Huge place, lots of rooms, multiple levels, etc. We really enjoy hanging out upstairs in the plush chairs for drinks, playing cards, etc. Ale Asylum is still an old fave of my family and I, so I know we'll always end up there when in Madison. It's a little out of the way compared to everything downtown, but still worth it in my opinion. Old place: Went to this place while visiting in-laws and couldn’t have had a better visit - will definitely go back to this place. We took the tour, which was led by the head brewmaster and then sat around for drinks and snacks. The ambiance is pretty cool as you can see a lot of the brewing equipment from the side room. The service was always fine - plenty of bartenders around to get us our drinks. I didn’t pay much attention to the selection beyond their own offerings, but you can get several of their beers on tap or in the bottle, which is nice. The value is about average for pint prices, but if you get a beer for the tour it’s cheaper, and the tour was long enough that most of us had drank all of our beer, so the brewmaster got fresh bottles out of the fridge and passed them around for free. Nice! Overall, I really liked this place, their beer was great, and I will definitely be hitting this place next time I’m in Madison.“
drowland 617 days ago
76 /100 123 E DOTY ST
“Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and some family that used to live in Madison - this place is kinda one of their old haunts and we knew it'd be good for dinner. Huge place. Multiple and varying seating areas, bars, different floors, etc. I mean it's a big ass place, and quite busy when we were there. We got flights and dinner and had a great time. Dark atmosphere, brick, wood, leather - that kind of place. Depending on what you get, the food can be really really good, surprisingly. The beer is fairly mediocre to average, but I don't think anything we had was terrible. Overall this isn't going to be a craft beer destination for beer nerds, but I think it gets a bad rap for being a franchise around town. This particular location is downtown by lots of other breweries and stuff, so if you're looking for more ratings and a good bite to eat, stop on in.“
drowland 617 days ago
82 /100 2001 ATWOOD AVE
“Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and some family that used to live in Madison and this is one of their favorite old haunts and I can see why. If you're keen on Working Draft and Toppling Goliath and big fancy shiny new breweries with tons of space, etc., this isn't that place, but it's awesome in other ways. Dimly lit (when we were there in the evening at least), lots of wood, leather, mahogany type joint. Kind of a cross between a brewpub and a dive bar/Irish pub in a way. Solid beer, nothing to phone home about, but not so bad you never want to go back. I'm not saying this is a destination brewery or anything, but we had a great time chilling in there, drinking good beer, and reminiscing about days of old. We'll be back for sure.“
drowland 620 days ago
86 /100 1129 E WILSON ST
“Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and some family. Of all the new breweries and places we visited on this trip, this place was BY FAR the busiest - super rocking with kids and people of all ages. Big place, bright, very friendly. Space for kids and activities for them to do, which my family was pleased with - they have kids and are always looking for kid friendly spots. We didn't try any food, but some of the stuff sounded and looked good. Beers ranged from good to great and a couple pretty stellar, nothing terrible. I can see why this is becoming such a popular place - big, nice, bright, kid friendly, food, awesome beer. My family used to live in Madison and it was kinda sad seeing this place packed and later hitting Karben4 and Ale Asylum (on Saturday evening/nights) and they were completely empty. Oh well - out with the old, in with the new, I guess!“
drowland 621 days ago
80 /100 931 E. MAIN STREET
“Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and some family. Small place in a big sort of shared building that made it sorta hard to find. Inside isn't super nice, reminds of a warehouse brewery. Bartender was prompt, friendly, and knew about the beers and the brewer was around talking about the beers as well. The beers were tasty and we'll definitely be back, especially since it's so close to all the other downtown breweries and haunts.“
drowland 621 days ago
72 /100 849 EAST WASHINGTON, SUITE 116
“Visited early February 2019. Honestly we were about to walk between Tangent and Giant Jones and realized this place was literally on the walk between the two and stopped in... so hey, if you're downtown exploring all the breweries, pop in! It was busy and they were serving the mead in plastic cups because there was this big farmer's market type thing going on, but that's not their fault. I was mainly disappointed because they decided not to do flights during the event... but we weren't there for the event. Lame. Besides that they were friendly, prompt, knowledgeable about the meads. We only tried two and they were tasty, but nothing to phone home about. I think the pomegranate one we had was something like 11-13%abv and shockingly smooth... I think we all agreed that was the beginning of the end for our drunkeness that evening. Anyway. I'm getting off topic. Small joint, but neat, cement, high top tables, wooden bar, the like. Struck my a little hippy-ish or something. I dig that it's heavy metal themed, bonus points for that. I can't say it's a destination, but we'll definitely stop in when we're checking out all the other breweries downtown Madison.“
