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68 /100 2151 S 42ND ST
“My second Festival Foods and the first with a liquor and beer section separated from the rest of the store. It isn't a Woodman's in size or selection, but it is definitely respectable (and much better than area Pick N Save and Piggly Wiggly grocery stores). Beyond the typical macros, the craft selection is about half focused on Wisconsin and there are 10 to 15 smaller breweries from northeastern Wisconsin and upper Michigan -- nearly all refrigerated. Maybe one-quarter of all craft selections are available as singles. Very clean, brightly lighted store and parking lot. Prices were in line with other Wisconsin beer stores. The cashier was polite but didn't know much about the product -- hey, it's a chain grocery store!“
mrjaxson 333 days ago
64 /100 2151 S 42ND ST
“Randomly stopped in since it was near Superior Discount. Typical Woodman's if a little cramped. Not as good a beer selection as most. Large BYO section with tiered pricing, but more common stuff. I struggled to fill a 6, and three of those were for a trade. That being said, decent selection. Cashier was friendly. Not worth going out of your way, but stop by if you're in town.“
Drake 432 days ago
50 /100 4355 CALUMET AVE.
“Meh. Decent beer, no rarities. Good regional and local selection. Fair prices. Boring ambiance. Singles selection small for nowadays. Parking tight but good. Bought nothing. Worth a stop if you're in town but don't go out of your way.“
Drake 432 days ago
84 /100 220 NORTH 9TH
“The first place rating of my next thousand! #1001. For some reason people were trashing the beer at this place but happily five beers into the fight I'm finding that is not the case. So far one was good and the other four very good. Good range of ABVs and styles. Flight of all 10 on tap was $26. Free mini pretzels. 2 bartenders are exceptional with good friendly service and keeping it fun. Hard rock and metal playing. No food as far as I know. Street parking easy. Decor is goat skulls with a bit of farm/industrial. Very good, recommend, and I will be back.“
Drake 904 days ago
70 /100 1001 S. 8TH ST.
“Downtown Manitowoc right across the street from the courthouse. I bet this place was packed during the Steven Avery drama. Decent sized place. Bright. Sat at the bar. Excellent bartender. Place is full of courthouse and attorney puns. The place is Branch 4 (the actual court house has 3 branches), appetizers are "opening statements," and whatnot. Tried only one beer... a pilsner that wasn't bad but drank more like an amber ale. Four house beers, a house brewed root beer, and several guest taps as well as several guest bottles. Nice selection overall. Nice looking menu. Charcuterie board had ample food, but was a little cheese dominant and out of balance. Prices solid overall. I'll be back (and not just because I'm covering a court hearing across the street).“
Drake 918 days ago
88 /100 4355 CALUMET AVE.
“This has to be the best place in the area to find beer. If they don’t have something they will always try to find it for you.“
drinkergb81 3760 days ago
66 /100 4355 CALUMET AVE.
“Run of the mill liquor store with a better than average craft beer selection in these neck of the woods. Nothing outlandish or rare, but plenty of micros and some one-off bombers. One cooler full of build your own and several more of cold craft beer.“
esjaygee 4103 days ago
64 /100 1001 S. 8TH ST.
“Stopped in between rounds of disc golf to try their beers and grab lunch. Interior is decent and inviting and the lunch crowd seemed pretty casual. Food was pretty good but the beer was so-so. They offered a $5 sampler containing all six beers on tap, which contained four of their own and two guest brews – Lakefront Snake Chaser and Bells Amber. Service was good as well.“
esjaygee 4104 days ago
54 /100 1001 S. 8TH ST.
“The house beers were horrendous, made in a closet brewery..quite unique but really shitty product. A nice place with really tall ceilings. Old building. Good food. Respectable guest taps.“
nuplastikk 4241 days ago
74 /100 1001 S. 8TH ST.
“The food was great as well as the brews. The ambiance was great. This place is normally very busy and sometimes is hard to get a seat. I guess that says something about the quality.“
dekester1 4475 days ago