drowland 621 days ago
96 /100 1602 GILSON STREET
“Have visited a few times now... surprised I never rated it. Hands down my favorite place in Madison, even if only for the beer. Small joint, so it can get busy and sometimes they could use another bartender or two on staff. The beers here are amazing - hands down the best in Madison, if not the state and beyond. Be aware it's largely JUST a sour blendery and they often have mostly, if not all, sours on tap. Sometimes there will be some non-sour Untitled Art beers on tap and some other random WI beers in the fridge. Otherwise it's a small joint kind of in the middle of nowhere, but still manages to be nice and hip inside. Very knowledgeable bartenders - you almost have to be in a place like this. This is one of my only MUST stops in Madison. Love it.“
drowland 622 days ago
78 /100 3698 KINSMAN BLVD
“Not sure why I didn't rate this last time I was in Madison and went. That was... Fall 2018 with Mrs. Owl and some family - another couple. Big place, lots of wood and cement, more of a restaurant at this point than a brewery, though we didn't eat. Our waitress was prompt and friendly and able to answer basic beer questions. Beers range from good to okay; nothing was amazing, nothing was terrible. The people we were with love this place, so we'll probably be back as it's kind of a fave old haunt. Worth a stop if you're in the area!“
drowland 622 days ago
80 /100
Tangent (Restaurant)
“First to rate! Had to add it, actually. Visited early February, 2019 with Mrs. Owl and another couple. If you've been to Vintage, it's like that, except maybe a bit fresher/newer/nicer. Dim bar atmosphere, gives a vibe of being a little upscale with food a touch on the pricey side, though we didn't try any on our visit. We sat in the bar area and our bartenders were prompt and friendly. We didn't ask any beer questions, but I'm guessing they know their stuff. Tangent beers are on par with Vintage, as it's basically the same brewery. Some were pretty good, nothing amazing, nothing terrible. We went just because it's new and we'd never been. We'd probably come back, but it won't be a priority. Maybe for a nice dinner sometime.“
drowland 622 days ago
94 /100 674 S WHITNEY WAY
“Imagine a swank TGI Friday's or Applebee's with a brewery operation as the featured design element. If you're interested in the beer, and you should be, sit at the bar. Each of the bartenders wandering through our area knew their hops and malts -- good chatter and plenty of offers of tasters before purchases. Vintage has a respectable dining menu and plenty of folks were there to eat, but we were there to drink.“
mrjaxson 629 days ago
78 /100 3801 E WASHINGTON AVE
“Visited early May, 2018 as I was flying into the Madison airport and someone told me this was nearby. Standard Hy Vee: clean, bright. I only grabbed a couple beers, but especially coming up from South Georgia (at the time), this place had a million beers I hadn't had, including singles, etc., so definitely a good place for tickers like me! I grabbed a couple local goodies for my hotel. I'd be back if I were in the area!“
drowland 676 days ago
70 /100
Brocach’s (Restaurant)
“Stopped in for the Pipeworks tap takeover pre-GTMW event. Seems like pretty modern redone feel for an Irish pub. The service was good but not particularly beer oriented. Taps were good when I visited but would be interested to see on a non GTMW weekend. Did not try the food on my visit. Prices were a touch high.“
deyholla 712 days ago
82 /100 301 NORTH ST
“Stopped in for a pre-GTMW event that was unfortunately cancelled. A bit of a dive bar feel to the place but had nice character. Service was good despite a large crowd. A nice tap list with a good mix of locals and national taps. Small pours available. Bartender knew the beer. Did not try the food on my visit. Prices were nice and low. Worth a stop.“
deyholla 712 days ago
68 /100 444 S PARK STREET
“Visited at opening on Saturday. Lunch crowd just arriving. Friendly service and fair prices. Flights available. Decent quality beers.“
RobertDale 743 days ago
82 /100 1129 E WILSON ST
“Visited on a Friday afternoon. Very busy. About 14 of their beers on tap, with four guest taps. Pulp Culture is their most popular selection, with good reason! Enjoyable visit.“
RobertDale 743 days ago
80 /100 931 E. MAIN STREET
“New brewery (4 months) in Madison. Had six if their beers on tap. All were well crafted. Owned and operated by women. Next door to a distillery. Not too far from downtown Madison. Think they have a bright future.“
RobertDale 743 days ago
76 /100 725 S GAMMON RD
“Large box store with a nice selection of regional beer. Good serve, decent prices, and a large pick six area. Worth a visit if on the west side of Madison.“
RobertDale 743 days ago
74 /100 3618 UNIVERSITY AVE.
“Drove by this place several times so finally dropped in. Moderately sized, bright. Ample parking. Good beer selection with seasonals and rarities. Vintage KBS bottles. Decent number of singles, all priced individually. Decent prices. As with the other locations, 10% off of 6+ singles of any size. Crowler station with some seasonals. No staff in the beer area, but friendly at the checkout counter. Pick N' Save behind and they have some gourmet foods here so good place to stock up on beer and food for the hotel room.“
Drake 796 days ago
68 /100 1602 GILSON STREET
“some good beers on as expected. busy on a Thursday. could use another server. worth a stop for funky wild if in area. note closes earlier than the bars.“
Sammy 813 days ago
62 /100
Brasserie V (Restaurant)
“closed an hour earlier than posted but looked like a killer tsp list. co.pletely tearing g up the street making it hard to park and compounding the difficult madison driving puzzle.“
Sammy 813 days ago
“a solid hopcat. decent selection had and to get here. busy late thursday night still good service though they were getting touchy come closing time to get out.“
Sammy 813 days ago
“Has become a go-to place when in the Madison area. Huge space, with bars up and down. Interesting artwork everywhere. Downstairs bar is a large rectangle with possibly 50 seats, plus lots of 4s & 6s tables around. Taplist is tremendous. 30 locals. Literally 100 others, across a broad range of styles and from different parts of the country. Heavy cider section. Big belgian list. Meads. They have quite a selection, and it seems to turn over solidly well. Not too much a college bar, although on a State Street corner, also 3 blocks from the capitol as a draw from that business area. Food is quite good despite not a long menu. Servers are hit or miss for attentiveness. Parking can be a challenge at a busy corner with limited street spots, but also a pay lot behind. Really enjoy this spot. The Champps of Madison!“
AWISLguy 823 days ago
88 /100 674 S WHITNEY WAY
“Super glad I came here. Probably the best brewery in Madison. I visited around 5pm on a Thursday and easily found seating at the bar. The place was fairly busy but the staff kept up. One bartender I dealt with was curt and not very friendly, and another was super-helpful and friendly. Did not try the food. Probably should have. Comfortable place. Dark, dark woods, booths, sofas. Brewery visible, kind of a big one for this size of a place. Beer is amazing. I tried 7, 6 full tasters and an amply sized small taste. I had a sahti and IPA that were very good, a sour that was even better, and a schwarzbier, altbier, and sweet stout that was amazing (and I'm planning to get a keg of that stout next month). Lots of different styles, all well made, and it's nice to see a lot of low ABV selections. Dirt cheap. Crowlers are $7.50 for stuff under 7%, which is most, and $5 off if you get 4 crowlers. All my samples were $1.75, so I got 4 crowlers, 6 tasters, and after tax and tip paid an even $40. Overall, it's well worth going out of your way to get here.“
Drake 830 days ago
30 /100
Brickhouse BBQ (Restaurant)
“I think the bartender was high. Stopped by right after opening and we were the only ones there. Only the lower floor was open. Tap list was not complete and we were not offered a beer list. I asked what was on a Starcut cider tap and was told "something with berries." I asked what was on a Solemn Oath tap and the bartender had no idea. "No one ever orders that." Then he opened the tap handle and let it drain for at least a full minute until it kicked. "Oh, I guess we're out of that." Dumb-ass but I guess he was somewhat friendly. The other beers were nothing to write home about... common local seasonals and macros. Quick stop so did not try the food. Never ordered anything (he never asked if I actually did want something) so I have no clue what the prices are like. I was kinda looking forward to coming here but I found nothing to draw me back. Maybe its better upstairs? Won't waste my time again. Just go to HopCat a block away instead.“
Drake 836 days ago
74 /100 3801 E WASHINGTON AVE
“Drove by a few times so I thought I'd stop in. Huge place. Liquor off to the right side. Large BYO six pack selection (individually priced). Lots of bombers. Tons of 6 packs. Like some other raters I saw things here I have not seen elsewhere in town. Picked up new Surly, Three Floyds, and if I had more cash I'd have picked up at least 4 Prairie Bomb variants. Prices reasonable. Staff helpful. Good place to stock up.“
Drake 848 days ago
76 /100 1808 WRIGHT STREET
“Super-close to Karben4. Clean, comfortable place. Tables and decent sized bar. Second room with more tables. Back room with pinball and video games. Cool place. This place is an absolute godsend for those with gluten intolerances. They primarily use sorghum and millet, and the place is entirely gluten free. Tried 7 beers, and most had those telltale sorghum signs, but were overall solid. Lots of breadth of styles. Good execution. Bytemesis's review says it well. They are working to innovate gluten free beer brewing and it is showing. The beers definitely did not all taste the same. The risk is that those who are used to barley and wheat beers may find the tastes here a little odd, but you get used to it. Small food menu. Had my first gluten free pizza which was tasty. The ingredients they use are pricy which jacks the prices. Flight of 7 + $11 pizza (10 inch) + tax and tap was $40. $3/sample. Bartender was good and I had a pleasant conversation with him near the end of the night (I got there about 90 minutes before closing). Overall, I like this place. Not a premier stop in Madison but good for ticks or for anyone in your party who could benefit from this place.“
Drake 849 days ago
84 /100
The Old Fashioned (Restaurant)
“Smallish place, long bar, wood, exposed brick, old tymey music playing. Comfortable. Good customer service. Burger is excellent. So is the old fashioned... When in Rome, right? Large beer list. Nothing rare but it’s 100% Wisconsin beers with lots of seasonals and less common beers. Prices reasonable across the board. Overall worthy of it’s high rating.

Update. Been here many times. Always good. Trying breakfast for the first time and it's excellent. Not a bad gig working across the street this summer.“
Drake 851 days ago
72 /100 2045 ATWOOD AVE #107
“Clean and modern, barkeep was busy talking to a few guest when there was not that many people in at mid day. Many beers to chose on tap and bottles on wall. pricey somewhat.“
BlackBeerPG 875 days ago
74 /100 2001 ATWOOD AVE
“Long bar with brick wall, eclectic art on was, neighbor hood feel with tight parking. Reminds me of Public Craft brewing in Kenosha. I liked the art on beer labels. Many too many IPAs for my taste on tap.“
BlackBeerPG 875 days ago
82 /100 2439 ATWOOD AVE
“Nice tap room with nooks and crannies to sit down. Not much parking but staff is friendly and beer decent. Theme is very Greenbay Packers in some rooms. Liked the visit.“
BlackBeerPG 875 days ago
82 /100 1129 E WILSON ST
“A large open tap room with a view of the brewery and large windows that open up on a nice day. Decent sized bar and some large communal tables spot the place. Bartenders were friendly and knew the beer. They had 13 beers on tap with flights available. They were decent with a few misses. Did not try the food on my visit. Prices were inline with the area. A decent spot with potential.“
deyholla 904 days ago
74 /100 1980 ATWOOD AVE
“A cool old school cafe that we stopped in for a Untitled tap takeover. A worn interior with an elevated bar and plenty of seating in a tight spot. Small 3 table patio out front. Service was good but not particularly beer oriented. They have 10 taps. Food was quite good and prices were competitive. A nice surprise.“
deyholla 904 days ago
88 /100 2045 ATWOOD AVE #107
“A cool modern spot that is a combination beer store / bar. A few long tables and a decent sized bar with coolers and shelving on the walls holding bottles and cans. Small patio out back. Service was good and quick despite being busy. A great selection of taps and bottles. No food on site. Prices were a touch high but the selection makes up for it.“
deyholla 904 days ago